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  • 15 years of experience in the battery industry with extensive knowledge.
  • ISO Standard Working Environment to Guarantee All Packs Same Performance
  • TLH R&D team can develop CANBUS, UART, and SMBUS communication for your Custom Li-ion Battery Pack Solution
  • 100% On-Time Delivery for Custom Battery Solution

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Your reliable OEM Manufacturer of Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack

As one broad mind OEM battery pack manufacturer for over 15 years, we support our customer’s OEM service for different product applications. With much OEM battery technology, your OEM battery solution can gain the market fast and get higher profit. We accumulate the experience of how to deep test your OEM battery solution to reduce the complaints from your customers.

OEM Battery Pack For Your Application

Diamond quality,made by Samsung ,Panasonic cells With CE and UL certificates
12V 100Ah 18650 Rechargeable Battery
Communication protocol - CANBUS ,UART Design battery pack according to your technical request
14.8V 15.6AH Lithium ion Battery Pack for ROV
High waterproof function in battery design , Custom battery shapes
24V 7.8Ah Li ion Battery For Electric Golf Trolley
First class quality raw materials selection standard Strict production process control

Strict Quality Control Process for each OEM Battery Pack

  • Rich engineering experience understand your OEM battery pack
  • Strict all materials inspection standard
  • Before bulk production, the prototype samples will be confirmed by you.
  • All the batteries will be 100% tested by our QC staff.
  • Any change in the materials, you will be noticed in advance.

TLH -Your trust OEM Battery Pack Supplier in China

TLH battery has owned 15 years OEM battery pack experience for many industries application.

We have much experience in designing OEM battery packs for electric bicycles, electric surfboards, storage systems, medical devices, cleaning machines, drones, power tools, and medical devices.

Our electrical engineers have over 5 years of knowledge in design battery management systems to your OEM battery pack.

Our OEM battery packs are produced with ISO 9001-2008 quality management standards.

Higher quality level than your expectation, our professional engineering all-around evaluate your OEM battery pack solution. We put OEM battery pack working performance first, then choose the suitable 18650 cells, BMS design, and battery technology.

100% satisfaction feedback from our customers.

If you have other requests, please contact us.


Isn’t it a real headache to get OEM battery packs with the desired specification and features for your device?
Well, we are here to provide you a complete solution to all of your queries.
TLH is working for more than a decade to keep providing you with innovative ideas and creative solutions.
Here are our most common and frequently asked questions; we have summed up their answers for your assistance to decide what stands best for your devices.

1.How do you define OEM battery packs, and how are they different from non-OEM battery packs?

OEM is known as Original Equipment Manufacturer.
This Signifies the company is the original manufacturer of the battery, and it is not provided by any third party and sold to customers under the company’s own name.
On the other hand, Non-OEM signifies the manufacturing from a third company by doing reverse engineering to the original battery chemistry.
They are neither of the same quality as of OEM battery pack nor are their performances compatible as compare to OEM battery packs.

These third companies involved aren’t trustworthy; you can’t put your trust and cost to an unreliable manufacturer.
They are neither of the same quality as OEM battery pack nor are their performances compatible compared to OEM battery packs.
If you have battery packs from such manufacturers, it might lead to your devices’ critical issues. There isn’t any warranty from such manufacturers, because they don’t have their research and development to back their designs and specifications.

2.How can you fulfill the demand for the OEM battery pack for your business?

1)Exceptional Fabrication Design
We offer précised customized design of lithium-ion batteries for you, we are known for our professional work for more than 15 years.
We offer exceptional service of 3D designed batteries within the time span of 24 hours.
Our Research team has vast experience in BMS and BMS hardware Development.
We are leading in the development of UART, CANBUS, and SMBus designing.
2) Innovative Battery Expertise
We are always available to understand your diverse practical needs for lithium-ion battery such as cell combination, voltages variation, battery size, cycle life, temperature change, charging, and discharging time.
3)Sample Approval
For fulfilling your needs, we always get the approval of sample OEM battery packs from you to cut off any chances for errors.
4)Customer Service
We keep you updated at every instance of production so that you can directly get the ground realities of progress.
We always welcome your feedback and modification requests to optimize productivity.
5)Quality Assurance
We have set strict standards for quality inspection; you can witness them physically by touring our manufacturing process.
We have equipped our process with IEC62133, UN38.3, ISO 9001:2015, CE, UL 2054 Certifications.

3.How these quality tests and certifications ensure your trust in our OEM battery pack?

For your hurdle free transportation, we have equipped our company with IEC 62133.
From March 2012 onwards, International Electrotechnical Commission has made IEC 62133 certification compulsory for the transportation of OEM Lithium-ion battery pack.
OEM battery pack needs verifications for shocks, vibrations, thermal resistance, and air safety travel; for this, we have UL 2054.
Under test un38.3 OEM batteries pack must get through the high simulation as well as high-low temperature cycles. Along with it, the vibration test and impact test is needed.
ISO 9001 is characterized as the global standard that indicates necessities for a quality administration framework (QMS).
Associations utilize the norm to exhibit the capacity to reliably give items and administrations that meet client and administrative prerequisites.

4.What are TLH OEM battery pack products for you?

We offer a diverse solution to 21st century needs. We have the following OEM battery packs solution for you.
1)Highly productive batteries for the needs of medical devices
2)Creative Batteries solution for telecommunication equipment
3)Highly innovative battery packs for ROV
4)State of the art battery packs for military needs

5.How do you fulfill our OEM battery pack demand for medical devices?

The dimensions of our medical OEM battery packs are as follows; 274*218*93(mm).
The application of medical OEM battery pack includes but is not limited to electric accessories like wheelchairs, surfboard, martin boat, backup system, etc.
We offer customized battery design for your medical equipment; we are also flexible in changing housing, which is able to bear the fall of 1.5-2 m.
Our voltages for the medical battery pack are 24 V, 36V, and 48 V.
We offer the capacity of 24.5Ah, 17.5 Ah, and 14 Ah.
We are using a combination of 7s7p, 10s5p, and 13s4p. We are using high performing cells from Samsung.

6.How do you fulfill the OEM battery pack need for telecommunication equipment?

For OEM telecommunication battery packs, we are using the communication protocol of CANBUS, and we are offering designing of UART for a battery pack according to your specifications and requirements.


Our OEM battery pack is an excellent replacement for a lead-acid battery, AGV, as well as for GEL.
We are using a unique cell type 18650 2000mAh along with smart battery technology.
Dimensions for the battery are totally customized according to your need.
We are offering one year warranty and with a life cycle of over 600 full charges.
This battery is a really fast charge, and it can be fully charged within 1-2 hours.
The battery weight is quite light, it’s approximately 7.5 kg, and it comes with a nominal capacity of 100AH and 11.1 v.
Its range for charge temperature is between 0-45 degrees. Its applications are motorcycles, home motors, robotics, etc.
We are offering high performing waterproof specs battery along with a customized shape.
It has a great application for the golf trolley. Its model is TLH-7S4P, and we have used chinses 2600mAh cells combination in it.

7.How do you fulfill our OEM battery pack requirement for ROV equipment?

Lifecycles are more than 600 times with a nominal weight of 8.4 kg, the nominal capacity is 10.4Ah, and nominal voltage stands on 24 V.
The charge time under standard charge current is approximately 4 hours.

8. How do we fulfill OEM battery pack demand for military applications?

We are offering a military OEM battery pack having strict quality control.
This battery is known for its lightweight and dimensions, which are set on 56 x 130 x 70 (mm), 960g.
We are using the cell type of Samsung 2600 mAH with a lifecycle of more or less 600 and recharge time in between 4-5 hours.
It’s nominal capacity, and voltages are 7.8 Ah and 25.2 V.
We are offering a warranty for 365 days.


9.What are the dos for your OEM battery pack?

1)For a new OEM battery pack, always make sure to fully Charge as well as to discharge fully up to 4 cycles to get full capacity.
2)For better condition of the battery, charge and discharge the battery pack fully for every 2 to 3 weeks.
3)Run the load over the power of the battery till either the device shuts down or it shows the low power indication.
Now follow manual instruction for the recharging of the battery.
4)If you aren’t using it for months and you don’t need it for a longer time, then store the OEM battery pack in a clean, dry, and low-temperature place.
5)You should recharge your battery pack according to the manual after the storage timeline.
6)To ensure optimum battery performance, maximize the management features of the device power.
7)Consult either user’s manual or get yourself connect with the customer care of TLH.

10.What are the DON’Ts for your OEM battery pack?

1)Your battery can be led to severe damage in case of a short circuit; you should have a weekly and monthly schedule of electrical and mechanical maintenance for battery packs.
2)Misusage of battery, such as Drop, hit and abuse to the battery pack may result in exposure to the corrosive cell contents.
3)Do not expose the battery to rain or moisture, which may lead to diluting the cell content, resulting in low performance of the battery pack.
4)Extreme heat or fire exposure can lead to the explosion of the battery.

11.What are the Product development stages for the OEM battery pack?

TLH follows a dynamic development timeline to you; we begin it by acquiring the OEM battery pack requirement datasheets from you.
With the analysis of the datasheet, our sales team will approach you to further clarify the company’s policies and guidelines and to understand your needs and requirements.
After it, you will provide us with BMS and 3D design; in case you are unable to provide us with 3D and BMS design, then our professional engineers are here to design BMS and 3D outlays of your OEM battery pack according to your exact requirements.

Now, our team needs communication protocol specifications from you; If you don’t have one, then our engineers will develop the most feasible protocol for you.
Our team can provide you with the best practical design of BMS, CANBUS, UART, or SMBUS.
With this, our team will provide you with the timeline for all of the development processes and will assist you with regular development reports to keep you updated for every step.
Our team then works to develop a prototype of your OEM battery pack, and we follow it with numerous tests such as temperature variation, transportation handling, moisture resistance, and dependency, as well as tests for vibration, aging is followed.
We provide you with a detailed report of your prototype, and once you are completely satisfied with the performance of prototype, then we proceed to the production stage.
Right before moving to the assembly stage, our engineers check voltage and resistance variations; once it is cleared, then we assemble your batteries using heat shrink and compact housing.
You can also request custom housing for your battery, and we can also provide you with customized packaging.
This process is followed by efficient shipping and transport to your desired address.

12.What should be your electrolyte selection criteria for an OEM battery pack?

1)Dissolution Specification
Lithium and form polymer salts complexes are required to dissolve in polar groups such as -O- C=O C=N.
2)Stability of Electrochemical
Onset potentials should have large gaps having a large window of voltage.
3)Ions Conductivity
There should be high electrical conductivity for optimum performance and to have extended storage life.
4)Thermal & chemical properties
There should be high thermal properties to bear temperature changes, and there should be stable chemical properties.
TLH offers competitive market prices, and we ensure to maximize your profit margins.
6)Mechanical Stability
A high mechanical strength ensures the greater work and storage life of your OEM battery pack.
7)Toxicity and sustainability properties
You should consider the harmful effects, and u should ensure that manufacturer doesn’t compromise on quality and standards.

13.How should you Dispose of OEM lithium-ion battery packs?

Firstly, make sure that you have fully discharged the battery pack.
Lithium-ion batteries are considered non-hazardous waste and can be disposed into the waste stream.
You can also give dispose of batteries for recycling because they contain recyclable materials.

14.What Should I consider about the shipping of lithium-ion battery packs?

You should consider following regulations while buying, selling, or shipping lithium-ion batteries.
United Nation Regulations
Lithium cells and batteries will be exposed to the tests, as needed by unique arrangements 188 and 230 of the Model Regulations preceding a specific battery or cell type vehicle.
DOT-Rule Update 9/28/06
This standard forced a restricted disallowance on contribution for transportation of essential lithium batteries and cells as the load on board traveler conveying airplane and gear containing or pressed with enormous lithium batteries.
DOT-Rule 12/15/04
This standard applies to both international and local traveler conveying airplane
entering, leaving, or working in the United States and to people offering essential lithium batteries and cells for transportation as freight on any traveler transferring airplane.

15.Are TLH OEM battery packs brand new?

Yes, every battery comes to you with a “born on” label, ensuring your new product.

16.What are the maintenance needs for the OEM battery pack?

Your OEM batteries require no big maintenance, such as effects of temperature variations and matching the liquid point.
Device connections to the battery should be firm and steady, and connections should be corrosion-free.


Check voltage levels on regular basis; if your battery shows voltage less than 13.28 V, then it’s in a state of discharge, and it needs to be a charge.
If there is a battery left in the state of discharge, then it can lead to damage or life shortened.

17.Can OEM battery packs be installed at any desired place?

Yes, your OEM battery pack can be installed at any desired place.

18.What are volts and milliamp-hours for a lithium-ion battery pack?

Lithium-ion batteries have two ratings, volts and amp-hours (AH).
Amp-hours are also known as (mAh).
Amp-hour is known as the amount of battery your battery can store.

In other words, it is known as the number of hours a battery can withstand.
MAH rating of variation is not a big problem, but voltage rating should be in a sustainable range.
Your battery rating should not exceed the rated battery rating.
For a better understanding of these concepts, please go through the following videos.

19.What is the standard lifetime of your OEM battery pack?

The battery life depends upon the charge-discharge cycle, and it sets in between 200 to 900 charge-discharge cycles.
This is the time in between 1.5 to 3 years, depending on the usage of the end customer.
If the frequency of charge and discharge cycles are more, then the battery will lose its life more rapidly.

20.How will OEM battery packs help you accelerate your renewable energy businesses?

The world is moving to renewable energy resources, and if you are an organization of renewable energy, then we are the one you are looking for.
We appreciate and motivate such businesses, and we cooperate with such businesses to provide them with the best rates and facilities to promote green energy.

21.What is the difference between Liquid and solid lithium-ion OEM battery pack?

Firstly in solid-state batteries, there are both solid electrolytes and electrodes.
On the other hand, the liquid battery pack has solid electrodes and liquid electrolyte.
Solid electrodes include polyesters, phosphates, nitrile-based, oxides, polyurethane, sulfides, etc.
The most widely used electrolyte in liquid battery packs is lithium salts in organic solvents such as LiPF6.
For your reference, please visit the following video for lithium-ion battery understanding;

22.How do you define the capacity of the OEM battery pack?

This is the amount of electricity define as the active material in the battery which can participate in the reaction of electrochemical.
This is known as the charge a battery can hold after the charging.

23.How do you define the design capacity of an OEM battery pack?

It refers to the active material present in the battery, which is used to calculate the capacity of the battery from electrochemical theory is known as design capacity.

24.What is the rated and actual capacity of an OEM Battery pack?

Rated capacity is provided by the customers, which manufacturers need to hold.
It is the requirement for the manufacturing and designing as well as the specification of charge and discharge of the battery.
On the other hand, the actual capacity is known as the discharge of a battery under particular discharge conditions.

25.Can you connect two OEM battery packs having different capacities, performance, and made?

No, this will cause an imbalance to the battery packs.
Mixing of two non-identical OEM battery packs will lead to underperformance as well as lead to battery leakage.
For Optimum results, use batteries of the same cells, voltages, brand, and chemistry

26.What are the reasons for the distorted belly of an OEM battery pack?

Following are some of the reasons for it;
1)Due to very high ambient temperature
2)Short circuit of single cell
3)Very high acid density
4)Extreme absorption of acid as well as separator quantitative deviance
5)Rupture of shell
6)Safety valve pressure is varying.

27.Why does the battery charging heat occurs in OEM battery packs?

Here are some of the reasons for battery charging heat. In batteries, we have a charging and discharging process in which chemical energy is converted to electrical energy and electrical energy is converted to chemical energy.
It is not unusual for the battery to heat up, but in times of high temperature, you should consider checking the charging current. Is it too high, or is there any short circuit on the inner side of the battery?
You should check the relationship between heat generated and the amount of the electrolyte in the battery pack.
In the case of insufficient electrolyte, the resistance of the internal battery will increase, resulting in heat up of the battery and the rise of the terminal voltage during the time of charging.
Aging and drying of the battery, as well as internal short circuits, are also the other reasons for the battery charging heat.


28.How can you increase voltage output and capacity by the arrangement of OEM battery packs?

We use a series combination of OEM battery packs to add up voltages; each cell sums up to the desired voltage.
On the other hand, the parallel combination is used to attain the higher capacity of battery packs; it is achieved by summing up the total ampere-hour (Ah).
Another connection for the arrangement of OEM battery packs is a parallel series connection. The Power of the battery is equal to current time’s voltage. For example, a cell having 3.6 V and 3,400 mAh results in 12.24 Wh. This combination needs continuous examination to avoid any excess of voltage and current parameters.
Below are the figures for series and parallel combination of cells and their resulting impact on capacity and voltages.

29.How to apply for a visit to witness the production of OEM battery packs?

For visiting the plant premises, you should contact the customer service of TLH, who will inquire about a few things related to your visit.
After we are done with the prerequisites of the visit, then we will get back to you with a suggested date and time of visit.
To confirm your visit information and call us before coming to the plant.

30.What is the engineering support from TLH for OEM Battery Pack?

TLH’s designing team supports you right from the earliest starting point till the last moment and encourages you to understand your specific thought into an OEM battery pack.
TLH’s designing group is consistently prepared to help you during your OEM battery pack’s planning and assembling cycle.
Our designing chief, with more than a decade of involvement with equipment and programming BMS planning, drives the designing group.
The designing group involves profoundly experienced engineers.
OEM battery pack designing help plans 3D drawings of your custom battery pack.
Our designing group can give the main 3D illustration on your request within the period of 24 hours.
The designing group is additionally liable for building up the model for your request.
It also finishes the model through various assessments before the mass creation of your claim can start.
Our designing help likewise has skill in planning smart and savvy Battery Management System. These battery frameworks are accompanied by correspondence conventions like CANBus, UART, or SMBus.
Our designing group works in collaboration with the business staff to furnish you with the best custom battery pack arrangement.