Your professional custom rechargeable 18650 battery pack manufacturer in China

  • Mature manufacturing custom 18650 battery pack experience over 15 years
  • Our 18650 cells brands are Samsung,LG,Panasonic,Moli cell etc.
  • Your any custom 18650 battery pack request can be realized by TLH battery.
  • Your rechargeable 18650 battery pack can be built with smart BMS like CANBUS,UART and SMBUS ect.

TLH custom 18650 battery pack Certifications to Ensure The Quality

Your first choice custom 18650 battery pack Manufacturer -TLH battery

As one leading custom 18650 battery pack manufacturer in China for over 15 years, we get rich knowledge in different discharge rates of 18650 cells from Samsung, LG, or Panasonic. Your unique custom 18650 battery solution can be made with suitable 18650 cells, BMS, and advanced battery technology from TLH battery. To ensure your perfect 18650 battery packs quality, extra service like waterproof case and custom housing can be offered. Our custom 18650 battery design is widely used for sports goods, e-bike, medical devices, electronic devices, and electric surfboards, etc.

We mainly provide high capacity and discharge rate to your project to make your products more competitive and powerful. Your customers enjoy your products.

Custom 18650 Battery Pack Solution to Your Product Applications

Custom 18650 Battery Pack for Electric Bike .jpg
Over 15 years custom 18650 battery for electric bike manufacturing. 18650 cells brands from LG ,Samsung ,Panasonic.Any capacity can be offered to your application
Custom 18650 Battery Pack for Electric Surfboard.jpg
Made by high discharge rate like Samsung 25R or Samsung 30Q. This type custom 18650 battery is built with UART communication BMS. All 18650 cells combination into one pack with same resistance,capacity and voltage

Strict Quality Control Process for Your Custom 18650 Battery Pack

  • Adopt the sorting machine to choose the same resistance, voltage, capacity in one channel to ensure the custom 18650 battery pack performance
  • Each BMS inspection by our IQC staff before production
  • Our QC inspect each battery process during the production
  • Comprehensive testing each battery pack function before shipment

TLH :Your Custom 18650 Battery Pack Supplier in China

TLH has over 15 years of custom 18650 battery pack solution manufacturing abilities. We can design your custom battery pack solution from different industries like electric bicycle, drone, electric surfboard, medical device, etc.

Any smart function requirement also can be done. Our R & D engineers spend much time researching CANBUS, UART, and SMBUS battery technology for over 5 years. We can offer a standard rechargeable 18650 battery or smart custom 18650 battery pack solution for your projects. Your Custom 18650 battery pack solution can be made by Samsung, Panasonic, LG, and some Grade A Chinese 18650 brands.

You can get a fast quotation within one day after we confirm the ball price.

As one custom 18650 battery pack solution expert, our professional sales team can fast to push your 18650 li-ion battery development without language obstacle. From your simple battery idea to the complete custom 18650 battery pack prototype even included the smart battery management system and customized battery case, it only takes 1 or 2 months.

Your any custom 18650 battery pack idea, please contact us. Let us work together to make more people enjoy your product.

Custom 18650 Battery Pack FAQ Guide

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