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  • Our drone battery packs are made by 21700 and 18650 cells with high discharge rate.
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  • The battery pack can be fully charged and drained from 300 to 500 times.

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TLH battery is one of the top and highly successful battery companies in the industries. Our drone Batteries are made of Samsung and LG cells of two regularities, 18650 and 21700. To ensure the small internal resistance to support high discharge current.

Our drone battery packs are most exported to Australia,UK and US.Our drone battery is not lithium polymer battery type which is has lower working time and short life cycles.TLH battery’s drone battery packs are customized as your request to support you to get unique market.Our drone battery is made by 18650 and 21700 high quality cells with high discharge rate to let your drone work longer time and more powerful.

For any personalized custom-styled orders of drone batteries, you can connect to us, and we will get guide you in as little time as possible.

Precise Administration Techniques for your Drone Batteries

  • Strict cells selection process to ensure each cells with little gap with capacity ,internal resistance,voltage.
  • Mature welding workers who work in TLH more than 3 years with beautiful welding technology.
  • IPQC inspect each line production process to ensure the quality.
  • Each drone batteries will be the comprehensive testing before shipment.

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TLH Battery has been in the market producing the drone battery packs and now have buyers from all over the world. We try our best to assemble beneficial quality battery packs, in connection with our trained and well-experienced technical crew. We provide a guarantee to our customers in the contentment and superior performance of our Drone batteries in the minimum amount of time as we use Samsung and LG.

If you know or own any firm that manufactures Drones and entails custom-made Drone batteries 18650 and 21700 packs do consider bringing them to us! Our sales headquarters are in the UK.

Drone Battery – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The following FAQ Guide contains all the known facts about a Drone Battery that you may need to know.

Dig in to get answers to your respective queries!

1. What kind of batteries are used in drones?

The standardly most common type of battery used in drones is lithium-based. As lithium chemistry is the most durable, safe, and higher density range of all.

Lithium 18650 and 21700 cells are the utmost choices to be used in drones.

This type is selected as it offers large energy densities with higher voltage delivering through each cell.

The 18650 and 21700 battery cells have a low discharge rate and so can hold a charge for a longer time while not being used.

drone battery

Figure 1: Drone Batteries

2. How long does a drone battery last?

A 18650 and 21700 battery cell that is properly maintained can last for more than 4 years even if stored.

The major advantage of these batteries is that they have a very low self-discharge rate due to which they can hold a charge for a longer time as compared to other rechargeable batteries.

When fully charge and stored, they can be used after 2 months with full capacity or energy.

However, the lasting time of a battery in a drone also depends on how it is used and kept.

3. What are drone batteries made of?

Most drone technologies use 18650 and 21700 battery cells which are a type of Lithium battery.

These batteries have higher energy densities and any other battery technologies now in the market and provide a longer working time with full power.

This is a kind of lithium-ion that gathers more energy and stores it in smaller areas.

Before these batteries came into the market, nickel-based battery packs were used in drones but now these battery cells have taken their place due to their superior quality and energy source.

This link refers to a video containing information about drone batteries:

4. What are the top batteries to be used in drones?

A battery is considered good when it delivers the kind of performance required by it and serves its purpose greatly.

Depending on the characteristics of the batteries, some of the best 18650 and 21700 batteries for drones are listed below:

Panasonic NCR18650G

  • Capacity: 3600 mAh
  • Voltage: 4.20 V
  • Height: 65 mm
  • Diameter: 18.25 mm
  • Weight: 48.50 g

drone battery panasonic b 18650 battery

Figure 2: Panasonic G 18650 Battery

18650 Battery – Molicel P26A

  • Capacity: 2600 mAh
  • Voltage: 3.6 V
  • Dimensions: 18.30mm x 65.05mm
  • Weight: 46.1g


drone battery made of molicel p26a cell

Figure 3: 18650 Battery – Molicel P26A

Hohm Tech Hohm Run XL 21700 Batteries

  • Capacity: 4007 mAh
  • Maximum Voltage: 4.2 V
  • Dimensions: 21.5mm x 70.4mm
  • Weight: 73.7g

drone battery assembled by Hohm Tech Hohm Run XL 21700 Batteries

Figure 4: Hohm Tech Hohm Run XL 21700 Batteries

Panasonic NCR21700A 5000mAH

  • Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Voltage: 3.60 V
  • Dimensions: 21.1mm x 70.5mm
  • Weight: 70g

5. What is the mAh of a drone battery?

The mAh in a battery link to the amount of storage capacity available in the respective battery.

If a battery has a rating of 1500 mAh capacity, it means that it could provide a current of 1800 mAh in an hour.

The lowest mAh found in drone batteries is 450 mAh while the highest may go up to 30000 mAh.

9000 mAh of a 18650 lithium battery for a drone means it can deliver 9000 mAh per hour at a constant rate which is a huge power.

6. How safe are drone battery packs?

The 18650 or 21700 lithium batteries are most commonly used in drones.

This battery type is considered safe and environmental friendly as compared to other battery types.

However, the batteries can react badly and cause danger in its surrounding if not handled correctly, improper charge and discharge methods, bad maintenance, or in case of any damage.

The batteries can explode or catch fire if kept in contact with direct heat or overcharged to an extreme level.

Draining the battery to a very low level can also cause the drone battery to go bad.

Do not leave your lithium drone battery without assistance in charge.

If you see any changes in the physical characteristics or if they smell bad, do not meddle with it yourself and do not try to open or treat it.

7. What safety precautions should be kept in mind while using a drone battery?

Lithium 18650 or 21700 batteries used in drones are generally very safe and eco-friendly as compared to any other battery type.

It also gives high performance due to its high density and durability.

However, some practices may trigger the battery and make the situation dangerous.

Following are some safety precautions that you should know while using a drone battery:

  • Use a fireproof safety bag or other safe containers while charging the battery pack or storing it so no harm can occur. The batteries are quite safe and the fire is very uncommon yet if it happens, creates a lot of damage.
  • Fire may be caused due to overcharging, or while they are discharged so do keep that in mind.
  • Do not keep your Lithiumbatteries in the travel storage period for a longer time and always use a steel container or fire-resistant box for storing them.
  • Never overcharge yourdrone battery even slightly.
  • Keep any flammable objects away from the battery pack while it is charging or in use.
  • Do not try to operate a damaged battery pack.
  • Try buying new LiPo batteries instead of second-hand ones as you do not know how they were handled before.
  • Use only the charger recommended to be used for charging your drone battery as it affects the longevity of the battery pack and its working.
  • Keep your battery pack away from any kind of direct contact with heat or coldness.
  • When the batteries are to be disposed of, do not try to open them up or dispose of your household garbage, hand it over at a proper place for safe disposal.

8. How can you charge your drone battery?

The charging process is the most sensitive interval when a drone battery is likely to cause danger.

This process should be done with a lot of safety precautions.

It can not be plugged in and checked again when you remember or get time, they need to be assisted all this to prevent any damage.

The most considerate option is to put your Lithium drone battery outside and then plugged in to charge.

The safest place to charge your drone battery is outdoors. As in case of any dangerous situations, you will be prevented from the worst damages.

If you want to charge it indoors, make sure it is not surrounded by anything that may catch fire.



Charging a Drone Battery

Figure 6: Charging a Drone Battery

9. How to know when the drone battery is charged?

The charging status of the battery can be known very easily if the battery or the charger has a LED light.

When the light is red, it means the battery is about to drain.

When the green light blinks it means the battery is charging while a full opaque green light shows that the battery is fully charged and can be removed from the charger.

However, you can also know the charge status of a battery by using tools such as a voltmeter.

A fully charged battery will depict 12.6 or high volts.

Most of the battery chargers are designed in a way to shut off automatically once the battery is charged.

Whereas other chargers need to be turned off manually.

10. How make drone batteries last longer?

The Lithium batteries used in drones are much wanted to deliver good working hours.

To get the best working out of your drone battery, manufacturing guidelines should be densely followed and the battery should be handled and maintained with proper care.

Following are some instructions to make your drone battery last longer:

  • Go through the guidelines in the user manual provided with the battery and implement them for the effective working of your battery.
  • Keep the battery protected from extreme temperature ranges such as very cold or very hot weather. Do not use, store, charge, or discharge your battery in extreme weather conditions.
  • The exposure of the battery to hard temperatures can cause the battery such damage that can not be undone.
  • Use the chargers only that are recommended to charge your drone battery otherwise you will ruin your battery health.
  • Do not overcharge or undercharge your battery as it kills the battery gradually.
  • Do not keep your drone battery around any flammable objects.
  • Do not store your battery at 100 percent charging as it automatically discharges itself to 60%.
  • Do not let your drone battery drain completely before charging it.
  • Look out for any leaking, damage, or bumps in the battery.

Have a look below:

11. How can you transport drone batteries?

Lithium-based battery packs are considered very dangerous to transport and they consist of uncountable cells.

However, under some conditions, they can be transported.

Drone Lithium batteries can be transported if and only if they are in a safe condition, no kind of knowable danger can occur.

It should be handled with high safety measures and kept in such places where they are secured and would not jump around.

They should be packed well and no heavy items should be stacked on them.

If the battery pack is in any case damaged or leaking, DO NOT transport it as it can cause a huge fire.

12. What can cause the drone battery to fail or not to charge?

The drone battery may fail to charge due to numerous reasons however the main two reasons can be:

  • Improper or broken battery charger
  • Damaged or dead battery

If you note any physical malfunctioning in the battery such as swelling or damage, it means the battery has some issues and needs to be disposed of.

There may be some other reasons too behind such situation such as:

  • Corrosion
  • Ending life span of the battery
  • Overcharging over the time
  • Exposure to extreme Weather conditions

13. What is the discharge process of a drone battery?

Some tips for discharging your drone battery are mentioned below:

Discharge the battery to 60% max. And it can be stored for more than 10 days and yet provide great working.

Discharge your drone battery pack fully and charge it once every 3-4 months.

While carrying the batteries on a flight, discharge them to as low as 30% level.

Following is a link that direct to an informative video on a proper way if discharging a drone battery:

14. How many volts are required by a drone?

The drones require different amounts of voltage depending on their construction, company, and requirement.

A fixed voltage cannot be stated but the drone requiring minimum voltage may be 3.7 V.

15. What charger is used to charge a drone battery?

Drone battery packs necessitate multifunctional battery chargers that charge the battery as well as keeps it safe from any shocks.

Always choose the charge that is best for your battery pack and is the same mAh as your drone battery.

Look in the manual to select the correct charger.

Drone Battery Charger

Figure 7: A Drone Battery Charger

16. How to Choose the best battery for your Drone?

Batteries are the brains of drones as they can not work without a battery.

So, selecting a suitable battery is a big task to get excellent working outcomes from your drones.

Following are some factors that should not be overlooked:

  • Voltage:

Battery voltage depends on the cell count. The more batteries are used, the higher the voltage but it becomes heavy.

The standard voltage of a Lithium battery is 3.7V.

  • Brand:

By opting for a trustworthy and reliable brand you will not have to worry about your drone battery for a long time!

Bad battery quality ruins the performance of the drone.

  • Discharge rate:

A battery with a low discharge rate is ideal. It will hold more charge than any other battery while not in use while the high discharge rate batteries have a shorter working time.

The lower the discharge rate, the faster your drone works.

  • Capacity:

The capacity of the battery generally refers to the amount of energy it can store. The larger the capacity of the battery, the more energy it can store. You should select the capacity depending on your drone’s weight.

17. What is the best charger to charge a drone battery?

The best battery charger for your Lithium drone battery is the Xtar VP4 Plus Dragon Fast Battery Charger.

Charger Dimensions: 6.22 x 5.79 x 1.57 inches

Weight: 1.87 pounds

Input Voltage: 12 V

Output Current: 2.4 A

18. Which drone battery has the best battery life?

The 18650 Battery -Molicel P26A is the top choice for your drone.

It features a long working time with high single-cell technology. As compared to the other battery packs of the same size, this battery is much more beneficial.

It can provide a capacity of 2600 mAh and has a discharge rate of 35A.

It weighs around 46.1 grams dimensions are 18.30mm x 65.05mm.

19. Can you fix your drone battery not charging?

The most common reason for a drone battery not charging can be the charger.

Consider replacing your charger in use with a new one if it does not charge your drone battery.

If you have not used the drone battery in a while, you need to revive it out of its sleep mode before charging it.

20. Why is the life span of drone batteries short?

The battery life is the most important feature of a drone as longer and better battery life will provide you more time to capture pictures and record around from your drone.

However, the flight time of high-quality drones with good batteries is around 20 minutes.

The moderate-quality ones have flight time between 15-20 minutes

Whereas poor quality low drone’s battery only has 5 minutes fly time.

Having to charge your drone battery again and again will only create hassle so it is better to invest in such a battery that at least works for 20 to 30 minutes before requiring a charge cycle.

Such batteries are made only to carry out their working for this interval of time in one charge cycle.

The more powerful and efficient the battery is, the more time the battery will work for in a drone.

This is the reason lithium 18650 and 21700 battery packs are used in drones as lithium-based batteries provide the best working time, store the most energy, and are long-lasting.

21. How to extend your drone’s battery life?

There are various factors that affect the flight time of the drone so keeping them in mind, the following are some ways through which you can extend your Lithium drone battery life.

Use a good quality battery:

The main aspect to be considered while buying a drone is good battery life. Choose a battery with greater capacity so it can store more energy. Do consider the weight of the battery as it might defuse the longevity of the battery life.

Keep spare batteries with you:

To ensure a good flight time, keep extra sets of batteries for your drone so if your drone runs out of battery, you may replace it with a newly charged battery to not get your process interrupted. Always go for high-capacity batteries as they provide a flight time of at least 20 minutes rather than getting too many but low-quality batteries that run out after 5 minutes.

Maintain the moderate speed:

Do not fly your drone speedily as it drains the battery faster. Use it at moderate speed with flight modes which may preserve its battery to work for a longer time.

Fly in the right weather conditions:

Avoid using your drones in cold temperatures as it squeezes the battery’s efficient working. Do not fly it in rainy weather conditions if your drone is not waterproof. Extreme Wind can cause you difficulty in flying your drone as well as it may crash it somewhere you may not find.

The ideal weather to fly your drone is good sunny days.

22. How can you know if the battery is right for your drone?

In order to choose the best battery for your drone, search for the ones with a good flight time that provides excellent performance and longer working time. The correct battery for your drone is the one that matches its capacity and size.

Do not choose a Lithium battery that is heavier in weight, it causes the drone to drain faster and difficulty in the flight time.

This video will guide you on selecting a suitable battery:

23. What happens if you overcharge your drone battery?

Although lithium batteries are considered safer than any other battery type yet unfavorable conditions may lead to dark, unwanted situations.

If the lithium 18650 or 21700 batteries are not charged or used properly they may explode or catch fire. The worst thing you can do to cause risky situations is to overcharge your Lithium battery or discharge it below 3.0 volts. Such situations lead to permanent damage to the battery packs.

The batteries may swell and work abnormally which means your battery is now damaged, and you should not use it instead dispose of it properly.

Overcharging kills the battery with time which results in unwanted or improper chemical reactions taking place inside the battery.