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  • 5kW Lithium Ion Battery is perfect to use for domestic purposes, industries, and other multiple applications.
  • With the presence of BPS, now the 5kW Lithium Ion Battery is protected against charging issues and internal damages.
  • Highly qualified and skilled R&D team for your support.
  • Strict quality control checks and manufacturing as per authorized standards.

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Why Select TLH as Your 5kW Lithium Ion Battery Companion?

TLH is one of the best 5kW Lithium Ion Battery manufacturers and suppliers with an experience of 15 years. Through our experience and knowledge in the 5kW Lithium Ion Battery manufacturing industry, we are offering market competitive lithium ion batteries for your specific applications. TLH has a high repute as professional 5kW Lithium Ion Battery manufacturers and that is why customers trust our products from all aspects.

We have an experienced and skilled research team of engineers and designers that master the art of 5kW Lithium Ion Batteries. With this team, TLH incorporates its experience and produces top-notch products for you. Having 500+ global clients, we are one of the best battery manufacturing companies that share a unique bond with its customers. Our R&D team has professional members that not only assist in designing but also work professionally fulfilling customer’s demands.

TLH after-sale team is first-rated with its skills and communication level. They solve your 5kW Lithium Ion Battery related issues and guide you the best. For your business growth, TLH is your perfect choice as we present high-quality and full of properties 5kW Lithium Ion Battery your way.

There is an option of customization at TLH that you can avail of at any time and we will be glad to serve you accordingly.

100% Verified Quality Control Process for Your 5kW Lithium Ion Battery

  • Strict quality control checks are implemented for 5kW Lithium Ion Battery manufacturing according to ISO 9001: 2015 by TUV.
  • All our 5kW Lithium Ion Batteries undergo charging tests, discharging tests, and various other checkpoints.
  • We check each and every piece before delivering it to our worthy customers.
  • You can ask for 5kW Lithium Ion Battery catalogs, manuals, documents, and records that TLH will provide as per your request.

TLH: Your Genuine 5kW Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturer and Supplier

5kW Lithium Ion Battery by TLH is worth buying as they present the best features in terms of cost and work. These batteries are far better than AGM and lead-acid batteries as they consume less power but give maximum output. The charging of a 5kW Lithium Ion Battery is convenient and does not require special tools and gadgets. Shenzhen Tianlihe Technology Co. Ltd. with experience of 15 years is now delivering 5kW Lithium Ion Battery to over 500 customers in the world.

Our advanced technology makes the 5kW Lithium Ion Battery user-friendly. There is an in-built protection mechanism in TLH 5kW Lithium Ion Battery, the battery protection system (BMS) with CANBUS ,RS485,232. Such batteries are ideal for your home appliances, industrial machines and tools, outdoor setups, and many other applications.

With our professional team, we are serving you with the best of the services you can ask for. TLH has sales offices in the US, UK, and Germany for your convenience. Our customer care is accessible 24/7 where our team will solve your problems and 5kW Lithium Ion Battery recommendations.

For customization, contact our team and tell us your specific needs. Your suggestions and feedback are important for us, do send us your experience.

Send us your queries and quote your recommendations on the TLH website!

5kW Lithium Ion Battery FAQs—The Complete Guide

Are you the one who wants to buy a perfect 5kW  lithium ion battery but does not know anything about it?

You have to be worry-free as we present you with the ultimate solution to your problem.

Here is a 5kW  lithium ion battery FAQ guide to answer all the queries that come to your mind regarding the battery.

Have a keen look and see the details of the 5kW  lithium ion battery as it includes everything you wish to know.

Q1. What is a 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery?

A 5kW  lithium ion battery is a rechargeable battery pack that supplies 5kW  power to the devices for running and operating.

5kw lithium ion battery Figure 1       5kW  Lithium Ion Battery

There are various uses of such a reliable battery.

It utilizes lithium as the basic component for functioning.

Lithium ions inside the anode are ionized and released from their electrons throughout a discharge cycle.

The lithium ions go from the anode via the electrolyte to the cathode, where they recombine with their electrons and become electrically neutral.

Between the anode and the cathode, the lithium ions are tiny enough to pass through a micro-permeable barrier.

Li-ion batteries can have a very high voltage and charge storage per unit mass and volume, thanks in part to lithium’s tiny size.

Q2. What are the Features of a 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery?

There are some features that make the TLH 5kW  lithium ion battery worth buying and distinct the battery from other products.

The main features of the 5kW  lithium ion battery are as under:

  • Longer lifespan of the battery
  • Experience of 15 years in battery manufacturing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safer to use
  • Easy charging and discharging
  • Corrosion proof interior parts
  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to high temperature
  • Continuous supply of power
  • Low to no maintenance
  • High level of energy density

Q3. What Should be the Qualities of a 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery?

The qualities of the 5kW  lithium ion battery determine whether you want to get that battery for your specific application or not.

Here are some of the qualities of a 5kW  lithium ion battery.

  • A built-in battery protection system (BPS) safeguards 5kW  lithium ion batteries from a variety of hazards.
  • They have a maximum discharge depth.
  • They are less in weight than lead-acid and AGM batteries.
  • A 5kW  lithium ion battery has a higher voltage output.
  • 5kW  lithium ion battery installation and charging are simple and efficient.
  • They come in regular sizes and with a charger that is appropriate for their use.

Q4. How to Choose a 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery?

Choosing an appropriate 5kW  lithium ion battery for yourself is tricky.

Sometimes, you search a lot but are not successful in getting the desired battery.

It is because there are so many options available in the market that you get confused about what to get and what to leave.

Here are three things that you can keep in mind while choosing the perfect 5kW  lithium ion battery for you.

  • The battery is capable of supplying enough current.
  • It also comes with a charger.
  • A protection system is included in the lithium ion battery.
  • All the internal components of the battery are corrosion-proof.

Q5. How to Maintain Your 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery?

There are specific guidelines to perform in order to properly maintain a 5kW  lithium ion battery.

  • To avoid injuries, remove the battery’s pack if it requires service or operation.
  • Make sure it’s dust-free before it freezes in an air vent.
  • Surfactants and solvents should not be used on the battery plastic.
  • Never use water to clean the battery’s vents.
  • When storing the battery, remove the charger.
  • For storage, maintain the 5kW  lithium ion battery at normal temperature.
  • Keep petroleum-based substances and chemicals away from batteries.
  • Charge the battery to 100 percent before storing it for subsequent use.

Q6. What is the Ideal Life Span of a 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery?

5kW  lithium ion batteries have a longer life expectancy than other types of batteries.

A Lithium-Ion battery’s expected life span is two to three years or 300 to 500 charge cycles, whichever comes first.

A charge phase is a duration of use in which the battery is entirely charged, fully drained, and fully refilled.

There are certain factors that effects directly on the lifespan of the 5kW lithium ion batteries.

These factors are as under:

  • Storage of the battery
  • Charging
  • Maintenance of the battery

A 5kW  lithium ion battery can only last a year if it is mistreated and mismanaged.

But it is entirely up to you to keep the battery safe and utilize it properly so that it can live up to 2-4 years.

Q7. Is a 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery Safe for the Environment?

Because lithium is a metal, you could believe that 5kW  lithium ion batteries are dangerous or damaging to the environment.

Except when the metallic content is disposed of in significant quantities, 5kW  5kW  lithium ion batteries are not a concern to the environment.

Lithium, although being a metal, doesn’t have the ability to bioaccumulate.

It means that the toxic effects of lithium on man, wildlife, and the earth is extremely low.

Q8. Is There Any Parameter to Check that Your 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery is Bad?

With the aid of a multimeter or a voltmeter, you can easily view the details of your TLH 5kW  lithium ion battery.

You’ll have to attach the 5kW  lithium ion battery to the voltmeter to verify the voltage.

If the voltmeter reading falls below the specified standard level, the battery is not functioning properly and is unable to keep a charge.

Other than that, it’s possible that this occurs because the 5kW  lithium ion battery is aged or has been destroyed by leakage.

The batteries can sometimes be overcharged, causing them to perform inefficiently.

This has been one of the causes behind the 5kW  lithium ion battery’s ineffectiveness.

5kw lithium ion battery voltmeter

                                                                                                Figure 2 Multimeter

Q9. What are the Chances of a 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery Explosion?

A 5kW  lithium ion battery has the potential to explode.

The same factor that makes 5kW  lithium ion batteries usable and robust is also what causes them to explode and catch fire.

Lithium has a high capacity for storing large amounts of energy.

As long as the lithium ions flow one by one, the 5kW  lithium ion battery performs admirably and smoothly.

The issue arises when they are all released at the same time.

The 5kW  lithium ion battery will then burst or explode in that circumstance.

Aside from that, short-circuiting could be another cause of 5kW  lithium ion battery explosion.

When the battery’s plastic divider fails, the battery’s electrodes come into touch with one another.

As an outcome, the 5kW  lithium ion battery is overheating.

The failure of the plastic separator can now be attributed to a number of factors, including:

  • Manufacturing flaws/poor design

If there isn’t enough room for the plastic divider, anode, and cathode, the battery is defective.

  • External Factors

If you put your 5kW  lithium ion battery too close to a heat source or a fire, the battery will overheat and burst.

Also, because of other reasons and accidents, the battery may fall.

In this instance, there is a risk of the plastic separator failing and the electrodes colliding, resulting in an explosion.

  • Issues with Charging

If the charger device is installed incorrectly, this could be one of the reasons why the 5kW  lithium ion battery explodes.

The charger raises the temperature at the point of contact, which heats the battery. If the level rises too high, the 5kW  lithium ion battery can burn up and explode.

Q10. Is 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery Dangerous?

TLH guarantees as much security as possible during the machinery and construction process.

However, external and internal defects, abuse, and leaking can make 5kW  lithium ion batteries harmful at times.

This blend of gases, together with the heat, can induce strong reactions and is potentially hazardous to your health.

As a result, when using 5kW  lithium ion batteries, you must consider all of these factors.

Check to see if everything is in functioning order.

Q11. What is the Appropriate Charger to Charge a 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery?

During charging, the 5kW  lithium ion battery features a built-in system for stress absorption.

They require a dependable charger that consistently transfers charge to the battery.

5kw lithium ion battery charger

 Figure 4 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery Charger

The charger for 5kW  lithium ion batteries is chosen based on the battery’s size.

Inverters are highly recommended since they convert DC to AC, allowing you to turn on and use a wide range of devices and applications.

Inverters, too, come in a variety of categories through which you can choose as per your needs.

A portable inverter or a permanent mount inverter is also available.

Both offer their own set of benefits and advantages, so pick the one that best suits your needs.

Incorrect charger selection might result in a lot of losses since the battery will not perform properly and you will not get the results you want.

Q12. How to Charge a 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery?

Trying to charge the 5kW  lithium ion battery is straightforward and identical to charging most other electrical equipment.

Use the charger that came with the 5kW  lithium ion battery to charge it because it is the best option.

You can also utilize other related charges if necessary.

Connect the charger to the battery and wait for it to charge completely.

When the battery is fully charged, the charger will automatically switch off if it has built-in protection.

If not, stay updated on the battery and switch off the charger when it reaches full capacity.

Overcharging the battery is not a good idea because it reduces the battery’s efficiency.

Do not put the battery and charger in the same place or close to each other for their safety.

Q13. What to Do If the 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery Explodes?

Although TLH provides optimum protection for 5kW  lithium ion batteries, there is still a risk of explosion if they are mishandled.

As previously stated, there are additional causes for battery explosions.

If something catches fire, turn it off immediately and try to put it out.

Carefully inspect the battery before using it to avoid battery explosions.

Maintain the 5kW  lithium ion battery and don’t overload it.

Make that the charger is securely connected to the battery and that there are no loose connections.

Allow the battery to rest for a while because it produces heat when it is continuously used.

This heat can sometimes result in an explosion.

Q14. Does 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery Come with a Battery Protection System?

Yes, the built-in protective feature on the TLH 5kW  lithium ion battery is true.

When the battery is fully charged, this system automatically turns it off.

If the battery charging lowers below 8 or rises above 15.8, the battery will be turned off.

That’s how a battery protects itself from overcharging and discharging.

The 5kW  lithium ion battery is also protected from damage and explosions by a built-in battery protection system (BPS).

Q15. What Should be the Working Temperature of the 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery?

The temperature has a significant impact on the performance of the 5kW  lithium ion battery.

A lithium-ion battery can be used in temperatures ranging from 10°C to +55°C.

However, charging must only start happening when the battery temperature is between +5°C and +45°C.

The batteries’ operating temperature range is room temperature.

Q16. Is it Possible to Jump-Start a 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery?

Yes, the 5kW  lithium ion battery can be jump-started.

When the battery dies, it appears as it will never work again.

But it isn’t dead; it just needs a little nudge to begin working again.

To jump-start the dead battery, you’ll need a fully charged battery or jump starter.

5kw lithium ion battery portable jump starter

Figure 5 Portable Jump Starter

The following are the important instructions you need to follow:

  • Place the two batteries in a line side by side each other.
  • Cut little insulated wires to fit between the batteries and connect them according to the polarity.
  • Connect positive to the battery’s positive terminal and negative to the battery’s negative terminal.
  • This is how power is transferred from the living to the dead battery.
  • Wait five minutes before detaching the two batteries from the shielded cables.
  • Connect it to its original charger now.
  • If the battery begins to charge, the jump start was successful.
  • Charge it till it’s completely charged, then use it for a variety of reasons.
  • If the battery does not charge, repeat the jumpstart procedure.
  • If the battery still does not operate, it is likely that it is dead and needs to be replaced.

You see, jump-starting a dead battery is not a difficult task.

You can jump-start the 5kW  lithium ion battery anytime following the instructions we mentioned.

Q17. Can You Check that Your 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery is Dead?

It is simple to determine whether or not the 5kW  lithium ion battery is dead.

If the battery appears to be dead, try charging it or jump-starting it.

If the battery has started to charge, it is not expired.

Q18. Can You Revive a Dead 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery?

You must determine whether or not the battery is dead.

Using a fully charged battery, try jump-starting the possibly dead 5kW  lithium ion battery.

Check if it is charging; if it is, the battery is not dead and will resume regular operation.

When the battery is not really charging, it can’t be resurrected.

Q19. How to Make Your 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery Hold Charging Longer?

You can help your 5kW  lithium ion battery maintain a charge for longer in a variety of ways.

These are the methods:

  • Use the partial discharge cycles at all times.
  • Do not charge the 5kW  lithium ion battery to its maximum capacity (100%).
  • When charging the battery, always use the right terminal.
  • Set a temperature restriction for the battery.
  • Discharging to the lowest possible voltage, like 2V or less, should be avoided.

By considering all of these factors, the battery will be able to maintain a charge for a little longer than expected.

Q20. What are the Disadvantages of 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery?

You are aware of the numerous advantages of using a 5kW  lithium ion battery over other types of batteries.

Apart from the benefits, there are a number of drawbacks that should be considered for the battery’s and your own safety.

Some of the drawbacks of 5kW  lithium ion batteries are as follows:

  • Because lithium ion cells are not as durable as other batteries, 5kW  lithium ion batteries may require protection.
  • They require safeguards against overcharging and discharging.
  • You must keep the current within the 5kW  lithium ion battery’s safe limits.
  • It could be exceedingly harmful and cause harm if it surpasses the limit.
  • They’re also 40% more expensive than the competition’s batteries.
  • The shipment of 5kW  lithium ion batteries by airlines and ships is restricted.

Q21. How to Check If Your 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery is Appropriate for You or Not?

It’s not difficult to get the best 5kW  lithium ion battery for your needs.

It is dependent on the purpose for which they are being used.

Two types of batteries are used namely starting battery and deep cycle battery.

The starting or cranking batteries deliver a large burst of electricity over a short period of time.

Deep-cycle batteries, on the other hand, transfer a lower current over a longer length of time.

You will need a starting (cranking) battery to operate various gadgets or electrical devices.

It means that the battery you choose is determined by the purpose for which you will use it.

Furthermore, if you select a 5kW  lithium ion battery with high-quality characteristics, it will easily last 2-4 years.

Q22. What are the Reasons Behind the 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery Death?

Heat is the most common cause of a 5kW  lithium ion battery dying.

It’s best to keep the batteries out of direct sunlight and places with high temperatures.

Overcharging the battery is not recommended, and 5kW  lithium ion batteries should not be used in extremely hot situations.

It finally overheats the battery, causing it to explode.

Q23. What is the Proper Way to Dispose of a 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery?

Disposal of 5kw Lithium battery packs

Figure 6 Recycling of 5kW  Lithium Ion Batteries

Damaged and dead batteries cannot be disposed of in the same manner as other garbage.

It’s because they’re made up of hazardous materials and chemicals.

These batteries are properly recycled, but only at approved locations.

Rather than putting dead 5kW  lithium ion batteries in the trash, take them to E-waste collection or the designated sites.

Q24. What are the Precautions to Follow When You Use 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery?

When utilizing a 5kW  lithium ion battery, take the following precautions:

  • Do not leave it in direct sunlight or a high-temperature setting.
  • Handle the battery with caution and attention.
  • Maintain the 5kW  lithium ion battery’s cleanliness.
  • Keep the batteries away from combustible materials in a cool, dry location.

Q25. Can You Replace a 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery?

Yes, replacing the 5kW  lithium ion battery is possible.

You do not have to worry about the replacement of the battery as the method to do is very simple and convenient.

This is a step-by-step instruction to correctly changing a 5kW  lithium ion battery.

  • Turn out the old battery from its designated compartment.
  • Examine the terminals for any signs of acid leaking.
  • If there is any type of rust or corrosion, better clean it before installing.
  • Using a wrench or pliers, disconnect the black (negative) terminal.
  • Pull the red (positive) terminal in the same way, making sure they don’t meet one another.
  • Additionally, you must avoid touching the terminals with your naked hands.
  • Take out the old or dead battery.
  • Place the new battery in the slot and make sure it’s completely seated.
  • Finally, connect the terminals by connecting the negative to the negative and the positive to the positive.

You can have a clear idea now that how to replace a 5kW  lithium ion battery.

Now, you can replace it without any trouble.

Q26. Why 5kW  Lithium Ion Battery Loses Its Charging?

Well, there may be different reasons behind the 5kW  lithium ion battery losing its charging.

You cannot be sure before determining the real cause and reason behind it.

There could be a problem with the charger if the 5kW  lithium ion battery is not charging.

Furthermore, if the battery does not charge while using the correct charger, the rectifier is faulty.

You must ensure that the charger is properly connected to the 5kW  lithium ion battery.