• 15 years of experience in the battery industry with extensive knowledge.
  • ISO Standard Working Environment to Guarantee All Packs Same Performance
  • TLH R&D team can develop CANBUS, UART, and SMBUS communication For your Custom Li-ion Battery Pack Solution
  • 100% On-Time Delivery for Custom Battery Solution

Our Service Key Figures

  • TLH Custom battery Experiences 17 + Years In the
  • TLH Custom battery collaborating partners 500 + Collaboration
  • TLH Custom battery Online Service 24 Hours Online
  • TLH Custom battery Pack Solution 1 Day Battery Packs
  • Custom battery Experiences 2 Weeks Received

Full-Service Custom Battery Pack Manufacturer

  • We are a full-service custom battery manufacturer with full design and engineering capabilities. 
  • On all projects, we work closely with customers from the first design concept through prototyping and testing to large-scale manufacturing from our facilities in China.
  • Our engineering team can work with you to design a custom battery pack solution that is manufactured with the highest quality at the best overall cost.

Our Products

Waterproof function, UART communication, Integrated ESC, engine and remote controller
Custom Battery Pack for drone
Made of Samsung and LG batteries to ensure strong drone performance
IP68 waterproof plastic, makes the battery pack well protected in a cleaning system
Standard medical device battery Custom Battery Pack Case is available
Custom Battery Pack for Golf cart
a lithium-ion battery for an electric golf trolley with housing or bag
High specific energy, small capacity and size under equivalent power.
Custom Battery Pack for Exploration Equipment
The battery pack is safe, with good performance and high standard connectors
Custom Battery Pack for wireless comprehensive test equipment
special low temperature batteries are used to ensure work at a low temperature of -40 degrees

Strict Quality Control For Your Custom Battery Pack

  • We are industry leaders in the engineering and manufacturing of custom battery systems, with a focus on lithium battery packs.
  • Being ISO 9001:2015 certified ensures our battery packs are consistently manufactured to high standards and rigorously tested to surpass your expectations.
  • Our engineers and QC will check the waterproof function and communication function more than 5 times, and the rest will be fully checked 100%.


The China’s Leading Manufacturer

  • 15 years Experience in Custom Solutions
  • Over 500 Successful Cases
  • 100% After-Sales Support


  • All Battery cells will pass rigorous testing
  • All Battery Packs are Certified and are compliant with regulatory and safety requirements
  • Cells of Samsung, Sony, LG, and Panasonic are used widely for battery packs.


  • Custom assembly design and engineering assistance
  • Quick turn-around on battery assemblies(15-30Days)
  • Packaging According to Hazardous Materials Handling policy


  • We Make Battery packs with updated battery cells
  • Consistent, reliable, top-performance cells from the industry’s highest quality suppliers.
  • Tested and proven design

Safety Regulations

Getting Safety certifications for Lithium battery packs now become a compulsory step. We will help you to get all the necessary certificates, some of the commonly known ones are listed below:
UN 38.3   IEC 62133    UL 2054   MSDS


How to Custom Lithium Battery Packs

development time for custom battery packs solution

FAQ Guide

please consult our customer service team if there is confusion, or simply pick up your phone and we can talk to our li-ion battery Design Project.

1. What is Custom Battery Pack?
Custom battery packs provide power solutions for applications that require reliable portable operations in a wide range of standard and rugged environments.
2. What is the Development Time for Your Custom Battery Pack?
custom battery pack production process
3. Can you show me your product certificates, are there compliant with the new REACH? how can I get the certificates?
Yes, all of our products are compliant with CE RoHS FCC and REACH, you can get them from the site or our sales team.
4. How to Ship Your Custom Battery?
You can choose between air freight, sea shipping, or express delivery according to your order.
5. Can We Make One Custom Battery Pack?
Yes, you can if you want to use regular materials for your battery pack.
6. What is the best/safest way to store rechargeable lithium batteries?
It is best to store batteries in a cool, dry environment where temperatures do not exceed 25°C (77°F). For the best possible cell life, a lithium battery pack should ideally be stored with a SOC of roughly 50%.
7. What’s your warranty period for your products? When does it start?
All of our products have a one-year limited warranty, starting from the shipping date.
8. What will You Do if we got damaged products when arrive?
We will replace new goods at our cost if the batteries are damaged when arrive, no charges on your side, please contact us for images of the damage.