18650 battery pack 12v 2000mAh for GPS tracker


The TLH-3S1P-1202 battery pack model is the sure model to use with your GPS tracker and other electronics. An exciting addition is the PCB built-in sensor which allows signal and power to be routed between the battery pack and the GPS tracker. It also makes use of a Molex power connector that has high reliability and flexibility.

It makes use of an 18650 2000mAh cell type. Be aware that it charges fully within 1-2 hours at standard charge current (1A) and that is what you call fast charge. It has a life cycle of over 600 full charge before performance drops and comes with 2 years warranty, after shipment.

Other features to look out for are; a battery net weight of 150g (very, very light),small battery size;56x38x70(mm) ,nominal capacity and voltage of 2AH and 11.1v and a charge temperature range of 0-45°C.

Cell Type 18650 2000mAh cell Charge Mode CC-CV
Battery Model TLH-3S1P-1202 Standard Charge Current (A) 1A
Nominal Capacity (AH) 2Ah Charge Time under Standard Charge Current 1-2 hours
Nominal Voltage (V) 11.1V Charge Temperature Range 0-45°C
Battery Size 56x20x70(mm Discharge Temperature Range -20-60°C
Discharge Cutoff Voltage (V) 8.4V Battery Net Weight (include BMS) (kg) 150g
Charge Cutoff Voltage (V) 12.6V Cycles Life >600 times
Maximum Discharge Current (A) 2A Warranty 12 months
Continuous working Current (A) 1A

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