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  • Our 60V lithium battery is built with 16S the exact voltage of which is 59.2V.
  • The 60V lithium batteries pack are used for outdoor power equipment-lawn mower,electric scooter ,electric bicycle and e rickshaw.
  • Your 60V lithium battery pack can be made as shrink wrap or special case or waterproof case.
  • The continuous discharge current is 10A -50A and the peak discharge current is 100A-160A for seconds.

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Your Reliable 60V Lithium Battery Manufacturer for Industrial Application

As one leading 60V lithium battery manufacturer over 16 years,you can get your custom 60V battery pack solution as your request.

Our R & D team have excellent designing 60V lithium battery for e rickshaw ,electric scooter ,lawn mower even cleaning machines .Our engineer can provide the complete 60V lithium battery solution from battery pack combination ,battery management system design even the details of the dimension and connector ‘ advice.

If you want to have a customized 60V Lithium-Ion Battery for your projects, do let us know we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Strict Quality Control Process for your 60V Lithium Batteries

  • The grade A materials quality like cell,IC is the corn of 60V lithium battery,TLH have strict standard on supplier selection to ensure the quality.
  • To ensure the dimension of 60V battery pack,TLH will use tooling to inspection instead of the staff.
  • Before shipment,TLH team record each key production process with the video and factory on our customer’s CRM system.
  • 100% aging test of your order before shipment.

TLH:One Global Famous 60V Lithium Battery Manufacturer in China

Shenzhen Tianlihe Technology Co. Ltd have founded in 2005 then we are focusing custom battery pack solution for electric bike,cleaning equipment ,electric surfboard ,power tool ect from 3.7V lithium ion battery pack to 60V lithium battery pack.Even we have much experience on battery pack models in series or in parallel.
Our 60V battery packs have high discharge rate,high discharge current request,so the engineering team and sales team much have professional lithium ion battery pack knowledge even are familiar with market trend and the application request.
TLH has a separate team for after-sales services. The team of after-sales consists of experienced professionals available for you. If you are having trouble during the installation of the 60V Lithium-Ion Battery, you can contact us and our after-sales team will respond to you in minimum time to help you out. You can contact us even if you are in the United Kingdom, United States of America, or Germany.
We have good feedback from our customer which are involved in garden power tool ,electric surfboard and cleaning equipment which are used 60V lithium battery solution.
If you have any idea or query related to 60V Lithium Battery, do not hesitate to contact us.

60V Lithium Battery – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This FAQ Guide Acquires all the general information one is required to know about the 60V Lithium Battery as a beginner.
Have a look!

1. What are the uses of the new 60V lithium battery?

The new 60V lithium battery is widely applicable in many devices for effective and long-term use.

Nowadays, appliances that work with batteries are considered than rather the ones that work on fuel, etc.

Electric vehicles and scooters are used all over the world now and use lithium batteries.

The lawn mower ,underwater electric bike and e rickshaw we use in our daily life use the 60V lithium battery.

2. What safety measures should be taken while using a new 60V lithium battery?

The user manual that comes with the 60V lithium battery should be carefully read before using a battery.

Following are some safety instructions to be followed while using a 60V lithium battery.

  • Keep the battery away from flammable products or appliances.
  • Do not charge the battery in damp locations to reduce electric shock.
  • Do not let children near the battery.
  • Be careful with the battery pack if it is cracked or damaged.
  • To reduce the risk of any dangerous circumstances, do not keep the battery near the fire.
  • Dispose of the used 60V lithium battery do not keep it unnecessarily.
  • Keep the battery safe from direct sunlight and rain.
  • Keep the battery clean from any corrosion and dirt-free.

figure 1 60V Lithium Battery

Figure 1: 60V lithium battery

3. What should you do if the 60V lithium battery pack is damaged?

Different failures or improper handling can cause 60V lithium batteries to damage.

If your battery pack is damaged or cracked, be very careful with the handling, do not touch the battery with bare hands, and replace it at once.

Do not use the 60V lithium battery and be cautious so that you do not touch the battery liquid as it may damage your skin or open the damaged battery pack.

The damaged battery is of no use and should be recycled or disposed of as soon as possible with utmost care.

Do not put the 60V lithium battery in the trash directly.

4. Can 60V lithium batteries be dangerous?

Lithium-ion batteries are safe than any other battery kind.

The following circumstances can cause the new 60V lithium-ion batteries to be dangerous for use.

  • A faulty pr improper charger may affect the protection circuit of the 60V lithium battery and the battery may turn ON on its own.
  • The 60V lithium batteries should not be charged at temperatures lower than 0° Celsius as it damages the metal plates inside the battery and causes it to malfunction as the metal plates are irreplaceable.
  • Do not overcharge the lithium battery as it damages the battery internally and affects its working.

A battery may or may not be dangerous totally depending on how it is used and handled however, you should still always be careful while using a battery.

5. What is the lifespan of a 60V lithium battery?

The standard life span of a 60V lithium-ion battery is around 2 to 3 years and 1000 to 1500 charge cycles.

One charge cycle refers to the use of a fully charged battery till the full discharge and fully recharged again.

The lifespan of a battery may be affected by the way it is used, charged, maintained and under the circumstances, it is stored.

A battery that is handled incorrectly may work only for a year and on the other hand, a 60V lithium battery given proper care and maintained the right way may work longer than 3 years.

6. How can you charge your 60V lithium battery?

The 60v lithium batteries arrive in low charge conditions to prevent any problems to occur. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes for a fully discharged battery pack to fully charge.

Make sure to keep the temperature in check while the battery pack is in charging condition.

A battery pack should be charged fully once it arrives for effective and longer use.

  • Make sure the charger is attached in the correct manner.
  • Do not place the battery and charger at places where there is extreme cold or hot temperature.
  • Only charge the 60V lithium battery pack with the charger it comes with.
  • Connect the charger to safe power supplies to prevent any short circuits.
  • Remove the charger as soon as the 60V lithium battery pack is fully charged to avoid overcharging.
  • Make sure the temperature is between 6° to 40° Celsius.

7. What charger should be used to charge a new 60V lithium battery?

It is preferred to only use the charger that comes with the 60V lithium battery pack to charge the battery. You should use the matched 67.2V 2A or 4A charger to ensure the charging safety.

Lithium batteries require a constant current and voltage charger.

The charger 67.2V 2A or 4A should be removed from the 60V lithium battery as soon as it is fully charged however, the smart chargers have a built-in feature to turn off as soon as the battery is fully charged.

60V lithium battery charger

Figure 2: Lithium battery charger

8. How can you store the new 60V lithium batteries?

A 60V lithium battery can be stored but the long-term storage may affect the working of the battery later.

Always store the 60V lithium battery away from the sun and in cool, dry places at room temperature to prevent any damage. Do not store the drained battery as it may die.

If the batteries are not stored properly, they may lead to dangerous situations.

Always keep the battery up to 70% charged when it is about to be stored as the battery discharges with time even if not in use.

Keep the batteries safe from any damage to occur. Store the 60V lithium battery pack in a ventilated area.

9. What are the applications of the new 60V lithium battery?

In today’s world, the new 60V lithium batteries are widely applicable in almost all kinds of appliances as the world is approaching an eco-friendly environment.

These batteries are used in underwater electric bike ,efoil,electric scooter and lawn mower ect.

10. How can you operate the new 60V lithium battery?

Operate the 60V lithium battery very carefully as improper handling may cause danger.

It is recommended to charge the battery correctly at regular intervals and prevent overcharging.

You should know all about your battery while operating it the temperature that it should be used under, flammable products should be kept away from the 60V lithium battery.

Always go through the user manual provided with the product before using it.

Do not use the battery pack if it is damaged or leaked as it may result in fire or explosion and keep the battery away from objects that may catch or cause a fire while the battery is not in use.

Effective operating leads to a longer and safer working of a 60V lithium battery pack.

11. How is the new 60V lithium battery installed?

Installation of a 60V lithium battery can be an easy-to-do task if the proper instructions for installation are followed.

To install the battery safely and correctly, read the manual thoroughly that comes with the lithium battery.

A slight mistake in the installation can cause the battery to malfunction and lead to unfavorable conditions that might not be likable.

Following is a link to the tutorial explaining the installation of a 60V lithium battery.

12. How do the new 60V lithium batteries operate in cold weather?

The 60V lithium battery can be used in cold weathers such as 0° to  -10° Celsius with efficient working however, extreme cold weather may cause the battery to wear out or stop the working processes in the correct manner.

The lithium batteries totally depend on the chemical reactions taking place in them to work and the extremely cold weather conditions can slow down and eventually stop the 60V lithium batteries to work.

Even when carrying out their function, it will not be as effective as they work under normal temperature and long-term muse in cold temperature will shorter the lifespan of your 60V lithium battery.

13. What is the optimal temperature for the 60V lithium battery pack?

The temperature for the 60V lithium battery pack to work ranges from 0° to 45° Celsius however the optimal temperature for a lithium battery is between 15° to 35°.

Batteries should be stored in cool and dry places.

14. How can you maintain the new 60V lithium battery?

To maintain the battery with good care, follow the instructions given below.

  • To avoid any injury, remove the battery pack while cleaning or performing any work on the battery.
  • Blow off the dust on the battery before it freezes in the air vents.
  • Do not use strong detergents or solvents on plastic components.
  • Do not use water or spray to wash the air vents.
  • Before storing the battery pack remove the charger.
  • While storing, keep the battery at room temperature.
  • Do not let any petroleum-based products encounter plastic parts.
  • Charge the battery fully before storage for effective working later.

15. How can you dispose of the new 60V lithium batteries?

The 60V lithium battery contains lithium-ion which is a toxic and corrosive material.

The toxic materials in the battery should be disposed of correctly to prevent any contamination in the environment.

To dispose of the lithium battery correctly, take the batteries to recycling or disposal centers for protected lithium disposal.

Batteries are a probable source of recyclable material.

16. What are the top features of the new 60V lithium batteries?

Lithium batteries are widely used all over the world now due to their best features.

The most popular feature of the new 60V lithium battery is that it has a higher energy density and longer working hours than any other battery type available in the market.

17. How can you make your 60V lithium battery last longer?

Lithium-based batteries are widely used all over the world in electric bikes, power tools ,electric wheelchair etc.

As they are used widely, all the users find ways to prolong their battery life.

Try to keep the 60V lithium battery pack away from direct sunlight and hot temperatures while in use or stored.

Avoid using or keeping the 60V lithium batteries in low temperatures as they can affect the battery internally.

Do not discharge your battery completely before charging as it affects your battery health.

Do not overcharge your 60V lithium battery. Unplug as soon as the battery is fully charged.

Store or keep the batteries in dry, cool, and ventilated areas.

Do not keep the 60v lithium batteries in wet areas.

Do not discharge your lithium battery faster than its usual rate as it may affect the discharge rate.

Always read the user manual carefully before using the 60V lithium battery.

Storing a battery for longer periods can cause it to malfunction over time.

18. What are the pros of a 60V lithium battery?

The lithium batteries are the best and safest kind available in the market with the best features and are being used as a replacement for other batteries.

We are now surrounded by the appliances and vehicles that work with batteries and lithium batteries carry out the best function.

The advantages of the lithium 60V batteries mean that these batteries are asked for at increased rates in the market.

Following are a few pros of 60V lithium batteries:

  • Low maintenance:

The 60V lithium batteries require less to no maintenance to ensure their effective performance.

  • Self-discharge:

The self-discharge of the lithium batteries is lower as compared to other rechargeable batteries. It is around 5% in the first few hours after charging and falls to 1% or 2% over a month.

  • High energy:

One of the greatest advantages of the 60V lithium batteries is their high energy density due to which we can operate the appliances longer before worrying about the battery time and recharging.

  • Longer working time:

Due to the high energy factor, lithium batteries provide a longer working time than any other battery type available in the market.

  • Rechargeable:

The 60V lithium batteries are rechargeable and can be recharged to over 1000 cycles in their life span.

19. What are the cons of a 60V lithium battery?

Like every creation of technology, lithium batteries also have their drawbacks.

However, these disadvantages can be looked over because of the benefits they provide.

  • Fragile operating system:

The 60V lithium batteries are delicate and require care in the charging and discharging processes as overcharging and high discharge affect the battery’s health and functionality.

  • Aging:

The battery wears out over time whether it is being used or not. The lithium battery works the best in the first 2 to 3 years. The battery may work effectively for longer or some may work effectively for lesser than 2 years depending on how they are cared for and maintained.

  • Temperature requirements:

The 60V lithium batteries work in extreme hot and cold temperatures however that affects the battery in the longer run. The hot temperature causes the battery to heat up and the freezing temperatures make the metal plates in the battery to freeze over time and work improperly.

  • Transportation:

Transportation is a huge issue with lithium batteries as they can explode and be hazardous if damaged or leaked. The 60V lithium batteries are banned to be carried by air however they are transported through vehicles but the dear of damage is still applicable.

  • Cost:

One of the main cons of the lithium battery is that they have higher costs as compared to other battery types.

  • Disposal:

To dispose of the worn-out or dead lithium battery is not easy as it cannot be just disposed of in the garbage due to the toxic materials it contains.

20. How long can you store the new 60V lithium battery before use?

The 60V lithium batteries should be stored at room temperature and not in hot or cold temperatures with 50% to 70% of charging capacity as the battery leaks its power over time so if it is stored with no charge, it might be possible that it would not accept charge again and cause it to die.

The lithium-ion batteries can be stored for up to 10 years with mild discharge capacity.

Do not completely charge or discharge your lithium battery before storing it.

When stored for longer runs, charge your battery after several months to prevent it from discharging completely that it may die.

The lithium battery can be stored for years but when later it will be used, the battery will not perform as a new battery and may malfunction.

21. Can you leave the new 60V lithium battery on charging for a long time?

Leaving the 60V lithium battery on the charger for a long time will affect its working and life span.

The battery will last longer if it is charged slowly and never charged or discharged completely.

Overcharging affects the battery in the long run and can shorter its life span ruining its battery time and health.

However, this factor depends solely on the charger. If it is a smart charger, it will run off itself as soon as the battery is completely charged or if the charger has the option to be set at a maximum voltage it should give out and stop once the set level of voltage is completed, it is safe to leave the battery on charge.

If the charger does not go off itself, the battery should not be left of charger for a long time as it ruins the battery internally and corrode the metal separators inside the battery which are irreplaceable and as a result, the only choice left is to dispose the battery and reflect.

22. How do I know if my battery is bad?

The best way to check the working status or condition of the battery is to use a voltmeter.

Uninstall the battery and place the voltmeter on it and note down the voltage it shows.

If the battery is bad, dead, or at the end of life it will not take charge anymore.

The lithium battery will appear swollen, give out a bad odor, or may change its color.

If the voltage is appeared, compared with the standard voltage range.

If the voltage is below or above the standard rate, it means the battery is not in a good condition. Charge the battery and if the lithium battery heats up more than usual, plug it off at once and dispose of it in the correct manner.

The lithium battery not holding a charge may be due to the ended battery life and not any other major problem that may lead to dangerous situations.

60v lithium battery fig 4 voltmeter


Figure 4: Voltmeter

23. Are the 60V lithium batteries safe to use?

The 60V lithium battery is safe to use if the safety precautions are followed properly.

The 60V Lithium battery is completely safe to use as compared to other battery types by following proper care instructions while charging, discharging, or in use.

Lithium battery is the most successful and safe battery type available in the market now. However, the batteries can be proved dangerous and lead to such situations.

If the batteries are mishandled, they may lead to fire or explosion.

No physical contact should be made with the damaged 60V lithium battery as it may burn your skin or any skin-related disease, and the lithium battery should not be exposed to extreme temperatures as it damaged the battery internally and externally also affecting its functioning.

Otherwise, if proper instructions are followed and the battery is handled with care, lithium battery is the safest type to use.

24. What are the standard size and weight of a new 60V lithium battery?

A standard 60V lithium battery varies in weight a little.

The average standard weight of a 60V lithium battery ranges between 1.2 kg to 15 kg.

As lithium batteries are widely used, their weight is the utmost factor that affects the usage.

One of the main reasons due to which lithium battery packs are required in the market is that they are lighter than any other kind of battery and serve for a longer run withs smooth working.

The weight may be slightly different depending on your 60V lithium request.

More details please contact us free.