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  • TLH provides Lithium Golf Cart Battery for Electric Golf Trolley with housing.
  • Our lithium golf cart batteries support your motor 180W or 250W.
  • Our lithium golf cart batteries can be designed as battery packs with wrap shrink or housing.
  • Our manufacturing quality control follows international standards ISO9001:2005 by TUV.

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One leading Manufacturer of Lithium Golf Cart Battery

As one leading manufacturer of lithium golf cart batteries for over 16 years, our R&D team has designed lithium golf cart batteries like 12V lithium golf cart battery,24V lithium golf battery, and 36V lithium golf battery as your request.

Our lithium golf cart battery has good sales feedback in Europe and North America.

Our lithium golf cart batteries also can be used for electric wheelchairs.

You can get 12 months of warranty time for lithium golf batteries. If you would like our VIP customer service or business strategic cooperation, please be our VIP customers.

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Strict Quality Control Procedures for Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

  • Lithium Golf Cart batteries require special vibration and drop tests to analogy the lithium golf cart batteries working environment.
  • All the essential parameters of charging current, discharging current, and maximum discharge current are checked during quality inspection. Then we can make the record of your order PIN. If you have future quality complaints, we can check our production process and batch of raw materials.
  • We pay our 80% attention to welding, BMS assembly and aging test to 100% ensure good defective.
  • Before all bulk production, our QA director, will 100% test and quality evaluation standards to ensure our lead time.

TLH: Manufacturer of Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

TLH has vast experience in the field of battery manufacturing. We are the manufacturer of Lithium Golf Cart batteries for the last 16 years.

Each Lithium Golf Cart Battery produced in our manufacturing facility is produced following international standards ISO9001:2015.

We also have experience in battery management systems. We offer a built-in management system for Lithium Golf Cart Batteries. If you have a high-quality request, please contact us.

To maintain the quality of Lithium Golf Cart Batteries, each battery is processed through strict quality control procedures. Here at TLH, we try to use state-of-the-art technology to give quality products to our customers.

The life cycles of a Lithium Golf Cart Battery are more than 600 times. The nominal capacity of a Lithium Golf Cart Battery is 10.4Ah and provides a continuous working current of up to 20A.

After-sales, our team is always available for you if you need any kind of assistance or help while installing the Lithium Golf Cart Batteries.

Our sales team is also working proactively with great communication skills. If you have any questions regarding Lithium Golf Cart batteries or any innovative ideas about Lithium Golf Cart Battery, let us know about it. Our sales and engineering team work hand in hand to meet your requirement of yours.

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Lithium Golf Cart Batteries – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This FAQ guide possesses almost all the information that one needs to know about lithium golf cart batteries.

Here, you will find responses to several queries you might have about lithium golf cart batteries.

Have a look!

1. How long do lithium golf cart batteries last?

The average life cycle of a lithium goof cart battery is 500 to 700 charge cycles and 6 to 7 years easily.

Lithium batteries are strong and long-lasting depending on how you use and maintain them.

These batteries are consistent and can manage your golf cart without any problem occurring.

If a lead-acid battery works for five years in a golf cart, lithium may work for ten years as it will last much longer than lead-acid batteries.

Golf Cart Battery

Figure 1 Lithium golf cart battery

Figure 1: Lithium golf cart battery

2. What are the advantages of a lithium golf cart battery?

Every product has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on its functionality.

Some advantages of lithium golf cart batteries are mentioned below.

  • Long term battery functioning and power:

The utmost function golfers require is high power and battery life.

With lithium expertise, they will attain the power and life they require from a battery.

The stronger power will let the golfers go up the steep hills easily.

  • Lighter In weight:

The heaviest part of a golf cart is the battery kept underneath the seat.

This can cause the wheels of golf carts to dig in the ground causing it to be difficult to work faster.

Having lighter batteries such as lithium, golf carts will be lighter and work faster without their wheel digging in the mud or ground!

  • Less effort to maintain:

Lithium golf cart batteries provide outstanding performance which may raise a thought in our mind ‘heavy maintenance!’ No, it requires the least maintenance as you do not need to water your battery, clean the terminal, or power holding checks regularly which will save plenty of hours on the whole!

  • Battery cycle that lasts longer:

The main advantage of a lithium golf cart battery is that it lasts longer than any battery in a golf cart and has around 400 to 600 charge cycles and lasts for about a whole decade if used properly.

3. Can the lithium golf cart battery be overcharged?

Overcharging a lithium golf cart battery will shorten its life, damage it internally or affect its functionality.

It is better to use an appointed battery charger as it will turn off itself when the battery is fully charged.

Due to overcharging, the battery can go bad to a point that it dies completely and is unable to work so if you do not have an appointed battery charger, make sure you keep checking the battery status till it is fully charged to prevent overcharging.

4. What are the capacities available for lithium batteries for golf carts?

The capacity of a battery can be determined by the number of cells located in the battery pack. Each cell indicates 3.6V or 3.2V.

The lithium batteries for golf carts are available in the following powers:

  • 12Volt Batteries
  • 24Volt Batteries
  • 48Volt Batteries

5. How to install lithium golf cart batteries?

Installing a battery in a golf cart is not a difficult task if proper steps are followed and most models provide easy installation.

  • Firstly, locate the battery compartment which is normally located underneath the seat.
  • Install the battery in the position available in the battery compartment.
  • Connect the positive cable in the compartment to the positive terminal or the battery and the negative cable to the negative terminal.
  • You may apply a thin layer of anti-corrosion gel to the terminals to keep them rust-free.
  • Close the compartment safely.
  • Do charge the batteries completely before their first use.

Following is a tutorial for installing lithium batteries in golf carts.

6. Do lithium golf cart batteries last longer than others?

Yes, one of the main advantages of lithium golf cart batteries is that it has the longest life and are stronger than other batteries as lithium chemistry increases the number of charge cycles.

Lithium batteries can store more energy than alkaline or leas said batteries of the same size and perform outstanding even in extreme temperatures.

The average life span of a lithium battery is 400 to 500 charge cycles which makes it around 7 to 8 years which is longer than any other type of battery.

7. What charger is used to charge lithium golf cart batteries?

A lead-acid charger can not be used to charge a lithium-ion golf cart battery.

You should use the appointed 12.6V,25.9V, and 54.6V chargers to be delivered to your battery.

Figure 2 Lithium Battery Charger

Figure 2: Lithium Battery Charger

8. Do lithium golf cart batteries work in cold weather?

Lithium cells are designed in such a manner that they work efficiently in all weather conditions.

The working may be affected mildly in extreme weather temperatures but it still will make it through the round. Extreme cold and hot weather may slow down the working of the golf cart battery.

By choosing a lithium golf cart battery, you will have to forget about these worries!

9. What can cause lithium golf cart batteries to explode?

Lithium golf cart batteries are highly hazardous as they contain exceedingly flammable solvents.

The most common issue that rises the risk of explosion is inadequate maintenance that may cause the wires and terminals to produce rust in between them, which may generate air spaces between them and cause sparks.

If the sparks reach the battery terminal, it will increase the risk of the explosion of the lithium golf cart battery.

10. How many cycles do lithium golf cart batteries last?

Lithium golf cart batteries have a sustained life span and if compared to other types of batteries, lithium batteries have a double life.

Lithium golf cart batteries last around 300 to 500 full charge cycles.

They are persistent and If are properly maintained, they work for six to seven years.

11. How can you enhance the lithium golf cart battery’s life?

Electrical golf carts are now majorly used in all parts of the world as they cost much less than fuel-running golf carts and are eco-friendly.

In such conditions, batteries for golf carts should be chosen wisely considering the battery life and working capacity whereas, keeping these factors in mind, lithium batteries are the best option for golf carts.

  • Monthly maintenance is the key aspect

Wipe your batteries with a solution once a month regularly and keep checking for any corrosion.

Keeping a regular check will prevent the battery to corrode and the need for replacement.

  • Improve charging rate

It only takes two to three hours to charge your lithium battery completely.

Keep charging it for short intervals whenever used to enhance its working capacity and battery life.

  • Do not use it until it dies

The common aspect in every golf cart owner is to only charge the battery when it is about to drain completely.

Charge your battery whenever you use your golf cart, as waiting for the battery to die completely before you charge them will ruin the battery’s health and damage them the same as the damage will occur through overcharging.

12. Can you convert a lithium golf cart battery?

The lithium golf cart batteries cannot be converted yet can be imitated by golf cart conversion products which are lithium battery packs with cohesive goof cart battery systems.

13. Is a lithium battery better than a lead-acid battery for a golf cart?

For a long period of time, lead-acid batteries have been cost-effective for golf carts but as the trend is increasing, lithium batteries have gained all the spotlight for efficient working in an electric golf cart.

Lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries can be compared in several aspects.

  • Weight:

The very main aspect is the weight of the battery. Lead-acid batteries are quite heavier than lithium batteries which makes the golf carts use more power to work in muddy or bumpy areas or while on a steep area.

Lithium batteries are much lighter and make the golf cart work effortlessly and smoothly without using much power to be dragged.

  • Charging:

Every electronic golf cart battery needs to be charged regardless of the battery type.

However, lithium batteries work great under such conditions as they charge well and carry out high-quality service while lead-acid batteries slow down the working as the voltage falls down and the battery slows the cart.

A lead-acid battery takes almost 8 hours to be fully charged while lithium batteries require 2 to 3 hours.

  • Maintenance and care:

For effective working and longevity of the battery, proper care and maintenance are required. One of the major advantages of a lithium battery is that it required less to no maintenance whereas lead-acid batteries need to have a proper regular check on the battery state.

Figure 3 Lithium-ion Battery Vs Lead-acid Battery

Figure 3: Lithium-ion Battery Vs Lead-acid Battery

14. What is the importance of golf cart batteries?

A battery in the golf cart serves as the brain in the human body.

A golf cart battery is the main energy source of an electric golf cart and one should bother it as a fuel tank in a vehicle as it powers your tank.

Without a battery or with a low-quality bad working battery, your golf cart cannot work properly for long routes and steeps.

You should always select a battery for your golf cart that is durable and carries out the best performance and use.

15. What are the hazards of lithium golf cart batteries?

Lithium batteries discharge energy faster and are more powerful however, overcharging and overheating of the battery may cause alarming situations.

It is recommended to charge batteries in well-ventilated areas while preventing overcharging. Excess overheating can cause the battery to explode.

So if proper precautions are followed while charging and discharging, lithium batteries are the safest options for golf carts.

16. Should lithium golf cart batteries be left on charge?

To prevent the battery from overcharging, avoid leaving your lithium golf cart battery ln charge for a longer time.

Keep checking till the battery is completely charged to remove the charger as overcharging can cause the battery to heat up which will eventually lead to an explosion.

If the battery is to be left on charge for longer times, an automatic charger should be used so that it runs off itself when the battery is charged completely and averts excess charging.

17. Are lithium golf cart batteries safe to use?

Lithium golf cart batteries are the safest option as they have less explosion rate and require less to no maintenance.

Lithium batteries are eco-friendly and do not give out any deadly gases that may affect human beings’ health.

They do not contain any hazardous solutions as compared to lead-acid batteries that may cause any harm to the environment by providing longer battery life and smooth working.

18. When should you replace your lithium golf cart battery?

Typically a lithium golf cart battery lasts for four to five years a d around 3000 to 5000 charge cycles.

Although, improper use and carelessness can cause the battery to die before due time which results in replacing your battery.

If you follow proper precautions with handling your battery, it may result in extending the battery life and working for years before replacement is required.

19. What causes the lithium golf cart battery to die?

There can be several problems that may cause your lithium golf cart battery to die before time.

These causes may include:

  • Overcharging the battery can cause internal damage which causes the battery to work improperly.
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Improper wiring and losing connections
  • Corroded terminals
  • Leaving the battery nearly empty before charging
  • Using the battery till it drains
  • Keeping the battery without charging when not in use

20. Where should you keep your unused lithium golf cart batteries?

Lithium golf cart batteries when not in use, should be taken care of.

  • Keep the unused lithium golf cart batteries in cool and dry places, away from extending weather conditions whether freezing or melting temperatures.
  • Do not leave the batteries in heated condition as it may cause the battery to explode while freezing temperature causes the battery to improper functioning.
  • Prevent the battery from overcharging.
  • Keep your lithium battery at a 40% charged state while storing and charge them completely before use.
  • Lithium batteries can be stored for up to 10 years with moderate loss capacity.

21. Will lithium batteries make golf carts run faster?

Lithium golf cart batteries are more efficient for golf carts than lead-acid batteries.

Lithium batteries recharge fast and have a low discharge rate.

It is a high-capacity battery that makes golf cart batteries run faster and is harmless as they do not contain hazardous material which makes them safe.

22. How often should you charge a lithium golf cart battery?

Lithium golf cart batteries should be charged after every four to five hours of use.

Make sure they are fully charged before you use them again.

Even if you only use your lithium battery for a few minutes, still give it a good charge before using it again. This will lengthen the battery life and enhance its ability to work.

23. What aspects should be kept in mind while buying a lithium golf cart battery?

Different buyers require different functions from a battery to perform according to their needs.

The basic aspects to be considered are as follows;

  • Battery Type:

The first aspect is what type of battery you require for your product. Each battery type has its own advantages and disadvantages so keeping those in mind, one should consider the one that serves most of his requirements.

  • Capacity for storage and discharge:

Knowing the storage capacity of the battery is really important. Batteries have a total capacity that is nominal and a usable capacity as they cannot discharge their full capacities without damage.

  • The output of the battery:

This is the rate of current a battery can provide. A higher-powered battery means it can provide higher electrical output whereas low-powered batteries mean they provide electricity at a low rate.

  • Storage competence:

Storage competence refers to the amount of energy a battery can store in itself and how much it can draw out.

  • Life span:

Knowing how long your battery will last overall, or after being fully charged. The discharge rate should be low, that is the battery with the best output.

Lithium batteries have the longest life span and recharge fast as compared to lead-acid or alkaline batteries and also enhance the working.

24. What capacity should you select for a lithium battery for your golf cart?

The capacity of a battery should be selected just according to the system requirement of the golf cart.

For example, a 12V engine system of a golf cart will require a 12 volts lithium battery to carry the load and for efficient working.

25. How can you take care of a lithium golf cart battery?

Proper care and precautions should be taken to maintain the lithium golf cart battery.

  • Avoid overcharging:

Overcharging should be discouraged as it reduces battery life and damages it.

An automatic charger should be used as it turns itself off as soon as the battery is fully charged, preventing it from overcharging.

  • Select the correct charge method:

The selection of the correct charger according to the battery capacity should be considered. If the charger is not according to the battery capacity, it may ruin the working of the lithium battery.

  • Prevent high charge and discharge rates:

High charge and discharge rates decrease charge cycle life. Whereas, high currents impose strain on the battery causing it to heat up.

  • Keep at optimal temperature:

Do not keep the lithium golf cart battery in extreme weather conditions whether freezing or boiling. Charging the battery at such temperatures will cause internal damage to the lithium battery that may result in instability and explosion.

Even when storing, keep the batteries in cool, dry places.

  • Encourage partial discharge cycles:

Use only 30% to 40% of the battery capacity before recharging it which will result in elongated life. Partially discharging and then charging extend the battery life and work.

26. Do lithium golf cart batteries go bad if not used?

If the lithium golf cart batteries are charged fully and kept unused, the battery may go bad and work improperly when used.

Always keep the batteries 30% to 40% charged when they are not in use with a low discharge rate.

27. How can you clean your lithium golf cart batteries?

The acidic solution should be used to clean up the lithium golf cart batteries so any residue can be removed.

The terminals should be checked and cleaned once a month to prevent any corrosion to occur.

The following link shows the proper cleaning of lithium goof cart batteries:

28. What are the factors that affect the life cycles of lithium golf cart batteries?

The main aspects that affect the life span of lithium golf cart batteries are:

  • The temperature of the batteries while charging and discharging.
  • Overcharging the lithium battery.
  • Keeping fully charged battery unused.
  • Draining the battery before recharging.

Corrosion that may occur on the terminals.