Your Top Leading Battery Pack Manufacturer in China Over 15 years

  • Offering standard battery pack and standard smart battery pack
  • No development cost for your battery pack request
  • Various shapes and performance
  • Our battery pack solution is adopted in 18650 and 21700 cells.

TLH Battery Pack Certifications to Ensure The Quality

Your Best Choice Battery Pack Manufacturer

As one 15 years battery pack manufacturing experience, the TLH battery is focusing on developing a standard battery pack and custom battery pack with various shapes and performance.

Our standard battery pack is suitable for portable and mobile devices such as electric bikes, drones, medical devices, electric surfboards.

Our battery pack solutions are the application for any industries.
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Battery Pack for Your Case

Standard battery pack.jpg
The standard battery pack solution no development cost and fast lead time.
Standard smart battery pack.jpg
The standard smart battery pack with UART and CANBUS communication protocol. Slightly battery technology change to meet your request.

Strict Quality Control Process for Your Battery Pack Order

  • Adopt auto cell sorting machine and auto welding machine to ensure the quality and efficiency
  • Formed pure nickel strap and insulating materials to guarantee the battery quality and power system performance
  • Well-skilled workers are trained to inspect the key points which can cause battery issues.
  • Standard BOM to ensure quality and fast lead time

TLH -Your professional Li-ion Battery Pack Manufacturer in China

TLH battery has over 15 years of experience in making a li-ion battery pack for any industry. The battery technology request for different industries bring us much experience and gain battery technology accumulation and innovation. So we can supply a suitable battery pack solution for you. You can save the cost and enjoy our battery technology to power your devices.

Our battery packs are widely used in the world such as North America and Europe. We have some advantages in manufacturing lithium battery packs.

Excellent sources for cells with professional cells knowledge to avoid the battery pack solution not reaching your request.

Battery Management System
TLH battery design your own battery management system for your battery pack solution. Battery management system looks like the heart of your battery packs.

Advanced testing machines and deep testing standard

Our engineering team has an international global vision. The preciseness is their working rule. Advanced testing machines let our battery pack exceed your request. Our deep testing standard can prevent potential issues to you.

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TLH Battery Pack Solution FAQ Guide

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