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  • High capacity and power e-bike battery
  • The e-bike battery pack is made by high discharge rate cells
  • Stable BMS performance with over-discharge and short circuit protection
  • The battery can be customized according to your request

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Your First Choice Manufacturer to your 72V Electric Bike Battery

  • TLH battery has been manufacturing electric bike battery over 10 years. We can make 72V electric bike battery with rectangle and triangle shapes.
  • Our 72V e-bike battery can be designed with CANBUS or UART communication and also standard 72v Ebike battery.
  • We have experience in the case of developing a modular e-bike battery for motorcycles.
  • We have strict quality standards on all the materials inspection and production control.
  • If you have the 72V e-bike battery solution, please contact us.

Custom 72V Ebike Battery Solution

Used for high motor watt 84V 4A charger is suitable for your battery

Strict Quality Control Process for your 72V ebike Battery Order

  • All the materials 100% inspection before production
  • The demo is made by our engineer and audited by our engineer director before bulk production
  • Our warehouse replay the package details and quantity of your order
  • Our OC staffs inspection all the time

TLH -Your 72V Ebike Battery Supplier in China

TLH battery has been one of the top leading e-bike battery manufacturers for over 15 years. Our 72V e-bike battery is used for high power watt. You also can use our 72V Ebike battery for your application like a motorcycle, storage.

Our 72V e-bike battery is made with UART or CANBUS smart BMS. At the same time, you can choose a 72V ebike battery with hardware BMS.

Ebike battery is the most important for your ebike.

Our engineer owns the battery technology with modular in series and parallel for your 72V e-bike battery for motorcycle.

72V E-bike Battery – The Ultimate Guide

E-bike users are always looking for something more powerful than the power source they have at present.

This is the reason companies like TLH are working on manufacturing more efficient and powerful e-bike batteries such as the 72V E-bike battery.

We provide various kinds of e-bike batteries and our technical staff has answered all the questions you might have before choosing our 72V E-bike battery solution.

1. What Is the Cellular Composition of A 72 V E-Bike Battery?

Our E-bike batteries are made up of Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) and its extensions such as Lithium Manganese (Li-Mn) and Lithium Polymer (LiPo).

Like all of our e-bike batteries, the 72V E-bike battery is composed using the specialized Li-ion cell known as 18650 cells.

To maintain our battery packs’ quality, we always use cells from highly respected organizations like Samsung, Panasonic, and LG.

E-bike batteries largely have four major internal components, electrolyte, separator, anode, and cathode, all of which have their own significance in terms of working.

While all of our e-bike batteries are lithium-based, many manufacturers worldwide make lead-acid batteries.

Lead-acid batteries are heavy and less efficient than the Li-ion e-bike batteries, which is why they are made in a small percentage.

Regardless of the e-bike batteries’ cellular composition, we offer customized battery packs in different volts, sizes, and shapes.

We can create rectangular and triangular 72V E-bike battery packs with a similar lightweight composition.


Figure 1 Rectangular 72V E-bike battery

2. How Do You Put A 72v E-Bike Battery in The Bike?

Placing the 72V E-bike battery in the bike depends on which kind of bike a person has, its shape, style, dimensions, and model, etc.

No matter which bikes it is you want to put the e-bike battery on, TLH can help customize it for you, according to your requirements.

The most common battery placement location in bikes is the carrier rack and frame down tube, but it can vary from bike to bike.

72V Electric bike battery carrier rack

Figure 2 Electric bike battery carrier rack

To put the 72V E-bike battery made in a rectangular design, different tools can be used, such as aluminum anchors and hose clamps, that keep the battery in place.

Many bikes have already attached tools for the battery which can also be used, whereas, for carrier rack location, the battery simply needs to go in that rack.

Most of the mountain bikes used for adventurous endeavours have a downpipe battery placement option, on the other hand, bikes used in cities mostly have carrier racks.

With its high voltage and current, the 72V E-bike battery can also be installed in motorcycles and other small vehicles.

3. What Are the Characteristics of a 72v E-Bike Battery?

Our 72V E-bike is the most advanced e-bike battery we have, with its high-quality build, added voltage and current, ultimate performance, and more power.

It provides the maximum speed to an e-bike, which cannot be achieved with an e-bike battery of a lower voltage such as a 52V E-bike battery or 48V E-bike battery.

This electronic bike battery uses 200×18650 cells to achieve optimum speed and efficiency and that too with its lightweight outer covering.

With the additional voltage and Li-ion cells, our 72V E-bike batteries let your bikes reach the speed of more than 30MPH, with the utmost performance.

TLH offers a smart as well as hardware BMS for 72V E-bike batteries, which can be made customized according to your needs.

We have network models such as UART, Profibus, and CANBUS, all ready to be installed in your 72V E-bike battery pack.

Apart from these network choices, we are always open to creating customized network models for your 72V E-bike battery packs.

Our digitalized user interface offers an up-to-date communication network that ensures the customers’ understanding of the battery solutions.

Our qualified team can guide and help you choose the best BMS for the battery pack you order for those who are new in the market.

There is an LED pointer installed in all of our e-bike batteries to accurately measure and report the battery’s remaining charging life to keep a track of its charge cycle.

LED pointer for 72V e-bike battery

Figure 3 LED pointer for e-bike battery

Our 72V E-bike batteries are highly durable and long-lasting, with each battery having a lifetime of 3 years or more.

All of our e-bike batteries have protective circuits and cell balancing mechanisms to make your experience smooth and safe.

Our 72V E-bike batteries have the capability to bear the harsh temperatures appropriately and are easy to repair in case of damage.

Our batteries also come with their protective covers and hard shells to keep them from cold weather and to avoid scratches.

4. What Is the Minimum Order Quantity Requirement for 72v E-Bike Batteries?

As long as you have a handsome number of battery packs in mind, we do not care for the minimum order quantity.

We do not like to bound our clients by setting a fixed MOQ for any of our e-bike battery solutions; instead, we like to hear your demand first.

You are free to choose your desired battery packs after checking out our free sampling product, which we provide to each client.

We never get tired of offering revisions of the battery prototype until you are happy with the final product and have in hand what you asked for.

5. How Long Does A 72v E-Bike Battery Remain Efficient?

E-bike batteries have varying lifespans depending on their utilization, regular maintenance, storage, and voltage.

In the case of a 72V E-bike battery, it has a longer lifespan than other e-bike batteries with lower voltages; hence it remains efficient for a long time.

Our 72V E-bike battery, like all of our e-bike batteries, can easily give you 600 charging cycles, which is not a small number at this high voltage.

This e-bike battery works with full efficiency for all 600 charging cycles, but this figure can vary if your utilization is exceptionally high.

Charging can also have a deep impact on the efficiency of the 72V E-bike battery; undercharging and overcharging are harmful to the ideal battery performance.

You can use your 72V E-bike battery with maximum efficiency for as long as 2.5 years, if you do not overuse it and maintain it properly.

Retailers should charge their electronic bike batteries once every 30-40 days to keeping them in their best condition.

6. What Are the Safety Precautions for the 72v E-Bike Battery?

Listed down below are some of the crucial precautionary measures you should always take to avoid any battery-related accidents;

Avoid your 72V E-bike battery from any object that might cause ignition and never leave it in flammable areas such as workshops and factories.

For optimum performance, discharge the e-bike battery completely by using up all of its capacity, this should be done around every 30 charges to let the battery regain its power.

Store the 72V E-bike batteries in a cool and dehydrated place with a stable level of humidity, with a minimum charge of 30%.

After rigorous use of the bike all day, the e-bike battery becomes hot and generates heat, remove it from the bike to let it cool down.

Removing e-bike battery

Figure 4 Removing an e-bike battery

Try to keep the e-bike battery in a place where there are fewer temperature variations, too hot or too cold weather can damage the battery and affect its performance.

Use a safety cover for the e-bike battery to avoid wear and tear and to keep it from moisture from the environment.

7. What Are the Applications Of 72v E-Bike Battery?

With their high power and voltage, 72V E-bike batteries have various applications.

They have a wide scope in mountain sport vehicles such as race bikes, mountain bikes, and motorcycles, apart from the traditional electronic bikes.

72V E-bike battery in wheel chair

Figure 5 E-bike battery in wheelchair

All of the Li-ion batteries have enough power to support drills, Go-kart, and other small vehicles such as electronic wheelchairs.

There are several applications for e-bike batteries along with their use in electronic bikes.

8. How Should You Measure the Battery Health of A 72 V E-Bike Battery?

E-bike battery health can not be measured by just one aspect, you need to look at three to four different things to know how much health is remaining.

Usually, e-bike battery health is measured using a multimeter which is a device designed to test the voltage, current, and resistance of the battery.

This device is connected to the port of the electronic battery and it shows readings for measurement separately.

Correctly measure and note down the voltage, current, and resistance of the battery successively and compare the readings with those given on the specification manual.

Most e-bike batteries range between the figures of 58 VDC TO 42 VDC.

Some multimeters complete all three reading simultaneously while some of them demand manual instructions.

Before taking the readings with the multimeter, be sure that the e-bike battery is in full health and removed from the bike.

9. How can 72v E-Bike Batteries be Repaired?

Our e-bike batteries are made of good quality material and are very easy to maintain for longer terms but in case of any defect, we can always help you.

Unless your battery has faced some major malfunction or systematic issue, there is always a chance of repairing the battery and fixing up the flaws.

All you need to do is to reach out to our client manual and brief us about your battery’s shortcoming, we will lead to the solution of the problem.

For smaller problems, we advise you to check your battery using its board framework; our smart communication system will complete an analysis of the defects and suggest further actions.

If your battery is facing charging problems, such as lower charge cycle, low mileage cover per charge, etc., you should focus on the cell adjustment.

There is a possibility that the alignment of cells is causing charging issues and the release of cells.

Our 72V E-bike batteries are extremely durable, therefore, can handle a lot of pressure and small defects, but you might have to change it if the lifespan is affected.

10. How Long Does A Single Charge of A 72v E-Bike Battery Last?

For the optimum overall performance of the e-bike battery, we suggest that you charge them each time you finish a long ride.

With our 72V E-bike battery, you can usually cycle up to 24 km to 114 km in one full charge.

If you recharge your battery after using it at 50%, the charging cycle is considered ½ than a complete cycle, and TLH offers more than 600 charging cycles for our 72V E-bike battery.

It is not recommended to discharge your e-bike battery completely after each ride because it takes a lot of power for the battery to regain full strength.

However, fully discharging your e-bike battery after a month or so, is good for the overall battery health and efficiency.

On average, any Li-ion battery can be charged fully in about 2.5-3 hours and maybe in less time if the voltage is high.

To get the maximum out of a single charge of the battery, try recharging it between the percentages 30% – 60%.

11. What Are the Care Instructions for Better Performance of A 72 V E-Bike Battery?

Our e-bike batteries can perform as long as 10 years if they are taken care of and used appropriately.

They are durable and able to bear a lot of loads, with their high-quality covering and smart internal system.

Here we have listed some basic care instructions that will keep your e-bike battery performance top-notch if applied regularly;

The first and the most important thing is to keep them in a place that is free from dust and moisture, as they stick to the battery surface and affect battery life.

Always put the batteries under moderate temperature locations as constant extreme weather can damage the e-bike battery a lot.

If the bike or other vehicles using the e-bike battery are not in use for some time, remove the battery from the vehicle and keep it in a safe and dry place.

When the bike is being cleaned, never leave the battery in its placement because the battery can be ruined by water or other cleaning agents.

Since e-bike batteries can catch fire, avoid putting flammable objects near the e-bike batteries whether or not they are separate or in a bike.

Retailers store the batteries in cool places because it decreases the chances of cells being overheated, leading to better performance.

Avoid the habit of overcharging or undercharging your e-bike battery as it is the most crucial aspect of longer battery life.

TLH sells high-quality protective covers for all of our e-bike batteries.

For mountain bikes and adventurous trips, always use e-bike battery covers to keep the battery from dirt, moisture, and contaminants from the environment.

12. How Many Charging Cycles Are Offered by TLH For A 72v E-Bike Battery?

TLH offers more than 600 Charging cycles for our 72V E-bike battery and all other e-bike batteries that we offer.

Batteries having charge cycles between 500-800 are considered as good and efficient.

One charge cycle is a duration of distance covered by one full charge to be completely discharged.

600 charge cycles of a 72V E-bike battery indicate that the battery can be fully charged and discharged 600 times with maximum efficiency.

After the completion of charge cycles, the e-bike battery is expected to become less efficient.

13. Are There Any Discounts on the Bulk Order of 72v E-Bike Batteries?

Our rates for e-bike batteries are comparatively lower than the market rates of e-bike batteries.

We offer huge discounts on the e-bike battery orders with a large amount of quantity.

We also give quality assurance for all of our products, with our fair rates and discounts.

TLH focuses a lot on the customer experience and satisfaction, we have customer testimonials from all across the world.

We have received positive feedback from our national and international clients for our top-notch quality, good service, and reasonable prices.

14. What Are Some Tips for Storing Your 72v E-Bike Battery?

There are many things to consider for the storage location of the e-bike batteries, some of the most important include, surrounding, temperature, and dampness, etc.

Do not store 72V E-bike batteries at a complete charge cycle as it affects the Li-ion cells of the battery, same if the case for discharging of the battery.

Always make sure the temperature is moderate, especially when storing the batteries for a longer period, – 10°C and 60°C are extremely damaging to the battery life.

According to studies, 0°C to 10°C is the ideal temperature for storing the e-bike batteries, the reason is that at around these points the aging process of the batteries becomes slower.

Keep the batteries with a minimum charge of 50% and at normal humidity levels.

E-batteries decompose at the slowest rate when stored with a charging percentage between 35% to 75% because batteries with higher charge are experiencing a rapid activity of electrolytes and electrodes.

72V E-bike-battery-with-terminals

Figure 9 E-bike battery terminals

Keep the battery terminals isolated from each other to protect them from short circuits and electric sparks leading to a fire.

Before storing the batteries make sure all of the safety guidelines are met and keep them from any kind of combustible objects like firelighters and chemicals etc.

15. What Is Your Experience in The Manufacturing of 72v E-Bike Battery?

Many manufacturers in the world offer high voltage 72 V E-bike batteries, with TLH being one of them.

We are a fundamental producer of all kinds of Li-ion e-bike battery packs of different ranges such as 24 V, 36V, 48V, 58V, and 72V e-bike batteries.

TLH has been serving clients all across the world by delivering top standard e-bike batteries for over 15 years and we are going strong.

Our sales and marketing teams are always there to guide you for the best battery solutions and they are available at all times.

Like all of our e-bike batteries, 72V E-bike batteries come with smart pre-installed communication network models, like UART and CANBUS.

All of our products go through a comprehensive quality control procedure before emerging into the market.

We apply a drop test to all of our e-bike batteries to ensure 100% strength of the final product.

72V E-bike-battery-inspection

Figure 10 E-bike battery inspection

Our engineers and technical staff are highly capable of handling the manufacturing processes like inspection, stuffing, and the batteries’ final delivery.

Before sending out your e-bike battery solutions, we always test the sample batteries in our electric bikes at the worksite.

Batteries go through charging and discharging testing series before being delivered to you.

16. What Happens If You Overcharge A 72v E-Bike Battery?

The most important thing to understand for a healthy battery is how to charge the battery the right way.

Overcharging of a battery is damaging for its longer life and health, so there are so many charging instructions available.

Our 72 V E-bike battery comes with its user manual that indicates all charging instructions, requirements, and battery specifications.

Overcharging the e-bike batteries can lead to malfunctioning and sometimes even result in fire, although that is rare.

Charging the e-bike battery more than needed generates excessive heat and overheating has many other dangerous consequences that can be life-threatening.

Even if you have a full charge battery all the time, try to ride it to its maximum limit to eradicate charging issues.

TLH deals in e-bike batteries that come with an LED pointer which serves as a charging percentage indicator and our smart charging system stops the charging when it reaches 100%.

So, the chances of overcharging 72V E-bike battery by TLH are almost none.

17. What Payment Options Do You Offer For 72v E-Bike Batteries?

To make transactions easier for you, we can receive payments through PayPal, Visa, Payoneer, and Union Pay.

We never ask for the full payment before the delivery of your order, however, 30% of the payment is required before producing your battery packs.

We start the production soon after you approve the free sample we provide for our batteries.

We also have a store on Alibaba as well for all those clients who want better financial security.

After the final production, inspection, and packing of the battery solution, we request the remaining 70% of the payment before making the delivery.