Low temperature li ion battery performance and application

Low-Temperature Li-ion battery performance and application
February 23, 2019, by Cherry Yi

There are two classifications of the performance, one is storage low-temperature li-ion battery, another is discharge rate low-temperature li-ion battery.

Low-temperature energy storage lithium battery is widely used in military PC, paratrooper device, military navigation instrument, UAV backup start-up power supply, special AGV instrument, satellite signal receiving […]

Electric Surfboard Battery Solution-Performance & Waterproof testing

April 24, 2019, by Cherry Yi

Energy saving has become an important issue in the global.More and more electric vehicles have been come out.Such as electric vehicles,electric buses,electric skateboards.

In recent years, underwater sports have turned into the popular lifestyle.

Some popular underwater sports products come out such as underwater drones,electric surfboards,jet skis,electric swimming rings,electric remote ,control lifebuoys ect […]

A Look at Powering Your Technology with Smart BMS

December 11, 2018 by Cherry Yi

With recent technological advances, engineers had to find an optimal way to power their innovative creations. Automated logistic robots, electronic bikes, scooters, cleaners, and smartscooter devices all need an efficient power source. After years of research and trial and errors, engineers decided that one type of battery system stands out from […]