One Professional 36V Ebike Battery Pack Manufacturer

  • 36V electric bike battery suitable for 250W ,500W and 750W motor
  • Matched with 42V 2A or 4A charger
  • Quality grade A 18650 cells with high discharge rate
  • Professional sales and engineering team support your 36V ebike battery solution

TLH Ebike Battery Certifications to Ensure The Quality

Your First Choice 36V Electric Bike Battery Supplier

TLH battery has one leading professional 36V electric bike battery supplier in China for over 15 years. We provide silverfish, rack type and inner type ebike battery for your choice.

We have strict quality control to your 36v electric bike battery production and all the materials inspection.

We adopt Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and grade A Chinese 18650 cells for your 36V ebike battery.

We have three international after-sales service in the United Kingdom, the USA, and Germany.

All our 36V electric bicycle batteries have 1 year warranty time after shipment. If you become our VIP clients, you will get an extra half-year extending after-sales service.

We also provide OEM 36V ebike battery service, if you need the service please contact us.

Strict Quality Control Process for 36V ebike Battery Order

  • Our IQC staffs inspect all ebike battery cases to ensure the good shape
  • We testing each 36V ebike battery with aging testing
  • Auto welding machine to ensure efficiency and good quality
  • The matched charger will be tested by testing machine

TLH -Your 36V Ebike Battery Manufacturer over 15 years

TLH battery has been established over 15 years, as one leading 36V ebike battery manufacturer. Our 36V ebike batteries have good feedback in North America, Europe.

The hot sales capacity of our 36V ebike battery is from 10.4Ah -24.5Ah.

Our 36V ebike batteries have sliver fish, rack, and inner types.

Our engineer teams have experience in designing UART, CANBUS BMS, and hardware BMS for the 36V ebike batteries.

Strict quality control with ISO 9001-2015 quality management standard to make the batteries excellent performance.

For more details about the 36V ebike battery, please contact us.

36V Ebike Battery FAQ Guide


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