48V Ebike Battery Pack Supplier to your Electric Bike

  • Sliver fish, Rack type, Down tube, and customized shape
  • Capacity from 10.4Ah to 24.5Ah
  • Suitable for 250W -1000W motor
  • 6V 2A or 4A charger

TLH 48V Ebike Battery Certifications to Ensure The Quality

Your Reliable Partner 48V Ebike Battery Manufacturer

TLH battery is one leading e-bike battery manufacturer in China. 48V Ebike battery is more popular in the market which is more powerful than 36V Ebike.

We provide silverfish, rack battery,hailong ebike battery, and Retention Polly Battery.

The quality of our 48V e-bike battery is a higher level than our customer’s request.


Strict Quality Control Process for Your 48V Ebike Battery

  • Our QC staff inspects the production line during your order under production.
  • 100% aging testing to inspection the capacity, voltage, discharge & charge performance
  • Our soldering staff over 2 experience to protect the battery insulation and ensure the soldering quality
  • Strict cell sorting standard to ensure the whole battery pack

48V Ebike Battery FAQ Guide

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