Why Choose TLH Battery

  • As one leading lithium ion battery manufacturer over 15 years.
  • TLH Battery own three international service centers in United Kingdom,America,Germany which can reduce your trouble when you  meet small quality issue.At the same time,you can get the technique support in your local place.
  • Our sales team with excellent skills in communication, battery pack solution offer,international sales and service.So you can get best battery pack solution with reasonable price.At the same time,you take few risk to get the battery packs with our transport advice.
  • We control each production process and our QC system have all the records of each production process.You can get all the records from us which can help you to get the trust of your customers or your partners.The most important thing is that you can sleep well at night.☺
  • Our boss leads our R&D team .And our engineer director with 15 years experience on BMS design in software and hardware.You can let your products realize with UART ,CANBUS communication.
  • The warranty time is 12 months.If you become our key customers,you can get 18 months.

TLH Battery has much experience on designing the battery packs for different industrial.We are always seeking for advanced battery technology.If you has one idea for the industrial which is new and will change the world,please contact us.We can offer OEM and ODM service.

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