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TLH Battery (Shenzhen Tianlihe Technology Co., Ltd) was founded in 2005,  has over 13 years experiences in batteries pack design and lithium battery manufacturing.  With experience and customer accumulate, TLH became one of the best Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturer in China.

We offer technical support service to its customers that involve engineering and design for new and existing project, also offers BMS communication design like UART, CAN BUS, SMBUS, and LIN BUS etc, feel free to contact us!


Li-ion battey pack


  • Application in industrial equipment,golf-cart,power
    tool,e-surfboard,solar,medical equipment and robots ect.
  • When we get your battery pack inquiry, our R&D team will design reliable battery pack solution to your with standard BMS or Smart BMS
    Samsung, LG, Panasonic or famous Chinese brand 14500,18650,26650 or 21700
  • cells are used to battery pack


  • Standard e-bike battery casing or custom ebike battery casing will be offered
  • Electric bike battery with BMS or Smart BMS like UART,CANBUS or SMBUS to ensure the quality or safety
lithium battery manufacturer


  • 36V/48V, 60AH to max 240ah
  • Smart BMS
  • Maximum charge current: 0.5C
  • Maximum discharge current: 1.5C
  • Cycle life: ≥1000 cycles

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Experience & knowledge

13 years lithium battery pack factory with advantage. Our technical director has over 15 years smart BMS design and develop Battery casing 3D construction & mould service


Reliable service

Our QC team have 5 years experience so we can guarantee the quality
Reliable supply chain system so we can offer on-time delivery



Quality is our soul
TLH offer 12 months warranty for our battery
from the date of shipment
Always put the customers first

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