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  • The 14500 lithium battery packs are used for digital products.
  • The dimension of the single 14500 lithium battery is 14*50(mm).
  • Built-in Protection System is salvaged in all 14500 Lithium Batteries to prevent any risk of damage or excess of anything.
  • 14500 lithium battery pack often make as 1S or 2S.

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TLH battery supply 14500 lithium battery pack

In today’s world, electrical appliances are considered over manual appliances anytime.TLH is considered one of the top-rated and succeeding lithium battery manufacturers, especially of 14500 Lithium Battery Pack.

Our 14500 lithium battery packs are used for football,alarm and electronic digital products.

TLH technical team members put in a lot of effort to satisfy customers from all over the world. To comply with our customer’s demands, our research team acts in a highly professional way to produce customized battery packs to fulfill your demands. As we offer custom-made battery packs on bulk orders.

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Accurate QC system for your 14500 Lithium Batteries

  • All the battery packs are checked for any kind of faults before delivering.
  • Each 14500 Lithium cell battery is suffered from charge and discharge tests to ensure working outcomes.
  • Provides high Voltage as compared to other AA Batteries.
  • The record of all the 14500 lithium battery cells manufactured is kept in case any customer demands it.
  • All the lithium battery cells are checked carefully to match the international standard of battery packs.

TLH: Your Best Choice in the Production of 14500 Lithium Battery Pack

TLH Battery has been producing worth buying lithium batteries for the last 15 years. Back in that time, Shenzhen Tianlihe Technology Co. Ltd gave an initiative to their business idea of manufacturing battery packs and now have customers from all over the world. Nowadays, there is a high demand for electrical devices and appliances, so high-quality battery manufacturers are much required. We give our best to manufacture favorable quality battery packs, in contact with our skilled and well knowledgeable technical team. We assure our customers of the satisfaction and outstanding performance of our 14500 Lithium batteries in the least time.

The 14500 Lithium Battery cell is mainly used in flashlights for providing high beam light. They are widely used in solar, toll plaza automated Machines, and other electrical equipment. If you know or own any company that produces flashlights and requires custom-made 14500 Lithium battery cells, do remember to bring them to us!

Our sales offices are in UK, USA, and Germany. Our sales department is inhabited with very skilled team members, who know about dealing with customers from all over the world.

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14500 Lithium Battery – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This FAQ Guide comprises all the information about 14500 Lithium Batteries. If you have any inquiries related to it, do consider giving it a good read!

1. What is a 14500 Lithium-ion Battery?

The 14500 lithium battery is a cylindrical shaped lithium-ion cell.

These batteries are mostly made of standard voltage 3.6 volts or 3.7 volts.

It is the rechargeable type or an AA battery.

Some 14500 batteries come with built-in USB ports for charging while others are rechargeable only in lithium-ion smart chargers.

Prices and other details or every 14500 lithium battery depends on its size and capacity.

However, the 3.7 Volt 14500 lithium battery is three times more than the voltage of NiCd or NiMH rechargeable batteries that are 1.2 volts.



fig 1 a 14500 lithium battery

Figure 1: 14500 Lithium Batteries

2. How many Watts is the 14500 Lithium Battery?

The power capacity of a battery is generally expressed in watts per hour.

A watt per hour is the voltage a battery provides multiplied by the amount of current a battery delivers for a constant amount of time that is in hours mostly.

So according to that, a 3.7 volts 14500 lithium-ion battery that provides 1100 mAh, its watt per hour will be 4070 mWh or 4.07 Wh.

3. What is the Size of a 14500 Lithium Battery?

The standard size of a 14500 lithium battery is generally 49.3 mm in length and 13.5 mm in diameter.

The 14500 battery is similar to a regular AA battery in size.

4. What are the Specifications of a 14500 Lithium Battery?

The 14500 lithium battery is the best battery and better version of an AA cell.

The specifications of a 14500 lithium battery are

  • The cell capacity of the battery is max. 1120 mAh
  • The cell capacity of battery min. 1050 mAh
  • Type: lithium-ion
  • Standard voltage: 3.6V – 3.7V
  • Maximum discharge: 2C
  • Energy: around 4050 milliwatts per hour
  • Electronically protected
  • Is rechargeable
  • Weighs around 20 grams
  • Made in: USA
  • Diameter: 13.6 mm
  • Length: 49 mm

fig 2 a 14500 lithium battery

Figure 2: A lithium 14500 battery cell

5. Where is a 14500 Lithium Battery Used?

The 14500 lithium battery is mainly used in flashlights.

This battery type drops down in budget and is eco-friendly with being a great suitable substitute for one-time use (disposable) AA batteries.

The 14500 battery delivers a high voltage compared to other general AA cell battery types so they can only be used in compatible devices otherwise it will only end up ruining the device with 14500 lithium battery being used.

6. Is 14500 Lithium Battery Rechargeable?

Yes, the 14500 lithium battery is rechargeable.

Most battery cells have built-in USB ports for charging while others can only be charged using lithium-ion smart chargers.

The 14500 battery takes about 3 to 4 hours to fully charge and be used.

This factor also depends on the health of the rechargeable battery and the charger.

If any of them is faulty, the process may be long and time-consuming while in some cases the battery may not even charge.

fig 3 charging a 14500 battery

Figure 3: Charging A 14500 Lithium Battery

7. What Type of Battery is a 14500 Lithium Battery?

The 14500 cell battery is a type of lithium-ion battery type but a durable one and three times powerful than that of a AA cell battery which is disposable.

It is a cylinder-shaped cell battery with a button-top terminal.

The standard voltage of a 14500 lithium battery is 3.6 volts or 3.7 volts.

The 14500 lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and can be used several times as it is durable and has a long life span.

8. Are 14500 Lithium Batteries Available in Different Capacities?

The 14500 lithium-ion battery is found only in 3.6 Volts and 3.7 Volts.

Mostly the battery cell has a capacity of 3.7 volts.

Lithium-ion has become the most used battery type in the past years.

It is used widely in standard devices and most large devices.

The vast advantage of a 14500 lithium battery is being smaller in size, lighter in weight, whereas providing high capacity working.

All lithium-ion battery cells are not the same they do differ slightly due to the variations of cathodes, anodes, and the chemical reactions taking place.

However, they serve a great purpose and provide high-quality work.

9. Is 14500 Lithium Battery Protected?

Most of the 14500 lithium battery cells are protected while some are not depending on their quality and type.

The lithium-ion batteries that are protected consist of a small electronic circuit placed inside the cell packing.

This circuit provides a safety circle in the cell from certain common dangers or malfunctions such as overheating, overcharging, short circuits or raised or lowered temperature.

The batteries that are protected provide better working quality in your appliances than those which are not protected

10. Is the 14500 Lithium Battery same as AA?

No, the 14500 lithium-ion battery is not the same as an AA battery cell.

The AA battery and 14500 lithium-ion battery both have generally the same characteristics in physical appearance.

But they differ in chemical factors internally and have different voltage capacities.

Most of the 14500 lithium-ion cell batteries acquire a built-in protection system that elongates its life a little being safe and withstanding small shocks.

The 14500 lithium battery cell has a generally standard capacity of 3.7 voltage and is rechargeable using smart lithium chargers.

While the AA batteries usually consist of alkaline, zinc, or lithium chemistries with a standard nominal voltage of 1.5 Volts.

The rechargeable AA batteries are not more than 1.2 volts.

As the 14500 lithium battery is higher in voltage, it can not always be used as a substitute for AA batteries.

11. How Long does it take to Charge a 14500 Battery?

The 14500 lithium battery has a built-in USB port for recharging.

While some 14500 lithium battery cells can only be recharged through special lithium-ion smart chargers.

The typical charging time of a 14500 lithium-ion battery is 3 hours and it may differ depending on the power source charging it.

Sometimes even a cell phone charger can do the work of charging a 14500 lithium battery cell.

Certain precautionary measures should be kept in mind to maintain good battery health and longevity.

12. Are the Lithium Batteries Good Enough for Flashlights?

LED flashlights typically use one or two AA batteries.

The flashlights that require one AA cell can work with a 14500 cell battery, but if it requires two AA batteries, it cannot use a 14500 lithium cell as one cell is 3.7 volts and the flashlight will accept 4 volts.

As a result, 14500 lithium-ion cells can not be used as a substitute because the LED flashlight can not bear the voltage of two 14500 lithium cells.

It will kill your flashlight due to high voltage deliverance.

The flashlights that use 14500 lithium battery cells have a brighter light.

The voltage range of the flashlight should be read carefully in the user manual before using a high voltage 14500 lithium battery cell.

fig 4 flashlight that uses 14500 battery

Figure 4: A Flashlight that uses A 14500 Lithium Battery

13. What are the Best Chargers for 14500  Lithium-Ion Battery Packs?

Now the 14500 lithium batteries are made with built-in USB ports for easy charging.

While some batteries still require smart lithium chargers for recharging.

The best lithium chargers to recharge a 14500 lithium battery cell are as follows.

EBL Universal Battery Charger Smart Lithium Charger for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

The smart LED display of this charger shows the battery status and turns green once the battery is fully charged. This charger works on constant current and constant voltage mode with providing safe charging.

fig 5 EBL universal smart battery charger

Figure 5: EBL Universal Lithium Battery Charger

Abakoo Battery Charger for rechargeable Li-ion battery packs.

It provides fast charging and is very well designed being lighter in weight and efficient. This charger is stable for your 14500 lithium battery and provides multiple safety protections which includes safety from overcharging too!

fig 6 abakoo battery charger

Figure 6: Abakoo Lithium Battery Charger

EBL  Smart Rapid Battery Charger for Rechargeable Li-ion battery packs.

It provides effective charging in less time which results in saving time!

This charger is portable and can be taken anywhere to make your life easy with an overtime safety function to stop excess charges to be delivered to your lithium battery cell.

fig 7 EBL smart battery charger

Figure 7: EBL Smart Rapid Battery Charger

Gracetop Battery Charger with LCD for rechargeable li-ion battery packs.

A universal charger is used to charge several types of lithium batteries and is an intelligent charger with an LCD that depicts the time required to fully charge.

fig 8 gracetop battery charger

Figure 8: Gracetop Lithium Battery Charger

14. What is the Capacity of a 14500 Lithium Battery?

The 14500 lithium battery cell is only designed in two voltage capacities.

3.6 volts battery voltage

3.7 volts battery voltage

However, most of them are 3.7 volts and offer high working quality as well as longer lifespan and durability as compared to AA battery cells.

The mAh capacity refers to the storage capacity of the respective battery pack.

For example, if a lithium battery has 1600 mAh, that means it can deliver a current of 1600 mA per hour.

The higher mAh of the battery means it will work for a longer time.

the capacity of the 14500 lithium battery ranges from 500 mAh to 2600 mAh.

There may be some 14500 lithium batteries with more or less mAh.

But most of them fall between this range.

15. Which is the Best 14500 Lithium-ion Battery?

The best 14500 lithium battery cell nowadays is the Sony 14500 Lithium-Ion Battery with 680 mAh battery capacity and voltage is 3.7 volts.

It weighs around 22 grams and is purely lithium-ion.

It can be used in any electrical appliance keeping in mind the voltage requirement of the appliance.

The maximum current discharge rate of this battery is 5 Ampere

The maximum charge current is 0.7 Ampere

Its diameter is 13.95 mm and its height is 49.05 mm.

fig 9 Sony 14500 battery

Figure 9: Sony 14500 Lithium Battery Cell

16. What Safety Measures should be followed while using a 14500 Lithium Battery?

The lithium-ion battery packs are made with certain safety precautions in mind and are considered the safest battery type.

However, still, some measures should be followed while handling lithium-ion battery packs.

The safety precautions for using 14500 lithium battery packs are as follows:

Never use a force on lithium-ion battery packs.

Do not keep 14500 lithium battery cells open in your pocket or any other place with other metallic objects.

Do not store lithium-ion batteries fully charged for a longer period of time.

Store the battery cell in cold and dry places away from heat.

Keep them away from high temperatures.

Do not completely drain the lithium-ion battery.

Use only suitable chargers to recharge your battery because incorrect chargers can cause damage.

Do not use 3.7 volts 14500 lithium battery as a substitute for a regular AA battery of 1.5 volts.

Keep the batteries closed in battery holders for safety.

17. What is the Difference Between 14500 and 14505 Lithium Battery?

The 14500 lithium battery and the 14505 lithium battery are slightly the same in physical appearance and chemical processes.

However, they may differ a bit in dimensions.

The 14500 lithium-ion battery cell and the 14505 lithium battery cell are of the same size and both have the capacity of 2600 mAh.

The 14505 battery is mainly used in security devices, door remote controls, alarm systems, electronic toll collection machines, smart electricity meters, and automated meter reading.

Its nominal voltage is 3.6 volts.

18. Are 14500 Lithium Batteries Dangerous?

All the batteries are made with relatively different chemical reactions.

Lithium-ion batteries are the type that is considered the most safe of all those available in the market however they still can be dangerous if not used with proper care.

The lithium batteries being safe and the 14500 lithium battery pack being safety protected, and are safe to use as they have a built-in system to prevent the battery from any damage such as overcharging, high temperatures, any shocks, or over-discharge.

The storage of the 14500 battery is an important issue when it is not in use.

Do not keep the battery indirect heat as it can cause the battery to explode at some point.

Do look at your 14500 lithium-ion battery for any physical damage, irregular shape, bumps, or anything that may seem unusual before using a long-stored battery to prevent any unwanted situations to occur.

19. What is the Difference Between a AA and 14500 Lithium Battery?

The 14500 lithium-ion battery cell and AA battery cell are generally of the same size and appearance however the AA cell delivers only 1.5 volts of voltage whereas the 14500 lithium-ion battery delivers 3.6 volts or 3.7 volts capacity of voltage.

Another main difference between them both is that the 14500 lithium battery is rechargeable and can be reused while the AA battery cell can not be recharged and is to be disposed off after it drains once.

20. Where can you get Good 14500 Lithium Batteries?

There are so many companies that make good 14500 lithium-ion battery cells.

What makes the 14500 lithium battery cell good and worth buying is its functioning and lifespan.

The battery pack which serves a longer period of time and is durable with effective working is the best 14500 lithium battery pack.

You can find such batteries according to your fulfillment just by doing a bit of research and you will find the desired 14500 lithium battery pack.

While looking for a good 14500 lithium-ion battery pack, consider buying safety protected battery as it prevents the battery from any mishaps or circumstances leading to dangerous situations.

21. What is the Difference Between the 14500 Lithium Battery and the 18650 Lithium Battery?

The 14500 lithium-ion battery is a very common type of portable battery in the market for your electrical devices.

Although they have similar characteristics to AA batteries and are compared with them, still the 14500 lithium batteries are superior as they deliver the higher voltage.

Their best aspect is their energy density and has a low discharge rate when the battery is not in use as compared to other rechargeable battery cells.

They provide great working in less price and are considered one of the best choices.

Whereas the 18650 lithium-ion battery is another type of rechargeable battery cell.

It has prospered from portable electric devices to high-powered special innovative devices.

The capacity range of a 18650 battery is from 1800 mAh to 3500 mAh.

However, The voltage it provides is the same as that of a 14500 lithium battery ie. 3.7 volts.

These battery cells resist any damage that occured through charging and provide affectionate working.

22. Do the 14500 Lithium Battery needs to be Charged?

The 14500 lithium-ion battery is the rechargeable and powerful version of a AA battery.

All the 14500 batteries need to be recharged for working so once its battery is fully used, it needs to be recharged in an effective way through a good power source for working.

Some 14500 lithium-ion batteries have built-in ports for charging and can be charged through any regular mobile phone or solar chargers.

While other batteries can only be charged through smart lithium-based chargers.

The battery should not be overcharged and kept away from heat.

fig 10 14500 battery plugged in a charger

Figure 10: Lithium Battery Cells Plugged into Charge

Following links to a video on how to charge your lithium-ion batteries.

23. How Long does a 14500 Lithium Battery Work?

The time a 14500 lithium battery can work through one charge cycle depends on the mAh capacity of the battery.

There are different capacities available in 14500 lithium-ion battery cells.

Once their energy density is used, they can be recharged to be used again.

The batteries do have a shelf life that ranges between 2 to 8 years.

Most batteries have around 500 charge cycles.

They may last lesser or more than that depending on how it is used.

However, the 14500 lithium battery loses its charge capacity with time.

24.  What is the Voltage of a 14500 Lithium Battery?

The voltage of a 14500 lithium battery is standard.

They are manufactured in two voltage capacities.

14500 lithium-ion battery 3.6 volts voltage capacity

14500 lithium-ion battery 3.7 volts voltage capacity

However, most of them are 3.7 volts and serve greatly to electrical appliances that require high energy voltages as compared to the working of AA battery cells.

25. What is the Nominal Battery Capacity of 14500 Lithium-ion Batteries?

The nominal battery capacity of a 14500 lithium-ion battery cell means the amount of energy that can be provided by the battery at a constant rate through the time of an hour in a fully charged state.

The capacity ranges in every 14500 battery due to different productions and ways of production.

The most found battery capacity of 14500 lithium-ion batteries is 1100 mAh.

26. Are 14500 Lithium Batteries Environmental Friendly?

All types of lithium-ion battery packs are designed in such a way to make them as much environment friendly as they can.

The lithium-ion batteries contain less toxic materials as compared to other battery packs that contain lots of toxic metals like lead and are generally considered not to be hazardous but they are very dangerous in reality.

The careful handling and proper disposal of lithium-ion batteries make them safer for the environment than any other battery type.