medical lithium ion battery pack

Rechargeable medical device battery

TLH LAB has over 17 years lithium ion battery manufacturing experience to supply for the healthcare industry.We are focusing on designing and providing the long lasting and reliable custom battery packs for a wide range of medical device applications.

We treat the people with heart.Our “cut back” and “give back” programs support the medical device industry to be involved in the research the medical devices and new drug research.Hope more lives to save.

We are working with the world leading medical devices OEMs and our team innovate the battery pack technology in the following applications.

E-mobility (Electric Wheelchairs & e-Scooters)


Heart Pumps

Mobile/Portable Ultrasounds

X-Ray Equipment

Surgical Tools


And More


  1. What are the rigid request for the medical device batteries ?

No fire and no explosion.We recommend to use the world leading brand and mature battery mode.The PCB solution should be with the dual protection solution.

  1. What kinds of the aptitudes are required for the medical device battery manufacturers?
  2. ISO certificates,when the battery pack manufacturers owns the ISO quality management system which ensure the quality control.
  3. The battery pack manufacturer has the experience to manufacturing the li ion battery packs solutions for the famous class medical device manufacturers.The whole team support the strict factory audit with the sterling management ability.