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  • Original 18650 cells of LG, Samsung, and Panasonic
  • Various 18650 battery pack performance, low & high temperature 18650 battery pack, high discharge rate 18650 battery pack , standard 18650 battery pack
  • Widely used from any industries
  • Various shape as your request

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Your Exclusive 18650 Battery Pack Supplier Over 15 years

  • Our 18650 battery pack solution is one of our main product lines which is exported to the world.
  • Our 18650 battery packs are applications for electric bicycles, electric scooters, robots,storage, power tool, and mobile and portable devices, etc.
  • We usually offer a 1-year warranty after shipment. If you are our VIP customers, you can get high-level service from the warranty time,after-sales service, battery technology support, etc.
  • Become our VIP customers and work together to expand your market with our 18650 li-ion battery pack.

Strict Quality Control Process for 18650 Battery Pack Manufacturing

  • All 18650 cells are original from factory
  • 100% battery management system testing before production by our IQC staff
  • Before your bulk order, we will test our 18650 battery pack deeply to avoid the potential issue in our side
  • All matched chargers will be 100% testing on our side.

TLH LAB :Your Custom 18650 Battery Pack Supplier in China

TLH has over 15 years custom 18650 battery pack solution manufacturing abilities.We can design your custom battery pack solution from different industries like electric bicycle ,drone ,electric surfboard,medical device ect.

Your any smart function requirement also can be done.Our R & D engineers spend much time to research in CANBUS,UART and SMBUS battery technology over 5 years.We can offer standard rechargeable 18650 battery or smart custom 18650 battery pack solution for your projects.Your Custom 18650 battery pack solution can be made by Samsung ,Panasonic ,LG and some Grade A Chinese 18650 brands.

You can get fast quotation within one day after we confirm the ball price.

As one custom 18650 battery pack solution expert,our professional sales team can fast to push your 18650 li ion battery development without language obstacle.From your simple battery idea to the complete custom 18650 battery pack prototype even included the smart battery management system and customized battery case ,it only take 1 or 2 months.

Your any custom 18650 battery pack idea ,please contact us.Let us work together to make more people enjoy your product.


TLH 18650 CUSTOM BATTERY PACKS-The Ultimate Guide

Don’t you want a desired 18650 custom battery packs according to your need?

This page extends information comprehensively about 18650 custom battery packs.

We have explained specifications, features, market trends, production and shipping details in it.

So what are you waiting for then!

1. Can we arrange our freight forwarder for shipping of custom 18650 battery packs?

Yes, you are free to choose freight forwarder of your will.

We provide EXW rates for it.

If you have forwarder in China, then we can even ship your custom battery pack at a very reasonable price to your forwarder.

For your safety, you should ensure that your freight forwarder should have certifications for shipping of lithium-ion batteries, otherwise it will lead to shipment blockage.

2. Do we have to pay for the research and development of custom 18650 battery packs?

No, you don’t have to pay for research and development of 18650 custom battery packs.

It’s the duty of our technical department to satisfy you with the right solutions of 18650 custom battery packs, once you approve the sample, only then we proceed to bulk production followed by the initial payment.

Figure 1 18650 custom battery pack

Figure 1 18650 custom battery pack

3. What are the desired and prohibited practices of custom 18650 battery packs for your customers?

Your customers need to follow the following guidelines for long durable life and maximum efficiency of 18650 battery packs. Here are some desired and prohibited practices, make sure that your customers well aware of them.

  • For fresh 18650 battery packs, always make sure to fully Charge as well as to discharge fully up to 4 cycles to get full capacity.
  • For optimum working of 18650 battery, charge and discharge 18650 custom batteriesto the maximum limit for every 2 to 3 weeks.
  • For service of 18650 batteries, first, discharge the batteries until the device shuts down and then follow the manual instructions to recharge the battery packs.
  • If you aren’t using it for months and you don’t need it for a longer time then store the 18650 custom battery packs in a clean, dry and low-temperature place.
  • To ensure optimum battery performance, maximize the management features of the device power.
  • Consult either user’s manual or get yourself connect with the customer care of TLH.
  • If you are skipping your monthly timeline of preventive maintenance, then it could lead to severe damages such as damages due to short circuit.
  • Any kind of misusage which could lead to exposure of corrosive cell contents.
  • Try not to expose the battery to rain or dampness, which may prompt weakening the cell content, bringing about low execution of battery pack.
  • Extreme temperatures exposure can lead to an explosion of the battery.

Figure 2 Battery specifications and relationships

Figure 2 Battery specifications and relationships

4. Can we visit your plant to approve it according to our standards for the production of custom 18650 battery packs?

We always welcome our B2B customers to visit our plant premises, this could bridge up confidence between two parties.

However, there are some pre-requisites to follow to visit our plant.

Firstly, get in touch with customer service of VTL who will find out about a few things associated with your Factory visit.

After we are done with the pre-requisites of the visit then we will get back to you with a suggested date and time of visit.

Do confirm us your visit information and call us before coming to plant.

Figure 3 Come and visit us!

5. What cells do you use for custom 18650 battery packs?

Cells have a major impact on life and efficiency of the battery, thus we have always ensured to use the right cells for your 18650 battery packs.

We are using high-quality cells from different brands such as LG, Samsung, Chinese, and Panasonic.

You should consider the following factors for the selection of cells

  • Dissolution Specification

Lithium and form polymer salts complexes are required to dissolve in polar groups such as -O- C=O C=N.

  • Stability of Electrochemical

Onset potentials should have large gaps having a large window of voltage.

  • Ions Conductivity

There should be high electrical conductivity for optimum performance and to have extended storage life.

  • Thermal & chemical properties

There should be high thermal properties to bear temperature changes and there should be stable chemical properties.

  • Cost-effectiveness

TLH offer market competitive prices and we ensure to maximize your profit margins.

  • Mechanical Stability

A high mechanical strength ensures greater work and storage life of your 18650 custom battery pack.

  • Toxicity and sustainability properties

You should consider the harmful effects and u should ensure that manufacturer doesn’t compromise on quality and standards.

Figure 4 Samsung cells

6. What are the specifications and features of custom 18650 battery packs?

TLH is having more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing of 18650 custom battery packs.

Your TLH 18650 custom batteries are equipped with state of art battery monitoring system as well as with an efficient communication system.

We are using CANBUS and Ethernet communication protocols for your battery system, which enable speed of up to 1 Mbps.

We are using highly efficient cells from Samsung, Panasonic and LG for 18650 custom battery packs.

We can provide you with a battery system of the high rate of charge and discharge which can increase the overall efficiency of your product.

We are offering dynamic solutions of 18650 Battery Pack for an electric surfboard.

We are using an efficient and fast UART communication protocol for this battery system.

We are using either 30Q or 25R cells of Samsung which enables high discharge and charge rate for your battery pack.

Our technical team has developed an innovative Battery management system for this product, which enables you to monitor the faults, working and management of battery, this enables longer and efficient lifeline of your 18650 battery packs.

All of the cells in 18650 custom battery packs have the same resistance, capacity, load and discharge rate.

We are offering innovative 18650 custom battery packs solutions for drones, medical devices, EV etc. We are also providing 18650 custom battery packs for electrical bikes

7. How capable are you in building custom 18650 battery packs?

TLH tries to facilitate you with best 18650 custom battery packs at a very reasonable price.

Firstly, it starts with designing a good custom 18650 battery pack with the selection of cells.

We use very efficient and competitive cells from Samsung, Panasonic and LG.

We don’t compromise on the cost of cells as it could affect the time span of cells.

We offer you high capacity, higher runtime cells to enhance your customer’s experience.

Industrial cells on the other hand are of low capacity, higher current but are relatively more expensive.

To assist the cells for optimum usage, we include a charger too with the 18650 battery pack.

We consider the following factors while manufacturing the charger.

Firstly, the speed by which a battery is securely charged is administered by temperature.

Secondly, it should be made sure that the ultra-fast charge should be done on moderate temperature range only.

Elevated voltages of cells should stay in the limit of the charger.

TLH considers these necessities while planning 18650 custom battery pack chargers.

TLH’s planning group follows your product details right from the beginning till the moment you receive it, we offer customized plans for our customers.

Our team has excellent command over hardware and software sections, we can customize an efficient BMS system for your 21700 battery packs

The planning bunch includes significantly experienced designers.

Electric battery pack planning help plans 3D drawings of your custom 21700 battery packs.

We have set strict guidelines for quality review; you can observer them actually by visiting our assembling cycle.

We have outfitted our cycle with IEC62133, UN38.3, ISO 9001:2015, CE, UL 2054 Certifications.

We offer you competitive prices along with outstanding quality to build long term relationship with you

8. What are the key steps to get custom 18650 battery packs for your businesses?

There are 6 simple steps to get a perfect custom 18650 battery pack for your wholesale business and devices.

  • Firstly define your goal of 18650 custom battery pack according to your need

You should decide what your audience is?

What is the specification you need for your custom 18650 battery pack?

What should be the most important parameters of your battery packs?

You should decide the ratings of battery and battery system.

What could be the extremes for your battery packs?

  • Next, you should decide the combination and configuration of your cells, you should also decide the BMS and communication protocols for your 18650 custom battery packs.
  • Most importantly you should consider price dependent things for your battery and how you should compensate for it.
  • Ask for a sample with full research and development report for your 18650 custom battery pack.
  • Once the sample is approved, you should negotiate for payment terms as well as production time.
  • Lastly, you should make sure that your supplier is following all of the quality parameters for the production of your 18650 custom battery packs, ask for at least 12 months of warranty.

9. How do you ensure users safety and protection in custom 18650 battery packs?

For the most part, our clients have stressed a ton on protection necessities, so we have inferred various protections in our battery framework.

We have overcharge protection which is activated when the charging exceeds the set limit, this will prevent any harm to your customers’ devices.


Figure 7 Protection for 18650 battery pack

For the optimum performance of batteries, it is really necessary for the compatibility of your device to admin the discharge rate, this is why we have used indicator and limit switch for an over-discharge rate which restricts the discharge rate if it surpasses the limit.

Likewise, we have protections of over-current and dual short circuits.

This avoids any chance of abuse to your devices as well as it enables an extended period to the battery performance.

We are offering to customize protection devices and values for your 18650 custom battery packs according to your requirement.

We highly endorse consuming a charger prepared by TLH technical teams since it is prepared precisely conferring to battery need.

Our batteries accompany an exact source voltage adjustment, our chargers have an auto-start and quit charging wonders.

Our 18650 custom battery packs show battery and charge status to assist your customers with analyzing the battery charge and discharge rate.

10. Are your custom 18650 battery packs easy to use and operate?

TLH offers diverse and multiple solutions for voltages and energy charge for your devices. We are offering diverse voltages range.

We have multiple different energy charge values under each battery category. Please visit FAQs page or follow this link to further know about our products specifications.

TLH objective is to have safe and environmental protection solutions for our customers, our solutions have stable battery performance.

Also, products are equipped with essential safeties to avoid any mean of harm to end customer or your device.

We are a reliable solution for your product, TLH aggressive testing for every step of production ensures maximum safety.

TLH have firm lifetime support along with at least 12 months warranty to our prestigious customers. Electric bike batteries utilize safety locks which keeps your battery safe from any robbery.

TLH batteries are straightforward to assemble, compact to fit and easy to disassemble.

Our batteries have a USB port to charge your electronic devices.

Likewise, we have an efficient Battery management system to ensure a long and durable lifetime of the battery.

Figure 8  18650 custom battery pack usage

11. What are the price factors for custom 18650 battery packs?

The cost to make custom battery-powered battery packs is reliant on numerous factors and is consistently specially cited per project. Expenses are controlled by:

  • Cost of cells
  • Distinct supplies or modules, unique specification
  • Packaging, shipment delivery and custom clearance

12. What are the quality checks and certifications for custom 18650 battery packs?

We have set severe rules for quality audit; you can eyewitness them really by visiting our collecting cycle.

We have equipped our cycle with IEC62133, UN38.3, ISO 9001:2015, CE, UL 2054 Certifications.

For the boundary-free transportation of batteries, we have sustained TLH with IEC 62133.

From March 2012 onwards, Worldwide Electro specialized Commission has made IEC 62133 certification fundamental for the transportation of Lithium-molecule battery pack.

18650 custom battery pack needs checks for paralyzes, vibrations, warm resistance, and air prosperity travel; for this, we have UL 2054.

Under test un38.3 electric batteries pack should overcome the high recreation just as high-low temperature cycles.

Simultaneously, the vibration test and impact tests are performed to guarantee security.

ISO 9001 is known as the overall standard that shows necessities for a quality association structure (QMS).

For fulfilling your necessities, we, by and large, get the support of test battery packs from you to eliminate any chances for botches.

13. How can we increase the efficiency and usage of custom 18650 battery packs?

Firstly, try to avoid charging up to a hundred per cent.

18650 custom battery packs degrade with the passage of time.

By charging those at high voltages will let them degrade at a higher pace.

Also, charge it fully only when you have the plan to use the device.

It would be best if you charged it to full once in a week so that it can maintain the charge balance of the cells.

This will also result in enhancing the overall capacity of the battery.

Consult your user manual and follow its instructions only.

You should also avoid fully discharging. Charge your battery when it is in between 25-50%.

It would be best if you have weekly and monthly cycles for maintenance for your 18650 custom battery packs.

This won’t exhaust your battery energy.

Always try to match you battery specifications and features with your journey complexities.

If you overuse the battery features, then it could lead to unusual errors.

14. How custom 18650 battery packs enable you to achieves more sales and demand?

You can use two modes of business models for 21700 battery packs.

One is to provide custom 18650 battery packs as a retailer to the business customers or to end customers.

You can use different e-commerce websites for it, for example, you can use eBay, AMAZ, FACEBOOK and YouTube.

You can utilize these stages to take into account clients from everywhere the world, you can arrange a mass measure of 18650 custom battery packs from us, this will save you cost on production just as well on delivery.

Another arrangement is that you can utilize our custom 18650 battery packs in your gadget since custom 18650 battery packs offer longer runtimes on various electronic devices have gotten the thought of various front line associations.

Our batteries will defend your gadgets since we offer custom 18650 battery with insurance and protections so it very well may be safe for your gadgets and clients.

18650 custom battery packs have affected business sectors because of its effective specs and attributes, they aren’t costly.

18650 custom battery packs are accessible on redone alternatives as well.

You can have all kind of gadget arrangements from these battery packs, this battery packs additionally empower proficient force yield, higher energy charge and stable voltage.

15. How can I get a price quote for custom 18650 battery packs?

The price quotation process is followed by the number of steps, we will explain to them for you to remove any of your misunderstandings.

To begin with, you should fill a custom battery datasheet and send it to us.

The TLH deals group will get in touch with you as quickly as time permits.

What’s more, will affirm your request and send the citation for your request.

If you don’t as of now have a plan prepared, our plan architects will plan a BMS plan and 3D drawings for your battery pack.

After the endorsement of the principal plan, TLH specialists will build up a second form of the drawing.

Our group will request that you determine a correspondence convention that you need with your Battery Management System (BMS).

If you don’t have a correspondence convention as a primary concern, our designers will build up the best correspondence convention for your task.

Our innovative workgroup can plan BMS with CANBus, UART, or SMBus for your custom battery pack.

After we are through the planning stage, we enter the material obtainment stage.

We request modified material for every custom battery pack.

The individual cells that we use in our battery packs are sourced from notable brands, for example, Panasonic, LG, and Samsung, and so on Furthermore, we get the cells just from their plant or their official vendors.

At that point, our designers build up a model of your 18650 custom battery pack.

This model goes through numerous tests with the assistance of testing machines.

These tests incorporate the Aging test, drop test, waterproof test, Vibration, and Humidity test, Temperature test, and so forth

After you are happy with the details of our model, our creation group will continue with the mass creation of your custom battery pack.

Before the assembling, we check every one of our phones for consistency in voltage and inward opposition utilizing computerized cell arranging machines.

Once you have agreed to all of the details, then our finance team will direct your initial payment plan.

Once it is done, then our master experts will collect every cell to shape a battery pack.

After this, they will cover the amassed batteries with a warmth recoil and wall them in appropriate lodging.

16. Can we order TLH custom 18650 battery packs from other platforms?

We routinely offer discounts and special offers to our committed clients to help them save their expense alongside smooth transportation to their ideal location.

We are utilizing on the web stages, for example, Alibaba, made in China and so on, you should stay dynamic on such sites.

You can check us out on

These platforms bid concessions and distinctive voucher various times over the year, so you must gain those deals to save your cost and should forecast your orders conferring to it.

17. How competitive TLH custom 18650 battery packs are as compare to other companies?

Right off the bat, we have the speciality of the state inventory network and creation techniques for item improvement.

TLH’s technical and planning people follows your item subtleties directly from the earliest starting point till the second you get it, we offer redid plans for our clients.

Our group has phenomenal order over equipment and programming segments, we can modify a proficient BMS framework for your 81650 custom battery packs

Electric battery pack technical team help plans 3D drawings of your custom 81650 battery packs.

If you have tight deadlines from your wholesale customers and device manufacturers. At that point, we are the most achievable choice for you since we engage our clients nonstop and can give you tweaked 3D plans inside 24 hours.

We assess and conclude your model after legitimate exploration and working and afterwards, we speak to it to you for definite endorsement.

We have set exacting rules for the quality survey; you can eyewitness them really by visiting our amassing cycle.

We have equipped our cycle with IEC62133, UN38.3, ISO 9001:2015, CE, UL 2054 Certifications.

We offer you serious costs alongside exceptional quality to construct long haul relationship with you.

You can even visit our creation plant and can observer our quality and working SOPs without anyone else.

To find out about our working standards, kindly visit the accompanying video or connect with our specialized group.

18. Have Covid-19 impacted custom 18650 battery packs production output?

We haven’t stop our activity in Covid-19, we are following the entirety of the SOPs and set rules.

We are working nonstop and we are accessible day in and day out at your help to furnish you with the answers for your gadgets and clients.

Indeed, even in this pandemic, we are accomplishing the entirety of our creation targets and timetables.

We are available to organizations from everywhere the world, we comprehend that Covid-19 has contracted the overall revenues and diminished the end clients, that is the reason we are attempting best to encourage you with generally possible and ideal arrangements.

There has been no such verification that shows delays in shipment due to COVID-19 as of now.

It is, in any case, significant that you do your assessment and guarantees that the zone you need to pass on to expressly doesn’t have a forbiddance on ordinary pickups and drop-off territory.

19. How do you ensure safe and smooth shipping of custom 18650 battery packs?

We have equipped our organization with all of the certifications needed for the transport of the custom 18650 battery packs.

We have outfitted our cycle with IEC62133, UN38.3, ISO 9001:2015, CE, UL 2054 Certifications.

These certifications gave us an international allowance for the shipping of 18650 custom battery packs.

20. What incentives and services TLH can offer us for purchasing custom 18650 battery packs?

We offer lifetime support to our prestigious customers, we offer extended warranty period to our return customers.

We dedicate the assistance of our technical team around the clock, we offer yearly and quarterly discounts on bulk production of 18650 custom battery packs.