• Drone-Battery-Packs-36V-3.5Ah-18650-or-21700-cells
  • Drone-Battery-Packs-36V-3.5Ah-18650-or-21700-cells
  • Drone-Battery-Packs-36V-3.5Ah-18650-or-21700-cells
  • Drone-Battery-Packs-36V-3.5Ah-18650-or-21700-cells

Drone Battery Packs 36V 3.5Ah 18650 or 21700 cells


TLH battery is one of the leading manufacturers of battery packs for UAV applications.

Made of Samsung and LG batteries to ensure strong drone performance and customer satisfaction.

We have competitive prices with fine quality, powerful production capacity, and Short Lead Time.

Strictly implement the ISO1901 production standard to ensure the excellent quality of each drone battery.

Service life:600 cycles or more, Assembly method: 10S1P.

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TLH battery manufacturer offers customized packs as summarized below:

Manufacturer CellsSamsung 3500mAhCharge ModeCC-CV
Battery ModelTLH-10S1PStandard Charge Current (A)10A
Nominal Capacity (AH)3.5AhCharge Time under Standard Charge Current4hours
Nominal Voltage (V)36VCharge Temperature Range0-45°C
Battery Size94x40x70(mm)Discharge Temperature Range-20-60°C
Discharge Cutoff Voltage (V)28VBattery Net Weight (include BMS) (kg)8.4kg
Charge Cutoff Voltage (V)42VCycles Life>600 times
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current (A)100A for secondsWarranty12 months
Maximum Continuous Charge Current (A)30A



Q: How can we get a custom battery pack solution?
Q: What is your production process?
Q: What is the development time for custom battery packs solution from Zero to One?
Q: What kind of certificates can you supports?
A: ISO.9001/CE/UL/IEC62133/MSDS/Rohs/UN38.3/UKCA certificate.
Q: What is your sales service?
● You can contract after-sales service agents in the UK, US, and Germany.
● All battery packs produced by TLH are covered by international insurance.
● When you suffer the defective batteries, do not worry. Please send us your issues. Our engineering team will send you the solution.
● We will provide one year warranty and if you are a VIP customer, you can get a prolonged 18-month warranty.
Q: Do you have any successful custom battery pack solutions for other customers?
A: For more information, please Contact Us.