Lithium Ion Battery MANUFACTURER

  • Our R & D team own 100+ battery solutions design experience
  • Offering standard and custom lithium ion batteries for anyindustries
  • ISO Standard Working Environment to Guarantee All Packs Same Performance
  • 15 years of experience in the battery industry with extensive knowledge

Our Service Key Figures

  • TLH Custom battery Experiences 17 + Years In the
  • TLH Custom battery collaborating partners 500 + Collaboration
  • TLH Custom battery Online Service 24 Hours Online
  • TLH Custom battery Pack Solution 1 Day Battery Packs
  • Custom battery Experiences 2 Weeks Received

Full-Service Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturer

Lithium Ion Battery Pack Solution

TLH LAB uses the best cells so your battery lasts longer and performs better.
You split the two battery pack on flight. Connect during the battery pack work

Strict Quality Control For Your Lithium Ion Battery Pack

  • We are industry leaders in the engineering and manufacturing of lithium ion battery, with a focus on lithium battery packs.
  • Being ISO 9001:2015 certified ensures our battery packs are consistently manufactured to high standards and rigorously tested to surpass your expectations.
  • Our engineers and QC will check the waterproof function and communication function more than 5 times, and the rest will be fully checked 100%.


The China’s Leading Manufacturer

  • 15 years Experience in Custom Solutions
  • Over 500 Successful Cases
  • 100% After-Sales Support


  • All Battery cells will pass rigorous testing
  • All Battery Packs are Certified and are compliant with regulatory and safety requirements
  • Cells of Samsung, Sony, LG, and Panasonic are used widely for battery packs.


  • Custom assembly design and engineering assistance
  • Quick turn-around on battery assemblies(15-30Days)
  • Packaging According to Hazardous Materials Handling policy


  • We Make Battery packs with updated battery cells
  • Consistent, reliable, top-performance cells from the industry’s highest quality suppliers.
  • Tested and proven design

Safety Regulations

Getting Safety certifications for Lithium battery packs now become a compulsory step. We will help you to get all the necessary certificates, some of the commonly known ones are listed below:
UN 38.3   IEC 62133    UL 2054   MSDS


How to Custom Lithium Battery Packs

development time for custom battery packs solution

FAQ Guide

please consult our customer service team if there is confusion, or simply pick up your phone and we can talk to our li-ion battery Design Project.

1. How is Li-ion battery packs better than other rechargeable atteries?
Li ion comparison with lead acid battery
2. What are the sizes of Li-ion battery packs available?
We have two sizes of li-ion battery packs;
Single Li-ion battery pack
Double li-ion battery pack
We can also design and fabricate Li-ion battery packs at your request.
3. What is the optimum way to store Li-ion battery packs?
Our technical team has lined up five different ways (链接到blog,电池储存方式文章)for storage of Li-ion batteries.
4. How to Ship Your Custom Battery?
Recycling of Li ion battery packs
5. What are the types and specifications of Li-ion battery packs?
We are using CANBUS and Ethernet communication protocols for your battery system, enabling up to 1 Mbps speed.
We are using highly efficient cells from Samsung, Panasonic, and LG for Li-ion battery packs.
6. What can technical help TLH offer us for the selection and shipment of Li-ion battery packs?
we have the art of the state supply chain and production procedures for product development.
TLH’s Planning team follows your item subtleties directly from the earliest starting point until the second you get it, and we offer tweaked plans for our clients.
7. How do Li-ion battery packs bear physical and mechanical damages?
We have equipped our operation system with un 38.3 ,IEC 62133, UL 2054, and ISO 9001.
These tests enable your battery to withstand physical and mechanical damages.
These are the international standards tests that certify safe travel and usage of Li-ion battery packs worldwide.
8. What is the Development Time for Your Lithium Ion Battery Pack?
development time for custom battery packs solution
9. What happens if one of the cells from Li-ion battery packs malfunctions?
This can lead to a violent incident, and this can be prevented by using a heat detector.
10. What are the applications of Li-ion battery packs?
Numerous items utilize Li-ion batteries, such as electric vehicles, electric bicycles, and vapes.
Li-ion battery packs are available on customized options too.