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  • 36V electric bike battery suitable for 250W ,500W and 750W motor
  • Matched with 42V 2A or 4A charger
  • Quality grade A 18650 cells with high discharge rate
  • Professional sales and engineering team support your 36V ebike battery solution

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Your First Choice 36V Electric Bike Battery Supplier

TLH battery as one leading professional 36V electric bike battery supplier in China for over 15 years. We provide silverfish, rack type and inner type ebike battery for your choice.

We have strict quality control to your 36v electric bike battery production and all the materials inspection.

We adopt Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and grade A Chinese 18650 cells for your 36V ebike battery.

We have three international after-sales service in the United Kingdom, the USA, and Germany.

All our 36V electric bicycle batteries have 1 year warranty time after shipment. If you become our VIP clients, you will get an extra half-year extending after-sales service.

We also provide OEM 36V ebike battery service, if you need the service please contact us.

Hot Sales 36V Ebike Battery

Strict Quality Control Process for 36V ebike Battery Order

  • Our IQC staffs inspect all ebike battery cases to ensure the good shape
  • We testing each 36V ebike battery with aging testing
  • Auto welding machine to ensure efficiency and good quality
  • The matched charger will be tested by testing machine

TLH -Your 36V Ebike Battery Manufacturer over 15 years

TLH battery has been established over 15 years, as one leading 36V ebike battery manufacturer. Our 36V ebike batteries have good feedback in North America, Europe.

The hot sales capacity of our 36V ebike battery is from 10.4Ah -24.5Ah.

Our 36V ebike batteries have sliver fish, rack, and inner types.

Our engineer teams have experience in designing UART, CANBUS BMS, and hardware BMS for the 36V ebike batteries.

Strict quality control with ISO 9001-2015 quality management standard to make the batteries excellent performance.

For more details about the 36V ebike battery, please contact us.

36V E-bike battery Packs-The Ultimate Buying Guide

36 Volt electric bike batteries are known for their efficient power output and hence they are used for heavy duty applications.

Here are the most frequent queries along with their answers to enlighten you with information related to 36V E-bike battery Packs

1. What is the run time of a 36V E-bike Battery?

TLH Electric bike batteries are a durable and long-lasting energy resource.

They offer impressive mileage along with low maintenance.

36V E-bike Batteries are low weight with elegant design and easy handling.

E-bike batteries are equipped with a battery management system that detects any potential fault and acts accordingly.

The BMS of the e-bike also examines cells for the overload.

Our 36V E-bike Batteries have more power, so they are quite a good solution for the mountain riders, long distances riders, and cargo bikes.

We can offer 36V E-bike batteries in numerous combinations.

BMS system enables smart switching in between dual batteries operations.

2. What are the designs of the 36V E-bike Battery?

TLH is having vast experience in the production of electric bike batteries.

We have developed the most advanced designs for 36V E-bike Batteries

First on our list is the frame battery; this frame is fit for sporty and dynamic cycles.

These power packs lie close to the center of gravity of your E-bike.

By keeping the battery closer to the center of gravity, it ensures equal distribution of weight.

Next on our list is the design of the rack battery.

This is a comfortable design for the riders.

36v ebike Battery pack inner structure

Figure 1 Battery pack inner structure

In this design, the Battery is placed on the E-bike’s back seat; this formation frees up the space for riders and can get on and off without any problem.

The next battery design in our catalog is the Integrated Rechargeable battery.

You can install these battery packs in two formations; you can place them either horizontally or vertically.

The next design from our technical staff is Dual Battery.

This is for the rider who wants excess power, and this battery pack doubles the output power.

These batteries are capable of delivering up to 1300 Wh.

3. What is the charging time of the 36V E-bike Battery?

Charging time for every battery pack varies due to its unique capacity and charger type.

Our battery’s charging time varies from five hours to eighteen hours.

Charging time also depends on the type of chargers.

Usually, there are three types of chargers.

These chargers include standards chargers, compact chargers, and fast chargers.

4. What is the range for a single charge of a 36V E-bike battery?

A lot of people approach us with this question, but this question doesn’t have any specific answer.

There is a number of factors that effects the charge and discharge time of the electric bike battery.

Sometimes, it will have an output of around 25 km only, and sometimes it will have efficiency for more than 80 Km.

It would be best if you kept your battery pack in optimal conditions to have maximum output.

Firstly environmental factors have a significant impact on E-bike output.

If there is moderate or slight wind against your direction, it won’t impact E-bike output.

If you are traveling in strong wind against your direction, it will consume more power; hence your average output will be low.

36v ebike battery Structure of a E-bike

Figure 2 Structure of a E-bike

If you are traveling on a straight road or area, it won’t consume a lot of power, but if you are riding in a hilly area, you will consume more power; hence, you will get less Km average.

Charge time also depends upon the specifications of your bike and Battery.

If you are riding on a touring bike, you will have separate efficiency, and if you have a mountain riding bike, you will experience individual efficiency.

Your tire quality state a lot about your efficiency, If you have wide tires, then it consumes more Battery, and if you are riding narrow width tires, you will experience more km average.

Lastly, the type of rider also impacts the charge run time of E-bike.

Battery performance relies on the rider type; if a rider is a skilled rider, then your Battery can last for a longer time.

Battery run time also depends on total weight riding on the bike, each Battery and bike has some limitations,

In case you are crossing them, then you may experience low Battery run time.

5. What are the maintenance needs for a 36V E-bike battery?

TLH 36 volt E-bike batteries can be safely installed even if you are riding on a rough landscape.

You might need to open them for maintenance or other needs.

For this, open the lock beside the Battery acting as an attachment and then remove the Battery from the mount.

TLH 36 volt batteries can easily be mount and installed for maintenance due to their compact shape, less weight, and accurate fitting.

The lock for the battery pack is set accurately, and it holds your Battery in a steady position.

For maintenance of the battery pack, please ensure that all of the safeties are working properly.

Wash the cycle while the Battery is removed from the bike.

Check the cell balancing of your battery pack.

It would help if you used a damp cloth instead of a dry or wet cloth to clean the battery pack.

It would help if you also cleaned the terminal, sometimes carbon deposits on it, affecting your output.

Slightly grease the terminals.

You should protect the electronics of the Battery from direct water contact while washing.

The 36V E-bike battery should get charging at room temperature.

In winters, you should try to store and charge batteries at room temperature.

It would help if you also used thermal covers for the battery packs to enhance the Battery’s lifetime.

If you want to store batteries in winter, you should store them in a dry place at room temperature.

You shouldn’t store a battery pack with either full charge or full discharge; it will reduce the lifetime of the battery pack.

Our technical staff advises you to charge Battery at least 40% for the storing of E-bike battery packs.

It would help if you avoided parking of E-bike in extreme temperatures.

You should use stored batteries at least one time in two to three months.

6. What are the safeties installed in 36V E-bike battery?

Our batteries are outfitted with Battery, the management system; this empowers staggered security for your battery packs.

BMS is very productive, and it is additionally helped with a quick correspondence convention.

We have various choices for E-bicycle batteries’ quick correspondence convention, like CANBUs, ETHERNET, PROFIBUS, and so on

These correspondence conventions empower effective correspondence to react to any blame.

Our batteries have assurances for voltage and current floods.

We have assurances for impeding.

TLH E-bike battery packs have safeties against the working of batteries at extraordinary temperatures.

We have a voltage controller to guarantee a smooth stock of voltage to your Electric bicycle.

The Battery’s system trips the framework when it observes a shortcoming in it.

We have introduced a cell adjusting framework in the batteries to guarantee legitimate charging and release of battery packs.

We can likewise introduce modified modifications on your demand.

Tell us about your applications, and we will propose to you all potential safeties for them.

7. What are the specifications for a 36V E-bike battery?

Our clients generally ask us about the battery framework with the most un-complex correspondence; for this, we have prepared our Electric bicycle batteries with the computerized correspondence convention.

CANBUS and UART are models; through this framework, you can have a baud pace of 1mbps.

For the most part, our group requests that you characterize us correspondence convention for your battery communication framework.

Yet, in the event that you’re not mindful of one, at that point, our clients will plan BMS with CANBUS, UART, or SMBUS as indicated by your necessity and request.

Our batteries have a more drawn-out lifetime; ordinarily, it relies on individuals’ utilization, yet on normal, they give ideal outcomes for a very long time.

Our batteries have more than 600 lifecycles which will bring about higher productivity for your gadget.

TLH gives lifetime backing to its clients just as we give you batteries guarantee of at any rate a year, and we may stretch out this term to two years on the solicitation of clients.

Clients, for the most part, furnish us with BMS and 3D plans for electric bicycle batteries; however, on the off chance that you don’t have this office, at that point, there isn’t anything to stress over in light of the fact that our specialized group is here to plan BMS plan and 3D drawings according to your prerequisite.

36v Electric bike Battery installation

Figure 3 Electric bike Battery installation

When you affirm the plan and drawings, TLH designers will also reexamine in the subsequent rendition.

Our electric bicycle batteries are furnished with productive cells to make your Battery solid and dependable, and we use cells from much-referred to organizations, for example, Samsung, Chinese, Panasonic and LG, and so forth

We get cells either straightforwardly from their industrial facility outlets or their authoritatively perceived vendors.

As TLH offers an answer for high voltage and energy charge, we try to give you proficient safety to guarantee your wellbeing.

TLH offers over-voltage, inner short out, warm burden, and considerably more to its batteries to guarantee the protected working of electric bicycle batteries for your gadgets and clients.

Alongside it, we offer an electric center of extraordinary quality alongside a BMS defensive plate to stay away from cheat just as over-release; this will, in the end, prompt a long life for your E-bicycle battery.

Our electric bicycle batteries have a battery level pointer in the type of LED, this will make an exact presentation for Battery remaining force, you can get the warning for charging time, and it will likewise maintain a strategic distance from shut down of force while riding.

We can likewise offer waterproof packaging alongside a hard plastic shell, which makes our batteries better, as thought about, than conventional batteries.

Our electric bicycle batteries accompany wellbeing keys, so you don’t have to stress over taking electric bicycle batteries.

Our electric bicycle batteries set best for open-air exercises since it has a USB port to charge your other electronic gadgets.

We offer assorted shape and plan batteries, you need to contact it, and we will plan the battery shape according to your necessity, regardless of how reduced and thick it is.

We offer a charged season of three to eight hours per your necessities, and we can modify charge time according to your need.

We give a great electric bicycle battery charger, so don’t accuse your batteries of customary charges since it will affect its cell cycle life.

Our batteries are easy to introduce and charge. It gives a lot of force and holds the charge well.

TLH Electric bike batteries are equipped with IEC62133, UN38.3, ISO 9001:2015, CE, UL 2054 Certifications; this keeps electric batteries fit for clients everywhere in the world.

8. What are the applications of a 36V E-bike battery?

36V electric bike batteries have various applications.

These batteries have high voltage and power output; hence they have diverse applications.

These batteries fit best for mountain riders, rugged landscape, touring, and sports.

9. How can we replace 36V E-bike battery cells?

The replacement of an electric battery pack relies upon various components, for example, the edge measurements of the bicycle.

Over half of the city electric bikes have their batteries mounted on a transporter rack.

At the same time, trailblazing bicycles have their batteries put on a down tube.

You can likewise tweak batteries’ situation; TLH batteries are very minimized and lighter in weight; subsequently, they can be set effectively anyplace on a bicycle.

At the same time, there are three unique kinds of engines set in E-bicycle.

The two most normal kinds of center engines utilized in electric bikes are brushed and brushless.

For more data on the best way to supplant a battery to your bicycle, if it’s not too much trouble, visit the accompanying video.

10. What is the performance of a 36V E-bike battery in extreme temperatures?

TLH electric bikes give optimum operation beyond room temperature.

Lithium batteries have good efficiency as compare to other rechargeable chemical composition batteries at extreme temperatures.

Although the 36V E-bike battery has resistance to high temperature, you still try to keep E-bike close to room temperature.

If you are continuously exposing the battery packs to extreme temperatures, it might damage the battery cells.

36v Electric batteries placements

Figure 4 Electric batteries placements

You should even store your electric bike batteries at room temperatures.

Performance is inversely proportional to extreme temperatures.

You should consult the user manual for optimum Battery working temperature range.

If you want batteries for extreme temperature usage, then let us know about it; we will use thermal covers for the battery packs.

11. How can we use chargers for 36V E-bike batteries from different manufacturers?

It is recommended not to use chargers of other manufacturers because they aren’t manufactured according to your battery specifications and features.

In case you are in dire need of charging your battery pack with other chargers, then you must match charger specifications.

You should check the charge rate, voltage, ampere, and power output of the charger.

You should monitor the Battery management system while charging battery packs with other chargers so that you can avoid overcharging and other faults.

12. What precautions must be taken for a 36V E-bike battery?

Right off the bat, attempt to try not to energize the electric battery pack to its full capacity.

Electric bicycle batteries debase with the progression of time.

By charging them at high voltages will allow them to corrupt fastly.

Likewise, charge it completely just when you have the arrangement to go riding.

You should be charged it to full once in seven days to keep up the charge equilibrium of the cells.

This will likewise bring about upgrading the general limit of the Battery.

Counsel your client manual and adhere to its guidelines as it were.

You ought to likewise abstain from completely releasing. Charge your battery when it is in the middle of 25-half.

You should have week-by-week and month-to-month cycles for support for your e-bicycle.

This will not debilitate your battery energy.

Continuously attempt to coordinate your battery particulars and highlights with your excursion intricacies.

In the event that you abuse the battery highlights, it could prompt uncommon mistakes.

As an extra note for the colder season, guarantee your Battery is above freezing prior to charging, else you could hurt the cells. It is no issue to ride the bike under freezing conditions (it doesn’t hurt the Battery); basically, guarantee you let the battery warm-up prior to charging.

Right, when you are riding in a freezing environment, you will see a drop in power and come to; this is run of the mill and expected.

You can help avoid this by bringing the Battery inside when you’re not riding to keep the Battery’s temperature up.

That way, you will get that extra piece of force!

Just as the limit of your Battery is portrayed above, right support will basically construct its future.

An inside and out kept-up lithium battery will last around three to five years; however, an ineffectually kept-up battery can be genuinely hurt over just one season or sooner.

13. How can TLH help us grab the best deal for a 36V E-bike battery?

There is an overall standard in the electric world, and it applies to Electric bicycle batteries; that is, more voltage is equivalent to more power.

Assembling of Electric bicycle batteries is typically 24v,36v,48v; however, TLH offers batteries in 52v and 72v batteries.

TLH Electric bicycle battery makers need to give an ideal proportion of force and cost, so most usually, 36-volt batteries are utilized in electric bicycles of 24V.

Most providers either offer batteries that range from 24 volts to 48 volts or provide a significant expense estimate for higher force batteries.

36v ebike battery Features of Electric bike batteries

Figure 5 Features of Electric bike batteries

All things considered, TLH gave you a tweaked arrangement at a practical rate for batteries up to 72 volts.

As a rule, batteries in excess of 48 volts are risky for human wellbeing, and any methods for carelessness can cost a daily existence.

TLH gives you the most secure and robust arrangement with a year guarantee and lifetime backing to guarantee your wellbeing.

We are consistently accessible to comprehend your different reasonable requirements for electric Batteries like cell mix, voltages variety, battery size, cycle life, temperature change, charging, and releasing time.

14. What is your experience in the manufacturing of a 36V E-bike battery?

We are the main maker of E-bicycle Battery packs, and we are in this industry for more than ten years.

We have clients’ arrangements of encounters from wherever on the planet.

TLH is making efficient electric batteries for over ten years, our social occasion is amazingly capable, and we oblige the cutting edge world’s necessities.

Our mind-blowing E-bike battery packs have profitable correspondences, for example, UART, CANBUS, Ethernet, and Bluetooth.

Our E-bike Battery packs are outrageous for unpalatable use; in any case, you should dependably check the Battery’s manual to consider quite far.

15. What are the payment procedures for the purchase of a 36V E-bike battery?

We don’t take any payments for the sample production.

Once the sample is approved then we move to the next stage of production.

Usually, we consider taking a 30% payment before the bulk production of battery packs.

Once the production is done and battery packs are packed, then we ask for a further 70% payment before shipping.

We take payments through Paypal, VISA, UNION PAY, Payoneer.

If you are a new customer and want payment security, you can also place an order through our Alibaba store.

Alibaba offers trade assurance that protects your payments.