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  • Over 15 years of experience in the same field of battery manufacturing.
  • More than 500 satisfied customers from various industries.
  • We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities having automatic and manual machines. Automatic machines help us manufacturing products of reliable and standard quality.
  • TLH is an international manufacturing company and certified by various international standard organizations.

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Use of Advanced Technology in the Manufacturing of Industrial Lithium Batteries

  • More than 15 years of experience have enabled the TLH to empower experienced engineers. The engineers have mastered the techniques of manufacturing Industrial Lithium Batteries.
  • We at TLH try to meet the global industrial requirements and try to adopt the new and advanced technologies with time.
  • Starting from the Cell Sorting Process to the last step of packing, each step is performed through advanced and state-of-the-art machines.
  • TLH can keep a record of each battery pack moved out of the factory with details of testing and results.

Strict Testing Procedures to Make Your Industry Fail-Safe

  • TLH has a strict policy of testing each battery pack before moving it out of the factory to produce a high-quality product.
  • The test results of each tested battery pack are stored in our log for future reference and details.
  • Each and everything attached or connected on a battery pack is tested including attached switches, LEDs, and keys.
  • Complete function inspection is also performed to check the functions of the Industrial Lithium batteries.
  • Final testing is performed using comprehensive testing machines and BMS testing to check the charging and discharging time. All the data of final testing is stored in company computers.

TLH: Your Reliable Industrial Lithium Battery Supplier

TLH is serving in the field of manufacturing battery packs for the last 15 years to give state of the art reliable Industrial Lithium batteries for their industries. We have the honor of being the number one leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer for over 15 years.

The R&D team of TLH has experience in BMS design and the ability to implement battery monitoring functions using UART, CANbus, and SMBus communication protocols.

TLH is known for its state-of-the-art advanced technologies and automatic machines to implement standard and accurate procedures.

Shenzhen Tianlihe Technology Co., Ltd. is a multinational company and owns three service centers in the United Kingdom, America, and Germany. The company is certified by different international standards organizations to meet the global standards requirement.

Each piece of Industrial Lithium Battery pack moved out of the manufacturing facility is tested and inspected multiple times to avoid errors and comply with customer satisfaction.

After the complete and comprehensive testing of each industrial lithium battery, the record of testing results is maintained in our local log.

Shenzhen Tianlihe Technology Co., Ltd. has an expert support team 24/7 to listen to your issues. Our expert engineers are always here to support your technological and design requests.

Our customers can contact us after receiving their product to provide after-sales services. Our engineers provide the best customer services, whether you live in the USA or Europe.

Contact us today and send us your queries regarding your requirement. Our representative contacts you within 24 hours.

Our engineers will go through the data provided by you and evaluate the best possible solution in terms of the best Industrial Lithium battery.

Ultimate FAQ Guide – Industrial Lithium Batteries

This FAQ guide possesses almost all the information that one needs to know about Industrial Lithium Batteries.

Here, you will find responses to several queries you might have about Industrial Lithium Batteries.

Have a look!

1. What is the manufacturing process of industrial Lithium Batteries?

The process of the production of Industrial Lithium batteries can be divided into the following steps:

  • Cell Sorting Process:The cell sorting process is the highly efficient and accurate process of sorting the cells in the process of manufacturing of Industrial Lithium Batteries.
  • Battery pack insulation process:To protect the battery pack from the harsh environment of the field, it is essential to pack the battery in insulation. After sorting the right cells, the pack is being insulated.
  • Manual Spot Welding:The cells are welded manually to make a battery set of different voltages and ratings. In this way, customized shape battery packs are designed.
  • Automatic Welding machine:After spot welding of the cells to form customized battery packs, the next step is to use the highly efficient automatic welding machine to have a good and accurate shape of the pack of Industrial Lithium Battery.
  • Aging Testing: To simulate the manufactured Industrial Lithium Battery aging testing is performed with 100% capacity.
  • Appearance Inspection:After simulating the manufactured Industrial Lithium battery, appearance inspection is performed. In this inspection keys, switches, and electronic functions of it are inspected.
  • LED Display Electronic Function Inspection:As an extension of appearance inspection, LED displays are checked too.
  • Comprehensive Testing:The comprehensive testing is performed using comprehensive test machines. During the process of testing, all the data is being recorded on the company computers.
  • BMS Testing: To check the charging and discharging current and related parameters, BMS testing is performed.

2. What is the difference between Industrial Lithium batteries and ordinary batteries?  

Industrial Lithium Batteries tend to be more powerful and able to bear more rigorous environments.

Usually, industrial lithium batteries have the following properties:

  • High Discharge Rate
  • Resistant to Hight or Low Temperatures
  • High Capacity
  • Deep Cycles

Industrial Lithium Batteries are mostly used in remote and hard to reach kinds of applications.

Where battery replacement on every other day is a difficult task.

Therefore, industrial lithium batteries are manufactured considering industrial standards.

As the battery failure results in the failure of the device, therefore the option of continuous power management is important to these applications.

The ordinary batteries are usually used in household applications such as remote control, toys, wall hanging clocks, and doorbells.

Such applications do not require continuous monitoring of power, do not have the requirement of use in High and Low temperatures.

Figure 2 Ordinary Lithium Batteries

Figure 2 Ordinary Lithium Batteries

3. What is the working principle of Industrial Lithium Batteries?

A battery consists of an anode, cathode, Separator, Electrolyte, and current collectors. The purpose of the electrolyte is to carry positively charged lithium ions to the cathode. The same phenomenon also happens in opposite direction too.

These Lithium ions move from an electrode to another through a separator.

This movement of Lithium Ions creates free electrons in the Anode.

The positive current collector gets charge through the anode.

The electrical current flows from the positive current collector through the device being charged towards the negative current collector.

The picture below shows a clear picture of what is being described above.

Figure 3 Working-Principle of Industrial Lithium Batteries

Figure 3 Working Principle of Industrial Lithium Batteries

Two main concepts attached with the battery ratings are Power Density and Energy Density.

Power Density is the amount of power in a particular amount of mass and energy density is the amount of energy in a particular amount of mass.

If a system has a high energy density doesn’t mean it will have high power density.

A battery having high energy density but low power density can work for a relatively long period of time. .

4. What is the price range for Industrial Lithium Batteries?

The price of Industrial Lithium Batteries varies from types of the battery and manufacturers.

The average rate per kWh of a battery pack is $156.

5. From where can you get High-quality Industrial Lithium Batteries?

TLH battery has 15 years of experience in the field of battery manufacturing.

500+ customers have experienced the services of ours in terms of using TLH designed batteries.

Our designed batteries are widely used in electric surfboards, electric bikes, drones, and medical devices.

The vast experience of ours ensures high-quality industrial lithium batteries.

6. What are the applications of Industrial Lithium Batteries?

The lithium-ion batteries are probably the best energy storage technology.

The Lithium-Ion Batteries can provide outstanding performance due to their high energy density and the ability to give high currents.

Keeping in view the above qualities of Lithium-Ion Batteries, these can be used for vast

Majority of industrial applications.

The applications include the use in Electric Vehicles, Aircraft, Drones, Autonomous robots, Marine related applications, smart houses, and efficient energy storage.

7. What are the types of Industrial Lithium Batteries?

The types of Industrial Lithium Batteries are as follows:

  • Lithium Manganese Oxide

Lithium Manganese Oxide batteries are commonly known for their high temperature stability. These batteries are also safer than other types of batteries. That is why it is recommended to use these batteries in medical equipment or devices.

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate

The main advantage of using this is durability and a long lifecycle. Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is a very cost-efficient option when their long battery life is taken into consideration.

  • Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide

This battery is most commonly used in power tools and powertrains for vehicles. Due to the very low self-heating rate, these are commonly used in electric vehicles.

  • Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide

This type of battery is becoming important in electric powertrains and grid storage. These batteries are not very safe and therefore not recommended for the consumer industry.

  • Lithium Titanate

The manufacturers of electric bikes and vehicles use these batteries. These batteries are also having the potential to be used in electric buses for public transportation. The applications of such batteries are military and aerospace.

Industrial Lithium Batteries come in a large range of variety. The selection of a suitable or the best battery depends upon the required application. So, the most important thing to understand while selecting the suitable type is the task at hand.

8. What are the advantages of using Lithium Batteries on the Industrial level?

It is being noticed that in the industry such systems are required which require less maintenance, longer life, Easy charging, Safer in the facility, and less environment-dependent.

If Industrial Lithium Batteries are compared with old lead-acid batteries, Industrial Lithium Batteries require less maintenance because lead-acid batteries need continuous monitoring of water levels.

Therefore, lithium batteries are preferred in industries due to the less requirement of maintenance.

The life span of industrial lithium batteries is longer than common lead-acid batteries by 8 years or more.

The downtime for a machine in the industry is very crucial.

This downtime of a machine can be reduced by reducing the charging time of lithium batteries.

So, the advantage of using lithium batteries in industries is less downtime for a machine.

Any industry can have a change in the environment temperature.

The batteries used should not have an effect on changing the environment.

Lithium batteries are able to bear the high/low temperature of industries.

9. Are Industrial Lithium Batteries environment-friendly?

Yes, Industrial Lithium Batteries are more environment-friendly compared to other fossil fuel alternatives.

Industrial Lithium batteries are used as the replacement of generators in industries, these are also used in fork lifters, and replacing gas-powered machines.

This is how lithium batteries help your business be more sustainable.

10. Can Industrial Lithium Batteries be recycled?

Yes, but the process of recycling lithium batteries is not that simple.

It is not being recycled like all other electronic devices.

An example of it is if Lithium Batteries end up between paper recycling and get exposed to heat, then a power cell would burst into flames.

Figure 5 Recycling of Lithium Ion Battery

Figure 5 Recycling of Lithium Ion Battery

11. How dangerous can Industrial Lithium Batteries get?

There are two basic types of Lithium-Ion chemistry, magnesium, and cobalt.

Cobalt-based Lithium batteries can give maximum runtime due to their inherent properties.

But are not stable with change in temperature.

On the other hand, magnesium is comparatively the new chemistry and has better thermal stability.

It can bear up to 250oC.

But the disadvantage of using magnesium batteries is that it has very low energy density.

Such low energy density is not acceptable in consumer applications.

Figure 6 Dangerous Lithium Ion Battery

Figure 6 Dangerous Lithium Ion Battery

12. What is the shipment method for Industrial Lithium Batteries?

In 2016, the shipment of stand-alone batteries got banned by the authorities to avoid unwanted incidents in aircraft.

Following steps should be followed before the shipment of Industrial Lithium Batteries:

  • Ship the Lithium batteries by cargo aircraft only
  • Confirm that the dispatched batteries are 30% charged only.
  • Should be packed separately from everything
  • Use cargo aircraft only label

13. Where can you get the best prices for Industrial Lithium Batteries purchase?

We, TLH Battery, are a professional custom lithium battery manufacturer that has been in business for 15 years.

TLH battery can give you the best-selling prices due to the wide experience in this field.

14. Where can you get Industrial Lithium Batteries in bulk?

TLH battery has a business model of Business-to-Business and therefore accepts only bulk orders.

15. What is the payment method for the purchase of Industrial Lithium Batteries?

To create ease for our customers, we accept payments via bank transfer.

For the payments from out of the country, we accept LC only. (kindly confirm these methods)