Custom Power Tool

Custom Power Tool

Powerful battery solutions are available for a number of battery powered tools, as well as, for tasks performed beneath water or with the use of cordless lawn mowers. The ability to move is the core feature needed for effectiveness when working. This can be achieved with the use of tools that are battery powered. When making use of these power tools, ranging from battery powered drills,battery operated drills, dewalt drill battery, to cordless drill batteries, core aspects needed are effectiveness, dependability and safety. These power tool batteries for will be made use of under unbearable conditions that are extreme and harsh.

Here are the battery solutions from the samples to their bulk products:

  1. Motor Watt or you offer Motor specification
  2. Max Locked-rotor current - When we receive the above from you, your PCB solution will be confirmed.
  3. Working voltage, working time - When we get these two data, we will confirm the battery solution to you
  4. Quote you the sample and bulk production
  5. Sample testing
  6. Feedback to TLH battery
  7. Samples pass, we will do bulk production as the sample. if not, the battery solution will be adjusted.

For the power tools, it is important to do the sample testing strictly under harsh conditions. In conclusion, TLH battery can provide high performance for the battery tools.


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