The TLH-13S15P-4830 battery pack model is highly appropriate to power your power tool, cleaning system, golf trolley, electric bike, and communication equipment. The battery pack is customized to meet specific needs. It is designed for an IP68 waterproof plastic. The waterproof plastic makes the battery pack well protected in a cleaning system. This model also features a mold holder for the battery pack. The battery pack guarantees you over 600 life cycles before functionality drops and there’s a 2- year warranty on the product after shipment.

The TLH-13S15P-4830 battery pack uses a 18650 2000mAh cell type. It has a weight of 8.9kg and a customized dimension based on customers’ needs. The battery pack achieves full charge within 5-6 hours under standard charge current (4A).  It is important to note that the   battery pack, has a nominal capacity of 30AH and requires a nominal voltage of 48v for proper functionality

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Cell Type18650 2000mAhCharge ModeCC-CV
Battery ModelTLH-13S15P-4830Standard Charge Current (A)4A
Nominal Capacity (AH)30AhCharge Time under Standard Charge Current5-6 hours
Nominal Voltage (V)48VCharge Temperature Range0-45°C
Battery SizeCustomizedDischarge Temperature Range-20-60°C
Discharge Cutoff Voltage (V)36.4VBattery Net Weight (include BMS) (kg)8.9kg
Charge Cutoff Voltage (V)54.6VCycles Life>600 times
Maximum Discharge Current (A)30AWarranty12 months
Continuous working Current (A)40A

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