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  • High energy density than 18650 battery pack
  • Cost Down than 18650 battery pack
  • Physical dimension to ensure the risk of the damage to the safety

TLH 21700 Battery Pack Certifications to Ensure The Quality

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21700 cell is the new generation for the cylindrical rechargeable battery pack. We main use Samsung 21700 and Moli 21700 to make our battery pack solution.

TLH battery has over 15 years of experience offering custom battery pack solutions.21700 battery pack is trending in the future which can help you expand your market.

You can use 21700 battery packs in e-bike, drone, electric surfboard, medical device, and other industrial applications.

The advantage of the 21700 battery pack has a high discharge rate and you can use the 21700 cells for the request of high temperature working circumstances.

If you would like to make your products senior quality, please inquiry more about the 21700 battery pack solution.

21700 Battery Pack Solution for Any Application

21700 Battery Pack For E bike
Thin battery with high capacity than 18650 battery pack solution.High capacity and density than 18650 battery pack
21700 Battery Pack For Drone
21700 battery pack instead of 18650 battery pack for drone application. Moli 21700 has good performance for drones

Strict Quality Control Process for 21700 Battery Pack

  • Only use 21700 cells from Samsung and Moli cell brand
  • All the materials -bracket, nickel strap, etc are customized.
  • High-performance testing before the shipment
  • 100% fully aging testing before shipment

TLH -Your Reliable 21700 Battery Pack Supplier in China

TLH battery has good experience on 18650 battery pack and 21700 battery pack. We have successful cases to develop e-bike batteries and drone batteries use 21700 cells.

The 21700 battery packs have high density and capacity. This type of 21700 cells is safer than 26650 because of their physical structure.

21700 battery pack solutions are popular in the market. We have tested Samsung and Moli 21700 cells 500 cycles testing in our factory before we use these cells to make a battery pack solution.

For more details about the 21700 battery pack, please call us.

21700 Battery Pack FAQ Guide

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