Custom Ebike Battery Manufacturer

  • ISO Standard Working Environment to Guarantee All Packs Same Performance
  • 15 years of experience in the ebike battery industry with extensive knowledge
  • 24V/36V/48V/52V/72V Ebike battery, Long range, Low weight, Easy to charge
  • International ebike battery after-sales agents in the UK, Germany, and the USA

Our Service Key Figures

  • TLH Custom battery Experiences 17 + Years In the
  • TLH Custom battery collaborating partners 500 + Collaboration
  • TLH Custom battery Online Service 24 Hours Online
  • TLH Custom battery Pack Solution 1 Day Battery Packs
  • Custom battery Experiences 2 Weeks Received

Full-Service Ebike Battery Suppliers

  • We are full-service custom electric bike builders with complete design and engineering capabilities.
  • On all projects, we work closely with customers from the first design concept through prototyping and testing to large-scale manufacturing from our facilities in China.
  • We are focusing on offering you a smart electric bike battery solution. The high-quality, long-lasting ebike batteries from TLH combine high energy density, compact size, and lightweight.


Custom lithium battery for ebike

Developed using the latest technologies and innovations to promote long durability
24V ebike battery
charge cycles last in between 600-1000 charge cycles
36V ebike battery
For top-quality replacement batteries for electric bikes,Quality and durability
48V ebike battery
Batteries for 750W, 1000W mid-drive motor and 700W hub-drive motor
52V ebike battery
52V ebike battery has more powerful than 48V electric bike battery
For 2800W 2500W 2000W 1500W 1000W Ebike, Motorcycle, Scooter, Trike, Go-Kart

Strict Quality Control For Your Diy Ebike Battery

  • We are industry leaders in the engineering and manufacturing of ebike batteries, focusing on ebike battery packs.
  • Being ISO 9001:2015 certified ensures our battery packs are consistently manufactured to high standards and rigorously tested to surpass your expectations.
  • Our PE engineer modifies our battery craft in time, and the battery sample will be thoroughly checked 100%.


The China’s Leading Manufacturer

  • 15 years of Experience in Custom Solutions
  • Over 500 Successful Cases
  • 100% After-Sales Support


  • All Battery cells will pass rigorous testing
  • All Battery Packs are Certified and are compliant with regulatory and safety requirements
  • Cells of Samsung, Sony, LG, and Panasonic are used widely for battery packs.


  • Custom assembly design and engineering assistance
  • Quick turn-around on battery assemblies(15-30Days)
  • Packaging According to Hazardous Materials Handling policy


  • We Make Battery packs with updated battery cells
  • Consistent, reliable, top-performance cells from the industry’s highest quality suppliers.
  • Tested and proven design

Safety Regulations

Getting Safety certifications for Lithium battery packs now become a compulsory step. We will help you to get all the necessary certificates, some of the commonly known ones are listed below:
UN 38.3   IEC 62133    UL 2054   MSDS



1. What are the Advantages of TLH electric bike batteries?
TLH maintains the concept of environmental protection and energy saving and can provide you with the most affordable high-performance ebike batteries.
2. What are the different types of motors in an E-bike?
3. What are the quality checks and certifications for manufacturing Electric bike batteries?
We have outfitted our cycle with IEC62133, UN38.3, ISO 9001:2015, CE, and UL 2054 Certifications.
4. What are the specifications and features of your Electric bike batteries?
We offer diverse shapes and designs of batteries, you just need to contact with it and we will design the battery shape as per your requirement, no matter how compact and dense it is.
5. What are the different types of batteries in an e-bike battery?
Downtube battery, Polly battery,hailong battery, Frog battery, Rectangle battery, rear rack battery, silverfish battery, triangle battery, water bottle battery,21700 ebike battery
6. What do you offer in Electrical bike batteries?
We have state-of-the-art smart electric bike batteries for wholesalers or battery manufacturers who are looking for efficient battery performance along with high-performing communication systems.
7. What care should be taken for TLH E-bike batteries?
Charge once a week, and avoid charging up to a hundred % so that it can result in enhancing the overall capacity of the battery. You should also avoid fully discharging. Charge your battery when it is in between 25-50%.
8. What is the Development Time for Your Ebike Battery Pack?
development time for custom battery packs solution
9. How long does it take to charge an Electric battery?
Charge time depends on the type and combination of cells. Voltage and energy charge are also factors to affect the charge time.
10. What factors impact the life of an electric bike battery?
Use of right gear at the right time, Weight of the rider and extra load, Terrain conditions, Frequent stops, Pressure in tires, Air dynamics, Weather, Electric bike motor.
11. How would you ship E-bike batteries to your desired address?
You have to discuss shipping options with us, and if you want your freight forwarder to deal with it, then we can give you EXW rates. If you wish transportation to the nearest port, then we can offer FOB rates. If you are interested in getting delivered on your doorsteps, then opt for the DDP rate.