48V Ebike Battery Pack Supplier to your Electric Bike

  • Sliver fish, Rack type, Down tube, and customized shape
  • Capacity from 10.4Ah to 24.5Ah
  • Suitable for 250W -1000W motor
  • 6V 2A or 4A charger

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Your Reliable Partner 48V Ebike Battery Manufacturer

TLH battery is one leading e-bike battery manufacturer in China. 48V Ebike battery is more popular in the market which is more powerful than 36V Ebike.

We provide silverfish, rack battery,hailong ebike battery, and Retention Polly Battery.

The quality of our 48V e-bike battery is a higher level than our customer’s request.


Strict Quality Control Process for Your 48V Ebike Battery

  • Our QC staff inspects the production line during your order under production.
  • 100% aging testing to inspection the capacity, voltage, discharge & charge performance
  • Our soldering staff over 2 experience to protect the battery insulation and ensure the soldering quality
  • Strict cell sorting standard to ensure the whole battery pack

48-Volt Electric Bike Batteries- The Ultimate Buying Guide

Electric bikes have seen new trends in this pandemic, there was a worldwide growth in consumption of electric bikes.

48-Volt Electric Bike Batteries are known for their high performance and durability.

This buying guide contains all of the essential information for your business to select the best battery solution.

1. What are the specifications and features of 48V electric bike batteries?

Our batteries are equipped with a battery management system, cell balancing, and protective circuits.

Our technical staff has defined digitalized user interference for 48V electric bike batteries.

One of the most important things in battery communication is its efficient network.

We provide various network models such as CANBUS, UART, Ethernet, Profibus, profinet, etc.

These modules can give you speed up to 1 Mbps.

You can also ask for a customized communication network for your electric batteries.

If you don’t have a particular plan for it, we can provide you with the required network plan according to your need.

48v ebike Battery specifications and features

Figure 1 Battery specifications and features

Our batteries are quite durable and long-lasting.

Simultaneously it depends on an individual user.

The life of our electric battery pack can vary from 1 year to 3 years.

TLH electric battery packs have more than 600 lifecycles which are relatively more than lead-acid batteries.

We offer 24/7 customer service to our clients along with an extended warranty of 20 months.

You can give us a 3D design of the Battery, and we offer customized plans of 3D designs.s

If you don’t have any particular designs, our officials can provide you with a technical 3D drawings of your desired battery pack.

TLH 48V E-bike battery packs contain a battery level pointer in the kind of LED.

This will make a careful introduction for Battery remaining power.

ou can get the admonition for charging time, and it will in like manner keep an essential separation from shut down of power while riding.

We can in like manner offer waterproof bundling close by a hard plastic shell, which improves our batteries, as contemplated, than customary batteries.

Our 48 volt battery packs have international certifications such as ISO 9001:2015, CE, UL 2054, IEC62133 and UN38.3.

These certifications make us a global manufacturer of electric bike batteries.

For safe battery replacement, you should visit the following video.

2. How should you charge the 48V E-bike battery?

Charging has a vital part in characterizing an E-bicycle battery’s lifetime, and you ought to counsel your client manual to comprehend the battery pack’s impediment.

Our specialized staff has recommended that you should charge your Battery after each ride.

Our batteries are furnished with a battery the executives’ framework, and this framework empowers high voltage cut-off.

So when the charging goes past the set worth, the high voltage cut-off framework closes down the charging.

You can improve battery yield for 450-500 charge cycles prior to getting a cell ability ruin from these schedules.

At the same time, if your batteries aren’t outfitted with BMS, they will get the channel in a brief timeframe.

Likewise, you ought to guarantee that your battery temperature should be typical while charging; you ought to try not to charge following a long hot day ride.

Require 30-40 minutes and let the Battery accomplish the room temperature

Do whatever it takes not to charge your batteries for the more drawn out timeframe completely, and you should continue to charge at practically 80%.

You should charge it to full prior to getting the ride.

By this training, the rider can maximize the existence pattern of your Battery.

It might be ideal in the event that you charged your E-bicycle batteries with producer suggested chargers just, and these chargers are direct as per battery prerequisites.

Chargers of different details may influence the charge pattern of your battery packs.

3. What is the lifetime of a 48V E-bike battery?

It’s anything but a basic inquiry to answer since this has various variables to consider.

One of the needy variables is the force of the 48V E-bicycle battery, and this factor is slanted with the Battery the executives’ framework.

The Battery the board framework empowers staggered insurance and recoveries your battery pack from different flaws.

48V Electric bike shape and placement

Figure 2 Electric bike shape and placement

A long period of Battery significantly lies in your utilization, and on the off chance that you are utilizing the battery pack directly as indicated by the client manual and set principles, it will upgrade your life battery pack.

Some E-bicycles are outfitted with numerous levels to help in setting the ideal speed of battery life.

Normally, you should ride nearly from 24 km to 71 miles in a solitary charge of your E-bicycle.

On the off chance that you are riding in excess of a set km for a solitary accuse along of high velocity, you ought to expect less from your E-bicycle battery pack.

We propose our retailers charge your Battery packs in any event one time in 30-40 days.

We give right around 600 lifecycles which are more when contrasted with different providers.

In the event that you are utilizing the Battery directly as per set necessities, your Battery will last practically 2.5 years.

4. What are the 48V E-bike batteries are made up of?

Usually, 48V Electric batteries are made up of Li-ion or made up of lithium polymer battery packs.

Some of the E-bikes have lead-acid batteries, but such batteries are restricted in the life cycle.

Simultaneously, lead-acid batteries are heavier and less durable than lithium-based batteries.

Almost 99% of the production of electric bikes in Europe is based on lithium.

From this, we can understand that lithium-based batteries are more usual in Europe due to their performance, weight, and charge cycles.

Lithium and lead acid-base battery packs are made up of cells, but both contain different electrolytes and electrodes.

The lead-acid battery packs are heavier, and they have only 210-310 charge cycles, but lithium ones are quite compact, and their charge cycles last in between 500-1000 charge cycles.

LiPo based batteries are the extension of lithium-ion batteries, these batteries are cheap and compact, but their service charge is undetermined and are fragile.

5. How should you repair 48V E-bike batteries?

Our 48 volt electric batteries are easy to work and keep up; in this way you can without much of a stretch fix your battery pack if there should be an occurrence of any deficiency.

You can generally get to the client manual for following any shortcoming; we have introduced various strides to follow the flaws.

At times batteries can’t be fixed; henceforth they must be changed.

You should check your Battery from the Battery the board framework; BMS will give you the rundown of issues and address further activities for it.

On the off chance that the batteries can’t be fixed, you need to discard reusing to evade any danger.

You ought to likewise check the securities of battery packs, and now and again, the Battery is closed down because of a flood to save your Battery and gadget from any harm.

Do check for cut off, and this may stumbling your Battery over and over.

On the off chance that your Battery isn’t legitimate charging, you should search for the cell adjusting.

The irregularity of cells may bring about inappropriate charge and release of cells.

Assuming your Battery is presented to extraordinary temperatures, the maintenance can’t be fixed.

For this situation, you need to discard the battery pack.

48V Electric bike battery packs are very solid, so they can bear a great deal of actual pressing factors.

In the event that the battery pack is met with a ton of harm, you may need to discard the battery pack. In such conditions, if it’s not too much trouble, check for any spillages and short out situations.

6. What is the MOQ for 48V E-bike batteries?

There is no specific minimum order quantity for the acquisition of 48V E-bicycle battery packs.

TLH favor clients having a decent number of amount.

We offer free testing to our clients.

At the same time, we offer various amendments to the model until you are happy with the entirety of the determinations.

We give exceptional limits to clients in countless amounts.

We offer competitive costs to you.

7. What are the protections in your 48V E-bike batteries?

TLH battery packs contain a Battery management system; BMS lets you have multiple safety levels for 48V electric bike batteries.

The battery management system is equipped with an efficient communication network, and this makes BMS competent

TLH has numerous alternatives for 48V Electric bike battery network’s communication, for example, Ethernet, PROFINET, CANBUS, etc.

Charge time for 48v electric battery packs

Figure 3 Charge time for electric battery packs

Due to these communication options, we can have a fast response to the fault.

TLH battery packs are also equipped with safeties of overvoltages and surges.

We also provide safeties on short-circuit.

Our batteries contain safeties for the operation of batteries at high and low temperatures.

TLH battery packs are equipped with voltage regulators for efficient supply of voltage to your E-bike.

The battery management system trips the system as soon as it witnesses a fault in it.

We have installed a cell balancing system in the batteries to ensure proper charging and discharge of battery packs.

We can also install customized protections on your request.

Let us know about your applications, and we will suggest to you all possible protections for them.

8. How should you optimize the performance of 48V E-bike batteries?
We will replace new goods at our cost if the batteries are damaged when arrive, no charges on your side, please contact us for images of the damage.
8. How should you optimize the performance of 48V E-bike batteries?

48V Battery packs are getting notable and standard over the long haul.

48V Battery packs are acclaimed in light of their similitude, durability, science, and long life.

48V Battery packs could keep going up to ten years in case you handle them with care and conventional help.

Here is a part of the tips to follow for the tough reality of the battery packs;

Our particular gathering significantly advises you to avoid any kind with respect to cheating and delivery.

It is really significant for you to manage this issue; else, it could annihilate your battery execution just as it will hurt your device’s equipment.

To keep an essential separation from this, you need a capable battery security system that could ensure a secured and smooth voltage stream to the cells.

Overheating of the cell is one of the critical disadvantages of cheating; it could provoke fire hazards in outrageous cases.

There are different clarifications behind the accompanying issue.

One purpose behind it might be the defenseless security plan of the Battery.

Another clarification could be the imperfect foundation of the protection structure.

Simultaneously, some unsuitable foundations of the protection structure could similarly incite battery disillusionment.

Over-delivering further impacts cell hurt; BMS should be adequately powerful to kill the store if the phones are going for full delivery.

The following tip from our particular gathering is to clean the terminals at the foundation’s hour properly.

For the most part, the battery terminals are the advancement of aluminum and copper and the fumes with the movement of time by virtue of the oxide layer’s plan on account of air transparency.

At the foundation’s hour, you ought to guarantee that terminals of BMS modules, interconnectors should be cleaned suitably to avoid any chance of oxidation.

You should keep a typical brain terminal, and you should clean oxide layers every so often to evade any failure.

The accompanying tip from our gathering is to use the correct terminals mounting hardware.

It might be ideal for the off chance you utilized, regardless of 2 cm long darts for terminals having 90Ah.

If you are having cells of M6 terminals, you should slant toward the usage of 1.5 cm shocks.

You should gauge the phone’s string significance for your assurance, and you ought to guarantee that the shock shouldn’t be fixed till the lower part of the opening.

9. What is the run time of a 48V E-bike Battery?

48V electric battery packs are a strong and enduring energy asset.

They offer great mileage alongside low upkeep.

48V electric battery packs are low weight with the rich plan and simply taking care of.

E-bicycle batteries are furnished with a battery, the executive’s framework that recognizes any expected flaw and acts as needs be.

The BMS of the e-bicycle additionally looks at cells for the over-burden.

Our 36V E-bicycle Batteries have more force, so they are a serious decent answer for the mountain riders, significant distances riders, and freight bicycles.

We can offer 48V battery packs in various mixes.

BMS framework empowers brilliant exchanging in the middle of double battery activities.

10. What is the charging time of the 48V E-bike Battery?

Charging time for each battery pack differs because of its novel limit and charger type.

Our Battery’s charging time differs from five hours to eighteen hours.

Charging time additionally relies upon the kind of chargers.

For the most part, there are three sorts of chargers.

Structure of 48v electric bike battery

Figure 4 Structure of electric bike battery

These chargers incorporate guidelines chargers, conservative chargers, and quick chargers.

It is prescribed not to utilize chargers of different makers since your battery particulars and highlights don’t produce them.

On the off chance that you are in critical need of accusing your battery bunch of different chargers, at that point, you should coordinate with charger particulars.

You should check the charge rate, voltage, ampere, and force yield of the charger.

It would be best if you screened the Battery of the executive’s framework while accusing battery bunches of different chargers so you can abstain from cheating and different issues.

11. What is the range for a single charge of a 48V E-bike battery?

Many individuals approach us with this inquiry, yet this inquiry doesn’t have a particular answer.

Various elements impact the charge and release season of the electric bicycle battery.

Now and again, it will have a yield of around 25 km in particular, and once in a while, it will have an effect for in excess of 80 Km.

It would be best if you kept your battery pack in ideal conditions to have the greatest yield.

First and foremost ecological elements fundamentally affect E-bicycle yield.

In the event that there is a moderate or slight breeze against your bearing, it will not affect E-bicycle yield.

On the off chance that you are going in the solid breeze against your course, it will burn-through more force; subsequently, your normal yield will be low.

In the event that you are going on a straight street or territory, it will not devour a ton of force, however on the off chance that you are riding in a bumpy zone, you will burn-through more force; consequently, you will get less Km normal.

Charge time likewise relies on the details of your bicycle and Battery.

In the event that you are riding on a professional bicycle, you will have separate proficiency, and on the off chance that you have a mountain riding bicycle, you will encounter singular productivity.

Your tire quality expresses a great deal about your effectiveness, If you have wide tires, at that point, it devours more Battery, and in the event that you are riding tight width tires, you will encounter more km normal.

Finally, the kind of rider additionally impacts the charge run season of E-bicycle.

Battery execution depends on the rider type; assuming a rider is a talented rider, your Battery can keep going for a more drawn-out time.

Battery run time additionally relies upon all out weight riding on the bicycle, every Battery and bicycle has a few constraints,

On the off chance that you are crossing them, at that point, you may encounter low Battery run time.

12. What is the performance of a 48V E-bike battery in extreme temperatures?

TLH electric bicycles batteries give ideal activity past room temperature.

Lithium batteries have great effectiveness in contrast with other battery-powered synthetic synthesis batteries at extraordinary temperatures.

Albeit the 48V E-bicycle battery has protection from high temperature, you attempt to keep E-bicycle near room temperature.

On the off chance that you are consistently uncovering the battery packs to excessive temperatures, it may harm the battery cells.


Different types of 48v electric bikes

Figure 5 Different types of electric bikes

You ought to try and store your electric bicycle batteries at room temperatures.

Execution is contrarily corresponding to excessive temperatures.

You ought to counsel the client manual for the ideal Battery working temperature range.

Assuming you need batteries for extraordinary temperature utilization, let us think about it; we will utilize warm covers for the battery packs.

13. What is your experience in the manufacturing of a 48V E-bike battery?

We are the fundamental creator of E-bike Battery packs, and we are in this industry for over ten years.

We have customers’ courses of action of experiences from any place on the planet.

TLH is making effective electric batteries for more than ten years, our social event is incredibly fit, and we oblige the front-line world’s necessities.

Our stunning E-bicycle battery packs have beneficial correspondences, for instance, UART, CANBUS, Ethernet, and Bluetooth.

Our E-bicycle Battery packs are ridiculous for unpalatable use; regardless, you ought to continually check the Battery’s manual to consider very far.

Li-ion batteries set best for electric bike batteries due to their price performance and compactness.

You can watch the difference of performance in the following video.

14. What are the payment procedures for the purchase of a 48V E-bike battery?

We don’t take any installments, for example, creation.

When the example is affirmed, then we move to the following phase of creation.

Ordinarily, we consider taking a 30% installment before the mass creation of battery packs.

When the creation is done, and battery packs are stuffed, at that point, we request a further 70% installment before transportation.

We take installments through Paypal, VISA, UNION PAY, Payoneer.

You can likewise submit a request through our Alibaba store on the off chance that you are another client and need installment security.

Alibaba offers exchange affirmation that secures your installments.