Custom Battery Pack Design

Lithium battery is a form of rechargeable battery which li ion transforms from the anode to the cathode when discharging and also goes vice versa when charging. It is not heavy but very light and has a spectacular life cycle when compared with acid battery. This core attribute makes it the perfect element for numerous new design solutions. Li ion has a tremendous custom battery pack design that is unique.

TLH battery has the skill and ability to custom design li ion battery packs to meet your specification. We can also design tested and trusted solutions based on your requirements in a different industry such as cleaning system, smart go-kart, electric surfboard, medical, power tools, golf trolleys and robots

Our R&D team’s capability

Casing 3D construction & drawing design

Hardware and smart battery management system development and design, I2C,SMBus,RS485,RS232 and CANBUS

Battery technology support

New technology training

Multi-configurations: round, flat, triangle and custom


TLH battery is proud of its durable cells and stable Battery Management System to making use of manufacturing custom battery packs.