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TLH Battery has a very rich experience on 52V e-bike batteries products. Our product lines cover Electric Bike Battery, Custom Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, Industrial Equipment Battery, Storage System Battery, and All Portable Device Lithium-Ion Battery Pack.

Custom Any Ebike Battery for Your Brand

With thin electric bike case
Suitable for 250W ,500W or 750W motor
Supply matched 54.6V 2A or 4A charger for 48V ebike battery
52V ebike battery has more powerful than 48V electric bike battery
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Strict Quality Control Process for Each ebike Battery Order

  • Some new ebike battery solutions, we will test your sample with our electric bike in our side
  • Our PE engineer modify our battery craft in period time
  • Each ebike battery will do charge and discharge aging testing before shipment
  • To ensure the quality,10% of your order will do fall drop test
Cell TypeSanyo GACharge ModeCC-CV
Battery ModelTLH-EV036BStandard Charge Current (A)2A
Nominal Capacity (AH)17.5AhCharge Time under Standard Charge Current5-6 hours
Nominal Voltage (V)52VCharge Temperature Range0-45°C
Battery Size368*88.5*196(mm)Discharge Temperature Range-20-60°C
Discharge Cutoff Voltage (V)39.2VBattery Net Weight (include BMS) (kg)4.3kg
Charge Cutoff Voltage (V)58.8VCycles Life>600 times
Maximum Discharge Current (A)40AWarranty12 months
Continuous working Current (A)15A






The TLH-EV036B 52V E-bike battery type is an upgrade to the 48V type, as it offers a higher voltage and hence higher performance of your E-bike. This battery type has amazing features to look out for. It has a deep sleep function or an Ultra power saver mode. The deep sleep function keeps the battery working at a lower standby current (7A) which is negligible compared to the discharge current (15 – 25A) of the battery. The TLH-EV036B is compatible with bikes with LED display and motor controller.

TLH-EV036B battery type uses a Sanyo GA cell type and has a life cycle of over 600 full charges. It has a net weight 0f 4.3kg, compact size (368*88.5*196(mm)), and achieves a full charge in 5-6 hours at 2A standard charge current. TLH gives a year warranty on this battery after shipment.


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