Custom Ebike Battery Manufacturer for Your Unique Electric Bike Project

  • Over 10 years of custom e-bike battery manufacturing experience
  • Over 500 ebike battery customized projects in the past 10 years
  • International ebike battery after-sales agents in UK, Germany and
  • Our sales director lead our team to support your complex custom electric bike battery project

Our Service Key Figures

  • TLH Custom battery Experiences 17 + Years In the
  • TLH Custom battery collaborating partners 500 + Collaboration
  • TLH Custom battery Online Service 24 Hours Online
  • TLH Custom battery Pack Solution 1 Day Battery Packs
  • Custom battery Experiences 2 Weeks Received

Your best custom ebike battery manufacturer

Did you know all TLH’s 12v lithium-ion custom battery integrates an innovative Battery Management System (BMS)?

This  BMS system ensures high battery safety and protects the battery and extends battery life.

Want custom 12v lithium-ion battery pack?  Feel Free to contact us:

Strict Quality Control Process for Each ebike Battery Order

  • Some new ebike battery solutions, we will test your sample with our electric bike in our side
  • Our PE engineer modify our battery craft in period time
  • Each ebike battery will do charge and discharge aging testing before shipment
  • To ensure the quality,10% of your order will do fall drop test