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  • Over 16 years custom ebike battery manufacturing experience
  • Over 500 ebike battery customized projects in the past 16 years
  • International ebike battery after-sales agents in the UK, Germany, and USA
  • Our sales director lead our team to support your complex custom electric bike battery project

TLH Ebike Battery Certifications to Ensure The Quality

Your best custom ebike battery manufacturer

TLH battery has crossed crests and troughs on custom ebike battery projects development which brings us valuable experience on product design and communication.

We can save your time during your product development.

We can supply standard hot sales electric bicycle batteries. With our battery technology accumulation, we have spent much and money on technology research. We are focusing on offering you a smart custom ebike battery solution.

Let’s start your custom ebike batteries inquiry.


Custom Any Ebike Battery for Your Brand

Your Reliable Smart Ebike Battery Manufacturer to Your Individual Design
24V ebike battery
With thin electric bike case
36V ebike battery
Suitable for 250W ,500W or 750W motor
48V ebike battery
Supply matched 54.6V 2A or 4A charger for 48V ebike battery.
52V ebike battery
52V ebike battery has more powerful than 48V electric bike battery.
72V Ebike Battery Manufacturer for Your Motorcycle

Strict Quality Control Process for Each ebike Battery Order

  • Some new ebike battery solutions, we will test your sample with our electric bike in our side
  • Our PE engineer modify our battery craft in period time
  • Each ebike battery will do charge and discharge aging testing before shipment
  • To ensure the quality,10% of your order will do fall drop test

TLH -Your Reliable Ebike Battery Supplier in China

TLH battery has over 15 years of producing ebike battery. We can provide you hot sale electric bike batteries but also smart custom ebike battery with CANBUS , UART. Our batteries are export to the USA, Canada, Israel, and Europe.

You also can realize your unique battery case through our team. The voltage is from 24V,36V,48V,52V, and 72V for any capacity.

Our hot electric bike battery types have a downtube, sliver fish, water bottle, rear rack,Sandro, and some new type ebike batteries in 2020.

To ensure our electric bicycle batteries to support high discharge current, we will design the battery management system for your battery.

Our ebike battery can support the watt of your motor is 250W -3000W.

You also can buy some type ebike batteries in our wholesaler in the United Kingdom. Help you gain the electric bike market is our faith. If you have a big order or further cooperation with us, you can send us an inquiry!


We are providing our customers with electric bike batteries for more than 15 years.

TLH is working for over 15  years to continue furnishing you with inventive thoughts and innovative arrangements.

Here are our generally normal and frequently posed inquiries; we have summarized their solutions for your help to choose what stands best for your gadgets.

1. What do you offer in Electrical bike batteries?

Our technical team is producing electric bikes for more than five years according to the needs of customers.

This experience has let us design and innovate even the most complex solutions for Electric bike batteries.

We have transformed not only the electric bike batteries but also provided the most economical solutions for your businesses.

We offer complete customized orders for our customers. Following are the details of our products;

We have state of the art smart electric bike batteries for wholesalers or battery manufacturers who are looking for an efficient battery performance along with high performing communication systems.

We have equipped this category with the latest and fast communication protocol.

Customers usually consume two types of batteries in smart electric bike batteries.

If retail customers or device manufacturer are demanding batteries of 250-500 watts and you need an efficient communication protocol based, then we are here to provide you with a dynamic solution of electric batteries based on UART communication protocol.

If you are looking for higher baud rate communication protocol as well as batteries of high power, then you should look for a smart battery type based on CANBUS communication protocol.

You can set the customized baud rate for your batteries. Baud rate can vary from 10Kbps to 1Mbps.

This battery is efficient for the devices having fast communications.

If you want to learn how UART communication works and how efficient it could be, then please visit the following video.

Figure 2 CANBUS based Electric battery

If you want to learn how CANBUS communication works and how efficient it could be, then please visit the following video.

We have received a lot of inquiries for the batteries of E-bike board, rescue vehicle, and police patrol vehicles.

For this, our technical team has designed efficient 24-volt batteries, our team is available if you want us to make customized 3d design of your battery.

TLH is offering a mega warranty of 24 months, if you are a wholesaler or product manufacturer, then this battery has an efficient working as well as long durability warranty, which will increase end customers confidence in you.

Figure 3 24 Volt Electric battery

For working on electric batteries, please visit the following video.

Figure 4 36 volts Electric battery

Your customers frequently inquire you about electric bike batteries providing voltages in between 42 volts to 30 volts.

For this, our engineering team has designed batteries of 36 volts, these batteries provide an average of 36 volt and maximum output is 42 volt while it has a minimum output of 30 volts.

This dynamic battery caters solution for cargo bikes, hailing electric bikes, small water bottle batteries.

We offer customized energy charge specifications to you, we also provide different customized shape for this rating of battery so that they can set best according to your customers need.

Our lithium-ion batteries are light and durable along with longer battery life.

TLH provide a long warranty of 12 to 24 months for this type of batteries so that you can inquire us whenever you face any problem in batteries.

Please visit the following video link for 36-volt battery understanding.

From the past few years, we have received a lot of inquires for larger volt rating batteries, our designed team has fabricated some exceptional models in the 48-volt battery category.

We have equipped these batteries with a digital communication protocol such as UART and CANBUS.

We have introduced an efficient battery monitoring system, which will enable your customers to have efficient control on current flow from the battery,  this will enable longer life for your devices such as motor, actuators, etc

We have the ability to provide a vertical supply chain, from single cells to pack/module and a complete power solution with BMS.

The battery capacity and dimension can customize according to your request.

This customization is also available for 52 volt and 72-volt batteries.

Usually, most of the manufacturers doesn’t cater the needs of these batteries due to its complexities and less demand, but TLH offers you dynamic solutions at very reasonable rates so that you can provide your customers with quality and competitive pricing.

Figure-5  48 volt working phenomenon

For further understanding of 48-volt electric batteries, please visit the following video link.

52 Volts working electric battery-ELECTRICAL BIKES BATTERIES

Figure 6  52 Volts working electric battery

For an overview of a working 52 Volt electric bike battery, please visit the following link.

Do you need a unique battery? We construct batteries to your prerequisites, supply lithium cells for do-it-without anyone’s help set up, and we additionally fix your old battery.

  • Appraised voltages  such as 24v36v48v52v70v
  • various shapes, for example, to find a way into a lodging or pack
  • Adjusting different cells into timeworn battery lodgings
  • Lithium cells as well as its accessories with preferred electrical specifications

Hence you don’t need to be a specialist: We will have the best answer to satisfy your necessities.

Please send us an email about your thoughts or call us.

2.What are the specifications and features of your Electric bike batteries?

We have a range of batteries from 24 volts to 72 volts, for information related to our products please visit our website or see the FAQs section for Electric bike batteries.

Our customers usually inquire us about the battery system with the least complex communication, for this, we have equipped our Electric bike batteries with the digital communication protocol.

CANBUS and UART are one of their examples, through this system you can have a baud rate of 1mbps.

Usually, our team ask you to define us communication protocol for your battery monitoring system, but in case you aren’t aware of one, then our customers will design BMS with CANBUS, UART or SMBUS according to your requirement and demand.

Our batteries have a longer lifetime, usually, it depends upon the usage of individual, but on average they give optimum results for 2 years, our batteries have more than 600 lifecycles which will result in higher efficiency for your device.

Figure 8 CANBUS based batteries electric batteries

For detailed information of specs, please click on this.

Figure 9 UART based batteries specifications

TLH provides lifetime support to its customers as well as we provide you batteries warranty of at least 12 months and we may extend this duration to 24 months on the request of customers.

Customers usually provide us with BMS and 3D designs for electric bike batteries, but in case you don’t have this facility, then there is nothing to worry about because our technical team is here to design BMS design and 3D drawings as per your requirement.

Once you approve the design and drawings, then TLH engineers will further revise in the second version.

Our electric bike batteries are equipped with efficient cells to make your battery durable and long-lasting, we use cells from much-known companies such as Samsung, Chinese, Panasonic and LG etc.

We get cells either directly from their factory outlets or their officially recognized dealers.

As TLH offer solution for high voltage and energy charge, so we make sure to provide you with efficient safeties to ensure your safety.

TLH offers over-voltage, internal short circuit, thermal-load and much more to its batteries to ensure the safe working of electric bike batteries for your devices and customers.

Along with it, we offer an electric core of great quality along with BMS protective plate to avoid overcharge as well as over-discharge, this will eventually lead to a long life for your E-bike battery.

Our electric bike batteries have battery level indicator in form of LED, this will make a precise display for battery remaining power, you can get the notification for charging time and it will also avoid shut down of power while riding.

We can also offer waterproof casing along with a hard plastic shell, which makes our batteries superior as compared to traditional batteries.

Our electric bike batteries come with safety keys, so you don’t need to worry about stealing of electric bike batteries.

Our electric bike batteries set best for outdoor activities because it has a USB port to charge your other electronic devices.

We offer diverse shape and design batteries, you just need to contact with it and we will design the battery shape as per your requirement, no matter how compact and dense it is.

We offer charge time of three to eight hours according to your requirements, we can customize charge time as per your need.

We provide high-quality electric bike batteries charger, so don’t charge your batteries with traditional charges because it will impact on its cells cycle life.

Our batteries are simple to install and charge. It provides plenty of power and holds the charge well.

We have outfitted our cycle with IEC62133, UN38.3, ISO 9001:2015, CE, UL 2054 Certifications, this makes our product fit for customers all over the world.



3.What are the Advantages of TLH electric bike batteries?

TLH offers diverse and multiple solutions for voltages and energy charge for your devices. We are offering voltages ranging from 24 Volt to 72 Volt.

We have multiple different energy charge values under each battery category. Please visit FAQs page or follow this link to further know about our products specifications.

TLH objective is to have safe and environmental protection solutions for our customers. Our solutions have stable battery performance.

Also, products are equipped with essential safeties to avoid any mean of harm to end customer or your device.

We are a reliable solution for your product. TLH aggressive testing for every step of production ensures maximum safety.

TLH have firm lifetime support along with at least 12 months warranty to our prestigious customers. Electric bike batteries utilize safety locks which keeps your battery safe from any robbery.

TLH batteries are straightforward to assemble, compact to fit and easy to disassemble.

Our batteries have a USB port to charge your electronic devices.

Likewise, we have an efficient Battery management system to ensure a long and durable lifetime of the battery.

We use rechargeable batteries in electric bikes which can travel from 25 to 45 km/hr, this is much faster as compared to traditional bikes, this enables you to reach at your destination in the least time in a better shape.

Our electric bike batteries are cheap, energy-saving and environment-friendly, this is good for your pocket, to your surroundings as well as to your health

Electric batteries in bikes have enables the technology of “pedal-assist”. This is used to boost your pedaling and is integrated with bike batteries, electric batteries have lead innovation in electric bikes.

Our electric bike batteries cater needs of all the problems related to electric bikes, this enables a better cycling experience for people of all ages.

On the off chance that you utilize the E-bicycle rather than an engine vehicle, it will set aside your cash over the long haul.

Petroleum and diesel are exorbitant in many nations, and intermittent value floods can truly affect your spending plan.

While with E-bicycles, you can purchase moderate batteries which can last you 18-50 miles after a full charge contingent upon the degree of help you use.

With improving technology, we are innovating our batteries every day to accommodate your needs and battery requirements.

Figure 11 Electric bike vs conventional bike

4.How long does it take to charge an Electric battery?

There isn’t any particular answer for these queries, because there are several factors to determine before analyzing charge time.

Charge time depends on the type and combination of cells. Voltage and energy charge are also factors to affect the charge time.

So, it would be best if you discuss your device specifications from our technical team.

What business options do you have for E-bike batteries?

Scientists have explained that in the next 30-50 years, we will run out of significant resources of fossil fuels.

Hence we should work on alternative energy resources. Electric batteries are the best alternative to fulfil energy demands.

This is the right opportunity for you to dive in and explore the energy needs of electronics, vehicles and energy.

Once you have identified the energy gap, then you can get in touch with our technical team, and we can decide the best battery solution for your business.

We acknowledge and inspire such organizations, and we help out such organizations to give them the best rates and offices to advance environmentally friendly power energy.

5.What are the quality checks and certifications for manufacturing Electric bike batteries?

We have set strict guidelines for quality review; you can observer them actually by visiting our assembling cycle.

We have outfitted our cycle with IEC62133, UN38.3, ISO 9001:2015, CE, UL 2054 Certifications.

For the barrier-free transportation of batteries, we have fortified TLH with IEC 62133.

From March 2012 onwards, Worldwide Electrotechnical Commission has made IEC 62133 affirmation necessary for the transportation of Lithium-particle battery pack.

Electric battery pack needs checks for stuns, vibrations, warm opposition, and air wellbeing travel; for this, we have UL 2054.

Under test un38.3 electric batteries pack must get through the high simulation as well as high-low temperature cycles.

Alongside it, the vibration test and effect tests are performed to ensure safety. TUV ISO 9001 is known as the worldwide standard that shows necessities for a quality organization structure (QMS).

For satisfying your necessities, we generally get the endorsement of test battery packs from you to remove any odds for mistakes.

6.How would you ship E-bike batteries to your desired address?

We have our E-store on Alibaba.

You can get in touch through the world safest online store. We offer FOB, EXW, DDP shipping rates to you.

We have global certifications for the transport of electric batteries.

You have to discuss shipping options with us, and if you want your freight forwarder to deal with it, then we can give you EXW rates.

If you wish to transportation to the nearest port, then we can offer FOB rates. If you are interested in getting delivers on your doorsteps, then opt for DDP rate.

If you are looking for any other shipping plan, then do contact us, we are 24/7 available for our customers.

Shipping a package from China to your desired address isn’t very complicated.

  1. We weigh your package:

We make sure that your package is the optimal weight.

The package should not be more or less than the required weight.

If the package weighs more than 1 CBM, then you should consider delivering through sea freight, and that would be much cost-effective.

7.What is the engineering and management support from TLH for Electric Battery Pack?

TLH’s planning group underpins you directly from the most punctual beginning stage till the last second and urges you to comprehend your particular idea into an electric battery pack.

TLH’s planning bunch is reliably set up to help you during your electric battery pack’s arranging and amassing cycle.

Our planning boss has excellent solutions with over a time of contribution with hardware and programming BMS arranging, drives the planning gathering.

The planning bunch includes significantly experienced designers.

Electric battery pack planning help plans 3D drawings of your custom electric battery pack.

Our planning gathering can give the principle 3D representation of your solicitation inside 24 hours.

The planning bunch is furthermore obligated for developing the model for your solicitation.

It likewise completes the model through different evaluations before the mass making of your case can begin.

Usually, battery shipping is complicated and much of the manufacturers doesn’t offer its shipping.

But TLH has made battery shipping from china is possible, but it requires a special set of knowledge regarding batteries specifications and features.

It requires special handling, packaging, and shipping, and we will let you know about some of the most satisfactory solutions so that you can worry-free get your goods.

8.What care should be taken for TLH E-bike batteries?

Firstly, try to avoid charging up to a hundred %.

Electric bike batteries degrade with the passage of time.

By charging them at high voltages will let them degrade fastly.

Also, charge it fully only when you have the plan to go riding.

It would be best if you charged it to full once in a week so that it can maintain the charge balance of the cells.

This will also result in enhancing the overall capacity of the battery.

Consult your user manual and follow its instructions only.

You should also avoid fully discharging. Charge your battery when it is in between 25-50%.

It would be best if you have weekly and monthly cycles for maintenance for your e-bike.

This won’t exhaust your battery energy.

Always try to match you battery specifications and features with your journey complexities.

If you overuse the battery features, then it could lead to unusual errors.

As an additional note for the colder time of year season, ensure your battery is above freezing before charging, else you could hurt the cells. It is no issue to ride the bicycle in underneath freezing conditions (it doesn’t hurt the battery), simply ensure you let the battery warm-up before charging.

At the point when you are riding in freezing climate, you will see a drop in force and reach; this is typical and anticipated.

You can help stay away from this by bringing the battery inside at whatever point you’re not riding to keep the temperature of the battery up.

That way you will get that additional piece of intensity!

Right maintenance as well as the capacity of your battery as described above will essentially build its life expectancy.

An all-around kept up lithium battery will last around three to five years, though an ineffectively kept up battery can be seriously harmed over only one season or sooner.

9.What factors impact the life of an electric bike battery?

Many factors affect the life of an electric bike battery, but it also depends on how you take care of your battery.

Figure 14 Electric bike

1)Use of right gear at the right time
The most common mistake the electric bike owners make is that they rely on the electric assistance and forget about switching the gears this drains the electric bike battery resulting in a much shorter life.

Expending the right equipment at the correct time saves the battery life significantly.

2)Weight of the rider and extra load
Another dominant factor is the rider’s weight and the extra load the rider is carrying with him.

The more the rider’s weight is, the more energy would be required by the engine from the battery hence leading to excessive draining of the electric bike battery.

3)Terrain conditions
Another factor would be the terrain conditions.

On an elevated or mountainous terrain, the engine would require more power from the battery while on flat terrain the energy expenditure would be relatively less.

4)Frequent stops
Frequent stops and starts demand a lot of energy power so when you are about to start riding you should switch to a lower gear to help your bike to take a start, instead of using the highest assistance level.

This will provide a slow start, but it will significantly impact battery life.

5)Pressure in tires
Keeping your bike’s tire pumped up is another significant thing that most of the bike owners do not give much importance.

Low-pressure tires mean that now the engine has to work much harder, which consequently leads to the significant drainage of the battery.

Hence, to elongate the battery’s life, it is essential to maintain proper pressure of tires.

6)Air dynamics
If you ride your bike in an upright position, it will be hard to accelerate and maintain a high speed this means that you are relying on the assistance to help you gain the rate which will in return drain the battery much faster.

Similarly, if you make a posture that allows you to splash through the wind, then it would require relatively less assistance from the battery.

Batteries do not work well in extreme weather conditions, whether it is too hot or too cold.

You will find that they have the most significant life span in mild weather conditions.

This means that a battery that bears extreme cold of winters will have much less life than the same battery used at a temperature of, e.g. 15°C.

8)Electric bike motor
Type of motor has a significant impact on the battery’s life; more powerful engines demand more energy power from a storm.

10.How would TLH management cooperate with us and what technical help for E-bike we should expect from TLH?

There is a general rule in the electric world, and it applies for Electric bike batteries, too, that is, more voltage is equal to more power.

Manufacturing of Electric bike batteries is usually 24v,36v,48v, but TLH offers batteries in 52v, and 72v batteries.

TLH Electric bike battery manufacturers want to provide an optimum ratio of power and cost, so most commonly, 36-volt batteries are used in electric bikes of 24V.

Most suppliers either offer batteries that range from 24 volts to 48 volts or quote a high price for higher power batteries.

Still, TLH gave you a customized solution at a very economical rate for batteries up to 72 volts.

Usually, batteries more than 48 volts are hazardous for human health, and any means of negligence can cost a life.

TLH provides you with the safest and durable solution with 12 months warranty and lifetime support to ensure your safety.

We are always available to understand your diverse practical needs for electric battery such as cell combination, voltages variation, battery size, cycle life, temperature change, charging, and discharging time.

11.What are the different types of motors in an E-bike?

The two most regular kinds of centre engines utilized in electric bikes are brushed and brushless.
Numerous designs are accessible, fluctuating in expense and unpredictability; direct-drive and outfitted engine units are both utilized.
There are mainly three types of motor locations in an electric bike as described below.
One of them is Front hub, which is located on the front tire, while another location is the rear hub, they provide power from the back to the bike, they provide the more natural effect.
Lastly, mid-drive position, in this location motor is placed in the mid of cycle.

Figure 16 Battery location in an electric bike.

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