Custom 72V Lithium Battery Solution for Industrial Equipment

  • Special 72v lithium battery solution for marine boat,van and motorcycles.
  • Special battery management system design for your 72V lithium battery pack.
  • Excellent engineering experience in 72V lithium battery over 16 years.
  • TLH has introduced test machines with high discharge current and peak discharge current to imitate your machine working mode.

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Why to Select TLH as Your Custom 72V Lithium Battery Provider ?

TLH is one of the leading 72V Lithium-Ion Battery manufacturers. We have proved ourselves by manufacturing quality products for the last 15 years. It takes the hard work of our engineering teams to satisfy 500+ customers from all over the world.

Our R & D has developed 72V battery pack for marine boat,van ,motorcycles and UPS ect.We can design 72V battery as triangle ,rectangle and square shape.

We can provide the capacity from 10Ah -50Ah of our 72V lithium battery for electric bike.

If you want to have a customized 72V Lithium-Ion Battery for your projects, do let us know we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Strict Quality Control Process for your 72V Lithium-Ion Batteries

  • Strict quality control system to ensure international standards of ISO 9001:2015 by TUV.
  • Each 72V Lithium-Ion battery is tested comprehensively like charge and discharge tests.
  • All cells are randomly checked before use and select in strict standard in battery pack.
  • The record of each 72V Lithium-Ion battery test is maintained and can be shared with the client upon request.

TLH: Your Best Partner in the Manufacturing of 72V Lithium-Ion Battery

The TLH company has been manufacturing outstanding quality lithium battery packs for 15 years when Shenzhen Tianlihe Technology Co. Ltd. started its modest head start and has more than 500 customers from all over the world. We produce quality products with the help of an experienced R & D and quality control team. We try to give out maximum output in minimum leading time for the satisfaction of our customers.

72V Lithium-Ion Battery is used in Electric Bikes and Scooters. If you are a manufacturer of E-Bike or scooters, you can call for us to make a customized battery pack for you with customized dimensions. These battery packs can also be used for solar applications and electrical appliances that require high energy density supplies.

We have our sales offices in UK, USA, and Germany. Our sales team is very professional, having experience of dealing with customers from all over the world. We try our best to give maximum efficiency with minimum lead-time.

If you have any kind of suggestion, demand, or feedback related to 72V Lithium-Ion Battery, feel free to connect with us!

72v Lithium-Ion Battery – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The following FAQ Guide consists of all the important queries about a 72v Lithium ion Battery Pack.

To get answers to your questions, Have a look!

1. What does wh on a 72v lithium-ion battery means?

Wh stands for watt per hour and is a unit of energy or power that is equal to one watt in one hour of time.

This term is commonly used in electrical appliances.

The wh on a 72v lithium battery means the energy that can be stored on the battery.

The power is subjected in watt-hours and is the voltage that the battery provides which is multiplied by the amount of current a battery provides in that amount of time which is usually measured in hours only.

2. What kind of charger is used for a 72v lithium battery?

A 72 v lithium ion battery has a built-in protection system to absorb any shocks or extra current or voltage that may be delivered.

Lithium batteries require a charger that delivers constant current or constant voltage.

Some 72 v lithium batteries may require special 84V lithium battery chargers only for effective working and long term life.

The charger that comes with the 72v lithium ion battery is recommended to be used for effective working.

However, constant use of inappropriate chargers can ruin the battery’s working and effectiveness completely.

72v lithium ion battery charger

Figure 1. A 84V  lithium ion battery charger for 72V lithium battery

3. What can be the reason for my 72v lithium battery not charging?

A 72v lithium ion battery refuses to hold a charge when its charge amount has dropped below the standard limit.

The lithium ion cells do not recover if their voltage goes down a particular level and the cell is generally dead.

If your 72v lithium battery does not hold a charge or drains abruptly, consider recharging it fully so you might save it.

However, this might be due to overcharging or extreme self-discharge which makes the battery malfunction and not hold a charge.

4. How can you maximize your 72v li-ion battery’s working?

You can maximize your 72v lithium ion battery’s life and effectiveness by taking proper precautions while using it. A battery may work for longer runs without any malfunction or not work at all depending on how it is kept and used.

  • Any kind of mishandling should not be preferred.
  • Do not overcharge your battery beyond its limits as it damages the battery completely from the inside.
  • Charge the battery fully after complete discharging every two to three weeks.
  • Keep the battery clean from dirt or corrosion.
  • Do not leave the battery to charge for long periods of time.
  • Keep your 72v lithium ion battery away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep the batteries in cool and dry places away from any metal or flammable products.
  • Charge your 72v lithium battery before storing aa itself discharges itself and will drain if it is kept unchanged.
  • Keep charging the lithium battery for short intervals.

5. How long do 72v lithium-ion batteries last?

Typically a 72v lithium ion battery is expected to have a life span of 2 to 4 years.

A battery should be well maintained for proper and long working periods.

Whereas a battery tends to lose its capacity slowly with time whether it is being used or not.

The lifespan of a 72v lithium ion battery may differ due to the circumstances it is kept.

The temperature plays a major role in the working and charging of a battery.

If a 72v lithium battery is well maintained and managed it may last for up to 5 or 6 years and on the other hand if the lithium battery is mishandled it may only last for a year or less than that.

The working of a 72v lithium battery greatly depends on the handling and care.

6. What are the advantages of a 72v lithium-ion battery?

Lithium ion batteries provide a wide variety of functions that serves as advantages.


The 72v lithium ion battery has an enhanced safety feature which makes it easy to be used indoors without any risk of accidents and eliminating the risk of explosion or dangerous battery acids.

Fast charging:

The lithium batteries provide fast charging which means it takes less time to charge and provides more working hours. Also, a 72v lithium battery encourages short charges so the battery does not have to charge for full cycles at least for a month or so.


Weight is a great aspect to be considered in the use of electrical appliances as they provide mobility. 72v lithium batteries provide great mobility as well as size customization with a longer life span, low self-discharge rate, longer working time, and fast charging as compared to other batteries.

Eco friendly:

72v lithium batteries provide numerous environmental benefits over fuel-burning batteries. As electric vehicles are increasing, a reduction in carbon emissions is seen.


Unlike other batteries whose water level needs to be monitored, lithium ion bases batteries do not use water. This factor makes the lithium batteries require very little to no maintenance as well as eliminate engine maintenance.

72v li ion battery

Figure 2. A 72v lithium ion battery pack

7. What measures should be taken while using a 72v lithium battery?

A 72v lithium battery is the safest of all kinds however can be dangerous at times.

Prevent the batteries from direct contact with sunlight.

Store batteries at cool, dry places away from any flammable products so they may not catch fire.

Keep the lithium batteries at room temperature and avoid high or low temperatures.

8. How can you install your 72v lithium-ion battery?

The installation of a 72v lithium battery can be very easy if proper steps are followed.

The user manual that comes with the battery should be read thoroughly for adequate installation of a battery.

The following link leads to a tutorial on installing a 72v lithium ion battery.

9. How to build a DIY 72v lithium-ion battery?

You can build a DIY 72v lithium ion battery at your home on your own just by using a few things.

The following link shows the method to build your own lithium battery pack.

10. Are 72v lithium-ion batteries safe?

The 72v lithium ion batteries are the safest if used properly by following the user manual.

All batteries carry a safety risk and manufacturers are obligated to assure customers with safety measures.

A lithium battery works safely with proper precautions taken and under the encouraged circumstances.

The temperature where the lithium battery is kept should be moderate.

Harsh temperatures should be avoided as they trigger the 72v lithium batteries to lead to unwanted situations.

The use of damaged or leaked batteries should be prohibited as there are greater chances of explosions.

If proper measures are taken while using a 72v lithium battery, they are the safest batteries to use.

11. What does the built-in protection system mean in a 72v lithium-ion battery?

The 72v lithium ion battery consists of a built-in protection system in the circuit that monitors the voltage being supplied or given out by a lithium ion battery and disconnects the battery itself if the charge level goes too high or below the standard level.

This protection system secured the battery against any malfunctions to occur which include the threat of short circuit, overcharging, monitoring, or balancing the entire working of the battery

12. How to replace a 72v lithium-ion battery?

You can replace the 72v lithium ion battery in your electrical appliances very simply by just following the instructions given in the user manual.

Read the user manual thoroughly before doing any sort of work with the battery for effective and correct usage to be carried out without any difficulty.

13. What are the uses of a 72v lithium-ion battery?

A 72v lithium ion battery is designed to carry heavy loads as well as give out competitive working.

These lithium batteries are perfect to be used for electric scooters, electric bikes, solar panels, and other high-energy demanding electrical appliances.

They are used for powering most of the remote appliances as it is now an electric world, with all kinds of electrical appliances which require batteries with the best working capacities.

14. Is a 72v lithium-ion battery dangerous?

A lithium ion battery is manufactured to assure most of the safety concerns of the customers.

However, The 72v lithium ion batteries can be dangerous if they are damaged, broken, leaking, or mishandled.

If a battery is damaged or leaking it should not b touched as it can cause extremely dangerous situations.

Mishandling and not using the 72v lithium battery with proper care can lead to the battery creating unwanted dangerous circumstances.

If the battery is properly handled and maintained, there is no danger.

15. Can a 72v lithium-ion battery be explosive?

If the 72v lithium ion battery is kept and used under unfavorable conditions, it may lead to explosions.

Following situations may cause the battery to explode:

  • Using a damaged battery pack.
  • Overheated or Overcharged lithium battery back.
  • If the battery is kept in direct contact with sunlight.
  • Constant Unfavorable temperatures.
  • If flammable objects are kept close to the battery.
  • Corroded terminals of the battery.

exploded 72V lithium battery pack

Figure 3. An exploded battery pack

16. How can you charge your 72v lithium-ion battery?

Charging a 72v lithium ion battery is as simple as charging any other electrical device.

To use the charger that comes with the battery is recommended otherwise any charger that has a set level of current can be used.

If the battery has a built-in protection system, the charger goes off on its own once the lithium ion battery is charged.

If it does not have a safety system, the charging should be monitored and plugged off as soon as the battery is charged as overcharging effects the effectiveness of the battery.

Charging the battery for smaller cycles is encouraged rather than discharging and recharge completely.

17. What is the transport process of a 72v lithium-ion battery

As 72v lithium-ion batteries consist of hazardous material, they are banned to be shipped by air however can be transported through water or highway.

Proper packing and stacking of the battery are encouraged to prevent any unfavorable conditions to occur.

18. How do you know if your 72v lithium-ion battery is bad?

The easiest and quickest way to check your 72v  lithium ion battery’s status is through a voltmeter or a multimeter.

Connect it to the battery to check the voltage.

If it is below the standard level it means that the battery is not holding a charge and working improperly.

However, there may be other reasons that include the lithium battery being old, due to leakage or damage, swollen battery, or overcharged to a level that they die.

60v lithium battery fig 4 voltmeter

Figure 4. A voltage measuring device

19. Is 72v lithium-ion battery stronger than other batteries?

The lithium ion batteries are designed to be 2000 times more powerful and have the capacity of over 1000 charge cycles.

The 72v lithium battery is the strongest as it gives out dense energy due to heavier current capacity and can work with high energy demanding electrical appliances.

20. What is the charging time of a 72v lithium-ion battery?

A 72v lithium ion battery will take around 10-15 hours to fully charge once it arrives.

Later the battery should be charged for shorter cycles after every use.

Discharging the battery and recharging it completely should be done once every 3 to 4 weeks and that requires around 4 hours.

Once the lithium ion battery is fully charged the current drops to a set level.

21. How can you store your 72v lithium-ion battery?

You can store your 72v lithium battery under certain conditions:

  • The 72v lithium battery should be kept at a 30 to 50 percent charging level while storing it as it discharges slowly on its own.
  • The temperature should be normal room temperature as high or low temperatures can affect the effectiveness and life of the battery.
  • The battery should be stored in a cool, dry place.
  • A battery should not be kept fully discharge as it may never hold a charge again.
  • Using the battery after storage periods may affect the battery working and it will not work as a new battery does.
  • The battery loses its capacity over time whether used or stored.

22. Under what conditions does the battery work best?

A 72v lithium ion battery will carry out its best work if used properly under the conditions it requires.

Following factors should be considered for the effective working of a battery:

  • Partial discharges should be encouraged.
  • Select the proper discharge method.
  • Avoid charging the lithium battery to complete 100%.
  • Avoid deep discharges and high current charges and discharges.
  • Control the temperature around the battery, extreme high or low temperature affects the battery working and over time will cause it to die.
  • Do not place the batteries in direct sunlight or heated appliances.

23. What are the main factors due to which a 72v lithium battery should be considered?

There are several functions that a 72v lithium battery provides which makes it the best type of battery with splendid functioning. Some of the main appreciable features of 72v lithium ion batteries are as follows.

  • Longevity of the battery.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Effective long term working.
  • Can bear heavy loads.
  • Works in wide temperature ranges.
  • Provides constant current/voltage.
  • Lighter in weight.

24. How do you know if your battery is not working properly?

The status of your battery may be determined by monitoring its working overtime.

If the battery fails to function or causes disturbance while carrying out its function, you should know the battery is bad.

The battery may refuse to hold a charge or to discharge at a very fast rate.

Several circumstances which prove the irregular working of a lithium battery constitute to this factor.

A voltmeter can also be used to learn the battery status of your lithium ion battery pack.

25. What can cause the 72v lithium-ion battery to die?

The most leading cause of a dead 72v lithium battery is heat.

The batteries should be kept away from direct sunlight or extremely hot temperatures.

Overcharging should be prevented and the use of the lithium battery in extreme Hugh temperatures should be avoided as it may slowly lead the battery to overheat and die.

Due to such excessive conditions, the cells of the battery pack die and refuse to hold a charge which results in the failure of the lithium ion battery pack.

26. Can a damaged or leaked battery pack be used?

A damaged or leaked lithium ion battery pack can be extremely dangerous to be touched.

The acids of the battery can burn your skin and cause several problems if they come in direct contact with your skin.

You should not try to operate the damaged lithium battery pack as it may explode and cause severe damage.

The damaged and leaked lithium battery packs should be kept away from appliances and households and should be handed over to the recycling stations or e-disposing centers immediately.

27. How long will a 72v lithium-ion battery last if not used?

If a 72v lithium ion battery is stored or keep unused it will last for 2 to 3 years, the timeline provided by the manufacturers.

However, if a lithium ion battery is in use or not its charge capacity falls with time, and the battery self discharges.

If the battery is discharged to a level that it is drained, you should consider it dead.

The stored or unused battery should be monitored regularly for its charge level and charged when necessary to prevent it from draining completely.

28. How can you check your battery voltage?

You can easily check the voltage or battery status of your lithium ion battery using a multimeter or voltmeter.

It consists of a monitoring screen and depicts the voltage status of the battery it is connected to, on the screen.

Simply connect the terminals of the voltmeter with the battery terminals, and it will show the respective voltage of the battery.

This is the most effective and quickest method to know your battery’s accurate voltage

29. Does a 72v lithium-ion battery die if not used?

The battery discharges on itself and loses its charge capacity over time whether it is used or not.

The life expectancy of an unused 72v lithium battery ranges from two to three years when not in use or are stored.

The charge status of an unused battery should be monitored so it does not go bad before time.

30. At how much battery percentage should you store your 72v lithium battery?

The lithium ion batteries are considered to be stored while they hold 30% to 50% battery capacity because the battery has its self-discharge component which causes it to use the battery over time slowly even while stored.

A 72v lithium-ion battery should be charged at least 30% before storing it for a good storage period.

31. How can you fix your 72v lithium-ion battery if it won’t charge?

If your 72v lithium ion battery does not hold a charge and discharges extremely fast, you should discharge your battery completely and then recharge it to its full capacity.

If it still does not hold a charge it means the cells are dead and refuse to hold a charge.

The only solution to this condition is to replace your 72v lithium ion battery with a new one.

32. How can you dispose of your 72v lithium battery?

Lithium ion batteries should not be disposed of directly as they contain hazardous material.

These batteries can be recycled but only at specific places.

The damaged or dead battery should be dropped at recyclable places or e-waste collection centers so that safety is assured as well.