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  • Over 10 years custom ebike battery manufacturing experience
  • Over 500 ebike battery customized projects in the past 10 years
  • International ebike battery after-sales agents in the UK, Germany, and USA
  • Our sales director lead our team to support your complex custom electric bike battery project

TLH Ebike Battery Certifications to Ensure The Quality

Your best custom ebike battery manufacturer

TLH battery has crossed crests and troughs on custom ebike battery projects development which brings us valuable experience on product design and communication.

We can save your time during your product development.

We can supply standard hot sales electric bicycle batteries. With our battery technology accumulation, we have spent much and money on technology research. We are focusing on offering you a smart custom ebike battery solution.

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Custom Any Ebike Battery for Your Brand

Your Reliable Smart Ebike Battery Manufacturer to Your Individual Design
24V ebike battery
With thin electric bike case
36V ebike battery
Suitable for 250W ,500W or 750W motor
48V ebike battery
Supply matched 54.6V 2A or 4A charger for 48V ebike battery.
52V ebike battery
52V ebike battery has more powerful than 48V electric bike battery.
72V Ebike Battery Manufacturer for Your Motorcycle

Strict Quality Control Process for Each ebike Battery Order

  • Some new ebike battery solutions, we will test your sample with our electric bike in our side
  • Our PE engineer modify our battery craft in period time
  • Each ebike battery will do charge and discharge aging testing before shipment
  • To ensure the quality,10% of your order will do fall drop test

TLH -Your Reliable Ebike Battery Supplier in China

TLH battery has over 15 years of producing ebike battery. We can provide you hot sale electric bike batteries but also smart custom ebike battery with CANBUS , UART. Our batteries are export to the USA, Canada, Israel, and Europe.

You also can realize your unique battery case through our team. The voltage is from 24V,36V,48V,52V, and 72V for any capacity.

Our hot electric bike battery types have a downtube, sliver fish, water bottle, rear rack,Sandro, and some new type ebike batteries in 2020.

To ensure our electric bicycle batteries to support high discharge current, we will design the battery management system for your battery.

Our ebike battery can support the watt of your motor is 250W -3000W.

You also can buy some type ebike batteries in our wholesaler in the United Kingdom. Help you gain the electric bike market is our faith. If you have a big order or further cooperation with us, you can send us an inquiry!

Custom Ebike Battery FAQ Guide

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