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Industrial Equipment

The essential probability of increase and growth for lithium batteries has been showcased based on an increasing rate of high-quality battery pack solutions that have been designed and programmed for safety and durability in industrial applications. Lithium batteries have a higher demand as a result of an increasing request for cleaning systems, ROV, data communication equipment, and energy storage apps for the sole use of renewable power. The pertinent tenets that encourage the utilization of lithium batteries in industrial apps are light-weight, proper functioning, high energy density, and an extended life span.

Lithium-ion industrial batteries are utilized popularly for the application of consumers which range from laptops, cameras to mobile phones. On the other hand, with the incessant increase in technological advancement, industrial deep cycle batteries such as lithium-ion batteries are gradually having a presence in the industrial market. This industrial market has been taken over by industrial technologies like lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, and nickel-metal hydride.

Industrial equipment proffers numerous applications for lithium-ion industrial batteries and chargers with the inclusion of cordless power tools, systems of wireless security and telecommunications, and above all, outdoor portable electronic equipment. The request and need for a tested and trusted deep cycle battery known as lithium battery will increase when there is a rise in the use of computerized systems by industries in their mode of operation.

Power solutions ranging from industrial heavy equipment, industrial robots, to automatic guided vehicles known as AGV are major instances of the utilization of lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries permit higher independence of industrial equipment and also an essential growth productivity gain cordless drills, cordless hammer drills, garden tools, heavy-duty industrial equipment used in marine equipment (excluding back up), alarms in industrial facilities.

Key services:

  • Battery management system design and engineering
  • Soft pack, hard plastic enclosure and metal housing
  • Smart features/communication I2C, SMBus, RS485 and RS232, and CANBUS
  • Smart battery technology
  • Waterproof of IP 68
  • Battery pack assembly
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