Your Leading
Custom Lithium Battery Pack
Manufacturer For Over 17 Years
Your Leading
Custom Battery Pack
Manufacturer For Over 15 Years
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Your Primary Custom Battery Pack Manufacturer in China

TLH Battery is a professional custom lithium-ion battery manufacturer that has been in business for over 17 years.
TLH LAB is a sub brand of TLH Battery.

We help 500+ customers create a custom battery designs for various industries. Our Li-ion batteries are widely used in electric surfboards, electric bikes, drones, medical devices, military and sports equipment, and individual power tools.

Our professional custom battery pack solutions help you save a lot of time and money, as well as get established on the market quickly. If you are looking for a custom battery pack manufacturer in China, please contact us for more details.

The battery is the heart of any tech product – it gives it life. With that in mind, every battery should be just as high-quality and dependable as the rest of the product it’s providing power to. TLH Lab is here to help with that.

Battery Management System Design

Battery Management System Design

Our R&D team has over 15 years of experience in developing smart BMS and BMS hardware. We are proficient in CANbus, UART, and SMBus designing.

Custom Li-ion Battery 3D Drawing

Our engineering department offers a 3D drawing within 24 hours after confirming your basic specifications and requirements. The whole battery pack 3D design includes the combination of cells, discharge & charger connectors, housing, and much more.

Custom Li-ion Battery 3D Drawing
Visit Our Company
Visit Our Company

Full Set Of Battery Manufacturing &
Testing Equipment

We have developed a full set of battery-manufacturing equipment and testing machines to ensure the quality and efficient lead time of your custom battery pack order.

  • Cell-Sorting Machine
  • Auto-Welding Machine
  • Welding Machine
  • Aging Testing Machine
  • Waterproof Testing Machine
  • Drop Testing Machine
  • Charger Testing Machine
  • BMS Testing Machine

Strict Quality Control System to Ensure TheTop Quality Of Your Battery Pack

Inspection of Materials: All the materials get fully inspected before shipment.

Manufacturing: Before the battery pack, and bulk production, our engineers make a demo. Our workers are experienced in welding and soldering processes.

Testing: We conduct full testing of your battery pack before shipment.

Shipment: You can choose UN cartons with electrostatic film and pallets for your battery pack.

  • TLH Battery
  • TLH Battery

Full Certification:

  • Certification IEC Of TLH Battery
  • Certification UN38.3 Of TLH Battery
  • Certification UL Of TLH Battery
  • Certification ISO 9001-2015 Of TLH Battery
  • Certification CE Of TLH Battery

Custom Li-ion Battery Pack Solution for Any Industry

TLH has developed many custom Li-ion battery pack solutions for many industries. Our fast engineering service will support you starting from a simple idea to the complete custom battery packs. Our batteries are used in various applications like electric surfboards, e-bikes, drones, cleaning machines, golf carts, and individual power tools.

Custom Li-ion Battery Pack For Electric Surfboards
  • Customized with a waterproof case & connector
  • Developed with a smart BMS
  • Tested with a special waterproof testing machine
Custom Li-ion Battery Pack For Electric Bikes
  • Standard and custom Li-ion battery packs for electric bikes
  • Main market share for electric bike batteries in Europe and North America
  • More than 30 electric bike battery types
Custom Li-ion Battery Pack For Drones
  • High-discharge rate cells
  • Cooperation with influential companies to develop drone batteries
  • Customized nickel traps for the individual battery
Custom Li-ion Battery Pack For Cleaning Machines
  • Complete deep-testing process
  • Formulate the upgrade Li-ion battery schedule for your machine
  • Meet UL guidelines
Custom Li-ion Battery Pack For Cleaning Machines
  • Battery with a PVC case
  • Battery pack suited for a 180W motor
  • 12V or 24V battery pack

100% After-Sales Support For Your Order

If you have any complaints about our batteries, please contact our sales support directly. Your complaints will be addressed within 24 hours.
Battery Repair
If your battery needs repair, you can contact our after-sales center.
Battery Quality
If you worry about your battery quality, you can call us any time. We will send you a video tour of our production and testing before shipment.

Contact TLH to Start Your Custom Battery Project

“TLH battery will always be here to support your custom battery project.”

“We have been in lithium-ion battery for 17  years to service hundreds of our customers. Providing premium service, perfect custom battery pack solutions and professional sales is my pursuit in my working life. Your satisfaction is our power.”

TLH Sales Team

More Questions You May Have

How can you customize our battery packs?
-Contact our professional salesperson. Please provide the battery data request like the voltage, capacity, application, dimension, and other special requests.
What is the brand of cells you use?
-To ensure the battery quality,70% of our battery packs are made by Panasonic, LG, and Samsung. The left 30% are made by Chinese Grade A cells which have high performance, high discharge rate, and low resistance and are used for electric cars but we use these cells for your application.
Can you offer the certificates for our battery packs?
-Every year we make some regular battery packs certificates. But most of our battery packs are customized for you and our other customers. In this case, we can help you to get the certificate’s approvals but if your order quantities reach, we will return you the certificates.
What is your MOQ?
If the materials of your battery are the regular, NO MOQ but we only provide our battery packs for commercial use. But The materials of your batteries are customized, we have the MOQ limit. More details please discuss future.
Can you offer chargers?
-Yes, we can offer the matched charger for your battery. We can provide the charger which you can sell in your country.
What is the warranty of your battery packs?
-The warranty of our battery packs is one year. If you become our VIP, you can get extra 6 months.