12V 20Ah li ion battery pack for wireless security system equipment

  • Model:TLH-3S10-1220
  • Apply to different industrials as garden tools,aquaculture equipment,electric golf trolley,medical device,solar pannel and lighting ect.
  • Cell:18650 2000mAh if you want the larger capacity,we can use Samsung 2600mah/2900mAh/ Panasonic 3400mAh
  • Discharge current:10A,discharge current:15A
  • Connector:DC connector
  • Dimension:112*56*70mm
  • 12.6V 2A charger for option
  • 1 year commercial warranty as standard extendable to 3 years


For this battery pack,it also can be with smart battery technology as I2C,SMBus ect.TLH battery has more than 13 years experience on battery solution in industrials.

Cell Type 18650 2000mAh cell Charge Mode CC-CV
Battery Model TLH-3S10P-1220 Standard Charge Current (A) 2A
Nominal Capacity (AH) 20Ah Charge Time under Standard Charge Current 10-11 hours
Nominal Voltage (V) 11.1V Charge Temperature Range 0-45°C
Battery Size 112*56*70mm Discharge Temperature Range -20-60°C
Discharge Cutoff Voltage (V) 8.4V Battery Net Weight (include BMS) (g) 548 g
Charge Cutoff Voltage (V) 12.6V Cycles Life >600 times
Maximum Discharge Current (A) 15A Warranty 12 months
Continuous working Current (A) 10A

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