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  • Our Lithium trolling motor battery packs are made of high-quality Lithium-Ion cells with a low self-discharge rate.
  • Each cell undergoes numerous tests to certify meticulous service.
  • The battery pack offers more energy with less weight.
  • The Lithium trolling motor battery is water-resistant.
  • The battery pack offers an abundant number of charge cycles that means it can be fully charged and drained up to 2000 times.

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Lithium Trolling Motor Battery Pack Dealer

TLH battery is named as of the leading and inexplicably beneficial battery companies in the business. Our Lithium trolling motor Battery pledges the core resistance to support high energy-requiring motors and with full proficiency.

Our Lithium trolling motor Battery is a lithium battery type that uses high-quality cells and presents farfetched functioning time along with countless charge cycles.TLH battery’s Lithium trolling motor Battery packs can be personalized as per your requirements on a bulk order, we put a determined to provide you with the distinct market cost.

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Precise Management Procedures for your Lithium Trolling Motor Battery

  • Each cell is aimed and built with a nominal voltage of 3.7V to deliver a high energy supply for heavy applications.
  • The efficient battery type to make your trolling motor work effectively.
  • Built-in Management System (BMS) to offer safe and sound working while running.
  • Every Lithium-ion battery undergoes the methodological assessment before distribution.

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Lithium Trolling Motor Battery – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The following FAQ guide contains all the basic information related to a Lithium trolling motor battery. To find answers to your concerns, have a look below.

1. What is a lithium trolling motor battery?

A lithium-ion battery is a long-lasting and robust battery type. It is made for withstanding high equipment. Lithium-ion batteries can maintain high voltages for long intervals of time as compared to any other battery type. The prolonged use of the motor of trolling battery can cause damage, so lithium-ion batteries work the best to sustain the life of trolling battery motors. They are made to fit the requirements of a trolling motor and work efficiently for a very long time.

2. Can you use a lithium battery for a trolling motor?

Yes, lithium-ion batteries can be used for a trolling motor as the lithium-ion batty type is the strongest and long-lasting. It works best with high voltage requiring appliances and vehicles as it is an excellent maintainer of high voltages. Lithium-ion batteries can be used to protect the trolling motors from being damaged.

Li-ion battery for trolling motor

Figure 1: Li-ion battery for trolling motor

3. Are lithium trolling motor batteries worth the cost?

The benefits of lithium-ion batteries are innumerable as compared to other battery types. It is an expensive technology, but the working time and withstand the power of a lithium battery are worth the cost. A battery pack of any other type may cost lesser than a lithium-ion battery but will not work half the time as the lithium-ion battery.

4. What is the battery life of a lithium trolling motor battery?

A 36 V lithium-ion battery will power a trolling motor for more than 24 hours without dying or requiring a charge in between. If the power setting is turned low, the battery may even work for as long as 2 to 3 days. The battery keeps delivering its best voltage until it falls, and your lithium battery cannot hold a charge anymore. The lithium-ion battery typically lasts 5 to 10 times longer than lead-acid or any other battery type.

5. Can you store a lithium trolling motor battery?

Yes, lithium trolling motor battery packs can be stored for a longer interval of time safely if stored under the right circumstances. The battery packs should be stored at room temperature at a dry temperature. Try to store the batteries with 50% to 80% battery capacity. If the battery pack is to be stored for more than a year, it should be charged once a year as the battery discharged over time slowly. The lithium-ion battery packs are stored well if the cells are partially charged. Do not charge the battery packs fully before storing them. Store the lithium-ion trolling batteries away from direct sunlight and extreme hot or cold temperatures.

6. What are the advantages of a lithium trolling motor battery?

Lithium-ion battery type is the best battery if to be used for high energy-requiring purposes. It works efficiently for such applications. Lithium-ion trolling batteries offer numerous advantages, some of which are listed below:

  • The lithium trolling motor battery provides a boost to your motor
  • The lithium trolling motor battery weighs 70% less than the lead-acid battery type
  • Due to the battery being lightweight, this advantage enables you to go deeper in water
  • More hours are served by lithium trolling motor battery as compared to any other battery type
  • Lithium-ion batteries are costly, but they cut down your everyday expenses of fuel and gas and also save the time required for getting these things done.
  • Lithium-ion batteries offer a low discharge rate so that they can work for longer intervals during one charge.
  • Lithium batteries provide a new life to your trolling motor and make it work like a new one.

7. What are the cons of a lithium trolling motor battery?

Like everything has its pros, it has some cons too. Machinery especially, there is no such electric equipment that has no downsides. Following are a few disadvantages of a lithium trolling motor battery:

  • The electrolytes in the lithium-ion battery are flammable
  • The lithium-ion trolling batteries are sensitive and require care with handling
  • Overcharging destroys the lithium-based batteries
  • If higher voltage is delivered to trolling motors for longer intervals of time, it damages the motor
  • Once the lithium-ion battery is discharged completely, it is challenging to revive it
  • If not handled and used properly, you may have wasted a whole amount of your money

8. What is the running time of a lithium trolling motor battery?

A lithium trolling motor battery with a voltage capacity of 36 V has the energy to power a trolling motor for more than 24 hours Whereas, with low power providing settings, it can even continue to supply energy for more than 48 hours before it requires another charge cycle.

9. What is best for a trolling motor lithium-ion battery or lead-acid battery?

A lithium-ion battery proves to be more compatible with the trolling motor.

Figure 3 lithium ion trolling motor battery

Figure 3: Lead-acid vs. Li-ion

10. What are the factors to consider while buying a lithium trolling motor battery?

Batteries have become extremely important in our lives today. Almost everything around us works with batteries as the technology is so upgraded. Choosing a battery can be a task until you know what to look for. Following are the factors to consider to find the best match for your trolling motor.

Life of battery:

The battery’s life is of two types, the charging life and the total life span. Charging life is the time the battery with continues to provide energy before requiring a charge cycle. Whereas the entire life span is the number of charges cycles, the battery can withstand.


The environment where the battery is kept affects it significantly. Batteries take up the impact of humidity, temperature, handling, etc.

Power availability:

The power availability of a battery should match the amount of power your trolling motor requires for stable and continuous working.


The energy available and its comparison with the weight of the system is the energy density. If your application has high energy density, its also has high potential energy for a small amount of weight. It should be compatible with the trolling motor.

11. What is the average weight of a lithium trolling motor battery?

A 36 V lithium-ion battery weighs about 14 kgs. The lead-acid batteries weigh 3-4 times more than lithium-ion battery packs.

12. How much does a lithium trolling motor battery cost?

Lithium-ion batteries are costly, yet they serve their worth in their lifespan and service. The cost range of lithium batteries for trolling motors falls between $400-$700.

13. Which is the best lithium trolling motor battery in the market?

Ionic Lithium-ion Deep Cycle Battery 12V is considered the best choice for trolling motors as it is easy to handle and use and offers a capacity to recharge. It works for a long time. The price of this battery pack is also very reasonable.

lithium ion trolling moto battery

Figure 4: Best trolling motor battery

14. What are the top lithium-ion trolling motor batteries in the market?

Following are a few top selected lithium-ion batteries for trolling motors:

  • Brand name: Banshee

Deep Cycle Lithium-Ion Marine Battery 12V, 100 Ah

  • Brand: Ionic Batteries

Lithium-Ion Deep Cycle Battery – Ionic 12V 125Ah with Built-in Bluetooth monitoring

  • Brand: Green Light Innovations

GLI Lithium-ion Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery – 12v 50Ah

15. How is a lithium trolling motor battery charged?

A lithium-ion trolling motor may be charged by the built-in onboard chargers. The following tutorial will guide you to charge your trolling motor battery in the correct manner.The following link shows you about how is a lithium trolling motor battery charged.

16. Can you leave the lithium trolling motor battery connected to the charger?

No, you cannot leave the lithium  trolling motor battery connected to the charger for an indefinite time. It ruins the battery cells causing them to die. Although, built-in battery management systems present in the battery protect it from overcharging.

17. How do you know if your lithium trolling motor battery is bad?

Batteries do act badly sometimes, but it is better to keep up with the battery status to avoid any unwanted circumstances.

Following are the ways to test your battery status:

  • Check the voltage of the battery:

Use a voltmeter to check the battery voltage status. If the cells of the battery have voltage below 2.6 V, the battery may be dead. If it is above 2.7 v, you may cause the battery to work by charging it efficiently.

  • Inspecting the battery:

Check the battery pack for any discoloration, bumps on the sides of the battery pack, loose or broken terminals. If you sense a bad smell from the battery pack, try not to use it or try to handle it on your own. It may lead to unwanted situations.

If you want to know more about how to choose a better lithium trolling motor battery,the following link shows detail.

18. How can you dispose of your bad lithium trolling motor battery?

You can not just throw away your bad lithium-ion battery in the normal trash box or household trash.  Remove the battery from your trolling motor by disconnecting the terminals of the battery that are connected to it. Take out the battery pack as they are easy to carry due to being lighter in weight. The best disposal is to recycle them at a hazardous waste area or hand it over to battery-designated recycling centers. Do not try to handle the battery pack on your own or try to open its parts as it may cause situations that are life-threatening. Lithium-type batteries are safest to use, yet such handling can lead to situations we never want to be in.

19. How can you keep your lithium trolling motor battery lasting longer?

It is imperative to have a reliable and long-lasting trolling motor battery for the longevity of the trolling motor as well. Following are a few tips to make your battery pack last longer:

  • Keep track of charging and charge the battery pack often. Letting it stay uncharged for longer intervals can threaten its lifespan and performance.
  • Cool off the battery pack after recharging it as charging heats up the battery cells, and using it at once can cause damage.
  • Clean the battery packs terminals before storing them and store them under favorable circumstances.
  • Recharge the trolling motor battery thoroughly as soon as after the use.
  • Continuous partial recharging can strain the battery; try to drain the battery fully once in a while and then recharge it to total capacity.
  • Use only the assigned or recommended charger with your battery pack, as improper chargers can always leave some capacity in the charging.

20. What are the safety measures to consider while using a lithium trolling motor battery?

Although the lithium-ion battery type is the safest of all kinds available in the market, yet correct handling is encouraged to avoid any unfavorable circumstances.

Following are a few basic safety measures that can keep you out of any such situations.

  • Keep the battery packs out of extreme heat.
  • Do not let batteries come in contact with cold as it suspends the battery cells.
  • Keep the batteries in safe and fry places for storage.
  • Do not overcharge the lithium-ion battery pack as it may cause unfavorable conditions.
  • Keep the battery’s charge capacity in check and charge whenever used.
  • Do not let the battery pack drain as it may be very difficult to revive it.
  • Do not touch any liquids coming out of the battery pack.
  • Look out for any signs of irregular working and get them treated.
  • Dispose of the battery if it is bad and does not try to handle it on your own.

21. How do you know if the lithium-ion battery is correct for your trolling motor?

There are several factors to consider while selecting the best battery pack for your trolling motor. The best battery for your trolling motor is the one that is the most compatible with most of the characteristics of the motor. Mentioned below are the few main things to cross-check with the trolling motor before selecting the battery:

  • Understand the voltage of your motor and select a lithium-ion battery pack that serves the same amount of voltage. Do not use a battery with higher or low voltage with the motor as it may affect it and its performance.
  • Next is to check the ampere of your motor. The maximum amperes let out of the trolling should be less than the amperes given out by the battery. So the battery is capable of supplying the maximum voltage your motor requires.
  • The time of running your motor is also the main factor; if the motor is to run a whole day, you may require a battery that is double the capacity of your motor.

22. In how much time is a lithium trolling motor battery fully charged?

If your lithium trolling motor battery is almost empty, it will take up to 6 hours to charge it fully to its capacity with a suitable and recommended charger. The charge rate should be kept according to the motor as a faster charge rate can shorten the battery’s life span. Do not keep the batteries connected to the charger for more extended hours or after the battery is charged completely. Although the battery has a Built management system, it is better to disconnect the charger as soon as possible after the battery is charged completely.

23. What are the benefits of using a lithium battery for your trolling motor?

If you opt for a lithium-ion type for your trolling motor battery, you have gained numerous benefits already. It will provide you with extra working hours with even partial charges. The longevity of its lifespan is a cost-saving advantage as it saves you from spending a big amount on changing batteries again for a long period of time. Lithium-ion batteries make your old trolling motor feel and work like a new one.

24. How often should you replace your trolling motor batteries?

Lithium-ion batteries may even work for 10 years, but it is best to replace the battery for your trolling motors when it starts to lose its capacity for the safe working of your motor. A battery should be typically replaced after 4-5 years, as it has delivered its best capacity and now starts to lose it with time.

25. Do troll batteries have battery protection systems?

Yes, lithium-ion trolling motor batteries are manufactured with a built-in battery management system (BMS) to keep the battery safe from electric hazards, if faced with any.

26. How can you choose the best battery for your trolling motor?

The best battery for your trolling motor is the one that falls into alignment with the battery components and requirements. A battery will work to its best if it if fulfilling the required capacities.

27. Can you charge your trolling batteries while running?

You can only charge your battery with an outboard motor while running; make sure that the optimal charge required by the battery is being delivered.

lithium trolling motor battery chargeing while running

Figure 9: Charging battery while running

28. How safe are lithium-ion trolling motor batteries?

Lithium batteries are by far the safest and secure type of battery chemistries available in the market if handled carefully. While talking about marine applications, lithium-ion batteries are safe for that too. The lithium batteries for trolling motors are sealed in a way that no water splashing on them or going over through it can cause any damage to the battery. Another pro for safety is that the lithium-ion batteries consist of a built-in management system (BMS) which ensures the internal safety of the battery pack.

29. How do you connect a lithium-ion battery with a trolling motor?

It is very easy to connect the battery pack if done properly. Otherwise, it can be very complicated and troublesome.

Following is a link to a tutorial for properly installing a lithium-ion battery to your trolling motor.

30. What voltages in lithium-ion batteries are available for trolling motors?

There are two voltages available in the lithium-ion batteries for trolling motors that are 12 Volts and 24 Volts. You may select the batteries depending on the voltage of your trolling motor.

31. Are lithium-ion trolling motor batteries waterproof?

The lithium-ion batteries that are designed especially for trolling motors or boats are made to be waterproof. They are enclosed in such coverings to withstand if they come in contact with the water. However, if poor batteries are subjected to water for longer intervals, the water may find a way to enter the battery and cause internal damage that may affect its performance poorly.

32. What is the best charger to charge your lithium trolling motor battery?

For charging your lithium-ion trolling motor batteries, it is recommended to use Victron Blue Smart Chargers. The Blue Smart IP65 charger is 12 volts. The weight of this charger is approximately 2 pounds, and it works excellent in boats and RVs. It has proved to be very accurate and useful for charging the lithium trolling motor battery packs. As it is an intelligent charger, it runs off itself once it charges the battery pack fully, which reduces the risk of overcharging.

lithium trolling motor battery charger

Figure 10:Lithium trolling motor battery charger

33. Are lithium-ion batteries any good for trolling motors?

Lithium-ion batteries tend to be very useful for trolling motors with the significant advantage of their long-lasting charge cycle. It keeps on working for longer intervals of time without requiring a charge, which leads to uninterrupted and smooth working for a long time. The lithium-ion battery also has a BMS that makes it even more durable and safe even if subjected to other things such as overcharging.