Smart Lithium ion Bluetooth Battery Designer and Manufacturer

  • Bluetooth,UART and CANBUS communications are used for our smart battery
  • Monitoring each smart lithium ion battery status
  • Smart lithium ion battery models in series and parallels
  • Strong battery technology team support

TLH Smart Lithium Ion Battery Certifications to Ensure The Quality

Your Reliable Partner for your Smart Lithium Ion Battery

TLH battery is one leading li ion battery manufacturer over 15 years.We are fighting for high quality standard and advanced battery pack technology in smart lithium ion battery.

Our smart lithium ion battery can be made with CANBUS,UART,BQ battery solution and Bluetooth communication.And our smart lithium ion batteries are application for electric bike ,electric go-cart,medical device ,electric surfboard ect.

Smart Lithium Ion Battery Solutions

Application for efoil,jet UART or CANBUS communication Samsung 25R cell
Application for electric bike With Bluetooth communication Customized craft technology

Strict Quality Control Process for Smart Lithium Ion Battery Production

  • Deep testing for your smart lithium ion battery before mass production
  • Randomly choose the battery packs to inspect the function testing by our project engineer
  • Continuous modification of your smart lithium ion battery project
  • All smart li ion batteries will be programmed

TLH – Your Best Partner Smart Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturer in China

TLH battery has been one professional lithium ion battery manufacturer over 15 years.We not only focus on providing li ion battery pack for electric bike ,medical device ,security system ,LED light ,power tool and underwater system with standard Battery Management System,but also supplying smart lithium ion battery with CANBUS,UART and Bluetooth communication.

Smart Lithium Ion Battery has higher production standard and quality control standard.
Good communication and professional engineering team are the essential factors.TLH battery would evaluate the complete smart lithium ion battery with 3D drawing ,Battery Management System design with your request and the battery pack assembly cost.

As our smart lithium ion battery manufacturer ,we control the quality complying with ISO9001-2015 issued by TUV.

If you have smart lithium ion battery inquiry ,please contact us.

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