52V Ebike Battery Supplier from China

  • Professional 52V e-bike battery supplier from China for over 15 years
  • TLH-EV036 and TLH-EV032B can make as 52V e-bike battery
  • Built with 30A continuous discharge current BMS
  • 52V e-bike battery can be used for 48V motor

52V Ebike Battery Certifications to Ensure The Quality

Your Professional 52V Ebike Battery Manufacturer

TLH battery has one professional electric bike battery manufacturer for over 10 years. We provide a 52V 18650 e-bike battery for a 48V motor which supplies more than 10% energy.

Our model TLH-EV036 and TLH-EV032B can be made as 52V.


52V Ebike Battery

Model:TLH-EV036 52V 14.5Ah-17.5Ah Built with 30A continuous discharge peak current 40A Peak discharge current
Model :TLH-EV032B 52V 14.5Ah-17.5Ah Buitl with 30A continuous discharge current 40A peak discharge current

Strict Quality Control Process for 52V Ebike Battery Order

  • 52V Ebike batteries will be tested by our 48V motor
  • Only use Samsung, Panasonic, and LG cells
  • BMS is customized by our engineer and 100% fully testing
  • All 52V e-bike batteries have the falling testing

TLH Battery -52V Ebike Battery Supplier from China

TLH battery has been manufacturing a 52V e-bike battery pack for several years. If you would like to make your 48V motor electric bike more powerful. You can choose a 52V e-bike battery instead of a 48V Ebike battery.

The battery management system of our 52V e-bike battery is designed by our engineer director which has a small BMS size to suitable our battery case.

If you would like to design your own 52V e-bike battery

52V Ebike Battery FAQ Guide

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