• Diving System

Diving System

Diving system products can be used for entertainment, search & rescue, commercial, and military.

When I was a child, I would like to try swimming but I do not know how to swim. When I know diving system products come out, I can realize my dream. The most important is that as lithium-ion battery manufacturers, we can make the diving system portable, efficient, and more depth.

TLH battery has already made the battery pack for different Diving systems, such as

  • Air diving system
  • Scientific diving
  • Search & Rescue diving
  • Commercial and military diving
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How to make your diving system portable,efficient and light?

Most of the diving systems use gasoline to start the motor or tank with your diving system.

Li ion battery packs make your diving system powerful,more enjoyable,underwater easier ,portable and easier-to-use.

The founder of TLH battery always pursue the fine quality.The electric system has more powerful.Our engineer team will design the BMS according to your motor’ request.To get one small battery pack,our engineer advises you had better to get one customized housing for your battery pack which help your sales when your products be launched.


If you need the led display on our battery pack,we choose famous brand led display.People often like to focus the cells and BMS choose.But the issue of the accessory affect the quality of the whole battery pack.If your battery pack need waterproof, the design of the led display seems very important.

It is not easy to find the connector with waterproof IP68 which working in 30M or 50M even 4-8 hours.Our engineer still suggest you to ask our customized the connector for you.

TLH battery have cooperated with our customer to develop the battery pack solution for different diving systems.

If you would like your diving system more powerful and portable and easier to use,please contact us.

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