TLH offers battery packs for industries with advanced technology and production process.

Our experience,innovation,efficiency, expertise and attention to detail are all keys to the success of your products.

TLH Design Expertise

We have a world class design team with electrical and mechanical engineers.With Over 10 years of experience, our engineers can provide design battery pack solution of your products.

Our sales and engineer teams combine excellently to offer you the battery expertise.

We can provide BMS,Housing design.Our electrical engineers own the experience on design BMS with Communication like UART,CANBUS ect as your request or you can use our communication protocol. As for the housing design,if you are in the market of electric surfboard,air diving system,underwater power tool,ebike ,please contact us.We can help you save much time and provide you the reasonable battery pack solution.

TLH Manufacturing Expertise

Manufacturing is one of TLH most important advantage.Frankly,we heard much information talking about the manufacturing issue in the world.When we lack of money,talent employee,technique,we can introduce from outside.We are paying much attention to production process management.If you meet the problem about the lead time,quality,please contact us.We will give you the advice or support free when you would like to get more manufacturing expertise even in Europe and America.

Technique Support

With over 15 years battery pack expertise,we will offer some technique support on battery pack solution whether you are our customers or not.Because we would like to make more people enjoy our power system.

TLH Battery’s After Sales Service

TLH battery has built three after sales service office in USA,United Kingdom and Germany.And we provide product liability insurance helps protect your business from claims that a product you made or sold caused bodily injury or property damage to someone else’s belongings.

  • Office in USA:

Address 1:
11969 Arrow Route, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Address 2:
226 Polaris Ave, Suite 17
Mountain View, CA 94043

  • Office in Germany:

63679 Schotten

  • Office in United Kingdom:

PedalEase Ltd
Shurgard house,Shurgard storage unit Unit 1001,Uxbridge,United Kingdom Road UB40HD

FAQ about how to handle after sales service with TLH battery’s team

Q: What is the after sale service from TLH battery?
A: The warranty time is one year after shipment.If you become our VIP customers,we can prolong extra half year warranty for you.If your batteries are complaint,you send our pictures,video to figure out the issue.Then we can apply the new battery in your new order.

Q:How do you do when the spare parts are broken?
A:First,please contact our salesman whom you buy from.Send them the pictures and quantity,we will arrange the shipment within 1-2 days to you by DHL or FedEx.

Q:Can we contact your local after sales service office?
A:Of course,but it is better to contact the salesman who can help you contact the local service.