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  • To improve the efficiency at work we have state-of-the-art technology to control each step of the production process.
  • We offer a 12-month battery warranty but this period of time can be extended up to 18 months for our special customers.
  • Our quality control department has all the records of quality checks of each battery. You can access the record of your battery by requesting.

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Use of High Performing Knowledge for the Manufacturing of Electronic Scooter Battery:

  • Battery packs play an important role in the safety, reliability, and performance of electronic scooters.
  • TLH prefers using electronic scooters and bikes to improve efficiency and standard of travel providing ecofriendly. For the connections of cells, several cells are aligned together in the facility in order to improve work efficiency.
  • Special consideration to the efficient working of electric scooter battery is given in terms of a good life span, and the acquaintances of cells.
  • Strict testing procedures are applied in order to test all the TLH e-scooter batteries before leaving the factory. TLH has the capability to keep a record of each and every electric scooter battery that is moved out of the factory with details of working and results.

Prudent and Reliable Electric Scooter battery

  • The test results of each tested electric scooter battery are stored in our log for future reference and details.
  • All the cells present in the electric scooter battery are tested according to the defined standards. The voltage and safety features of the battery.
  • Complete care inspection is also performed to check the functioning and working of the electric scooter battery.
  • Due to the importance of Electric Scooter batteries in the world nowadays. Detailed testing is performed using comprehensive testing machines and BMS testing to check the charging and discharging time.

TLH: Electric Scooter Battery Manufacturer:

TLH has a long and successful history of working with a wide range of products for the industries of different sectors.

TLH is certified by the different organizations in the world to meet the standard requirement. TLH is known for its state-of-the-art advanced technologies and authentic batteries to implement standard and precise working.

TLH has a strict policy to get every electric scooter’s battery checked before moving the battery pack out of the manufacturing facility and generating records in the local server.

Manufactured Electric scooter Battery has a higher production standard and quality control standard.
TLH has the best staff available 24/7 to accommodate our precious customers. Good communication and a professional engineering team are the essential factors.

To resolve the issue of the clients within 24 hours, expert engineers are always available to work on the problems.

As the TLH is a multinational manufacturing facility, the engineers provide the best services to facilitate the customers, whether the customer lives in the USA or Europe. Our experts are always available to support your technological and design requests.

If you want to order the battery for your electric scooters or bikes, order now and send your requirements for the battery. Our engineers will go through the provided data and evaluate the best solution for you.

Electric Scooter Battery – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This FAQ guide possesses almost all the information that one needs to know about Electric Scooter Battery.

Here, you will find responses to several queries you might have about Electric Scooter batteries.

Have a look!

1. What kind of battery is used in an electric scooter?

The most common electrical scooter batteries that are used are lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries.

Electrical scooters generally require 12 Volt batteries.

Electronic scooter battery packs are made up of countless individual cells.

Mostly all high-quality electric scooters run on lithium-ion batteries which power the brakes, scooters’ engine, digital displays, etc.

These are powerful, essential, and effective for scooters.

figure 1 electric scooter battery

Figure 1: An Electric Scooters Battery

2. How long does a battery in an electric scooter work?

The life span of an electric scooter battery is measured depending on different factors, such as the size of the battery, its power capacity, and watts.

Generally, a battery should work for around one to three years.

For an average electric scooter battery, it covers over 3,000 – 10,000 miles.

The time for which a battery works also depends on how it is maintained and taken care of.

3. Is a lithium-ion battery better than the lead-acid battery for an electric scooter?

Lithium-ion batteries are much more costly than lead-acid ones but are maintenance-free and last longer than other batteries.

While the lead-acid batteries cost less but require regular maintenance and have a shorter life cycle.

With lithium-ion batteries, charging is four times faster than that of a lead-acid battery.

4. How to make the electric scooter battery work longer?

A battery can work for a longer time if it is maintained and taken care of properly.

To increase your electrical scooter battery life, the following are some tips

  • Keep the battery charged if you intend to store your electric scooter, storing it with a fully drained battery will cause problems later. Ensure full charging before using it.
  • Park scooter insides rather than outside so it is kept safe from direct contact with the weather conditions whether it is hot or cold!
  • Do not overcharge the battery. Only charge it when it is close to being completely drained, do not charge unnecessarily, and remove it once its charging is complete.

Following is the link to a video explaining some good points!

5. What is the price range of an electric scooter battery?

An average electric scooter battery ranges from 200$ to 400$.

The typical price can be one-third or half the price of the scooter.

Hugh quality batteries can range from 500$ to 900$ depending on the type, the company, and the capacity of the battery.

6. Can the battery of an electrical scooter be replaced?

Yes, the electric scooter battery should be checked regularly for any faults or problems.

The charger that comes with the battery should be checked for any cord or plug damages and should be replaced or repaired accordingly.

It all depends on the maintenance and working of the battery.

You can find parts to be replaced and the battery too on our website.

7. How long does the electric scooter battery last?

The electric scooter battery lasts for about 18 months to 3 years, depending on the position and working of the battery.

The long-lasting of a battery majorly depends on how it is maintained and used in the longer run.

Although battery manufacturers offer 12 monthly warranty, if the battery is used in the correct manner and twice or thrice a week, it can work up to 3 years easily.

8. Can an electric scooter work without a battery?

It is very hard but not impossible for a scooter to work without a battery.

Some scooters have double built-in features that allow using the scooter manually.

If there is no battery, you can still push the scooter to reach your destination.

It may be tiresome and the scooter may resist you but still, it can happen.

9. Is the battery used in the electric scooter rechargeable?

Yes, the electric scooter batteries are rechargeable and they can be charged by plugging in the charger port located on the base of the scooter.

Plug in the charger until it is connected firmly.

Plug the other end of the charger into the standard energy outlet.

The indicator on the battery will show that the battery is being charged.

Once the battery is fully charged, remove the charger to save the battery from excessive charging.

However, if the battery is removable, remove it from the scooter and plug it directly into the standard outlet, and place it back once it is fully charged.

10.  What is the best electric scooter battery?

Lithium-ion batteries have major advantages over other types of batteries as they are the lightest type available.

Their battery life lasts about three times more than a standard battery time.

The energy density and power of lithium-ion batteries are much more dependent on their physical weight and have excellent longevity and they can be charged and discharged many times over without affecting the storage capacity.

The factors of each battery differ depending on the capacity and watts of the battery.

11.  How can you charge an electric scooter’s battery?

You can charge your electrical scooter’s battery depending on the battery’s aspects.

Whether the battery can be charged while plugged in the scooter or should it be removed and then charged.

Plug the charger directly into the scooter, the charging port is most commonly located at the base of the scooter.

Wait for the indicator light to change on the battery, so you know it is completely charged.

If you’ve had a long ride, let the battery cool down to normal then charge it.

12.  What size of a battery is used in an electric scooter?

The electric scooter battery consists of many individual battery cells.

The voltages of electric scooter batteries start from 12 volts and range up to 120 volts. On average they have capacities between 130 watts/h to 750 watts/h.

You can use a battery according to your electric scooter and the capacity it can bear.

13.  Where is the battery placed in an electric scooter?

Most scooters have certain safe compartments for the battery to be kept in, but it can differ in different scooters depending on the manufacturer’s will.

You can reach the area batteries are kept in by following the wires.

The user manual that comes with the electric scooter gives all the information about the placement and presence of the parts in the specific type of electric scooter.

figure 3 electric scooter

Figure 3: Battery placement

14.  After how much time should electric scooters battery be replaced?

Mainly, the electric scooter battery should be changed after 18 to 36 months depending on the working of the battery.

The replacement of the battery depends on how it is used and maintained.

If batteries are maintained and used properly, They can work for up to 3 years without creating any problems.

Whereas if the electric scooter batteries are misused and mishandled, this can affect the working and life of the battery which may cause you to change the battery of the scooter before time for the effective working of the scooter.

15.  How long can the electrical scooter’s battery last?

The battery life and log lasting depend majorly on the long-lasting, price of the battery, and also on factors such as the capacity and the volts of the battery.

In general, an electrical scooter battery lasts around one to three years. If you take care of the battery well, you can prolong its life span and also keep it regularly checked and well charged.

In a light application on the usage of the scooter, as for used once or twice a week. The battery will run for a longer period than that used four to five times a week.

The lasting also depends on the storage of the electric scooter’s battery. Always keep it in a dry place and never leave your battery completely drained.

16.  Which electric scooter has a removable battery?

The top scooters with removable batteries are as follows:

  • The Turbo X7

figure 4 turboant x7

Figure 4: Turbo X7

  • The levy

figure 5 the levy

Figure 5: The Levy

  • The Smartkick X7 pro

figure 6 SmartKick X7-Pro

Figure 6: Smartkick X7 pro

All these scooters use a removable battery which gives an advantage and convenience and provides 20-24 km while being fully charged.

The weight of a battery is around 1.5 to 2 kgs which makes it easier to lift it and charge and put it back again.

It looks quite different than the built-in batteries and is light and easy to handle.

Fix batteries require high maintenance and charging procedures as compared to removable ones as they are handy and easy to charge wherever feasible!

17.  How much does a electrical scooter’s battery last?

An electrical scooter’s battery will generally last 300 to 500 charging cycles and around 2 to 3 years.

Although the battery can start degrading after 200 to 300 full charge cycles depending on the quality of the battery.

Low-quality batteries usually last for about 1 year and so and the quality starts tripping with time and use whereas, good-quality batteries can last up to 5 years.

It may be lesser or more as there are many factors which include the model of the scooter, the working hours, speeding, and overall capacity to work.

18.  Is the electrical scooter battery easily available in the market?

The battery working electrical scooters are generated for a good experience and less expensive working.

The electrical scooter’s battery works as the fuel tank of the scooter.

The increased demand for such eco-friendly vehicles makes it quite easier to find batteries for electric scooters.

Petrol pollutes quite enough with burning and increases its cost.

Jumping on electricity products reduces the operating cost of vehicles however the lack of charging may result in the malfunctioning of the electrical scooter.

However, batteries with large charging capacities are required as it may not be easy to find charging stations if traveling long distances.

Putting all these aspects into insight, batteries are now made available for the effective use of eco-friendly vehicles.

19.  Can a scooter run without a battery?

Yes, it may be possible for low-capacity scooters to start without a battery if there is a kick-start option available in the vehicle.

As for the scooters with bigger engines, it will start to become difficult to run the scooter without a battery.

The link attached below gives the representation of starting a scooter without a battery:

20.  What is the capacity of an electrical scooter’s battery?

The capacity of an electrical scooter’s battery varies from battery to battery.

It can range from 12Volts to 48Volts.

An average scooter has a capacity of 250 Wh but an extreme performance scooter’s battery can range up Upto thousands of watt-hours.

21.  Can the electrical scooter battery cause danger?

The danger of using an electric scooter’s battery depends on the standard of the battery.

They know standard batteries can cause severe complications and have reported being explosive. They can lead to fire and injury.

The faulty electric scooter batteries which are crashed or damaged in any way should not be used as they have higher risks of exploding.

22.  What issues can be caused by the battery of the electrical scooter?

The electrical scooter batteries can be extremely safe if used under certain rules and by taking proper precautions.

The batteries give high output and power capacity. Overcharging and heating up of the battery can cause issues that may be alarming in several circumstances.

The electric scooters should be placed in dry places so that the weather conditions do not affect the battery.

23.  How can you know if the electric scooter’s battery is dead?

If the scooter does not work properly, while you charge the battery and it is maintained properly then check the motor which may be troubled due to the long-term use of the scooter.

If the engine and everything else is doing fine, you must check the battery if it has any problems.

If even after charging, the battery does not seem to work in the manner it is supposed to or does not work at all it means the battery may be drained completely or dead.

24.  What takes for the maintenance of the electric scooter’s battery?

Proper care and time-to-time checks on the battery should be kept and it should not be overcharged to increase its life span and working time.

Keep the scooter and its battery in a dry environment and do not leave your scooter in freezing or melting hot weather conditions.

As negative weather conditions can damage the battery and it’s working.

25.  What voltages are available for electrical scooter batteries?

The voltages available for electrical scooters’ batteries range from 12 Volts to 48 Volts.

The voltages differ due to different qualities and the size and capacity of the battery as well as the scooter.

The correct voltage should be marked correctly on the battery. Most commonly the batteries are of 12 Volts.

However, some may run on 6 Volts.

26.  What can cause the electric scooter battery to last longer than usual?

Proper care and maintenance can help the electric scooter battery to work for a longer run.

Other factors such as the working of the electronic scooter, charging time, the miles it runs, and the load on it also depend on the life span of a battery.

Storing the battery with a minimum of 40% battery should be encouraged. Never store a bike with a drained battery which may cause difficulty for it to work later.

Park your scooter in dry optimal temperatures.

27.  How much does it take for an electrical scooter’s battery to charge?

The average electric scooter’s batteries take about five to six hours to charge.

Most batteries charging time ranges from three to eight hours. The scooters with the shortest charging time take almost an hour only to charge.

However, a completely new or drained battery can take about 20 hours to charge completely.

You can check how much your battery needs to be charged by using a voltmeter.

Whereas, it may differ from battery to battery and on the size, energy capacity, and output current of the battery.

figure 7 battery charger

Figure 7: Battery Charger

28.  Is an electrical scooter worth buying?

Electrical scooters are easy to use, require less effort, are practical, and are lightweight.

However, considering the price and some other factors, still they can be so useful and worth buying as they help you avoid heavy traffic and are less expensive to maintain than fuel operating scooters.

They are affordable and cost less than a motorcycle.

It requires lesser space for storage and is more eco-friendly than fuel-burning scooters.

29.  Is an electrical scooter useful?

Yes, electrical scooters are much more useful as they are handy and smaller in size as well as eco-friendly as compared to fuel-burning scooters.

They create less to no pollution and are less pricey and easy to maintain.

Electronic scooters are compatible and lightweight and provide hassle-free rides as compared to other vehicles and provide maximum mobility.

If cared for properly, they can last for years pulling off heavy budgets from your heads.

30.  Can you replace the electric scooter’s battery easily?

The replacing of an electric scooter’s battery can be easy if done properly.

First of all, find where the battery is placed in your scooter. Open the cover if there is any.

Initiate by removing the negative terminal following by removing the positive terminal. Take out the old battery.

Place the new and charged battery in the place of the old one.

Correctly reconnect the wires by connecting positive wires to positive terminals and negative with negative ones.

To remove and connect everything back, all you require is a screwdriver.

You can find specific information about it in the user manual.

31.  Are electrical scooters dangerous?

The electrical scooters can be dangerous and bad for the environment in terms of replacing the battery after a while.

As the batteries can not be recycled completely.

The battery waste is substantial for which disposal can be a major issue in the use of electronic vehicles,

Otherwise, the danger it can cause to man are accidents, collisions with objects, or falling or being unbalanced.

32.  What are the advantages of electrical scooters?

There are several advantages of electrical scooters that may encourage you to buy them!

  • The electronic scooters require very less storage space and can be adjusted anywhere depending on their size and mobility as compared to other vehicles.
  • They provide pollution-free rides which contribute to environmentally friendly situations that should be introduced more commonly in our daily life.
  • You are free to go from one place to the other without waiting for a ride, and also provides you with hassle-free travel and it requires very little space to work.
  • One of the most popular advantages is that electronic vehicles save fuel which provides a great impact on the budget and pocket of the common man.

An electric scooter provides a pollution-free and clean way to run around the city. It takes up less space on roads and makes it easy and steady to travel.

33.  What are the disadvantages of an electrical scooter?

Everything has some disadvantages, an electronic vehicle does too.

They are not quite big problems but all together can constitute bigger issues.

  • The charging time of the battery of an electric scooter takes time more than the refilling of a fuel tank. It is not a common issue but some vehicles’ batteries can discharge quickly in certain weather conditions.
  • Some countries have issues with registering the electrical scooter with the local transport authority to get a permit to use an electric scooter in public.

34.  When should an electric scooter’s battery be replaced?

An average electric scooter’s battery works for around 300 to 500 charging cycles and 2 to 3 years.

The working of a battery also depends on the replacement time so it is quite difficult to predict the time a battery will work for.