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  • Bluetooth,UART and CANBUS communications are used for our smart battery
  • Monitoring each smart lithium ion battery status
  • Smart lithium ion battery models in series and parallels
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Your Reliable Partner for your Smart Lithium Ion Battery

TLH battery is one leading li ion battery manufacturer over 15 years.We are fighting for high quality standard and advanced battery pack technology in smart lithium ion battery.

Our smart lithium ion battery can be made with CANBUS,UART,BQ battery solution and Bluetooth communication.And our smart lithium ion batteries are application for electric bike ,electric go-cart,medical device ,electric surfboard ect.

Smart Lithium Ion Battery Solutions

Application for efoil,jet UART or CANBUS communication Samsung 25R cell
Application for electric bike With Bluetooth communication Customized craft technology

Strict Quality Control Process for Smart Lithium Ion Battery Production

  • Deep testing for your smart lithium ion battery before mass production
  • Randomly choose the battery packs to inspect the function testing by our project engineer
  • Continuous modification of your smart lithium ion battery project
  • All smart li ion batteries will be programmed

TLH – Your Best Partner Smart Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturer in China

TLH battery has been one professional lithium ion battery manufacturer over 15 years.We not only focus on providing li ion battery pack for electric bike ,medical device ,security system ,LED light ,power tool and underwater system with standard Battery Management System,but also supplying smart lithium ion battery with CANBUS,UART and Bluetooth communication.

Smart Lithium Ion Battery has higher production standard and quality control standard.
Good communication and professional engineering team are the essential factors.TLH battery would evaluate the complete smart lithium ion battery with 3D drawing ,Battery Management System design with your request and the battery pack assembly cost.

As our smart lithium ion battery manufacturer ,we control the quality complying with ISO9001-2015 issued by TUV.

If you have smart lithium ion battery inquiry ,please contact us.

Smart Lithium batteries-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Smart Lithium batteries have influenced the batteries industry due to their higher performance, lower maintenance and longer durability.

They are equipped with multi-level controls and monitoring systems to enhance the user experience.

Smart lithium batteries have not only resulted in longer battery life, but also enhanced the durability of the end device.

1. What are smart lithium batteries, and how are they different from conventional batteries?

There is one major difference in conventional batteries compared to smart lithium batteries, smart lithium batteries are equipped with battery monitoring circuits, and other conventional batteries aren’t equipped with it.

Smart lithium batteries have battery management system printing, which monitors and controls the battery’s efficiency.

Simultaneously other batteries can’t have such printing. Hence they are deprived of having such systems in them.

Smart batteries are known for their three-level of controls.

The initial control level includes simple balancing, optimizing the cell’s voltage levels.

The next control level of a smart battery is to protect it from electrical faults and surges; this level is known as a Protective circuit module.

This level is responsible for safeguarding the battery against high voltages, short circuits, under voltages during charging and discharging.

The smart battery’s last and most efficient level is known as the battery management system.

The battery management system is an integrated part of the smart batteries because it provides the battery with a balanced circuit and protective circuit modules. The BMS is further responsible for monitoring the charging and discharging rate, and it optimizes the battery for long durable usage.

It is also responsible for displaying the battery’s data to the user, which will help you keep track of the battery’s performance.

Smart batteries are manufactured to cater to modern products that require long-lasting durability with minimum chances of damage.

Difference between Smart lithium batteries and lead based batteries

Figure 1 Difference between Smart lithium batteries and lead-based batteries

2. Are your smart lithium batteries equip with a Battery management system?

Yes, TLH offers efficient battery management systems in all of its smart lithium batteries.

Our Lithium smart batteries are known for their highly efficient battery management systems; BMS is the most critical part of a smart battery; hence our technical team has dedicated most of their time to developing an efficient system to enhance your battery experience.

It is similar to the first two levels of controls, but BMS is equipped with numerous protection levels.

These multiple protection levels are necessary for your battery because it provides safety at different voltages and surge levels.

It also protects against inrush current at the time of discharge.

Let’s take an example to understand the battery management system’s working phenomena.

Suppose we have a battery of 13 volts, ten ampere-hours, along with a maximum of 21 amperes of continuous discharge value.

This battery will experience its initial level of protection against current overflow discharge in somewhere 21-31 ampere, and this will have 10 seconds of time delay before the safety comes into effect.

At this moment, the discharge will be discontinued, and we have to wait for 15 seconds before we put the load back on the battery.

The next level of protection comes into effect as soon as the discharge value comes in between 26-36 ampere with a time delay of 3 seconds.

What if we have a current surge even more than this and for a short time delay?

For this, we have equipped our batteries with BMS; if the current value exceeds the 40-ampere mark even for 30-40 millisecond, then our safety will come into effect to save the battery for any possible surges.

This is why we install BMS in your smart lithium batteries because it saves the battery from multiple levels of surges and it enables smooth charging and discharging rate.

Apart from multiple safety levels, our BMS provides you with life cycle status, heath notification, and history of battery performance, along with fault display notifications.

For an efficient BMS, we need an efficient communication protocol.

We provide UART, CANBUS, Ethernet, Profibus based communication protocol options in smart lithium batteries, and these protocols can provide you communication speed up to 1 Mbps.

We also provide Bluetooth-based communication with the help of an app.

You can get each and every detail related to your battery in the application.

Battery management system of Smart Lithium batteries

Figure 2 Battery management system of Smart Lithium batteries

We have a different base of protocols according to customers’ needs. You should get in contact with our customer service along with the details of your usage, and we will provide you with the most economical and efficient solution.

3. What are the protections in smart lithium batteries?

Our Smart lithium batteries are equipped with a Protective circuit module. This is essential to your battery because it enables balancing the circuit and extra circuits to monitor and control the battery status against overcharging and discharging hazards.

The Protective circuit module achieves this by administering current, voltages, power, and current during charging and discharging.

In case any of the following limits are reached, then the battery shuts down the process of charging and discharging.

After it, the user has to reset the battery after a mentioned time delay.

Smart lithium batteries protect your device as well; they prevent malfunctioning of your device and enables smooth flow of current for charging and discharging.

We have equipped our smart batteries with relays for the protection against electrical faults; we have set the required time delay for these relays so that they won’t trip frequently.

Protections for the smart lithium batteries

Figure 3 Protections for the smart lithium batteries

We can also customize the time delay according to your device sensitivity, and you should share your device specifications with our team and set the desired protection delays.

4. What is Lithium balancing circuit in Smart lithium batteries?

A lithium balancing circuit is essential to maintain individual cells’ voltage levels while charging.

If the cell voltages are within the set range, they are considered balanced; we usually tolerate small voltage levels.

Our technical team has devised the different kinds of balance, and these balancing types include active and passive balancing.

For active balancing, Cells having high volt levels are used to charge the cells with lower voltage levels.

On the other hand, passive balancing includes a parallel resistor in every cell, and this resistor is turned on whenever the voltage of cells exceeds the set value.

Imbalance in smart batteries

Figure 4 Imbalance in batteries

We can lower the flowing charge current into the battery cells by this technique, but we can still have a high voltage level on the cells.

A lithium balancing circuit is essential to your battery because if your battery cells are drained to the lowest level of voltages, then the balancing circuit will turn off the battery discharge.

Similarly, suppose all of the cells aren’t balanced with the same voltage levels. In that case, it could lead to an imbalance of power transfer to your device, and it could damage your device performance, so a balancing circuit is necessary to shut down the circuit in any of this case.

Using an imbalanced battery will lead to underperformance of the battery because the battery won’t be able to charge and discharge to its maximum limit; hence it will decrease the battery cells’ capacity.

Balancing the circuit is important because it charges and discharges all of the cells to their maximum value; this will increase the durability and decrease the chances of fault for your battery and device.

5. What is the cycle life of Smart lithium batteries?

Cycle life is the term used for batteries to mention the total numbers of turns a battery can charge and discharge to its maximum limit in the set parameters.

Once the battery has completed its lifecycle, you must charge the battery.

If your battery has a full charge capacity of between 65 and 79%, it is said to replace your battery with the new one.

Cycle life a smart lithium battery

Figure 5 Cycle life a lithium battery

TLH offers a 12-month guarantee for smart lithium batteries, and our batteries have a long durable lifecycle of 600 cycles.

Our charge time is between 5-6 hours; hence you don’t need a long charging time for the smart lithium battery.

6. How can TLH help us decide on the Smart lithium batteries for our business?

TLH’s focus is to provide its customers with the best solutions for their device compatibility; for this, we have designed a user-friendly procedure to help our customers in the most efficient ways.

We have comprehensively described our products’ details on our website page for customer assistance. Our technical teams have also devised the most frequently asked questions and have answered them in the simplest way to remove all of your queries.

In case you want a smart lithium battery for your wholesale business or for working on your device, you need to check the bar of “contact us” on our website.

As soon as we get your response, we will get back to you with the product specification form, here you will mention all of the details related to your need; you can also let us know about 3d designs of your battery system.

If you don’t have 3D designs, our technical team will help you draft 3D designs according to your requirement.

Once we get the specifications of you, our technical team will start working on the sample’s production.

Once we have completed the sample, we will share its details with you.

The sample production is completely free.

Once you are satisfied with the sample’s report and results, we will proceed to bulk production of smart lithium batteries.

We are offering efficient communication protocols to make your batteries highly efficient, and we have different communication modules such as CANBUS, UART, and Ethernet.

We can provide you customized communication module according to your device specification.

We keep you in touch at every stage of the development to personally give us feedback related to the battery.

We provide OEM and ODM solutions to you, and we can label and pack the batteries with customized labeling and packaging.

7. What are the specifications and features of Smart lithium batteries?

TLH manufactures smart batteries for more than a decade, our team is highly experienced, and we cater to the modern world’s needs.

Our smart batteries have efficient communications such as UART, CANBUS, Ethernet, and Bluetooth.

With Bluetooth communication, you can get details of the battery on your mobile applications, and you can review the battery health and contact customer service from the application.

Our batteries are equipped with a battery management system, which provides multi-level protection and enhances the battery performance by monitoring and controlling the charging and discharging rate.

Our balancing circuit maintains the voltage levels between individual cells; hence, preventing imbalance discharge and charge.

Smart lithium batteries Protections

Figure 6 Smart lithium batteries Protections

Our smart lithium batteries are very compatible with other batteries, and you can mount them in any desired place.

We offer 12 months of warranty; our smart batteries have 600 lifecycles, which are the number of times more than the cycles of lead-based batteries.

Our smart batteries have a faster charging rate along with low self-discharge.

TLH smart batteries maintain high energy capacities even in higher discharge rates, and they are capable of delivering higher power than lead-acid batteries.

Our Protection circuit makes our smart lithium batteries completely safe for any kind of usage.

Our smart batteries are durable for rough usage too, but you should always check the batteries’ manual to consider the battery limitations.

8. How can Smart lithium-ion batteries help us with electric bikes?

Smart lithium batteries are often used for energy transfer in Electric bikes.

It is a real challenge to diagnose a fault and implement a protection scheme for battery protection and efficiency.

TLH smart batteries are equipped with proper system structures, and our technical team deeply analyzes the state of the charging scheme.

Our BMS has a diagnosis scheme for faults and provides efficient protection to electric bikes’ circuitry.

Our smart batteries have voltage level balancing for your electric bikes, ensuring a smooth supply for charging and discharging.

9. What is the efficiency of Smart lithium batteries?

Smart lithium batteries are manufactured to replace the outdated technology of batteries.

TLH smart lithium batteries can be connected in parallel and series so that you can change the capacity and voltage level according to your desire needs.

Our smart batteries have 600 lifecycles, and our smart batteries have the guarantee of one year.

Smart lithium batteries save your investment and devices performances.

It is a great alternative to lead-based batteries because it is equipped with modern technology.

Our smart lithium batteries have numerous applications, such as solar systems, renewable energy resources, electronics, and other devices.

Our smart lithium batteries have their efficient ventilation system, which prevents the battery from overheating, and you won’t be needing a different ventilation system for optimizing the battery temperature.

You can store smart lithium batteries for a long time, and even then, they will retain their capacity and charge level.

10. How do you produce Smart lithium batteries?

TLH’s center is to give its clients the best answers for their gadget, similarity; for this, we have planned an easy to use the technique to help our clients in the most proficient manners.

We have thoroughly depicted our items subtleties on our site page for client help. Our specialized groups have likewise concocted the most as often as possible posed inquiries and have addressed them in the least complex manner to eliminate the entirety of your questions.

When we get your reaction, at that point, we will hit you up with the item’s particular structure; here you will make reference to all of the subtleties identified with your requirements; you can likewise tell us about 3d plans of your battery framework.

On the off chance that you don’t have 3D plans, at that point, our specialized group will help you by drafting 3D plans as indicated by your prerequisite.

When we get the details of you, at that point, our specialized group will begin chipping away at the creation of the example.

Whenever we have finished the example, we will impart its subtleties.

Whenever you are happy with the report and aftereffects of the example, we will continue to the mass creation of keen lithium batteries.

We are offering proficient correspondence conventions to make your batteries exceptionally effective, and we have diverse correspondence modules, for example, CANBUS, UART, and Ethernet.

We can give you an altered correspondence module as per your gadget determination.

We keep you in touch at each phase of the advancement with the goal that you can actually give us criticism identified with the battery.

We give OEM and ODM answers for you, and we can mark and pack the batteries with tweaked naming and bundling.

11. Is it safe to use Smart lithium batteries?

Our smart lithium batteries are extremely safe to use because they are not flammable well as they aren’t hazardous to your usage.

Our smart batteries are internationally regulated for customer usage.

Simultaneously, we have stressed a lot for the protection system, which enables safe usage of the user.

Our batteries have internal safeties for lower voltage and overvoltage.

TLH batteries also provide short circuit protection along with reverse polarity safeties.

Our smart batteries have a cell balancing circuit which prevents any voltage imbalance to your devices.

12. How to trace faults in Smart lithium batteries?

Tracing faults in conventional batteries is a real headache; it could not only damage your battery, but also it could damage your device’s circuitry.

Smart batteries outstand conventional batteries in fault tracing.

Smart lithium batteries have multiple circuit levels, and due to this, you can trace the faults’ level and intensity.

There can be multiple faults in smart batteries, and you can trace them through your Bluetooth-based tracing application.

Once a fault occurs, the battery system trips, and it shows the relevant battery fault on your application.

You can analyze the following fault, and then you can use a battery manual to reset the battery system.

In case you don’t understand the battery fault, you can contact customer care related to it.

13. What is the structure design of Smart lithium-ion batteries?

Our technical team has devised a structural design for smart lithium batteries. It includes hardware with a microcontroller and software to diagnose faults and an LCD to display notifications to the user.

We are using converters such as analog to digital converters and encoders to measure the parameters of the battery.

The controller displays the fault on the LCD, and it also diagnoses the fault in real-time using measured parameters.

14. What’s your experience in the manufacturing of Smart lithium batteries?

TLH manufactures smart lithium batteries for more than a decade; we have trained technicians who understand the modern world’s needs.

TLH has achieved the milestone in manufacturing the batteries, and this can be witnessed by our clients from all over the world.

We keep regular feedback sessions with our clients, who provide us with their valuable opinions, and we then reflect them in our development.

TLH Battery claims three global assistance places in United Kingdom, America, and Germany, causing you to address your difficulties and quality issues.

Our outreach group is fantastic in correspondence and offers the total custom battery pack arrangement.

You can get the appropriate battery pack arrangement at a sensible cost along these lines.

We control each progression of the creation cycle, and our quality control framework has all the records.

You can get these records from us to acquire your clients or your colleagues’ trust. Interestingly, you can rest soundly around evening time with our inside and out fashionable quality.

Our R&D group is driven with 15 years of involvement with the BMS plan—of both programming and equipment.

You can let your Li-particle battery pack be acknowledged with UART, CANbus, and SMBus interchanges.

15. What’s the warranty of your Smart lithium batteries?

TLH provides 12 months of warranty for its smart lithium batteries.

You can contact our customer care service for any assistance.

TLH has integrated German auto-welding machines into our manufacturing process to improve the battery pack welding quality and efficiency.