LiFePO4 Battery Pack Manufacturer Since 2005

  • More than 2000 cycles of LiFePO4 Battery Pack
  • Lost cost ,Long-term stability
  • Higher peak current or peak power rating
  • The LiFePO4 battery pack is application for home storage system,electric bike and communication system.

TLH LiFePO4 Battery Pack Certifications to Ensure The Quality

Your Reliable LiFePO4 Battery Pack Manufacturer Over 15 Year+

TLH battery has started offering LiFePO4 Battery Pack Solution Over 15 Year+.Our lithium phosphate battery pack has over than 2000 cycles with stable performance.

But lithium phosphate battery pack need more strict the production process than LiNiCoMnO2.

Our lithium phosphate battery packs are used for ROV,electric bike ,storage and power tool ect.

LiFePO4 Battery Pack Solution For Your Projects

Application for medical device & Customized battery pack
Application for electric golf With casing
12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack
Application for home storage system & The capacity is from 100Ah-300Ah

Strict Quality Control Process for LiFePO4 Battery Pack Order

  • Before bulk production,our engineer assistant make the sample of LiFePO4 battery pack.
  • Fully charge and discharge testing for each lifepo4 battery pack.
  • Our QC staff inspect the production process during their working time
  • We randomly select some lifepo4 battery pack do fall drop testing

TLH -Your Reliable LiFePO4 Battery Pack Manufacturer Over 15 Years+

TLH battery has own 15 years+ manufacturing lifepo4 battery pack solution for industries.

Our lifepo4 battery packs have more than 2000 cycles with high discharge and big capacity.

We have much experience in providing lifepo4 battery pack for AGV,storage,communication system ,electric bike and power tool ect.

Our lifepo4 battery packs are made by 18650 lifepo4 cell,26650 lifepo4 cell and 3.2V lithium phosphate cells.

Our engineering team have much rich experience development custom lifepo4 battery solutions to your application.If you have new project,just let us know your voltage,capacity,application,other request.

Our quality management follow TUV ISO 9001-2015 to ensure our lithium phosphate battery stable performance.

The capacity is from 5Ah -300Ah for lithium phosphate battery pack solution.

First class sales service and communication,rigorous engineering attitude and great enterprise dream support you to expand your market.

More details,please contact us.

LiFePO4 Battery Pack FAQ Guide

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