• Battery Assembly
  • Battery Assembly

Battery Assembly

As a tested and trusted producer of power solution lithium battery pack, we can provide you with every trending, as well as, current technology and battery assembly process that is present in the market. Our primary attention is on the assembling of the lithium-ion battery pack which has flawless technology such as the battery assembly equipment.

The battery cells will be utilized by us from popular producers of assembly tools such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and from a cell company that is Chinese.


The top-quality versions embedded in our battery system range from 1S to 17S(3.7V -60V nominal voltage,18650 batteries, or 14500 batteries). Capacities that fall within this scale can be picked randomly in the form of designed parallel arrangements. Any other configuration and specification needed by our customer can be produced by us.


The quick increase of portable apps proffers vast areas that utilize our battery systems. Our battery systems are applied and used for several types of equipment. These range from cordless tools, medical, electric bikes, cleaning systems, gardening tools, electric surfboards, electric trolleys to sound technologies.

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