48v 11.6ah 18650 ebike battery with UART


The TLH-EV034 is an e-bike battery with UART that is suitable for e-bikes that run on 750W and 1000W power rating.. Key features of this battery model are; smart battery technology, presence of USB port and Smart BMS with UART communication. It has a battery size of 430x108x85(mm) and a battery weight of 3.6kg which includes a built-in BMS.

The TLH-EV034 battery model is equipped with a nominal capacity of 11.6Ah with a Samsung 29ET cell type that has a nominal voltage of 48V. The battery has a maximum discharge current of 40A and a continuous working current of 15A.  Charge Time under 2A Standard Charge Current is 5-6 hours.

The battery guarantees a life cycle of 600, and a warranty of 12 months after shipment.



Cell Type Samsung 29ET Charge Mode CC-CV
Battery Model TLH-EV034 Standard Charge Current (A) 2A
Nominal Capacity (AH) 11.6Ah Charge Time under Standard Charge Current 5-6 hours
Nominal Voltage (V) 48V Charge Temperature Range 0-45°C
Battery Size 430x108x85(mm) Discharge Temperature Range -20-60°C
Discharge Cutoff Voltage (V) 36V Battery Net Weight (include BMS) (kg) 3.6kg
Charge Cutoff Voltage (V) 54.6V Cycles Life >600 times
Maximum Discharge Current (A) 40A Warranty 12 months
Continuous working Current (A) 15A

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