72V Ebike Battery Manufacturer for Your Motorcycle

  • High capacity and power e-bike battery
  • The e-bike battery pack is made by high discharge rate cells
  • Stable BMS performance with over-discharge and short circuit protection
  • The battery can be customized according to your request

TLH Ebike Battery Certifications to Ensure The Quality

Your First Choice Manufacturer to your 72V Electric Bike Battery

  • TLH battery has been manufacturing electric bike battery over 10 years. We can make 72V electric bike battery with rectangle and triangle shapes.
  • Our 72V e-bike battery can be designed with CANBUS or UART communication and also standard 72v Ebike battery.
  • We have experience in the case of developing a modular e-bike battery for motorcycles.
  • We have strict quality standards on all the materials inspection and production control.
  • If you have the 72V e-bike battery solution, please contact us.

Custom 72V Ebike Battery Solution

Used for high motor watt 84V 4A charger is suitable for your battery

Strict Quality Control Process for your 72V ebike Battery Order

  • All the materials 100% inspection before production
  • The demo is made by our engineer and audited by our engineer director before bulk production
  • Our warehouse replay the package details and quantity of your order
  • Our OC staffs inspection all the time

TLH -Your 72V Ebike Battery Supplier in China

TLH battery has been one of the top leading e-bike battery manufacturers for over 15 years. Our 72V e-bike battery is used for high power watt. You also can use our 72V Ebike battery for your application like a motorcycle, storage.

Our 72V e-bike battery is made with UART or CANBUS smart BMS. At the same time, you can choose a 72V ebike battery with hardware BMS.

Ebike battery is the most important for your ebike.

Our engineer owns the battery technology with modular in series and parallel for your 72V e-bike battery for motorcycle.

Custom Ebike Battery FAQ Guide

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