Your Reliable & Professional 18650 Battery Pack Manufacturer in China

  • Original 18650 cells of LG, Samsung, and Panasonic
  • Various 18650 battery pack performance, low & high temperature 18650 battery pack, high discharge rate 18650 battery pack , standard 18650 battery pack
  • Widely used from any industries
  • Various shape as your request

TLH 18650 Battery Pack Certifications to Ensure The Quality

Your Exclusive 18650 Battery Pack Supplier Over 15 years

  • Our 18650 battery pack solution is one of our main product lines which is exported to the world.
  • Our 18650 battery packs are applications for electric bicycles, electric scooters, robots,storage, power tool, and mobile and portable devices, etc.
  • We usually offer a 1-year warranty after shipment. If you are our VIP customers, you can get high-level service from the warranty time,after-sales service, battery technology support, etc.
  • Become our VIP customers and work together to expand your market with our 18650 li-ion battery pack.

Strict Quality Control Process for 18650 Battery Pack Manufacturing

  • All 18650 cells are original from factory
  • 100% battery management system testing before production by our IQC staff
  • Before your bulk order, we will test our 18650 battery pack deeply to avoid the potential issue in our side
  • All matched chargers will be 100% testing on our side.