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  • Over 15 years of custom lithium-ion battery pack experience
  • Offer custom battery design for industrial application
  • TLH R&D team can develop CANBUS, UART, and SMBUS communication for your custom li-ion battery solution
  • With excellent experience custom your battery housing

TLH Custom Battery Pack Certificates

Your Best Choice to Custom Your Battery Pack Solution

You can save much time and money when you work with one custom battery pack manufacturer over 15 years .Your software communication project can easily realize because our engineer director has good reputation in developing smart BMS .Our professional sales team with good communication can help you fast to design your custom battery pack solution for your product.

Custom Battery Pack for Your Project

Custom Battery Pack for Electric Surfboard.jpg
Waterproof function, UART communication, Integrated ESC, engine and remote controller
Custom Battery Pack for Drone
The battery is made by Moli 21700 or LG 3500mAh cells Without PCB
With Second protection Battery Management System Can be made 36V or 48V battery pack
Custom Battery Pack for Medical Device
Standard medical device battery Custom Battery Pack Case is available
Custom Battery Pack for Golf Cart.jpg
The voltage of the battery is 12V or 24V With Anderson Connector
Custom Battery Pack For Ebike
Battery case design Standard BMS or Smart BMS is available
Custom Battery Pack for Sports Products.jpg
Custom Battery Pack for sport products

Strict Quality Control For Your Custom Battery Pack

  • Before bulk production for your custom li-ion battery order, our engineer make the sample for deep testing in our factory
  • Under production, our QC staff pay more attention to welding cells, soldering BMS even battery case assembly to make each diamond quality
  • Our engineer and QC inspect 10% of your fully deep testing like waterproof function, communication function over 5 times, the rest will 100% full inspection.
  • All the materials are customized for your custom battery.QC 100% inspects all the materials before production to ensure quality.

TLH: Your Reliable Custom Battery Pack Supplier

TLH battery has over 15 years of experience in developing custom battery packs for industries.TLH supports you with the custom battery with CANBUS, UART, and SMBUS communication. Our engineers have rich experience in developing the CANBUS communication protocol as your request.

Our batteries are mainly used for efoil, cleaning machines, drones, electric bikes, medical device, diving machines, power tools, and some industries. We introduce some special machines for custom battery pack solutions such as Communication testing machines, waterproof testing machines, and drop testing machines.

We can help you to custom lithium-ion batteries from your idea to the complete battery solution.TLH’s professional sales and engineering team helps you with the competitive cost to get your custom battery pack solution.

TLH can support BMS design and 3D drawings for your custom battery. When we get your first version drawing, it will take about 1-2 days to get your second version drawing.
The development time is to get your complete custom battery solution within one month.

Get more details please contact us!

Custom Battery Pack FAQ Guide

Ordering a custom battery pack can often be overwhelming for people looking to reap the benefits of a custom-made Lithium-ion battery pack.

There can be a lot of questions in your mind that may be confusing you a lot prior to ordering.

Understanding our customer’s turmoil, we have compiled a comprehensive FAQ guide to make the process of ordering your custom battery pack easier.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the FAQs and see what the answers are.

1. What is Custom Battery Pack? 

TLH battery has had rich experience on custom battery packs for our business customers for over 15 years.

If you have a special custom battery pack request to meet your market demand with a custom shape. Your custom battery packs are made of 18650 or 21700 cells.

Your custom battery pack also is called OEM battery pack design.TLH custom battery pack solutions can be made with standard BMS and smart BMS with CANBUS, UART, SMBUS, etc.

Custom battery packs support your entire product with high profit and satisfy customers’ demands.

2. What is the Project Process of Custom Battery Pack?

The project process for a Custom Battery pack is fairly simple at TLH Battery Solutions.

First, you will have to fill out a custom battery datasheet and send it to us. The TLH sales team will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your order and send the quotation for your order.

Our design engineers will design a BMS design and 3D drawings for your battery pack if you don’t already have a design ready.

After the approval of the first design, TLH experts will develop a second version of the drawing.

Our team will ask you to specify a communication protocol that you want with your Battery Management System (BMS).

If you don’t have a communication protocol in mind, our engineers will develop the best communication protocol for your project.

Our research and development team can design BMS with CANBus, UART, or SMBus for your custom battery pack.

After we are through the designing stage, we enter the material procurement stage.

We order customize material for each custom battery pack.

The individual cells that we use in our battery packs are sourced from well-known brands such as Panasonic, LG, Samsung, etc. from their official dealers or their own factory.

Then our engineers develop a prototype of your battery pack.

This prototype passes through many tests with the help of testing machines, such as the Aging testing machine, drop testing machine, waterproof testing machine, etc.

After you are satisfied with the specifications of our prototype, our production team will proceed with the bulk production of your custom battery pack.

Our expert technicians will assemble each individual cell to form a battery pack. And then they will cover the assembled batteries with a heat shrink and enclose them in suitable housing.

At TLH we use automated welding machines to ensure the efficiency of the manufacturing process and the quality of the products.

You can design the housing of the battery pack or if you have confusion regarding it, you can contact us, and we will design the battery housing for you.

After the bulk production of your custom battery pack, TLH’s team will also help you minimize the risk involved in shipping and transport.

TLH BATTERY Production Procedure
TLH BATTERY Production Procedure

3. What is Custom Battery Pack Engineering Support from TLH Battery?

TLH’s engineering support assists you from the beginning to the end and helps you realize your idea into a custom battery pack.

TLH’s engineering support team is always ready to assist you during the design and manufacturing process of your custom battery pack.

Our engineering director, with over 15 years of experience in hardware and software BMS designing leads the engineering team.

The engineering team comprises highly experienced electrical and mechanical engineers.

Custom battery pack engineering support designs 3D drawings of your custom battery pack.

The engineering team is also responsible for developing the prototype for your order and making it pass through different tests before the bulk production of your order can begin.

Our engineering support also has expertise in designing BMS communication protocols like CANBus, UART, and SMBus.

The custom battery pack engineering support team works in cooperation with the sales personnel to provide you with the best custom battery pack solution.

Application of High-temperature battery

4. What is the Development Time for Your Custom Battery Pack?

The development time for your custom battery pack solution is set to one month.

At TLH with our high-quality manufacturing equipment and cutting-edge testing machines, we aim to minimize lead time.

After the first design drawing of the battery pack, it may take from one to two days to make the second 3D drawing.

After the drawing stage, it takes our team five to seven days for manufacturing sample orders.

After you, our customer, approve the sample orders, we get on with the manufacturing process which may take anywhere between 25-30 days.

However, if you have urgent requirements, our team will assist you and we will make a special production schedule to deliver your products urgently.


5. What are the Certificates for Your Custom Battery Pack that You Need?


IEC 62133, UN38.3, ISO 9001:2015, CE certificate, UL 2054 certificate.

Safety certificates are imperative for the transportation and application of a custom battery pack.

We have briefly explained the most important certificates that you need for your custom battery pack below:

IEC 62133

IEC 62133 is the most important certificate when it comes to importing Li-ion custom battery packs. This certification involves certain tests for the Li-ion batteries.

These tests include external short circuit tests for individual cells and the battery pack, free-fall tests, overcharging tests, and mechanical tests to name a few.


The UN38.3 is another very important certificate that your custom battery needs to have.

The UN formulated this standard for the safe transportation of hazardous goods.

This certification requires many tests including altitude simulation for air-travel safety, thermal, vibration, and shock tests among a variety of other tests.

Therefore, if you want your custom battery pack to reach you safely by air, sea or rail, or road, it needs to have a UN38.3 certificate.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 is the latest standard from the ISO 9000 standard family.

ISO 9001 is the standard, that if the product meets, it can be rendered safe for general public use. It helps the manufacturers meet their Quality Management System requirements and consistently develop products that meet their customer’s demands.

If your battery pack is ISO 9001:2015 certified, be rest assured that it competes with all other battery packs in the market in terms of quality and performance.

CE Certificate

CE symbol is representative of European Conformity.

On your battery pack, CE represents that its specifications align with the standards set by the European Union.

UL 2054 Standard

The UL 2054 is a standard that vouches for the safety associated with your battery pack.

This standard might be the most important if you are importing your battery pack for a project based in the US.

This standard requires your battery packs to pass several tough tests, such as the Construction Assembly test, Abnormal Charging Test, Drop test, and many others.

Our team at THL can help you get these certifications for your products to ensure that your custom battery packs reach you safely.

6. How to Choose a Professional Custom Battery Pack Manufacturer?

Get on the internet and look for reviews from previous customers of a battery pack manufacturer. This will help you in choosing the right custom battery pack manufacturer.

Here are a few more tips to help you choose a professional custom battery pack manufacturer:

Pick a custom battery pack manufacturer that has over 10 years of experience in the Li-ion battery industry.

The manufacturer must have licensed personnel and highly experienced engineers who have worked in Lithium-ion battery manufacturing.

Before deciding on a manufacturer, it is best to choose a manufacturer that has a strong QA team.

Your professional manufacturer must provide batteries that can secure all the necessary battery certifications such as IEC 62133, UN38.3, and others.

A battery pack manufacturer must promise proper packing and efficient shipping and offer at least 12 months warranty for their product.

It is best if you settle on a manufacturer who has teams to assist you all the time during the design and manufacturing process of your product.

We recommend you pick a custom battery pack manufacturer that has service centers in your local area. In this way, they can provide you with quick technical support.

7. How to Verify your Custom Battery Project Quality System Control?

By inquiring about all the tests that the manufacturer will perform to check the quality of your custom battery pack.

To meet international standards, battery packs need to pass a variety of different tests.

These tests include battery aging test, waterproof test, drop test, charger test, and BMS test to check charge and discharge current.

We recommend that you ask your manufacturer for all the tests that they perform on their battery packs.

Moreover, check for the international standards that the custom battery pack manufacturer claims that their products meet.

This will give you a comprehensive idea about the quality system control of your custom battery project.

8. How to Get a Suitable Custom Battery Pack for Your Project?

Check the cell brand, know your required battery pack production quantity, and go over your custom battery pack design.

The capability of a battery pack to meet your requirements depends upon its cell’s brand.

If you need a battery pack for heavy-duty applications, it’s best that you go for a custom battery pack that utilizes cells from top brands such as Samsung and Panasonic, etc.

Knowing your required product quantity is important because it helps you decide on a MOQ.

Assessing your design is imperative to ensure that the product that you receive at the end of the manufacturing process meets your requirements and fits your application.

We also recommend that you pre-determine the operating conditions in which your battery has to perform and its specific application.

Then, check for the battery’s voltage, charge rate, energy density, operating temperature range, safety, and life cycle.

9. How to Quickly Rush your Custom Battery Pack?

If in case you need your custom battery packs urgently, reach out to us and we will devise for you a specialized production schedule.

In this way, we will be able to deliver your product as soon as you need it without compromising on its quality.

10. How to Ship Your Custom Battery?

You can ship your custom battery with express shipping, sea shipping, or air freight.

For packing, you have an option of customizing your own packing or choosing between neutral packing and the UN carton package.

The inner package of the battery pack needs to be done separately using electrostatic film. While the outer package can be in pallets.

We can ship your sample order using express shipping. While you can choose between air freight, sea shipping, or express delivery for your bulk order.

11. Can We Make One Custom Battery Pack?

Yes, you can if you want to use regular materials for your battery pack. We have no MOQ for such custom battery packs that use regular materials.

However, if you wish to use customized materials in your custom battery pack, then we have an MOQ limit. Please contact us so we can discuss the MOQ limit.

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