Consumer Electronics Lithium Battery Pack

Lithium Ion Battery Pack Solution for Consumer Electronic Industry


TLH LAB have gained over 17 years providing lithium ion battery pack for customer electronic industry.And some specific consumer electronic industry are involved as the following ranges.


Digital Alarm Clock

Outdoor Camera System

Personal Care Devices

Outdoor Flashlight

Security Monitor System


Our team have decades of experience on design ,manufacturing lithium ion battery pack from 3.7V lithium ion battery ,7.4V lithium ion battery ,12V lithium ion battery,14.8V lithium battery and 24V lithium ion battery from the lower capacity to higher capacity to meet your customer electronic device power’ request.




  1. What are the advantages of lithium ion battery for consumer electronic industry ?


TLH LAB maintain the concept of taking care of the environment.We control the pollution from the materials selection to manufacturing process.This action support your consumer electronic devices to gain more applause.


  1. What are the warranty time and the life cycles of li ion battery packs for consumer electronic industry ?


Trust is our core value.TLH promise the warranty time one year and our VIP customers can get 18 months. The life cycles are 500 cycles and left 80% capacity but strictly use the battery packs as our specification.

  1. Should the battery packs for consumer electronic industry with NTC ?


NTC means Negative Temperature Coefficient and the specifications are 10K and 100K.When your battery packs should work with high peak discharge current is over 10 times of the constant discharge current,your battery pack solution should add NTC.Besides,when your consumer electronic device work temperature over 65 °C,you should add NCT to avoid the high temperature to hurt the PCB which cause the battery pack fire and PCB damaged.


  1. What is the efficiency of development for battery packs for consumer electronic industry?

Efficiency also is our core value.TLH always pursuit the excellent experience to our customers.Here the process of the development of the battery packs solution as below:

Inquiry (One Day )→Customization inquiry questionnaire(One Day)→Feedback with the complete battery pack Solution (One Day)→Quotation(One Day)→Sample Order Confirmation


  1. What kind of the chargers are optional ?


The full charge of voltage per cell is 4.2V.The full charge voltage of the battery pack is 4.2V plus the series number.The charge current is depended on the charge time experience.It is better to get the charger from TLH to avoid using the wrong charger which would damage the battery packs.


  1. What cell moderns are recommended for custom lithium ion battery for consumer electronic industry ?

The cylindrical cells moderns such as 10440,13310,14430,14500,14650,16340,18500,16500,18350,18650,21700 with different capacity.


  1. How can you ensure the quality of the battery management system ?


Each battery management system design is from our CTO which over 15 years experience in li ion battery industry.We will provide the Schematic Diagram and List of main components in the specification with the brands and models for IC and MOS.