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  • Our Lithium ion Cylindrical battery cells consist of high-quality Lithium Ion cells with a low self-discharge rate.
  • Each cell undergoes numerous tests to endorse precise service.
  • The battery cells are rechargeable and offer an abundant number of charge cycles that means can be fully charged and drained plenty of times.
  • The Cylindrical Lithium Ion cells have a life of up to 1 year.

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Cylindrical Lithium ion Battery Pack Trader

TLH battery is named one of the foremost and inexplicably advantageous battery companies in the market. Our Cylindrical Lithium-ion Battery packs vow the core endurance to support high energy requiring gadgets or equipment and with full proficiency.

Our Lithium-ion cylindrical Battery is the lithium-based type that uses high-quality cells and presents implausible functioning time along with countless charge cycles. The Cylindrical Lithium Ion batteries are manufactured in different capacities such as 10440, 13310, 14430, 14500, 14650, 16340, 16500, and 18500. TLH battery’s Lithium-ion cylindrical packs can be personalized as per your requirements on a bulk order, we put our efforts to provide you with diverse market costs.

For any personalized built orderings of Cylindrical Lithium Ion batteries, you can link to us, and we will lead you in the bare minimum interval of time likely.

Detailed Management Techniques of the Cylindrical Lithium ion Battery

  • Each cylindrical cell is intended and built with a nominal voltage of 3.7V to 4.2V depending on the capacity to deliver a high energy supply for heavy applications.
  • The safest and most efficient battery type to make your gadgets work effectively.
  • The cylindrical cells are enclosed in metal cans which keep the electrodes bound closely.
  • Every Lithium-ion battery undergoes a procedural evaluation before delivery.

Your Ultimate Inclination in the designing of Lithium ion Cylindrical Battery: TLH

TLH Battery has been providing Lithium ion Batteries for a long time and now has consumers from all over the world. We work our greatest to construct proficient battery cells of different capacities, in alliance with our capable and well-skilled competent unit. We pledge to our customers in the performance and exceptional quality of our Cylindrical Lithium Ion Battery in the least amount of time possible!

If you know or own any businesses that require or demand custom-made Lithium ion Cylindrical Battery cells, do consider offering them our reference! Our auctions control centers are in the UK, USA, and Germany. The marketing unit is engaged with very capable associates, who know about dealing with customers from around the globe.

A distinct division for after-sales facilities for customers is also open for your comfort. You can get along with us even if you are in the United Kingdom, The USA, or Germany. For any inquiries or obstacles in the working of the Cylindrical Lithium Ion Battery cells, drop by your query and the agent of our after-sales zone will contact you to provide a suitable solution.

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Cylindrical lithium ion Battery – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Following FAQ guide consists of all the major information about Cylindrical Lithium Ion battery cells. To get answers to your respective queries, have a thorough look below!

1. What is a cylindrical lithium ion battery?

A lithium ion cylindrical battery is a lithium ion based battery with a cylindrical shape. There are several types of lithium ion cylindrical batteries 10440, 13310, 14430, 14500, 14650, 16340, 16500, 18500, and many more. Cylindrical shaped lithium batteries are manufactured in small metallic cans and the batteries can be used at high rates to maintain high capacities. Most of the cylindrical batteries are rechargeable. The batteries are used in cylindrical shapes to lower the cost and inside of it, the electrodes are enclosed in a cylindrical can that is placed tightly due to the specifically designed metal case. It helps in better capacity and voltage of the battery pack.

1 Cylindrical lithium ion batteries

Figure 1: Cylindrical lithium ion batteries

2. Are 10440 lithium ion batteries the same as AAA batteries?

The 10440 cylindrical lithium ion batteries come in a mAh capacity of 350 and are rechargeable. The size of this battery pack is the same as that of a AAA battery cell but serves a higher voltage than a typical AAA battery. A fully charged 10440 battery is measured to have 4.2 volts while the AAAs battery cells found are only 1.5 volts and work like a typical alkaline battery and can be used in its place. However, 10440 lithium ion battery is known well for being one of the best energy density serving battery packs. It does not affect its memory and loses less to no charge while the battery is not being used as compared to other rechargeable batteries.

3. What are the specifications of a 10440 li ion battery?

A 10440 lithium ion cylindrical battery has a voltage of 4.2 volts when fully charged. However, the nominal voltage of this battery pack is 3.7 volts. It has a chemistry of 350 mAh. The dimensions of the 10440 lithium cylindrical battery are 43 mm in length, 10 mm in diameter, and have a weight of almost 17 g approximately. It has a long life expectancy as well as storage life while is light in weight and serves high densities. It is a rechargeable battery and serves longer than other batteries of the same voltage. It is somehow similar to the AAA battery but lasts longer and provides higher voltage than it.

An 10440 cylindrical li ion battery cell

Figure 2: An 10440 li ion battery cell

4. How safe is the 13310 cylindrical lithium ion battery?

The cylindrical lithium ion batteries hazards are linked to the high densities they provide along with the flammable organic electrolyte. With such hazards, it presents new challenges for the use, storage, and handling of the cylindrical lithium ion battery cells. They can cause physical damage due to overcharging or short circuits as well as exposure to high temperatures more often. So the handling should be practiced by following the safety precautions to exhibit the circumstances leading to unwanted situations.

5. What are the safety concerns with cylindrical lithium ion batteries?

The most common safety concern with cylindrical lithium ion batteries is caused due to exposure to certain temperatures and over time. Such circumstances cause physical damage as well as internal damage to the battery cell and the surroundings. Improper charging and dropping the batteries also affect it big time. The materials inside the cylindrical lithium ion battery pack lead to unwanted exothermic activities that create unwanted reactions.

6. What is the standard size of a cylindrical lithium ion battery?

The cylindrical lithium ion batteries are cylindrically shaped and are symmetrical. They are very efficiently and safely packed and have a mechanical form. The most commonly sized cylindrical lithium ion batteries found are the 18650 battery cells which are 18 mm in diameter and 65 mm in length. The 26650 batteries are 26 mm in diameter and 65 mm in length.

Different sizes of cylindrical li ion batteries

Figure 3: Different sizes of cylindrical li ion batteries

7. What is the highest capacity found in cylindrical lithium ion batteries?

The standard lithium ion battery pack has a capacity of 18650 which is found to be 18 mm in diameter while 65 mm in height. The lithium ion cylindrical batteries are ought to be long lasting and rechargeable battery packs. Later different manufacturing companies got together to make the 21700 battery pack which offered the highest density of all. The cell is increased in size than the 18650 li ion cell and since then the 21700 cylindrical battery became a new standard. The 21700 battery provided many benefits as compared to other lower densities battery packs in specific energy, the performance of the cell, the internal resistance of the battery, and its heating circumstances.

8. What are the top uses of lithium ion cylindrical batteries?

As lithium ion batteries are rechargeable as well as long lasting, these battery packs are used mainly for portable electric devices to power them. The batteries are widely used in laptops, mobile phones, cameras, high energies requiring toys, etc due to the high operational voltage, the higher energy density, and less to no memory effect. The requirement for these portable rechargeable batteries is increasing every day as people consider using portable devices instead of wired ones. The cylindrical batteries offer good battery time and are rechargeable so they offer a better serving capability. The batteries may also be used in electric tools and medical equipment.

9. What is the average price of a 14430 cylindrical lithium ion battery?

A 14430 lithium ion cylindrical battery cell is the same size as that of a AA 1.2 volts. It is rechargeable and thus can be used for a long interval of time for many years if used properly. They are also lighter in weight and can manage high capacities. An average 14430 lithium cylindrical cell battery may have a price range between 3.95 $ to 4.45 $. However, the price may vary in some cases or different companies.

10. Can you use a 14500 battery instead of an AA battery?

The 14500 cylindrical lithium ion battery uses lithium ion chemistry and has a nominal voltage of 3.7 Volts and 4.2 Volts when fully charged. These batteries are rechargeable and have a very higher voltage due to which they are not considered to be a suitable replacement in the place of AA batteries. These batteries are similar in size to the regular AA battery packs. Also, the 14500 cylindrical lithium batteries are unprotected while the AA ones are protected.

11. What is the suitable most replacement for an AA battery?

The AA lithium battery cells have a shelf life of more than 9 years, and they can last for a longer time than most of the other AA type battery cells in the required types of devices or gadgets. Most specifically for the better working and health of your valuable and efficient electronic devices, lithium AA cylindrical batteries do not leak over time, unlike many other cheaper battery types. Considering the facts, the 18650 lithium ion battery can be a good substitute for the AA battery replacement in the gadgets and devices that require it.

12. Are cylindrical cells better than prismatic ones?

Cylindrical cells are quite durable with a shelf life of more than 9 years. They are rechargeable and last longer than other cheaper battery types. However, as compared to the prismatic cells, the cylindrical lithium ion battery cells provide much more energy density and power per hour in the lowest amount. In the cylindrical cells, the electrodes are wounded together in a metal casing. It minimizes the possibility of the battery going bad due to mechanical vibrations, charging, and thermal runaway. In the prismatic cells, if one cell goes bad, it erupts the working of the whole battery pack. Cylindrical cells radiate and control the temperature and heat more efficiently as compared to prismatic cells. Prismatic cells leave behind more possibilities of the short circuits and another malfunctioning.

Cylindrical vs prismatic cells

Figure 4: Cylindrical vs prismatic cells

13. Who are the top manufacturers of cylindrical lithium ion batteries?

There are numerous top manufacturing companies of cylindrical lithium ion batteries around the world. The companies that keep up their promising quality if product and services attract the most customers. And as a result, they gain customers as well as good reviews which helps them grow widely. As The world is progressing, people prefer portable gadgets and equipment which require rechargeable cells so, over the time span of a few years, the electronic world has progressed more than ever and so have the battery companies. Following are a few famous and top-quality battery providing companies:

  • Sony
  • TLH
  • Panasonic etc.

14. What is the highest mah lithium ion cylindrical battery?

Different batteries are available in the market with different capacities and mAh ranges, various amperages are also available in the market. The highest mAh cylindrical lithium ion battery is with Amperage 18500 Lithium ion Battery Rechargeable Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Batteries with 1600 mAh discharge current. The cylindrical lithium based batteries are secondary batteries packed in metal cans and these battery cells are used to maintain high energy capacities in medical gadgets and electrical equipment. To carry out the best services for a longer period.

15. Does tesla use cylindrical lithium ion cells?

There are various reasons why tesla uses cylindrical lithium ion batteries. Some of the major reasons are mentioned below:

  • Effectiveness:

The cylindrical lithium ion battery cells are seen to be more reliable as they burn less energy while in use which results provides a longer battery working time. These cells are 46 mm in diameter and 80 mm in length and if utilized in a proper manner they are proved to be more durable and effective.

  • To serve the best:

The cylindrical lithium battery cells are designed and still worked on to be the best they can be for gadgets and electronics. They are still trying out different cylindrical cells in their vehicles to find the right one for them.

  • Cost of the cylindrical cells:

The cost however needs to be settled accordingly as the cylindrical batteries provide the best working. They deliver more energy, power, and range to electronics and vehicles and are said to be of better value than they are now.

16. Are 14500 and 18500 cylindrical lithium ion batteries interchangeable?

The 14500 cylindrical lithium.ion batteries are similar to the size of AA batteries whereas 18500 batteries are very different due to their larger power of allowing battery life in a cell. The difference between these two batteries is not only the power output as they both have 4.2 volts when fully charged. The main difference is the capacity which makes the battery last longer and works for longer hours before requiring a recharge.

The 18500 batteries are better technically as they offer more power and energy.

17. What is the lifespan of cylindrical lithium ion batteries?

The cylindrical lithium ion batteries are packaged in metallic cans and are called secondary batteries as they are rechargeable. These allow being used in types of equipment that require a high energy rate and maintain the high capacity. Lithium ion batteries last longer than any other battery type and so have a longer span and vice versa. A typical standard lithium ion battery lasts for about five to six years if taken care of properly. It can even last longer with perfect care and may stop working before the estimated time span due to improper handling or overcharging.

18. What are 18500 cylindrical batteries used for?

The 18500 cylindrical lithium battery cells are shorter in size than that of the 18650 cylindrical lithium ion battery. Its compact size makes it work on more devices and equipment. The battery pack is lighter in weight and offers a higher density than any other rechargeable cell. The 18500 cylindrical lithium batteries are mostly used in Flashlights, RC cars, or as camera batteries.

Use of 18500 cylindrical li ion battery

Figure 6: Use of 18500 cylindrical battery cell

19. How long does a 14650 1100 mah cylindrical battery last?

The 14650 cylindrical lithium ion battery is used in laptops, computers, GPS devices, Video cameras, etc. It has a nominal voltage of 3.7 volts and provides a constant current at 550 mA charge to 4.2 Volts when fully charged. The operating temperature of this battery is 0° C to 45° C for charging whereas -20° C to 60° C for discharging the battery cell. It is 14.5 mm in diameter and 65.5 mm in height. Typical lithium ion based batteries last for longer than 5 years depending on their use and handling. It can last longer under proper conditions.

20. What battery is equivalent to a 16340 battery?

The 16340 lithium ion battery pack is approximately 16 mm in diameter, 34 mm in length, and it is almost the same size as a CR123A battery cell. The 16340 battery cell provides 880 mAh and is protected as well as rechargeable. But the CR123A battery cells can not be used in the place of 16340 battery cells because they are not rechargeable so may not be suitable to be substituted for 16340 cylindrical battery cells.

21. What is the difference between 16340 and 18650 cylindrical lithium ion batteries?

The 18650 lithium ion cylindrical battery cell is rated for the output voltage of up to 4.4 volts whereas the 16340 cylindrical lithium battery cell has an output voltage of 3.7 volts. The 18650 battery has the greater energy capacity and density deliverance and withstands higher energy requiring appliances or gadgets than that of the 16340 battery cell. The major advantage of the 16340 battery cell over the 18650 battery cell is that it performs quite well under freezing temperatures without malfunctioning or safety issues whereas most of the batteries do not work in high freezing temperatures including the 18650 battery cell.

The storage capacity of the 18650 battery is higher and therefore has a higher power storage capacity and is more suitable for backups and charge storing capacities.

However, they both have longer working hours and less to safety hazards. There are very less chances of explosions or short circuits in these battery cells.

22. How do you bring a dead cylindrical lithium battery back to life?

A lithium battery may die due to several reasons including improper storage, charging malfunctions, improper handling, exposure to heat, and so many more. If your battery fails to hold a charge, before disposing of it off try to revive it by following the given method. Seal the lithium ion battery in an airtight bag and place it in the freezer for a minimum of 24 hours. Make sure the airtight bag has no moisture inside it or that could make the battery wet. When taking it out, keep it at room temperature for 8 to 10 hours to let it come back to normal. Now put it on the charger and charge it fully. This method revives the battery in most scenarios and will improve its performance as well as last longer between the charge cycles before requiring another charging cycle.

 Reviving dead cells

Figure 7: Reviving dead cells

23. Are cylindrical lithium ion batteries rechargeable?

A lithium ion chemistry is a rechargeable battery type and is charged and discharged when the lithium ions move between the negative and positive electrodes of the battery cell. The lithium battery cells that can be recharged are called secondary batteries however the ones that can not be charged are called primary batteries. The primary cell batteries can not be charged once they drain or are empty. The lithium batteries have a higher charge density and which in return means that they can last longer than other battery types and hold more power than any other battery type.

24. What are the uses of 16500 cylindrical lithium ion batteries?

The 16500 lithium ion cylindrical batteries are rechargeable and provide higher density for heavier usage purposes. A rechargeable battery is very energy saving and convenient to be used for portable equipment. This battery cell has a nominal mAh capacity of 1200 and a nominal cell voltage of 3.6 Volts. It is quite lightweight and measures 16.1 mm in diameter and 50 mm in length. The operating temperature for charging and discharging of these cylindrical cell batteries is quite a wide range. The 16500 lithium battery cell is highly used in flashlights, LED’s, medical gadgets, measuring equipment, water boats, etc.

16500 cylindrical li ion battery cell uses

Figure 8: 16500 cylindrical battery cell uses