Incredibly Customized Home Storage Batteries for Your Convenience

  • TLH, one of the finest in the industry for the customized manufacturing of Home Storage Batteries with the 15-year of experience in professional engineering and assembling.
  • We have BMS expert engineers, they turn your raw 3D drawing into professional designs with feedback within 24 hours.
  • If you are buying in bulk, TLH Co. designs and manufactures customized logos for your website or label, including customized labeled cartons and packaging.

Our Service Key Figures

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Well-Founded and Advanced Technology to Customize Your Home Storage Batteries

  • The experienced engineers at TLH working here for more than 5 years have mastered the technique of manufacturing customized battery solutions.
  • We possess several machines of advanced technology for assembling home storage batteries following your customized design.
  • The team includes specialists in soft wares like BMS, CANBUS, UART, and many more for proper customization of designs.
  • Tianlihe Technology Co manufactures compact Home Storage Batteries according to the area available and the architecture of your house.

Strict Quality Control to Provide You with The Best of Home Storage Batteries

  • TLH follows a strict inspection process during and after the manufacturing of Home Storage Batteries to ensure the high-end quality of batteries.
  • We keep a saved record of every detail of the manufacturing process, including the material, battery solution, design, welding, and assembling methods.
  • The record includes pictures and proper documentation of the whole process so that if you find any defect in the product later, you can consult us.
  • TLH has automatic welding and soldering machines, on top of that, experienced workers who inspect the welding quality of the batteries.
  • Our team runs all the inspection tests before the shipment of the batteries to ensure strict quality control.

Tired of Finding a Trustworthy Batteries Manufacturer? TLH: Your Reliable Home Storage Battery Supplier

The difficulty of finding a perfect International salesman for the enhancement and development of your customized batteries business is undeniable.

Tianhile Technology has been serving in this industry for over 15 years and has remained on the top for its various outstanding services, which support you and help you grow.

Receiving fake or low-quality batteries and getting scammed is pretty common which causes a lot of pain and suffering to the customer, thus makes it difficult for you to trust any manufacturer.

Tianhile Co undergoes a whole quality control procedure for you to trust us, the engineers stay in touch with you sending you every detail of the production of your batteries.

We keep a track or record with proofs and pictures and can provide you with it if needed so that you do not get scammed.

TLH not only provides premium quality manufacturing but also helps you in the installation so that your batteries run smoothly.

You can contact TLH even after receiving your product if you face any inconvenience related to the technology or quality of your Home Storage Batteries.

As TLH provides after-sale services and our employees are always there to provide you with the best of customer services, whether you live in the USA or Europe.

Try not to waste your time, energy, and money by choosing unprofessional manufacturers, TLH goes through a whole process of inquiry before starting the actual production.

We get all the information from you which includes voltage, capacity, discharge current, whether you need communication protocol or not, etc.

Our engineers study and evaluate the data and provide you with a sample first, the further production starts after you approve the sample.

Providing you with timely service is our foremost duty, after your approval by testing the sample thoroughly, our team will reach out to you within 24 hours regardless of the holidays.

Manufacturers with fewer resources do not have the budget for new technology thus fail to provide you with the desired customization.

Tianhile has invested in automatic machinery to enhance the production quality by setting aside specific funds from increasing sales of the past 15 years.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Home Storage Batteries

The current world economic situation has forced people to look out for cheaper ways in life.

Home storage batteries help you save money as your utility electricity usage decreases with its use.

With the increasing demand for Home Storage Batteries in the market, this FAQ guide has been specifically written to help you understand its basics and complexities.

1.How do Home Storage Batteries work?

The working method of a certain product needs to be understood before using it or even buying it so that you do not end up with something you cannot handle.

Home Storage Batteries like other batteries store energy or electricity which can later be used according to your need and choice.

These batteries work with a chemical reaction going on inside them, through which the batteries become able to store the energy inside them.

Figure No 1 Working principle of home storage batteries

                                     Figure No: 1, Working principle of home storage batteries

The anode and cathode work against each other storing the fragments of electricity and discharge them later for usage.

These batteries either get connected to your basic home utility electricity and store the energy so that it could be used in case of any mishap or shortage of electricity.

Solar Home Storage Batteries on the other hand take the needed energy from direct sunlight and store or catch it in its solar panels.

When the sun goes down, the Solar Home Storage Batteries start discharging the energy and provide the needed electricity to the house.

2.What is the cost range of Home Storage Batteries?

The cost of Home Storage Batteries varies with the capacity of the battery.

It also depends on which type of Home Storage Battery you are considering buying.

Solar Home Storage batteries start from as low as $5,000 and the range goes on depending on the number of Kilowatt per hour you are trying to get.

The price range for Home Storage Batteries also depends on where these are getting shipped or delivered, and what type of shipping the manufacturer is offering.

Moreover, the mentioned price only covers the price of the product, after buying the battery you will have to get it installed and fixed in your house.

The price for the installation of the Home Storage Batteries will not be included in the manufacturing price.

Home Storage Battery of capacity 5kWh has the price range of $5,000 to $10,000.

Whereas, the batteries consisting of capacity 10kWh have a price range of $10.000 to $20,000.

Manufacturers offer several payment plans in which you do not have to pay the whole amount at once but in installments.

3.Are Home Storage Batteries portable?

Home storage batteries play the role of an emergency energy supplier and their size depends upon the amount of energy you require or need.

The Home Storage Batteries providing a wider range of kilowatt-hours consist of bigger size and heavier weight which would make it hard for you to move it around.

The most advanced Lithium-ion Home Storage Batteries are famous for their minimal weightage which makes the batteries able to be portable.


   Portable home storage battery                                                      Figure No: 3 Portable home storage battery

Lithium is the most reactive element also has a flexible nature and can be shaped into many desirable shapes, thus mini portable Lithium-ion Home Storage Batteries came into being.

However, there are many manufacturers out there who provide you the facility of manufacturing customized Home Storage Batteries including portable ones.

You can take this kind of battery to camp and far away trips for instant and emergency electricity supply.

4.Why do Home Storage Batteries discharge without usage?

Self-discharging is one of the limitations of Home Storage Batteries.

It is a process in which the batteries tend to lose the stored energy on their own without even utilizing or turning the batteries on.

Several factors trigger this process to occur including high temperature, defected wires, accidental short circuits, and drastic environment, etc.

Figure No 4 Home storage batteries self-discharge

                                                    Figure No: 4 Home storage batteries self-discharge

Some specific chemical reactions keep on occurring inside the Home Storage Batteries which cause the wastage of stored energy.

High-temperature results in igniting the self happening reactions and the stored energy go wasted without even any productive usage.

This affects the charging and storage capacity of Home Storage Batteries, you can protect your batteries by taking precautionary measures.

Keep your batteries in a safe environment, the temperature should not be too high, keep checking for any damaged parts of the wires.

Look for damaged welded areas and keep your home storage batteries maintained.

Your battery lifespan will be enhanced by taking good care and taking all precautionary measures.

5.How are Home Storage Batteries a better option than others?

Before deciding on purchasing a Home Storage Battery, you would want to know how it can benefit you.

Home Storage Batteries give you the liberty to run even high-potency electronic appliances.

These provide a backup and safety for your expensive gadgets and prevent short circuits from happening in the long run.

Figure No 5 Home storage battery a better option

                                                           Figure No: 5 Home storage battery a better option

Home Storage Batteries give you the biggest advantage of reducing electricity bills by providing stored energy.

Solar Home Storage Batteries gather energy from the sunlight and provide free-of-cost electricity.

These aspects differ Home Storage Batteries from other options and make themselves better.

6.How to install home storage batteries?

Installation of Home Storage Batteries depends upon the type of battery you want for your home.

The batteries consisting of heavier weight and size are not that complex to install in a household.

Such batteries are to be put outside of the house either in some garage or store, with wires connecting them to the household appliances or whole electricity supply.

Figure No 6 Installation of home storage batteries

                                                    Figure No: 6 Installation of home storage batteries

Lead batteries being heavier than Lithium batteries are often installed this way.

On the contrary, Home Storage Batteries smaller in size and weight occupy less space and are to be installed inside the walls of a home.

For this process, create vacant space in the walls just of the size and shape of the battery, place the battery, and fix the wall.

These are some of the processes through which certain types of batteries get installed.

7.Why do you need Home Storage Batteries?

Installing a Home Storage Battery can be a choice as well as a serious need, this decision depends upon how serious you are about saving money.

No doubt, Home Storage Batteries are expensive but if you look at it as an investment, it provides you with a long-term saving of money plus electricity.

You need a source of electricity if you are going out camping or to some farmhouse to spend your weekend.

Home Storage Batteries in smaller size providing the advantage of being portable turn out to be a very good option for camping.

To provide proper and sometimes even extra range of electricity to the high potency appliances, Home Storage Batteries play an important role.

8.What are the safest methods for Home Storage Batteries?

Anything related to electricity needs to be handled with care to avoid any unfortunate incident.

The liquid and the chemical fluid level of Home Storage Batteries need to be monitored now and then to keep them maintained.

Wear safety gloves while operating with Home Storage Batteries.

Do not remove the charger of the battery by pulling the wire, pull from the plug or dock instead.

Let the battery charge fully before using it.

Do not place the batteries near the fire or in a high-temperature environment.

Do not place your Home storage Batteries near water or in a humid environment.

Keep the children and pets far away from Home Storage batteries and their smoke or fumes.

Wear goggles to protect your eyes from the toxic fumes and liquid of Home Storage Batteries.

9.What types of Home Storage Batteries are available in the market?

Home Storage Batteries have evolved with time, recent advanced technology has increased the types of these batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are considered to be the most advanced ones these days, with their intricate design and distinctive qualities including lightweight nature.

Figure No 9 Types of home storage batteries

                                                   Figure No: 9 Types of home storage batteries

Lead-Acid Home Storage Batteries is another type but is pretty conventional as compared to the earlier ones, heavy and bigger due to lead present in them.

Home Storage Batteries also include rechargeable batteries.

Solar Home Storage Batteries have the most famous as they produce electricity by storing sunlight reducing your electricity bills.

10.Which type of Home Storage Battery is most suitable?

The choice of Home Storage Battery and its benefits solely depends on your requirements and demands about it.

It also depends on where you live, the temperature of your area should be considered before the purchase of the battery so that the relative purchase comes into the process.

Most people go for Solar Home Storage Batteries due to the various benefits and extraordinary fame.

But recently, Lithium-ion Home Storage Batteries are quite in and are considered to be most suitable.

These are lightweight and invite less harm such as fire and short circuit, the smart nature of Lithium being most reactive and flexible provides a good service but is an expensive option.

11.Where can you buy Home Storage Batteries in bulk?

The purchase of a Home Storage Battery is already pretty expensive and if you are someone looking for a bulk purchase, you must stay aware of the scammers and their scams.

Many manufacturers provide the service of manufacturing Home Storage batteries, you can find them online on their websites and online store platforms such as Alibaba.

Figure No 11 Home storage batteries in bulk

                                             Figure No: 11 Home storage batteries in bulk

Chinese manufacturers are considered to be the most professional when it comes down to electronic gadgets and batteries.

Tianhile Technology Co (TLH) is a renowned name in terms of manufacturing customized Home Storage Batteries, with decent packaging and swift delivery service.

You can visit their website for most queries.

12.How to find high-quality Home Storage Batteries?

Inspection of Home Storage Batteries before actually buying them is crucial as you do not want your money to go down the drain.

With so many manufacturers providing the Home Storage Batteries services, it gets pretty hard to choose the trustworthy ones.

The world has become digital these days and you do not have to go roam around to find a good trustworthy manufacturer for your high-end product production.

Instead, you can go online and search for many of them there, along with the guarantee of trust and safety.

But it still gets hard to choose one person, trust blindly and invest a huge amount of money with him.

For that, it is suggested to talk to a few of them, explain your needs and desires, and judge them for their communication skills plus customer service response.

Do not rush into it and take your proper time, finally choose the one you found the most suitable for your purchase.

To save yourself from this hassle, you must ask your manufacturer to provide you with a sample first so that you can check if the product is according to your needs and desires.

If the sample product turns out to be acceptable and high-quality, you can ask the manufacturer to start the bulk production.

This way you will be able to save your money and ensure some high-quality products.

13.What is the shipping process for Home Storage Batteries?

Shipment of Home Storage Batteries can be done in many ways but is not an easy task.

It requires special high alert safety precautions and protocols, it requires specific permission from the government of the country it is being shipped to and from.

The shipping method also fluctuates according to the place it is being shipped to, and the budget of the customer.

Shipment by air is expensive for so many reasons, the fuel involved in the process is highly expensive, the safety precautions demand extra packaging.

This extra packaging increases the manufacturing amount too, the batteries should be covered in fire-safe bags to avoid explosions and fire.

Despite so many limitations and this being a difficult option, shipment by air ensures fast delivery, even within days.

Shipment by sea is a long process and requires even more safety measures, the batteries should be covered in waterproof bags.

The batteries have to be placed far away from each other so that they do not end up causing severe chemical reactions and explode.

Moreover, delivery through containers and railways is also possible.

14.How dangerous can Home Storage Batteries be?

Any electronic device or gadget can turn out to be dangerous if not used properly.

Just like that, Home Storage Batteries can be extremely dangerous sometimes.

Knowing about its dangers before the usage and purchase are pretty helpful as you would already know what are you about to deal with.

The irregular, damaged wires of these batteries can cause a short circuit and affect the whole wiring plus electricity of a house.

Exposure to fire or water can have a severe chemical reaction resulting in a huge fire or explosion.

This would cause property damage and even harm people present around the battery at that time.

Home Storage Batteries if placed together can cause an explosion on a higher level.

This is the reason batteries often explode during air and sea shipment too.

Smoke and fumes of certain Home Storage Batteries are also toxic for humans.

Taking proper precautionary measures during and shipment and general use can help prevent all these unfortunate incidents.

15.What is the difference between Lead-acid and Lithium-ion Home Storage Batteries?

Lithium-ion Home Storage Batteries are an advanced and modern type of innovation to the world of batteries but it is getting famous with every passing day in the market of batteries.

These batteries occupy less space and cause less environmental pollution as compared to Lead-Acid batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries have a higher capacity of storing energy and discharge on a better level than Lead-Acid batteries.

Lead-Acid batteries have a more common technology that offers more professionals in this field and results in a higher production rate.

Lithium-ion Home Storage Batteries being an advanced technology is still more expensive than Lead-Acid batteries.

Lead-Acid Home Storage Batteries have a high production rate in the market and provide easy access to their customers.