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  • Li-ion battery pack is essential to your portable equipment.
  • TLH battery own custom li-ion battery experience over 15 years
  • Extra custom label and UN carton boxes for you to settle your transportation and logo issue
  • Reliable supply chains to ensure your lead time and all materials’ quality

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Your Most Reliable Li ion Battery Pack Manufacturer in China

  • TLH battery has been established since 2005 as one leading li-ion battery pack manufacturer.
  • TLH battery technology is led by our founder, Dick Lin who has over 20 years of experience from the alkaline battery to custom li-ion battery. The other members are very professional with abundant experience. Our founder has broad contacts as our consultants from some university and excellent graduates even from other countries to upgrade battery technology and craft.
  • If you have a complex li-ion battery solution, please give us a chance to support you.

Li ion Battery Solution for Your Application

Application for electronic consumer High quality standard
Made by LG,Samsung,Panasonic 18650 cells OEM Service is acceptable
With different capacities to 300Ah according to your solution
24V 10.4Ah Lithium Ion Battery for Electric Golf Trolley
Application for golf trolley ,fishing and wheelchair 29.4V 2A charger is suitable for 24V lithium ion battery
Application for Electric Bike ,cleaning machine,go-cart OEM and ODM service are offered
Application for Ebike ,Electric Surfboard Built with 13S BMS

Strict Quality Control Process for Your Li ion Battery Pack Order

  • To ensure our custom li ion battery meets your request, We never accept bulk order before your sample order.
  • 100% full all the materials and production QC inspection for your order
  • Chargers will be tested by our charger testing machine and 10% random testing with the matched li-ion battery
  • The labels will be inspected before package

Your Exclusive Partner Li-ion Battery Pack Factory in China

TLH battery was founded in 2005 as one professional Li-ion battery pack manufacturer from China. Our li-ion battery solutions have been used for e-bike, drone, electric scooter, solar lighting, and industries. Your magic products can be portable, light, and energy storage when our li-ion batteries are built into your project.

As you know, the cells and battery management systems are the hearts of the lithium battery pack. We only use the original LG, Samsung, Panasonic cells from their big wholesalers or purchase the cells from the original factory. We never use the cells when their production date is over 6 months. At the same, we use higher cell sorting standards to make the little gap on the voltage, internal resistance, and capacity and this high performance will use into your battery pack to ensure battery performance and lifetime.

We always pursue the quality of our battery pack. Each production process details are very important to your battery quality. Our QC staff uses our engineer QC standard to check all the details during your li-ion battery on production. Quality awareness is penetrated by all the workers and management.

We can make your li-ion battery with an LED display, connector, and special request.

Just send us your simple battery pack request.TLH battery all the team will support you.

Let’s begin our first cooperation first, call us.

Li-ion Battery Pack  FAQ Guide

TLH manufactures Li-ion batteries for the last 15 years, we have equipped our system with digital certifications and quality tests.

We understand the challenges of our B2B customers, and for this, we have tried to summarise all of your queries in the following Li-ion FAQs guide.

In case of any queries, please feel free to connect with us.

1. How is Li-ion battery packs better than other rechargeable batteries?

Li-ion batteries comprise positive plates (cathodes) as well as negative plates (anodes).

These plates act as protecting separators to keep away from short circuits between the negative and positive plates.

Lastly, electrolyte, which is the conductive fluid, is dissimilar to overwhelmed lead corrosive batteries.

There is no free fluid in LiFePO4 batteries.

A Li-ion battery contrasts in the materials utilized for the previously mentioned segments, particularly the cathode and the cycle embraced during charge and recharge.

A corrosive lead battery attempts compound responses, which change their segments.

Lithium moves particles during the charge and release measure leaving all the other things the equivalent.

Li-ions have several advantages over other rechargeable batteries;

Li-ion batteries consist of higher energy density as compare to most different sorts of rechargeables batteries.

This implies that concerning size and weight, they can maintain more energy compared to other battery-powered batteries.

They also work at higher voltages than other rechargeables, commonly about 3.7 volts for lithium-particle versus 1.2 volts for NiMH or NiCd.

This implies a solitary cell can frequently be utilized as opposed to numerous NiMH or NiCd cells.

Li-ion batteries additionally have a lower rate of discharge as compare to other powered batteries.

This implies that whenever they are charged, they will hold their charge for a more extended time than different sorts of battery-powered batteries.

Simultaneously, if we discuss NiMH as well as NiCd batteries,

then they can lose in the range of 1-5% (contingent upon the capacity temperature) regardless of whether they are not introduced in a gadget.

Li-ion batteries will hold a large portion of their charge even following quite a while of capacity.

So in the synopsis, li-ion batteries can be more modest or lighter, maintain higher voltage, and keep the charges longer than other types of batteries.

Li-ion battery packs faqs figure1

Figure 1 Li-ion comparison with lead-acid battery

2. What are the sizes of  Li-ion battery packs available?

We have two sizes of li-ion battery packs;

  1. Single Li-ion battery pack
  2. Double li-ion battery pack

We are specialized in the single-li-ion category to provide you with the diverse capacity of 11.1V li-ion battery packs,11.1V 5.2Ah/10.4Ah/18.2Ah.

We can also design and fabricate Li-ion battery packs at your request.

You can split the two battery packs into double-li-ion battery packs, and we are offering 24 months warranty under this category.

You can get customized design and fabrication for this battery.

Double-li-ion battery packs are linked to devices as well as to equipment using an Anderson connector.

Li-ion battery packs faqs figure2

Figure 2 Double li-ion battery pack with Anderson connector

3. What is the optimum way to store  Li-ion battery packs?

Our technical team has lined up five different ways for storage of Li-ion batteries.

We are expressing those ways here so that not only business customers can take guidelines, but also they can guide their customers regarding it.

  1. Maintain your charge level at 40% in case of storage timelines

it’s ideal for charging a battery before use altogether, but it is not desirable that you fully discharge a battery so that you can charge it at once.

This will cause particular damage to battery capacity.

The best device manufacturers keep their lithium batteries at around 60 degrees and on a 40% level charge.

The 40% charge permits a steady condition regardless of whether it implies a degree of self-discharge.

Few reserve charges are essential to maintain a battery, and it also secures the battery protections during extensive stretches of capacity.

  1. Don’t Keep your Li-ion batteries at extreme temperatures

Li-ion batteries aren’t fond of heat.

In the case of keeping a lithium battery at a steady high temperature, their life expectancy, run time, and charge limit diminish altogether.

  1. Note the manufacturing date of the Li-ion battery

Did you locate a modest cost for an extra lithium-particle battery on a website?

Or on the other hand, did you discover a massive deal on matured or aged lithium batteries in an electronic rebate store?

This may sound amazing, and it seems that you have saved thousands of dollars, but still, you need to consider this deal.

Continuously check the maker date preceding any lithium battery buy, and never buy a lithium battery until you are prepared to utilize it.

The life of a lithium battery begins declining the subsequent it leaves an industrial facility.

You can hope to lose around 20% of a li-ion battery’s charge each year from its unique production date regardless of how well you deal with your battery.

It’s ideal to ensure the production date falls inside a time of the date of your buy.

  1. Avoid overcharging and over usage of Li-ion batteries

At the point when a Li-ion battery-based camera isn’t being used, it’s ideal for eliminating the L-ion battery from the camera unit.

It’s likewise best to eliminate the li-ion battery when a camera is running on an energy connector.

If you have an extra lithium-particle battery, utilize one for the camera unit and keep the other cool by putting it in a fridge.

On the off chance that you leave a li-ion battery inside an advanced camera battery compartment consistently, the battery will get unusable at a lot quicker rate.

It’s ideal for giving your computerized camera a breather by eliminating the battery each time it’s not being used.

  1. Avoid usual discharging of your Li-ion batteries

You can quickly recharge your li-ion battery partially because li-ion batteries don’t have any memory effect.

It would help if you had frequent partial discharge with many recharges because this is relatively healthier for battery life.

Usually, high rates of discharges are responsible for damages, and you should opt for the frequent practices of slower charge rate; this will enhance Li-ion batteries’ lives.

Li-ion battery packs faqs figure3

Figure 3 Storing Li-ion batteries safely

4. What are the guidelines for disposing of the  Li-ion battery packs?

Firstly, make sure that you have fully discharged the battery pack; Li-ion batteries are considered non-hazardous waste and disposed of into the waste stream.

You can also give dispose of batteries for recycling because they contain recyclable materials.

Reusing strategies are at present being created, with results of 60 percent recyclability for cell levels.

Li-ion battery packs are the future of energy storage, and reusing efficiencies are anticipated to move to >90% as the business sectors scale and extra reusing techniques are created.

Additionally note, since lithium-particle batteries have an any longer lifetime versus lead corrosive, there will be significantly fewer batteries subject to reusing over the long haul.

Li-ion battery packs faqs figure4

Figure 4 Recycling of Li-ion battery packs

5. What are the types and specifications of  Li-ion battery packs?

We have two types of Li-ion battery packs.

Please visit our Li-ion battery packs page or visit our FAQs section.

We are offering 24 months warranty for our Li-ion battery packs.

Your TLH Li-ion battery packs are equipped with state of the art battery monitoring system as well as an efficient communication system.

We are using CANBUS and Ethernet communication protocols for your battery system, enabling up to 1 Mbps speed.

We are using highly efficient cells from Samsung, Panasonic, and LG for Li-ion battery packs.

We can provide you with a battery system with a high rate of charge and discharge, which can increase your product’s overall efficiency.

We are offering dynamic solutions for Li-ion battery packs for an electric surfboard.

We are using an efficient and fast UART communication protocol for this battery system.

These battery packs have a charge time of 5-6 hours.

Our Li-ion battery packs are known for their efficient power output, and we provide resourceful battery accessories and battery packs to enhance user experience.

We are using cells from very famous companies such as Samsung and Panasonic.

These cells have considerable demand in end customers and devices, so this is an excellent opportunity for wholesalers and device manufacturers.

6. How do Li-ion battery packs bear physical and mechanical damages?

We have equipped our operation system with un 38.3 ,IEC 62133, UL 2054, and ISO 9001.

These tests enable your battery to withstand physical and mechanical damages.

These are the international standards tests that certify safe travel and usage of Li-ion battery packs worldwide.

7. What are your safety and quality protocols for the production of Li-ion battery packs?

We have set severe rules for quality survey; you can notice them by visiting our gathering cycle.

We have equipped our cycle with IEC62133, UN38.3, ISO 9001:2015, CE, UL 2054 Certifications.

For the obstruction free transportation of batteries, we have sustained TLH with IEC 62133.

Li-ion battery pack needs checks for dazes, vibrations, warm resistance, and air prosperity travel; for this, we have UL 2054. Along with these safety protocols, we have introduced numerous safeties and protections in our Li-ion battery packs.

Li-ion battery packs faqs figure5

Figure 5 Enhancing the safety of Li-ion battery packs

Our Li-ion batteries are equipped with overcharge protection, which are activated when the charging exceeds the set limit, preventing any harm to your customers’ devices.

We also have a short circuit, voltage regulation, thermal constants, and overflow protection.

We are proposing to have customized protections for your Li-ion battery packs according to your requirement.

We perform the following tests under the IEC62619 test;

  • Assembling of packs from cells
  • Short circuit test
  • Battery monitoring system protection for high temperature, overcharge, discharge, short circuit, and thermal abuse.

8. How can we get a price quote for Li-ion battery packs?

The number of steps follows the price quotation process, and we will explain to them for you to remove any of your misunderstandings.

To begin with, you should fill a custom battery datasheet and send it to us.

The TLH deals group will get in touch with you as quickly as time permits.

What’s more, will affirm your request and send the citation for your request.

If you don’t know how to have a plan prepared, our plan architects will plan a BMS plan and 3D drawings for your battery pack.

After the principal plan’s endorsement, TLH specialists will build up a second form of the drawing.

Our group will request that you determine a correspondence convention you need with your Battery Management System (BMS).

If you don’t have a correspondence convention as a primary concern, our designers will build up the best correspondence convention for your task.

Our innovative workgroup can plan BMS with CANBus, UART, or SMBus for your custom battery pack.

After we are through the planning stage, we enter the material obtainment stage.

We request modified material for every custom battery pack.

The individual cells that we use in our battery packs are sourced from notable brands, for example, Panasonic, LG, and Samsung, and so on.

Furthermore, we get the cells just from their plant or their official vendors.

At that point, our designers build up a model of your 18650 custom battery pack.

This model goes through numerous tests with the assistance of testing machines.

These tests incorporate the Aging test, drop test, waterproof test, Vibration, and Humidity test, Temperature test, and so forth

After you are happy with our model’s details, our creation group will continue with your custom battery pack’s mass creation.

Before assembling, we check every one of our phones for consistency in voltage and inward opposition utilizing computerized cell arranging machines.

Once you have agreed to all of the details, our finance team will direct your initial payment plan.

Once it is done, then our master experts will collect every cell to shape a battery pack.

After this, they will cover the amassed batteries with a warm recoil and wall them in appropriate lodging.

9. What is the shelf life of your Li-ion battery packs?

We offer 24 months of warranty to our customers, and our Li-ion battery packs have a recharge time of 5-6 hours.

Li-ion battery packs have a recharge cycle of 600 cycles.

Lithium-ion batteries usually have a lifetime of three to six years; TLH offers 600 discharge/charge cycles.

It can last longer in extreme humidity, high temperatures and can bear the excessive current load.

It would help if you used TLH chargers to charge Li-ion battery packs for optimum results because we design chargers right according to the battery’s need and requirement.

However, there isn’t any particular answer for these queries because there are several factors to determine before analyzing shelf life.

Voltage and energy charge are also factors to affect the charge time; charge time then has a direct relationship with shelf life.

By charging them at high voltages will let them degrade at a faster pace.

It would be best if you charged it to full once a week so that it can maintain the charge balance of the cells.

It would be best if you have weekly and monthly cycles for maintenance for your Li-ion battery packs, this won’t exhaust your battery energy.

10. What incentives and benefits can we have from TLH for the purchase of  Li-ion battery packs?

If you want to ship your package at the cheapest rate possible, you should send and purchase Li-ion battery packs during the holiday season and use TLH as your production and shipment supplier.

TLH is offering its types of assistance for over ten years, and we have stretched out the experience of giving creation to clients across the globe.

We regularly offer limits and exceptional proposals to our submitted customers to help them save their costs close by smooth transportation to their optimal area.

We are using on the web stages, for instance, Alibaba, made in China, etc, you should remain dynamic on such locales.

These stages offer concessions and particular vouchers different occasions throughout the year, so you should acquire those arrangements to save your expense and should figure your requests giving to it.

We offer lifetime backing to our lofty clients, and we offer a service contract period to our return clients.

We dedicate our technical team’s assistance around the clock; we offer yearly and quarterly discounts on bulk production of Li-ion battery packs.

11. What is an electrolyte in Li-ion battery packs, and how it affects battery performance?

Electrolyte fills in as catalysts to create a conductive path for Li-ion battery packs by advancing particles’ development from the cathode to the anode on charge and in converse on release.

Particles are charged Electrically, and they have lost or acquired electrons. A battery’s electrolyte comprises solvent salts, acids, or different bases in fluid, gelled, and dry configurations.

Electrolyte likewise arrives in a polymer too.

Some of the electrolytes are flammable, so proper tests are done to check the electrolyte’s flammability; we can reduce the electrolytes’ flammability with non-organic ionic addition liquids additives.

Li-ion battery packs get low performance when it experiences aging; aging is the phenomena under which electrolyte dries up or turns into a solid form.

At high temperatures, the SEI layer will break down.

Electrolytes have a unique effect on the life and performance of battery packs.

It can maintain the optimum performance of the battery even under high temperatures.

It also keeps the internal resistance low, and it stabilizes the EI layer.

12. What is the chemistry of  Li-ion battery packs, and what type of cells are you using in them?

Cells have a significant impact on the life and efficiency of the battery, thus we have always ensured to use the right cells for your li-ion battery packs.

We are using high-quality cells from different brands such as LG, Samsung, Chinese, and Panasonic.

You should consider the following factors for the selection of cells

  • Dissolution Specification

Lithium and form polymer salts complexes are required to dissolve in polar groups such as -O- C=O C=N.

  • Stability of Electrochemical

Onset potentials should have large gaps having a large window of voltage.

  • Ions Conductivity

There should be high electrical conductivity for optimum performance and to have extended storage life.

  • Thermal & chemical properties

There should be high thermal properties to bear temperature changes, and there should be stable chemical properties.

  • Cost-effectiveness

TLH offers competitive market prices, and we ensure to maximize your profit margins.

  • Mechanical Stability

A high mechanical strength ensures more significant work and storage life of your 18650 custom battery pack.

  • Toxicity and sustainability properties

You should consider the harmful effects, and you should ensure that manufacturer doesn’t compromise on quality and standards.

13. What are the hazards if the  Li-ion battery packs get leaked?

Li-ions are usually cased in the packaging of hard plastic and a 10-gauge powder-coated steel case.

In case it gets punctures and lithium-ion cell electrolytes are exposed to the surrounding, extra care should be taken.

Electrolytes are usually toxic because it has organic solvents as well as dissolved electrolyte salts.

They can be irritating to the skin and eyes, and their fumes can result in mucus membrane irritation.

Do not expose the solvents to open flame, as they are highly flammable.

You should use protection for the eyes, nose, and skin, for this, you should have rubber gloves and breathing protection, and proper ventilation.

Also, LiPF6 is hydrophilic and reacts with water releasing hydrogen fluoride, a corrosive, flammable gas.

In case of fire breakdown, then use a CO2 or chemical fire extinguisher.

14. What happens if one of the cells from  Li-ion battery packs malfunctions?

Li-ion battery packs have numerous cells in them; any fault or hazard will destroy other cells.

Fire hazard from a single cell is most probably will result in the propagation of fire to side cells, which means that failure to one of the cells will result in failure in other cells.

This can lead to a violent incident, and this can be prevented by using a heat detector.

15. What can technical help TLH offer us for the selection and shipment of  Li-ion battery packs?

Firstly, we have the art of the state supply chain and production procedures for product development.

TLH’s Planning team follows your item subtleties directly from the earliest starting point until the second you get it, and we offer tweaked plans for our clients.

Our group has superb order over equipment and programming areas, and we can redo a productive BMS framework for your 21700 battery packs

The arranging bundle incorporates fundamentally experienced architects.

Electric battery pack arranging help plans 3D drawings of your custom 21700 battery packs.Our group can give you the best reasonable plan for BMS, CANBUS, UART, or SMBUS.

Suppose you have tight deadlines from your wholesale customers and device manufacturers. We are then the most feasible option because we entertain our customers around the clock and give you customized 3D designs within 24 hours.

We evaluate and finalize your prototype after proper research and work, and then we represent it to you for final approval.

Li-ion battery packs faqs figure9

Figure 9 Flow chart of Li-ion development

We have set exacting rules for the quality surveys; you can notice them by visiting our collecting cycle.

We have equipped our cycle with IEC62133, UN38.3, ISO 9001:2015, CE, UL 2054 Certifications.

We offer you serious costs alongside remarkable quality to fabricate a drawn-out relationship with you.

You can even visit our production plant and can witness our quality and working SOPs all by yourself.

To know more about our working criteria, please visit the following video or get in touch with our technical team.

16. What is the experience of TLH in the manufacturing of  Li-ion battery packs?

We have more than 15 years of experience in Li-ion batteries, we have experienced technical and management staff to tackle your need.

These are some of our guidelines to follow to provide you with an efficient Li-ion battery pack.

TLH follows a dynamic advancement course of events to you, and we start it by securing the li-ion battery pack prerequisite datasheets from you.

With the datasheet investigation, our business group will way to deal with you to explain the organization’s strategies and rules and comprehend your necessities and prerequisites.

After it, you will give us BMS and 3D plan, in the event that you can’t furnish us with 3D and BMS plan, then our expert specialists are here to plan the BMS and 3D expenses of your 21700 battery pack as per your definite necessities.

Now, our group needs a correspondence convention, particularly from you, If you don’t have one, our architects will build up the most practical pattern for you.

Our group can give you the best reasonable plan for BMS, CANBUS, UART, or SMBUS.

With this, our group will give you the course of events for the entirety of the advancement measures and will help you with regular improvement reports to keep you refreshed for each progression.

At that point, our group attempts to build up a model of your Li-ion battery pack, and we follow it with the various test, for example, temperature variations, transportation taking care of, dampness obstruction and reliance, just as vibration tests, maturing is followed.

We give you a detailed report of your model and once you are totally happy with the exhibition of the model, we continue to the creation stage.

Before moving to the gathering stage, our specialists check voltage and opposition varieties, and whenever it is cleared, we collect your batteries utilizing heat psychologists and conservative lodging.

You can likewise demand custom lodging for your battery, and we can likewise give you modified bundling.

This process is followed by efficient shipping and transport to your desired address.

To know more about our working criteria, please visit the following video or get in touch with our technical team.

17. What are the applications of Li-ion battery packs?

Firstly, Li-ion battery packs have more energy charge as compare to other batteries.

Li-ion battery packs have an energy charge of at least 3000 mAH.

Numerous items utilize Li-ion batteries, such as electric vehicles, electric bicycles, and vapes.

Since Li-ion batteries can give more power, they turn into a more traditional battery among gadgets, including spotlights.

Longer runtimes on different electronic gadgets have picked up the consideration of numerous cutting-edge organizations.

Li-ion battery packs are frequently used in electric lamps.

New spotlights have higher lumen yields and longer runtimes contrasted with their Li-ion electric lamp archetypes.

This battery model even has a USB type-c port so you can charge the Li-ion inside the electric lamp, no requirement for a different charger.

We offer Li-ion batteries with protection and safeties to be safe for your devices and customers.

Li-ion battery packs have influenced markets due to their efficient specs and characteristics, and they aren’t expensive.

Li-ion battery packs are available on customized options too.

You can have all types of device solutions from these battery packs, and these battery packs also enable efficient power output, higher energy charge, and stable voltage.

We use a series combination of Li-ion battery packs to add up voltages, and each cell sums up to the desired voltage.

On the other hand, parallel combinations are used to attain the higher capacity of battery packs, and it is achieved by summing up the total ampere-hour (Ah).

We are always open to discuss your technical and financial queries, and please feel free to contact us.