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  • Our 36V lithium ion battery packs are used for e bike,underwater devices,drone ect.
  • Our 36V li ion battery pack solution include 3D design,BMS – CANBUS,UART,SMBUS ect

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Your NO.1 36V Lithium Ion Battery Supplier In China

TLH battery has been started to produce 36V lithium ion battery over 15 years.Our quality control system is based on ISO 9001-2015 TUV which ensure you the quality and push you to get more sales.Our 36V Lithium Ion batteries are application for industries such as electric bicycle ,diving system,mobility device,cleaning machine and electric go-cart ect.

36V Lithium Ion Battery Solution for Industries

36V lithium ion battery for custom electric bicycle or standard electric bicycle
Application for mobility device & Supply 36V lithium ion battery solution to meet your project
Smart lithium ion battery solution & Fast development time

Strict Quality Control Process for 36V Lithium Ion Battery

  • Strict quality control system rules TUV ISO 9001-2015 quality management system
  • Different testing SOP for different 36V lithium ion battery solution
  • All the materials 100% inspection before mass production
  • Each process production record can be tracked

TLH -Your Reliable and Professional 36V Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturer over 15 years

TLH battery has been manufacturing 36V lithium ion battery over 15 years.Our 36V lithium ion batteries are made by 18650 cells and 21700 cells with LG ,Panasonic , Samsung brands and Chinese famous 18650 cells.

Our 36V lithium ion batteries are application for industries such electric bike ,underwater products,power tool ,medical device and mobility devices.
Our fast development time for 36V lithium ion battery.Because our engineer director has over 15 experience on lithium ion battery development more than 100 projects.

We have after sales service center in UK,USA and Germany.

Our R & D team can offer CAD drawing,BMS development even communication protocol.It is better for you to have engineering team to development 36V lithium ion battery solution which can help you save much development time.

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36V Lithium-ion battery packs- The ultimate guide

Don’t you want a desired 36V Lithium-ion battery packs according to your need?

This page extends information comprehensively about 36V Lithium-ion battery packs.

We have explained specifications, features, market trends, production, and shipping details in it.

So what are you waiting for then!

1. What are the specifications of the 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs?

TLH is having more than 15 years of experience in the manufacturing of 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs.

Your TLH 36-volt lithium-ion batteries are equipped with state of the art battery monitoring system as well as an efficient communication system.

We are using CANBUS and Ethernet communication protocols for your battery system, enabling up to 1 Mbps speed.

We are using highly efficient cells from Samsung, Panasonic, and LG for 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs.

We can provide you with a battery system with a high rate of charge and discharge, which can increase your product’s overall efficiency.

We are offering dynamic solutions of 36-volt lithium-ion Battery Packs for an electric surfboard.

We are using an efficient and fast UART communication protocol for this battery system.

We are using either 30Q or 25R cells of Samsung, which enables a high discharge and charge rate for your battery pack.

36 volt 15Ah lithium ion battery pack

Figure 1 36 volts 15Ah lithium-ion battery pack

Our technical team has developed an innovative Battery management system for this product, enabling you to monitor the faults, working, and management of the battery. This allows you to have a longer and more efficient lifeline of your 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs.

All of the cells in 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs have the same resistance, capacity, load, and discharge rate.

We are offering innovative 36-volt lithium-ion battery pack solutions for drones, medical devices, EV, etc. We are also providing 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs for electric bikes.

2. What are the shipping conditions for the shipping of 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs?

We have equipped our organization with all of the certifications needed to transport the custom 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs.

We have outfitted our cycle with IEC62133, UN38.3, ISO 9001:2015, CE, UL 2054 Certifications.

These certifications gave us an international allowance for the shipping of 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs.

3. How can we install 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs for security systems?

36 Volt li-ion battery packs are offering extended applications in security systems.

You can install a security system of diverse capacity on these battery packs.

These battery packs have larger voltage and current capacity.

You can further use parallel or series combinations to enhance 36-volt li-ion battery packs’ capacity and load.

These batteries have a low maintenance cost.

These batteries offer a smooth and uninterrupted power supply to your security systems.

These batteries are equipped with an advanced Battery management system, so they restrict current and voltage surges to electronics’ sensitive parts.

4. What is your testing and manufacturing equipment for 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs?

We have state of the art manufacturing and testing types of machinery for 36-volt Lithium-ion battery packs.

The list of the equipment along with its detail is as followed;

  • Cell-Sorting Machine

This machine is capable of having cells of an organism and then distinguish them with reference to their kind.

These cells are then further labeled as well as tagged for their identification with respect to interest area and practicality.

They are differentiated concerning their cell’s dimensions and shapes.

These individual categories of cells are then further used in research and development.

  • Auto-Welding Machine

Automatic welding is a nonexclusive term for welding measures utilizing gear that keeps welding without the requirement for an administrator for it to run constantly.

Figure 2 Auto-Welding Machine

In-plant computerization, inline programmed machines supplant manual welding and weld as per projects to improve handling time and large scale manufacturing proficiency. Programmed spot welders and programmed contact welding machines are utilized for speedy welding in the assembling lines of connectors and other electrical parts.

  • Drop Testing machines

Drop testing machines are useful to check the limitations of the product.

This machine is used to check the load-bearing capacity of the 36-volts lithium-ion battery packs.

This can be used to check the abuse bearing level of the 36-volts lithium-ion battery packs.

Drop testing is essential because it let you know about the shipping and handling impact capability of lithium-ion battery packs.

  • Waterproof testing machine

This machine is used to check the water resistance of 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs.

This is used to check that whether or product is following the standard or not.

Waterproofing testing is essential because it decides the practicality of 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs.

  • Charger Testing Machine

These machines enable the testing of the charger for the 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs.

This machine enables us to define the charging compatibility of the device.

From this, we can know the lifetime of the battery charger.

Simultaneously, we can also define the working conditions for the battery packs.

  • BMS Testing Machine

The battery management system is used for uniform charging and discharging.

This system also includes battery protections along with cell balancing and monitoring.

From this testing, we can highlight the working capability of the battery management system.

BMS testing defines the limitations of the battery packs.

5. How can we replace 36-volts lithium-ion battery packs for other capacity battery packs?

You can utilize equal or arrangement mixes to accomplish the ideal limit.

Equal associations of 36-volts lithium-particle battery packs incorporate more than one battery connect to upgrade 36-volts lithium-particle battery packs limit.

In equal associations, the positive terminals are associated with other batteries’ positive terminals and negative terminals connected to other batteries’ negative terminals.

This empowers you to accomplish the necessary limit.

At the same time, in the event that you need to have arrangement associations, at that point you ought to have more than one battery.

We normally utilize the arrangement mix to build the battery yield.

36v lithium battery Relationship of capacity with number of cycles

Figure 3 Relationship of capacity with the number of cycles

In this blend, the batteries’ positive side is associated with negative terminals, and this arrangement is followed until you accomplish the necessary voltage level.

These arrangements and equal mixes of batteries broaden the utilization of 36-volts lithium-particle battery packs.

You can have numerous Power, voltage, and limit yield from similar appraisals of 36-volts lithium-particle battery packs.

You don’t have to race to purchase batteries of various appraisals, you need to associate yourself with our client support, and we will devise the ideal amount of batteries you need for your use.

6. How can we boost our businesses for 36 volt lithium-ion battery packs?

You can utilize two methods of plans of action for 36 volt lithium-ion battery packs.

One is to give 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs as a retailer to the business clients or to end clients.

You can utilize distinctive online business sites for it.

You can use these stages to consider customers from wherever the world, you can mastermind a mass proportion of 36 volt lithium-ion battery packs from us, this will save you cost on creation similarly too on conveyance.

Another game plan is that you can use our 36 volt lithium-ion battery packs in your contraption since custom 36 volt lithium-ion battery packs offer longer runtimes on different electronic gadgets have gotten the possibility of different bleeding edge affiliations.

Our batteries will guard your devices since we offer 36 volt lithium-ion battery packs with protection and assurances, so it might be ok for your devices and customers.

36 volt lithium-ion battery packs have influenced business areas due to its successful specs and characteristics, they aren’t expensive.

36 volt lithium-ion battery packs are open on revamped options also.

You can have all sort of device game plans from these battery packs, this battery packs furthermore enable capable power yield, higher energy charge and stable voltage.

7. What is the MOQ for the order of 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs?

There is no particular Minimum order quantity for the purchase of 36 volt lithium-ion battery packs.

We are wholesale dealers and manufacturer in battery packs, so we are doing B2B business.

We are offering free sampling to our prestigious customers.

MOQ has an important impact on dealing, rate and production time.

TLH is offering greater incentives to customers having big orders, we are offering extended warrantee to such customers.

8. How 36v lithium-ion batteries are feasible as compare to other rechargeable batteries?

Execution is the huge measure of separation between two batteries.

36v lithium-ion battery packs are viable and convenient for your gadget applications.

Other Rechargeable batteries may convey more energy thickness for the underlying long periods of use, however in the long haul, 36v lithium-ion battery packs have greater soundness in charge and discharge. Battery life is the basic boundary in deciding battery packs’ adequacy; battery life is known for the quantity of charges and release cycles a battery can withstand.

Our specialized group has recognized that 36v lithium-ion battery packs have double the quantity of charges and releases as lithium-particle battery packs.

36V Lithium ion battery usage trend

Figure 4 Lithium-ion battery usage trend

The basic point for 36v lithium-ion battery packs is that the other batteries cell corrupts with the progression of time, bringing about lower limit over the time of a few years.

Then again, 36v lithium-ion battery packs have a lower release rate and lower weight, bringing about higher time span of usability than lithium-particle batteries.

9. What is your experience in the manufacturing of 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs?

We are the main maker of 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs, and we are in this industry for over 10 years.

We have customers’ set of experiences from everywhere the world.

TLH is delivering sharp batteries for more than ten years, our gathering is astoundingly fit, and we oblige the forefront world’s necessities.

Our splendid 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs have beneficial correspondences, for instance, UART, CANBUS, Ethernet, and Bluetooth.

10. What are Do’s and Don’ts for 36v lithium-ion battery packs?

Here are some of the desirable practices for the 36v lithium-ion battery packs.

1)For 36v lithium-ion battery packs, consistently make a point to completely Charge just as to release completely dependent upon 4 cycles to get full limit.

2)For better state of the battery, charge and release the battery pack completely for each 2 to 3 weeks.

3)Run the heap over the force of the battery till either the gadget closes down or it shows the low force sign.

Presently adhere to manual guidance for the re-energizing of the battery.

4)If you’re not utilizing it for quite a long time and you needn’t bother with it for a more extended time, at that point store the 36v lithium-ion battery packs in a spotless, dry, and low-temperature place.

5)You ought to re-energize your battery pack as indicated by the manual after the capacity timetable.

6)To guarantee ideal battery execution, expand the administration highlights of the gadget power.

7)Consult either client’s manual or get yourself associate with the client care of TLH.

Simultaneously, here some of the forbidden practices for the 36v lithium-ion battery packs

1)Your battery can be directed to extreme harm in the event of a short circuit; you ought to have a week by week and month to month timetable of electrical and mechanical upkeep for battery packs.

2)Misusage of battery, for example, Drop, hit and maltreatment to the battery pack may bring about openness to the destructive cell substance.

3)Do not open the battery to rain or dampness, which may prompt weakening the cell content, bringing about low execution of the battery pack.

4)Extreme warmth or fire openness can prompt the blast of the battery.

11. How can you offer customized solutions for 36v lithium-ion battery packs?

TLH is having more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing of 36v lithium-ion battery packs.

TLH is offering modified answer for its clients, we are following these means for tweaked battery packs.

Your TLH 36v lithium-particle battery packs are furnished with condition of craftsmanship battery observing framework just as with an effective correspondence framework.

We are utilizing CANBUS and Ethernet correspondence conventions for your battery framework, which empower speed of up to 1 Mbps.

We are utilizing profoundly productive cells from Samsung, Panasonic and LG for battery packs.

We can furnish you with a battery arrangement of the high pace of charge and release which can expand the general proficiency of your item.

Customized 36 volt lithium ion battery packs

Figure 5 Customized 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs

We are offering dynamic arrangements of 36v lithium-particle battery packs for an electric surfboard.

We are utilizing a proficient and quick UART correspondence convention for this battery framework.

We are utilizing either 30Q or 25R cells of Samsung, which empowers a high release and charge rate for your battery pack.

Our specialized group has built up an imaginative Battery the executives framework for this item, which empowers you to screen the issues, working, and the board of the battery; this permits a more delayed and proficient help of your 36v lithium-particle battery packs.

12. What are the green solutions for the 36-volt lithium-ion battery packs?

36v Li-ion battery packs are the ultimate solution to renewable energy resources.

These battery packs have longer shelf life and more durability.

You can store your green energy in these batteries and then can use it accordingly.

These battery packs have low maintenance costs, which makes your green energy cost-effective.

TLH encourages the use of green energy and we offer special incentives to companies pursuing their practices in green energy.

13. What is your production time and pathway for the manufacturing of 36v lithium-ion battery packs?

Production time varies with the amount of order as well as it depends upon sample testing and revisions, along with your branding and packaging directions.

Apart from production time we follows the following pathway for the production of battery packs.

Right off the bat, we have the state inventory network’s specialty and creation techniques for item improvement.

TLH’s specialized and arranging individuals follow your thing nuances straightforwardly from the most punctual beginning stage until the subsequent you get it; we offer our customers revamp plans.

Our gathering has wonderful request over gear and programming portions, and we can adjust a capable BMS system for your 36v lithium-particle battery packs.

The electric battery pack specialized group helps plans 3D drawings of your custom 36v lithium-particle battery packs.

Assume you have tight cutoff times from your discount clients and gadget makers. By then, we are the most feasible decision for you since we draw in our customers relentless and can give you changed 3D plans inside 24 hours.

We survey and finish up your model after authentic investigation and working, and a while later, we talk it to you for distinct underwriting.

We have set demanding principles for the quality study; you can observer them truly by visiting our hoarding cycle.

We have furnished our cycle with IEC62133, UN38.3, ISO 9001:2015, CE, UL 2054 Certifications.

We offer you genuine expenses close by uncommon quality to develop long stretch relationship with you.

You can even visit our creation plant and can eyewitness our quality and working SOPs without any other individual.

To get some answers concerning our working norms, mercifully visit the going with video or associate with our particular gathering.

14. How to contact you for the purchase of 36v lithium-ion battery packs in case we don’t understand English?

Our customer service is available as your assistance under any condition.

You can use google translate to send us your queries.

You can send a query on your company template in the desired language, and we can then translate them to understand your query.

You should include the following details in your queries;

There are 6 straightforward strides to get an ideal custom 36v lithium-particle battery packs for your discount business and gadgets.

  • Firstly characterize your objective of 36v lithium-particle battery packs as indicated by your need

You ought to choose what your crowd is?

What is the detail you need for your custom 36v lithium-particle battery packs?

What ought to be the main boundaries of your battery packs?

You ought to choose the evaluations of battery and battery framework.

What could be the limits for your battery packs?

  • Next, you ought to choose the blend and setup of your cells, and you ought to likewise choose the BMS and correspondence conventions for 36v lithium-particle battery packs.
  • Most critically, you ought to consider value subordinate things for your battery and how you ought to make up for it.
  • Ask for an example with complete innovative work report for your 36v lithium-particle battery packs.
  • Once the example is affirmed, you ought to haggle for installment terms just as creation time.
  • Lastly, you should ensure that your provider follows the entirety of the quality boundaries for the creation of your 18650 custom battery packs and requests in any event a year of guarantee.