Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack RFQ

  •  Li-ion battery pack solution provider over 15 years
  • One team with the professional technician and well-trained workers to support production quality
  • Regular customer visiting schedule to abroad
  • Support you to get certificates -UN38.3, CE, and UL

Rechargeable Battery Pack Certificates to Support Your Transportation

Your Powerful Rechargeable Battery Pack Factory

TLH battery as one reliable rechargeable battery pack factory over 15 years. When you meet the quality issues,Your complaints will be cherished by the TLH battery.TLH batteries keep our customers’ feelings and service experience at first. We rule that every salesman needs to handle the complaints within 24 hours. Our sales manager or sales director will follow up and give you the solution when our salesman does not know how to handle or has some accident to him. To be one honest factory is our faith.

Custom Rechargeable Battery Pack to Your Application

Rechargeable Battery Pack for Robot
The cells are only adopted LG,Panasonic, Samsung cells, Hardware and Software BMS
Rechargeable Battery Pack for Storage
Instead of Lead Acid Battery Capacity from 20Ah-300Ah
Rechargeable Battery Pack for fishing
12V or 24V rechargeable battery pack for fishing

Strict Quality Control Process for Your Rechargeable Battery Pack Order

  • Strict cells sorting standard to make the same inner resistant, capacity, voltage to build one rechargeable li-ion battery pack
  • Well-trained soldering workers to ensure circuit quality
  • Each rechargeable battery pack doing aging testing for your battery discharge and charge testing.
  • Introduce an automatic welding machine to ensure your rechargeable lithium-ion battery quality


TLH -Your Premier Rechargeable Battery Manufacturer & Factory from China

TLH battery has been one premier rechargeable battery pack manufacturer & factory over 15 years. We have gained many partners from different industrial applications, such as electric bikes, electric scooters, medical devices, AGV, and custom power tools. If you do business in some part of our industrial application, you can call us. Even you are new, we are open to you and help you start a business.

Our engineers have rich experience to design a rechargeable battery pack with 18650 and 21700 cells. If you would like to make your product more smart and unique, please leave your message. We can supply your smart BMS – CANBUS, UART, SMBUS, etc. and your products look science and technology.

Our sales team is very professional and enthusiastic to support all your requests. If you meet the complaints about our service and quality, just let us know.We will help you to find why to cause quality. Then we can ask you our modified solution. If your battery can repair, you can repair by your side we will send you accessories. If your rechargeable battery can not repair, we will send you the replacement in the next order.

To be one great company is our dream. Do you have the same dream? Please call us for more cooperation and share.

Rechargeable Battery Pack RFQ Guide

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