Higher Value Lithium Forklift Battery Maker

  • Our forklift battery packs are prepared by Lithium cells which have minimal self-discharge frequency which elongates their life and power to work.
  • TLH provides high voltage battery backs for efficient working in your forklift.
  • Our battery packs are very useful for high weighing forklift purposes.
  • The TLH lithium battery can stand up to 3000 complete charge cycles.
  • The weight of the lithium batteries is enough to keep up with the Forklift.

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Lithium Forklift Battery Pack Provider

TLH battery is regarded as one of the leading and extraordinarily productive battery companies in the department. Our Lithium Forklift Battery pledges the insignificant core struggle to sustain high discharge flux and energy densities as balances out with the high-pitched weights.

Our Lithium Forklift Battery ensures superior quality battery life that poses immense operational time and innumerable life cycles.TLH battery’s Lithium Forklift Battery packs can be distorted as per your demand and we work to get you a fair rate. High Voltage ranges such as 72V, 80V battery packs are also offered for your hefty forklifts.

For any customized styled purchases of Lithium Forklift batteries, you may get on board with us, and we will assist you in the smallest amount of time attainable.

Precise Supervision Methods for your Lithium Forklift Batteries

  • Built by retaining the protection matters for high-quality operational skills.
  • Each cell is constructed and built with the standard voltage of 3.7V to deliver a high energy supply for a heavyweight forklift.
  • Each Lithium Forklift Battery pack is undergone tests to ensure safe assessment.
  • TLH introduces Built-in Management System (BMS) in the batteries to deliver secure working and examining each part of the battery.

Your Ensuing Preference in the Manufacture of Lithium Forklift Battery: TLH

TLH Battery has been providing the Lithium Forklift Battery for a retentive time and now has customers from all over the world. We make an effort to erect significant battery packs, in alliance with our authorized and well-skilled scientific force. We make certain guarantees to our customers in the contentment and exceptional performance of our Lithium Forklift Battery in the least sum of time!

Lithium Forklift Battery – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

For in-depth learning about a Lithium Forklift Battery, this FAQ Guide encompasses all the essential information related to it. Have a look below!

1. What is a Lithium forklift battery used for?

A battery pack is considered the brain if the appliance or vehicle is the body.

A good battery pack is all you require for experiencing the best working operations out of your forklift.

The main functions of a lithium forklift battery are as follows:

  • A battery pack turns on the engine of the forklift.
  • It utilizes the battery’s chemical energy and converts it to electrical energy which as a result triggers the engine to start.
  • The battery causes the forklift to function and lift things.
  • The lithium battery’s energy Powers the motor or engine of the forklift which propels the electric vehicle.
  • It powers the system to carry out operations.

Forklift Vehicle

Figure 1: Forklift Vehicle

2. Are all forklift batteries made of Lithium?

Various options are available in the market for forklift batteries. Some of them are

  • Diesel or gas-powered technologies
  • Propane technology
  • Lead-acid battery technology
  • Lithium-ion battery technology

Each of these technologies serves great purposes but the most commercially used ones in forklifts are lead-acid or lithium battery technology. Each technology has its effect on the working efficiency of the forklift.

However, the most valuable and user-friendly technology is the Lithium-ion battery as it provides many benefits and is safer than any other technology.

 lithium forklift batteries

Figure 2: Forklift Batteries

3. How much does an average Lithium forklift battery weigh?

The lithium batteries for forklifts have rechargeable chemistries which provide enormous density ranges.

Lithium-ion batteries are lighter in weight as compared to any other batteries, but they still require machinery to move them.

The lithium forklift batteries weigh between 500 to 3000 lbs.

As these batteries weigh less, sometimes to match up the weight with the forklift, metal plates are required to be put with the battery pack to balance out the weight.

4. What is the life span of a Lithium forklift battery?

The lithium battery packs offer a longer life as well as effective working throughout.

The lithium forklift battery can serve you for around five years which is quite a long time for a battery to work affectionately!

It provides more than 3000 full charge cycles also deals greatly with giving out high energy densities for a good passage of time.

A lithium forklift battery is less likely to be replaced frequently due to longer life cycle that is why it is considered mostly for forklift technologies

5. What are the advantages of a Lithium forklift battery?

Lithium batteries are the best energy solutions for forklifts. The battery technology has made it better to work with forklifts than lead-acid ones.

Lithium-ion battery packs cost more than other battery packs but at the same time provide numerous advantages which make the user look over the price value.

If you once spend on a lithium battery for your forklift, you will have numerous benefits and will not have to worry about changing the battery pack for a longer run!

Following is some. advantages of a lithium forklift battery:

  • Fast charging:

The lithium forklift battery packs charge faster than any other battery type through which you can make use of most of the time productively by keeping up with your forklift operations.

  • Low self-discharge:

They have a very low self-discharge ratio if used or not, which makes them best for working with higher capacities for longer working hours.

  • High energy densities:

A forklift using a lithium battery will work for a longer time with constant voltage and power throughout. It has a long battery time which makes you skip the need of keeping a spare battery pack for effective performance.

  • Maintenance:

The lithium ion battery packs use cells that are maintenance-free. You do not have to constantly check up for water or cleaning. These batteries require least to almost no maintenance and keep you carefree which reduces the wasting of time.

  • Safety:

Lithium battery packs are the safest ones available in the market out of any other battery type. They are manufactured by keeping in mind several safety precautions that make them safe.

6. What factors should be considered while buying a Lithium forklift battery?

If your business depends on and uses forklifts, you should know the importance of choosing the right battery for it.

A lithium battery is considered the best option for the effective working life of a forklift.

Choosing the right battery affects the reputation of your business as well.

Lithium forklift batteries are a great investment for long-term hassle-free daily operational activities for your industry.

Some of the very major factors to look for while buying a forklift battery pack are mentioned below:

  • Well operating
  • Offering Good service life
  • Safety precautions and measures
  • Maintenance factor
  • Running time of the battery before requiring a charge cycle
  • Energy efficient
  • High densities efficient
  • Compatible battery and forklift voltage frequencies

These are the factors to be looked for while selecting a battery for your forklift.

7. What are the preventive measures for using a Lithium forklift battery?

Battery packs use very toxic and powerful materials and for safety purposes, it is very important to use safety measures while handling a lithium battery pack.

Although lithium battery is very safe chemistry, yet some precautions need to be taken.

Mentioned below are the safety measures to be kept in mind:

  • Excess charging:

The lithium forklift batteries do not react well while overheated or excessively overcharged. To ensure safety, keep the battery temperature in check and cure it from reaching high levels.

  • Toxic liquids and gases:

The battery packs sometimes under dangerous circumstances, spill out fluids that can burn human skin, also the damaged battery packs give out dangerous gases which can cause severe lungs damage to the operator or the person near them. Avoid touching such battery packs and move them to outdoor areas.

  • Proper storing:

The lithium forklift battery packs should be properly stored under favorable conditions for safe and effective working later. Keep them away from any kind of heat otherwise the battery cells die.

  • Disposal:

The corroded or dead lithium forklift battery packs should be disposed of correctly in a safe manner to avoid any unwanted situation. The battery packs should be handed over to such places that handle dead battery packs and dispose of them correctly. Do not try to touch or open the battery packs on yourself as you may end up damaging yourself.

  • Old battery packs:

The battery packs now manufactured are made sure to be free of all safety-related concerns. So, they are quite user-friendly and safe to be handled for the workers however old battery packs may lead to serious conditions if mishandled or work irregularly. They should be properly disposed of otherwise they can lead to dangerous situations for the people around them.

8. What charging method is used to charge a Lithium forklift battery?

Lithium forklift battery packs are required to be charged through a direct plugging into the wall.

The battery can be installed and still be charged. Charging cables can be attached to the battery pack and charged.

Lithium forklift battery packs ensure safe charging and necessitate high-density chargers for fast and effective charging.

The Follow Link shows how to charge a lithium forklift battery.

 charging a lithium forklift battery

Figure 4: Charging method

9. Is a Lithium forklift battery dangerous?

Lithium-ion forklift batteries do not give out dangerous gases or fumes such as a lead-acid battery pack.

They do not require water or fluids which can be proved to be dangerous for the workers while operating or treating the battery pack in the forklift.

However, in some extreme situations, lithium forklift batteries can be extremely dangerous if not maintained properly or mishandled.

Overcharging can lead to very dangerous situations whereas using broken or damaged battery packs can cause severe physical damage

10. What are the top Lithium forklift batteries?

Some of the top Forklift Lithium Batteries are:

Advanced Battery Chemistries 48v 80Ah Lithium-Ion Battery:



Advanced Battery Chemistries 48v 80Ah Lithium Ion Forklift Battery

Figure 5: TLH  Advanced Battery Chemistries Battery

New Deka Ready Power Li-Ion Forklift Battery:

New Deka Ready Power Li-Ion Forklift Battery

Figure 6: New Deka Ready Power Li-Ion Forklift Battery

Deka: Industrial Electric Forklift Battery 36V:

Deka Industrial Electric Forklift Battery

Figure 7: Deka Electric Forklift Battery

PowerMAX Lithium Forklift Battery:

PowerMAX Lithium Forklift Battery

Figure 8: PowerMAX Lithium Forklift Battery

11. What are the benefits of using a lithium battery for a Forklift?

There are plenty of benefits of using a lithium forklift battery pack.


Although they cost a little higher than normal battery packs, they eliminate any other expenses such as regular maintenance, excessive charging, less energy is required by the battery, less labor is required as the battery makes the forklift work effectively.

Longer working time:

As compared to lead-acid and other battery chemistries, lithium battery packs work thrice longer than them. As the battery discharges, the working ability of the battery pack is not disturbed.

User friendly:

Worker or user is safe from any erupting fluids that may cause harm to them as lithium batteries are free of any fluids and do not radiate dangerous gases.

Extravagant performer:

Lithium forklift batteries work on constant voltage and the current rate which provides with enhanced working throughout, unlike other batteries who lose their performing skills with draining of the battery pack.

Optional charging time:

The battery life of a lithium battery is quite enough to complete a working shift without requiring a full charge. You can charge your forklift battery in between while having short intervals or breaks. Due to faster charging, they will.be charged enough to work for a good length of time and complete their operations without wanting a battery swap.

12. What are some foremost facts that you should know about forklift batteries?

The lithium-based forklift battery packs ensure longer working with effective operational characteristics. However, some general facts that every lithium forklift battery user should know are:

  • Make sure to follow all safety precautions while handling a battery.
  • Use proper gear to move the lithium forklift battery.
  • Charge the battery pack under favorable circumstances.
  • Keep an eye on the temperature of the battery cells.
  • Do not let your battery overcharge, prevent it to ensure longevity and proper working.
  • Turn off the charger before disconnecting your battery from it.
  • Do not touch any fluid coming out of the battery pack.
  • Make sure the charge you are using and the battery it is for are compatible with each other.

The follow link shows detail about forklift batteries.

13. Can Lithium forklift batteries explode?

Lithium forklift battery packs are very less likely to explode or lead to dangerous situations.

They are manufactured with several safety concerns in mind and are built for safe working.

If the battery pack is mishandled or not used correctly, it may reach unwanted situations. Lithium forklift battery packs should be kept away from any harsh temperatures to avoid explosions.

Dispose of the lithium battery pack at once if you notice any unusual smell, swelling, or bumps on the battery pack.

Do not try to handle if the lithium forklift battery pack is damaged or leaked.

14. What voltage is available in a Lithium forklift battery?

There are different voltages available in the lithium battery packs for forklifts, but the battery is chosen depending on the type and specifications of the vehicle it is serving.

The lithium battery that fits the specifications of the desired vehicle, that is the best battery pack for your forklift.

Generally, there are four voltage sizes available for the forklift’s battery pack, which are:

  1. 24 Volt Lithium Forklift battery
  2. 36 Volt Lithium Forklift battery
  3. 48 Volt Lithium Forklift battery
  4. 72 Volt Lithium Forklift battery
  5. 80 Volt Lithium Forklift battery

15. Can you overcharge a Lithium forklift battery?

A lithium forklift battery can be overcharged if you use an improper voltage charger for a battery pack.

If you leave the battery excessively on the charger, it will result in heating the battery pack and its cell causing it to overcharge.

Overcharging kills the lithium forklift battery in the long run and causes it to die and not work properly.

16. How to enhance the battery life of a Lithium forklift battery?

The long lifespan, longer working time, fast charging, etc. makes lithium batteries the top choice to be used in forklifts. Lithium Forklift Battery life can be enhanced further by keeping the following factors in mind:

Avoid Overcharging:

A battery can be ruined by overcharging and its battery life can be minimized from years to months. For a maximized life, overcharging should be avoided to keep a balance. Keep a regulator with your battery to keep it out of any suffering as the smallest cells can be extremely damaged. If the cells of the battery drain to their lowest, it may be difficult sometimes to revive them.

Follow the User Manual:

The user manual should be read carefully to keep the battery safe from harm and ensure longer life. It contains all the information that you need to know about a lithium forklift battery and the preventive measures that are to be followed. It provides safe working and elongated healthy lithium forklift battery life.

Prevent extreme Temperatures:

Lithium battery packs are sensitive to extreme cold and hot temperatures. They do not require any maintenance however safe handling is still encouraged. Keep the battery away from heat or direct sunlight as it imbalances the internal processes of the battery pack. Avoid storing battery at extreme temperatures as it may result in an explosion or extreme damages. Lookout in the user manual for the correct temperature requirements for the battery.

Do not let the battery deep cycle:

Letting the lithium forklift battery discharge deeply stresses the battery’s health. To keep the battery healthy and active, allow partial discharges for elongating the battery life. Opportunity-based charging is what is the best for a lithium-based battery pack. However, do keep your battery partially charged as extreme draining may result in a dead battery.

Manage the Battery Smartly:

Keep a track of your battery packs by configuring their working and keeping their data on track. Major emphasis should be on the lithium forklift battery’s health. Alert the users and workers when the battery is low, so they know that it should be charged to avoid any damage. Track the temperature of the cells to avoid any unusual circumstances

17. How can you keep your Lithium forklift battery in a good condition?

Although lithium batteries do not require maintenance, however, improper handling may cause the battery pack to go bad.

You can keep your lithium forklift battery pack well maintained and in great working condition just by following the manufacturers’ guidelines.

Following are some handful tips for avoiding and major breakdowns while using a lithium forklift battery and enjoy an abundance of useful working for a longer time.

  • Do not let the battery be 20% or below as deep discharging can ruin the internal chemical reactions of the battery and hurt the forklift’s engine. It can even result in a total failure of the machinery. The working capacity will not be good enough due to the draining battery and the lithium battery cells will be damaged resulting in a relatively smaller life span than it is supposed to have.
  • Do not fast charge your battery if you have plenty of time as it is advantageous but at the same time can damage and imbalance the self-discharge capability of the lithium battery pack. Only fast charge in emergency situations.
  • Only use the recommended charger in the user manual or the one that comes with the lithium forklift battery pack to charge it. Make sure the cycle is finished once you remove the charge and prevent overcharging to every extent as it damages the battery pack internally.
  • Keep out an eye for any bumps or unusual smells from the battery.
  • Schedule charging times for your battery pack depending on the working hours of it as extreme draining of the battery pack will ruin the long term working and battery capacity

18. What are some ways to store a Lithium forklift battery?

As Covid 19 has hit the world and it is a global pandemic, it has caused a lot of businesses to break down for a passage of time or even end.

Reduced demand for products in the markets has caused a big loss to various companies for their services.

Some sectors such as the foods and medical equipment business have seen a raise whereas other businesses have seen a major drop back. Such a decrease in demand for things has cut down the use of forklifts to handle or lift things.

Your lithium forklift batteries must be stored in a cautious manner if you want them to be in a working position later when used.

To ensure proper working once the work is resumed, follow the mentioned rules to store the battery in a correct manner.

  • Store your lithium battery packs in a cool, dry place away from any moisture and objects that may catch fire.
  • Keep the lithium batteries from any direct contact with heat or sunlight as they may harm the battery cells which in the long run may not work.
  • Do not keep your batteries inside the trucks even if they are turned off as it will slowly cause them to discharge completely and drain which will cause you to face problems making them work again.
  • Keep a check on your lithium battery packs while stored and recharge them once a month. Although the battery packs have a low self-discharge rate.
  • Do not charge your lithium forklift battery packs to 100% before storing, keep them at 60% to 70% of charging level.