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  • Over 15 years of custom lithium-ion battery pack experience
  • Offer custom battery design for industrial application
  • TLH R&D team can develop CANBUS, UART, and SMBUS communication for your custom li-ion battery solution
  • With excellent experience custom your battery housing

TLH Custom Battery Pack Certificates

Your Best Choice to Custom Your Battery Pack Solution

You can save much time and money when you work with one custom battery pack manufacturer over 15 years .Your software communication project can easily realize because our engineer director has good reputation in developing smart BMS .Our professional sales team with good communication can help you fast to design your custom battery pack solution for your product.

Custom Battery Pack for Your Project

Custom Battery Pack for Electric Surfboard.jpg
Waterproof function, UART communication, Integrated ESC, engine and remote controller
Custom Battery Pack for Drone
The battery is made by Moli 21700 or LG 3500mAh cells Without PCB
With Second protection Battery Management System Can be made 36V or 48V battery pack
Custom Battery Pack for Medical Device.jpg
Standard medical device battery Custom Battery Pack Case is available
Custom Battery Pack for Golf Cart.jpg
The voltage of the battery is 12V or 24V With Anderson Connector
Custom Battery Pack For Ebike
Battery case design Standard BMS or Smart BMS is available
Custom Battery Pack for Sports Products.jpg
Custom Battery Pack for sport products

Strict Quality Control For Your Custom Battery Pack

  • Before bulk production for your custom li-ion battery order, our engineer make the sample for deep testing in our factory
  • Under production, our QC staff pay more attention to welding cells, soldering BMS even battery case assembly to make each diamond quality
  • Our engineer and QC inspect 10% of your fully deep testing like waterproof function, communication function over 5 times, the rest will 100% full inspection.
  • All the materials are customized for your custom battery.QC 100% inspects all the materials before production to ensure quality.

TLH: Your Reliable Custom Battery Pack Supplier

TLH battery has over 15 years of experience in developing custom battery packs for industries.TLH supports you to the custom battery with CANBUS, UART, SMBUS communication. Our engineers have rich experience in developing CANBUS communication protocol as your request.

Our batteries are mainly used for efoil, cleaning machine, drone, electric bike, medical device, diving machine,power tool, and some industries. We introduce some special machines for custom battery pack solutions such as Communication testing machines, waterproof testing machines, and drop testing machines.

We can help you to custom lithium-ion battery from your idea to the complete battery solution.TLH professional sales and engineering team help you with the competitive cost to get your custom battery packs solution.

TLH can support BMS design and 3D drawings for your custom battery. When we get your first version drawing, it will take about 1-2 days to get your second version drawing.
The development time is to get your complete custom battery solution within one month.

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